WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin

Why do you need a WooCommerce filter plugin? Your product catalog will grow if your WooCommerce is set up right and grows. You may end up with a store that has hundreds of varied items. Although this variety is excellent, it will make it hard for customers to find the actual items that they’re looking for.

That is precisely where filters for WooCommerce products come in. When you add a filtering functionality, you provide a tool for your customers to find the products they want based on their preferences.

WooCommerce Product Filter Plugins: Which Is the Best One?

Every online store needs product filters. Without them, your users will have to navigate one page after another to find the products they want. Some stores will have better filter functions than others. Some are free, while others are premium.

In this piece, we will look at the best ones and help you settle on one for your site. Here we go!


WOOF - WooCommerce filter plugin

WOOF is a WooCommerce filter plugin that allows your customers to filter products by product tags, attributes, categories, product prices, and custom taxonomies.

It can be used as a shortcode as a widget. You can easily insert product filters to any part of your site using a shortcode. WOOF allows you to showcase product attributes and taxonomies in the search form as a dropdown, checkbox, radio, and radio buttons in the dropdown. Product shortcodes let you display and filter as part of a post content or a single page.

The PRO version lets you display HTML elements as a label, image, color, taxonomy/attributes range slider, hierarchy dropdown, and checkbox buttons in the dropdown. With WOOF, you can search for products that filter without pages reloading. The dynamic products recount feature lets you showcase the number of relevant variants that will be available if you click on selected HTML elements on the search form.

With WOOF, you can filter WooCommerce products by metadata. The product filter for WooCommerce facilitates the filtering of shop products by SKU on the big search form. The search for products by price lets you set it to show as a range slider or dropdown with range selections. Your users can search for products using text to search for titles, excerpts, content, and their combinations.

WOOF’s step-by-step products filter lets customers choose the products they want using a step-by-step wizard. This best WooCommerce filter plugin offers statistics that let you analyze search data to figure out what interests your customers most. Its infinite scroll gives your users the smoothest search experience. Users also get to save their search query combinations and access them in the future.

WOOF’s Key Features

  • Filtering of products by price, categories, tags, and custom taxonomies
  • Placement of product filters using widgets and shortcodes
  • Filtering products using dropdown menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes
  • Dynamic display of the number of items that each filtered search will generate
  • AJAX readiness for an enhanced user experience
  • Advanced features like infinite scrolling and quick search


Themify - WooCommerce product filter plugin

Themify is a free WordPress WooCommerce filter plugin that lets users filter through store products by tags, attributes, categories, price range, and other criteria. As users select their filters, they can start to view live search results on the page. You don’t have to choose a single filter at a time – you can select multiple filters.

Despite its simplicity, Themify is relatively robust and has some great features that make it worth a try. It has an easy-to-use drag & drop form builder with which you can create as many search forms as you want.

Themify Top Features

  • Support for multiple filter combinations
  • Robust drag & drop form builder
  • Works with Themify Builder product module, Elementor, and Divi page builders
  • Live search results
  • Vertical and horizontal layout support

Advanced AJAX Product Filters

Advanced AJAX Product Filters

Advanced AJAX Product Filters is an excellent choice if you want the most advanced filtering ability for your WooCommerce store. With this product filter for WooCommerce, you have amazing filters, pagination, and sorting features on your shop page.

Users can filter their results by attribute, product category, and price. The unlimited filters that the Advanced AJAX Product Filters plugin provides offer the interface for this. Its multiple user interface elements give your users the ideal experience in your store.

This best WooCommerce filter plugin has SEO friendly URLs with the HTML5 PushState driving the functions. The visibility of products filtered by product and global searches makes for an exceptional user experience. Since it is shortcode ready, it is accessible via shortcode, enhancing the user experience further.

You can limit the height of the filter box using scroll themes. Advanced AJAX Product Filters lets you work efficiently with a custom widget area. Like Themify, this plugin supports drag & drop filter building.

The paid version of the plugin comes with extra features, including filtering by custom taxonomy, product availability, subcategories, sale status, and price ranges. It accommodates the use of strings as a value. Customers can view the price of products in checkboxes with minimum and maximum values.

