Best WordPress Plugins for Selling Digital Downloads

Upon setting up your website, you may need to earn from it by selling digital merchandise relevant to your content. You may be a writer who sells digital copies of your books from your site, or a photographer selling their photos and videos. Whatever digital products you deal with on your site, your website needs to be equipped to handle these sales. Selling your stuff online gives you a broader reach for maximum revenue.

The default WordPress settings have many limitations to selling digital stuff from your site. To bypass these and enhance the selling capabilities of your website, you need one of the best WordPress plugins for selling digital downloads. We have considered the features, ratings, and reviews of the best plugins and selected the best of them. By laying out the unique features of these plugins, we’ve made it easy for you to choose the one you’d prefer most.

5 Best WordPress Plugins for selling digital downloads are listed below

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Easy Digital Downloads” download_url=””]Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads provides a seamless mode of selling your software, eBooks, photos, or any other type of digital file. The developers of this plugin have optimized it for 24+ languages. It also accommodates many payment gateways, including PayPal and Amazon, while the premium version supports almost a dozen gateways.

For maximum functionality, Easy Digital Download comes with many extensions. One of them is the Software Licensing, which facilitates the sale of software license keys. The Recurring Payments extension enables you to sell recurring subscriptions for some of your products. So you can keep track of the earnings of vendors of your products, Easy Digital Downloads comes with an extension called Commissions. The Free Downloads extension facilitates the straightforward downloading of free products.

Using the Reviews extension, you allow customers to provide feedback on their experience with your products. MailChimp will enable customers to subscribe for emails from your store. With the Recommended Product extension, you can suggest the products the customers would like based on actual sales data.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Sell Digital Downloads” download_url=””]Sell Digital Downloads

If you want to have unlimited options as you sell digital products, Sell Digital Downloads has the perfect answer. It facilitates the sale of various types of downloads, for instance, pdfs, eBooks, music, videos, etc.

You can upload any files effortlessly using either the default WordPress media uploader or FTP software. With this plugin, downloads are automatically sent to customers the moment they complete a PayPal payment. With Sell Digital Downloads, you have no limitation on the number of products that you can put up on your website for sale. This plugin allows you to create custom orders and manage them using the standard WordPress interface.

With Sell Digital Downloads, you can create a product display box using a shortcode. Instead of using full links to your files, this plugin gives your customers encrypted links for exclusive access to your products. This plugin allows you to upload thumbnails for your downloads.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”WordPress Download Manager” download_url=””]WordPress Download Manager

With over 100,000 active installations, WordPress Download Manager is undeniably one of the best plugins in its category. Using it, you can upload files easily with a drag and drop interface. The plugin supports chunk upload to override HTTP maximum upload limit. You can utilize the 15GB space available on Google Drive to save your files.

On the other hand, DropBox offers 2GB of space at no cost. has 10GB, while OneDrive has 15GB. You have the choice between “open in browser” or “download” for PDF and image files.

You have control over who can access downloads. For encryption, you have a password and captcha protection. With this plugin, you can download logs and monitor who is downloading what file and their location. You can allow your users to agree to your terms and conditions before downloading your files. WordPress Download Manager facilitates the use of custom download link icons as well as file type icons.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Digital Goods for WooCommerce Checkout” download_url=””]Digital Goods for woocommerce checkout

For faster checkouts and order placements, Digital Goods for WooCommerce Checkout is one of the best Woocommerce digital downloads plugin. For downloadable digital goods, this plugin eliminates billing and shipping address fields. It has a one-click activation and requires no configuration settings.

This plugin is growing in popularity, with more than 4,000 active installations. The developers provide free regular updates to fix any issues and improve on the features. With many satisfied users of this plugin leaving feedback, it boasts 4.8 out of 5 stars, which are accompanied by impressive reviews. The support is helpful and dedicated.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

[seoengine-vc-info3 title=”Selz WordPress Ecommerce” download_url=””]Selz WordPress Ecommerce

You can now have a feature-filled eCommerce website with Selz WordPress Ecommerce. It allows you to embed stunning customizable “buy now” buttons along with product widgets. What’s more, you can integrate your entire store. For ease of use, the developers of this plugin have optimized it for use with any WordPress theme that you may be using. The plugin records all your sales on a unique plugin dashboard, where you can manage them along with promotions, inventory, and customer interactions.

With this plugin, you can add a permanent shopping cart widget on your site so that your users can easily add as many items as they want. It also saves your users the headache of leaving a page or your website to check out. You can add “buy now” buttons and product widgets anywhere on your site without the need for coding processes. Selz features inbuilt payment processing as well as incredible support available around the clock.[/seoengine-vc-info3]

Final Thoughts

For you to reap the maximum rewards from your eCommerce store, you need to offer your customers a smooth experience. But what if you can do this while enjoying the best user experience yourself in terms of an excellent interface, support, and customization options? We have created this list to save you the headache of personally analyzing countless plugins on the WordPress directory, some of which are of low quality.

Browse our list of the best WordPress plugins for selling digital downloads, select one that you like, and get going.

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