best multilingual plugins for classified ads & directory website

Are you looking for one of the best multilingual plugins for classified ads and directory websites? You’ve come to the right place because we have a listing of the best ones that you could go with.

Despite people speaking different languages all over the planet, their needs rarely differ too much. This is why you must make your classified ads and directory websites accessible to speakers of different languages. When you do this, anyone that comes to your website will think of your website as one with an international reach.

As is typical of WordPress, almost every function that a website needs has a corresponding plugin that adds it to your site. Adding a multilingual plugin to your website makes the process of translating your website that much more accessible. They work in two different ways.

One way is that the plugin accesses some online service or tool that will automatically translate the site’s content. However, this machine translation may not be of top quality. The second way would need you to rewrite every bit of content on your site in the languages that you want. The plugins will then help users switch between languages smoothly and the content will be of much better quality.

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Top Multilingual Plugins for Your Classifieds and Directory Website

Most plugins offer a combination of both translation methods, giving your website the edge you need. Multilingual directories offer quite a few advantages. The one that benefits you depends on your particular needs and objectives. You get to:

  • Receive listings strictly in the site’s default language and display them untranslated in all languages
  • Take listings only in the website’s default language and translate them to different languages
  • Receive listings in different languages and display them in those particular languages
  • Receive listings in different languages and translate them to the different languages that your site supports.

You may need a multilingual website for other purposes, such as multilingual forms for entry submissions and multilingual account pages among other needs. Here are our top picks for the best multilingual plugins that you should consider:


WPML - Best multilingual plugin for Classified website

WPML is the only multilingual plugin in this list without a free version, but there is a reason why it’s still among the most popular. It comes with over 40 languages out of the box and lets you add your own language variants using its language editor. This plugin lets you translate everything, from custom post types, custom fields, and widgets to menus, taxonomy, images and other media.

WPML supports easy automatic translation of entire websites. The Advanced Translation Editor feature of the plugin comes with a glossary, spell checker, and translation memory. You even have the choice of sending your site’s content to one of the many professional translation services partnering with WPML.

If you want to build an eCommerce store, you can create and run a multilingual and multi-currency WooCommerce store easily with the plugin. Your users and visitors will have an entirely localized experience, starting from the product listings and cart to checkout and confirmation emails.

Just like TranslatePress, WPML supports string translation. You can translate texts in other plugins and admin screens straight from the plugin’s String Translation interface. WPML enables you to optimize your website for top performance where searches in different languages are concerned. You can translate page slugs, SEO metadata, and titles.

More WPML Features and Elements

  • Compatibility with almost all WordPress themes and plugins
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Reliability – runs on over 1.5 million sites
  • Its support is quite exceptional


TranslatePress is one of the best WordPress translation plugins that you can use. It facilitates the direct translation of content in the frontend. The plugin offers live previews of the pages you’re translating in real-time. TranslatePress even allows you to translate images, sliders, and other visual media!

This multilingual plugin’s ability to translate dynamic strings (Gettext) is enhanced by adding WordPress themes and plugins. You don’t even need to add other languages when you customize Gettext strings from WordPress themes and plugins in English. It allows both manual and automatic translation methods. TranslatePress integrates smoothly with Google Translate, which enables you to use your own Google API key to set up automatic translations.

If you want to translate bigger HTML blocks, this plugin lets you do so by connecting strings into translation blocks. Since TranslatePress has editorial control, it only allows you to publish a language only when all translations are through.

TranslatePress fully supports the use of shortcodes. You can position language switchers anywhere using shortcode as floating dropdowns or WP menu items. The plugin enables you to set the conditional display of particular content depending on language using shortcode.

TranslatePress PRO comes with different add-ons that aren’t available in the free one. One of them is the Extra Languages addon that lets you publish unlimited languages. SEO Pack enables you to translate meta information and works smoothly with all SEO plugins.