Key Advanced AJAX Product Filters Features

  • Superb compatibility with other plugins
  • Inclusion of visual elements, price sliders, icons, and checkboxes within filters
  • Use filter widgets to choose the options you want to show customers
  • Use of product filter widgets with best page builders
  • Cache for widgets
  • Search box widget
  • Filtering products by price, tags, attributes, and custom taxonomies
  • Support for display or hiding of selected attribute values only

Product Filter for WooCommerce

WooCommerce filter plugin

Product Filter for WooCommerce is another best WooCommerce filter plugin with great features. It comes with ready demos for different filter settings that you can apply to your store with a single click. The demos available are for different store niches, including electronic shops, car parts, fashion, and green bio stores.

Product Filter for WooCommerce will automatically adopt product data and only show the remaining filter terms. Your users will choose to build filters based on any criteria, from on sale, prices, taxonomies, attributes, meta keys, and other product data. This WooCommerce filter plugin lets users filter variable products that are in stock.

Product Filter for WooCommerce uses product filters as widget filters in sidebars, not just on top of products. The responsive modes for all filter groups mean that all devices, including handheld gadgets, will display seamlessly. The plugin instantly adds infinite load pagination to your store.

It enables you to add filters to WooCommerce shops using shortcodes. If you create a custom page, the shortcodes will still work. You can add the product finder module of Product Filter for WooCommerce anywhere using shortcode. Any page builder that supports WooCommerce shortcodes will work seamlessly with this product filter for WooCommerce.

Product Filter for WooCommerce supports the WPML multilingual plugin and other top translation plugins. It integrates with any top WooCommerce plugin that you may want to use in your store.

Top Features of Product Filter for WooCommerce

  • Full support for WPBakery Page Builder elements
  • Supports use with WooCommerce Gutenberg Product Blocks
  • Excellent in stock and out of stock variable product support
  • Filter by different criteria
  • Full AJAX support
  • Fully customizable filter terms, colors, thumbnails, select box, checkbox layouts, etc.
  • Filter analytics
  • Adaptive filtering
  • Automatic updates

Filter Everything

Filter Everything best WooCommerce filter plugin

Filter Everything is a superb tool for filtering WordPress posts and WooCommerce products. It gives you the freedom to create any filter criteria you want to have on your store, including brand, price, stock status, sale status, product visibility, category, and custom taxonomy.

This product filter for WooCommerce comes with advanced settings for filters. They include the URL variable name, tooltips, hierarchical structure, filter collapsing and expanding, sorting, frontend view, excluding options, etc. The best WooCommerce filter plugin lets you load different filters step by step. Since it supports AJSX, your users can filter results faster and get to relevant products and posts.

You can choose to have “auto-submit” or “apply” buttons. Apply lets you select the criteria you want, and updated results will only appear after clicking the submit button. On the other hand, the auto-submit mode means that updated filter results appear each time you choose the option.

Filter Everything is fully translation ready, which enables filtering values in any language, including RTL languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew. It is fully compatible with popular plugins and themes. It is also fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

The PRO version has more features that favor WordPress custom post-filtering than WooCommerce product filtering.

Top Filter Everything Features

  • Lightweight, which interprets to fast functioning speed
  • It supports both WooCommerce products and WordPress content filtering
  • Allows you to enable AJAX filtering
  • Widget and shortcode ready
  • Clean user interface
  • Developer friendly

Bottom Line:

Product filters are vital for the optimum user experience in a WooCommerce store. It is the single element that enables shoppers to browse store products and find the ones in which they’re interested.

Apart from enhancing the user experience, filter options are excellent marketing tools. Different WooCommerce filter plugins have options that let you set up some interesting settings.

If you want a filter plugin that applies to your WooCommerce store and other parts of your WordPress website, you can go with the lightweight Filter Everything. On the other hand, other plugins like Product Filter for WooCommerce offer analytics on searches that help you figure out what your customers search for most.

You should check whether the plugin your gut tells you to go with is compatible with your page builder of choice. The subtle freedoms that different plugins offer you are all in this piece, and you can use them to discriminate between them and make a choice.

The best product filter plugin for you will depend on your needs. Godspeed as you create a WooCommerce store with the best user experience!

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