More TranslatePress Functions and Feature Highlights

  • Lets you exempt any content from being translated
  • Translation Block is a feature that lets you translate multiple HTML elements at a time
  • It supports easy translation of Gutenberg blocks out of the box
  • Native WooCommerce compatibility
  • PRO lets you create users and permit them to translate without asking the admin
  • PRO supports viewing and translation of content only for the eyes of certain user roles
  • PRO lets you have different navigation menus for different languages
  • PRO has automatic user language detection redirecting visitors to preferred language based on IP address or browser settings

Loco Translate

Loco Translate - Best multilingual plugin for Classified & directory website

Loco Translate is one of the top multilingual WordPress plugins with full support for PO and MO files. You don’t even need Gettext to do this. Among the PO features, it supports include plural forms, references, and comments. The PO source view has clickable source code references. The plugin comes with configurable PO file backups with restore capabilities.

It has a user-friendly in-browser editing function so that you can manage your translation files seamlessly. Like TranslatePress, Loco Translate offers Gettext and localization tools for developers who would need functions like string extraction and template generation.

With this plugin, you can create and update language files without leaving your plugin or theme. This way, you get to remain in the protected language directory, which helps you save custom translations. Loco Translate is fully integrated with translation APIs including Lecto AI, Microsoft, Google, and DeepL. Most of the actions that you can perform on the Loco Translate Dashboard are easy to perform via the API too.

Unlike TranslatePress and WPML, Loco Translate doesn’t support automatic translations. If you don’t plan on handling your own translation, this plugin isn’t for you.

More Loco Translate Features

  • Supports different file formats, including PHP, XML, TMX, XLIFF, JSON, YAML, JavaScript, Gettext, iOS, and Android
  • One project on the plugin is enough to manage multiple platforms at the same time.
  • Supports different keyboard shortcuts for easier and faster translating
  • Has a great system for manual translations


Polylang - best multilingual plugin

Polylang is a smooth and steady translation plugin whose core is built ideally for WordPress. Whether you want just one extra language or 10, Polylang will get you there.

This WordPress multilingual plugin is perfect for translating posts, media, pages, post tags, categories, taxonomies, and custom post types. Even RTL scripts and RSS feeds are fully supported. Polylang enables you to set the language by its code in the URL or use a different domain or subdomain per language.

Like WPML and Translate, Polylang supports automatic translations. The plugin enables the smooth copying of categories, post tags, and other met data when creating new posts or page translations. If you want to translate menus and widgets, Polylang will get you there too.

Polylang PRO comes with its language options in the widget block editor. In Full Site Editing, template parts are also editable. You can duplicate and synchronize content across different post translations with the premium version. Its compatibility with different plugins is even more enhanced in this version

With Polylang PRO, you can share the same URL slug for terms or posts across different languages. Polylang for WooCommerce makes translating your shop items easy. You can use it on WooCommerce pages, global attributes, and product categories without leaving the WooCommerce interface. You get to translate WooCommerce emails before sending them to customers in their languages.

More Polylang Features

  • Customizable language switcher as menu item or widget
  • Fully compatible with Yoast SEO
  • Polylang PRO has premium support with personalized assistance
  • Supports the syncing of WooCommerce products metadata
  • Compatible with different WooCommerce-related addons for easier shop management
  • With Polylang PRO, you can use WooCommerce REST API


You’ve taken a massive step closer to choosing the best multilingual plugin for your ad and directory website. But all these plugins sound quite good, which presents a problem for you. The issue you now have is choosing one from this list.

We have a simple solution for you – just consider where these plugins differ and make your choice from there. For instance, TranslatePress beats WPML for speed as shown on PageSpeed Insights. TranslatePress scores 98% for various speed metrics while WPML scores 89%, with its low mobile device performance being the most glaring aspect.

On the other hand, Loco Translate lacks a native system for automatic translations. If you don’t plan on managing your own translations, one language after another, even the pro version of this plugin isn’t the one. Polylang, Translate, and WPML all support automatic translations. WPML has no free version, unlike the other three.

Such differences should help you figure out which plugin is best for your needs, budget, and plans. All the best as you prepare to take your site to as diverse an audience as possible.

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