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Job board WordPress themes are tools for creating platforms on which people list jobs, and others apply for them. The features on job board websites often have multiple features that make them multipurpose tools. Websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Google Jobs have taken a significant chunk of the job portal business. However, there are countless niches that need smaller websites.

But most of the owners of these small websites find it hard to satisfy new user requests for functionalities and features. Some are unable to keep their site UpToDate and error-free. These are some of the reasons why you may need WordPress. The Content Management System offers myriads of themes that have pre-made website templates for your precise needs. The authors of the best job board WordPress themes are responsible for updating them and adding new functionalities and features. We’ve selected the best of them and analyzed what they bring to the table. If you want to create job, career page in your existing website then you need job board plugin, Here is the list of best free job board WordPress plugins.

Some of the top job board WordPress themes are listed below:

Theme NameRatingPrice
Nokri – Job Board WordPress Theme4.83 / 05$69
WorkScout – Job Board WordPress Theme4.87/ 05$79
Careerfy – Job Board WordPress Theme4.80 / 05$89
Cariera – Job Board WordPress Theme4.98 / 05$79
Jobify – Job Board WordPress Theme4.26 / 05$69
Price May vary


Jobmonster - job board WordPress theme

Jobmonster is a top theme that gives users great freedom in element and customization options. It comes with an employer package with resume and job details. You get various functions, including viewing the candidate contact info, refresh job, and others. You can hide and show fields that appear on the job page and resume detail. Jobmonster has many more robust functions, such as social sharing on the job detail page. Job seekers can apply via Facebook and follow specific jobs.

Jobmonster offers candidates and employees a straightforward way of managing jobs and resumes. The employer management section on the dashboard has various options, including the management of applications, jobs, messages, filters, and shortlists. The candidate dashboard enables job seekers a few options too. They get to manage job alerts, resumes, applications, bookmarks, and other elements. This job board WordPress theme allows users to submit resumes and applications on the front end with easy-to-follow submission steps.

With the latest versions of Jobmonster, you’ll enjoy its API integration with Google Maps and Bing Maps. Maps become particularly useful when employers need to showcase the locations of the jobs they’re offering. With the advanced filters, users can search for jobs on any page with high description levels. Searches can include keywords, categories, and locations. You can also change the search fields as you want.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
NooTheme4.39Mobile: 78
Desktop: 92


Workscout - job board WordPress theme

WorkScout is an ideal tool for creating a self-sufficient solution for recruitment agencies and job board platforms. It is fully extensible and comes with various add-ons, including OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. It is also compatible with other map alternatives, such as Bing Maps and Mapbox. Maps come in handy when job seekers need to know the locations of jobs in reference to their own. Your users can manage various elements of the website on the WorkScout frontend. These elements include resumes, jobs, packages, private messages, and profile details.

The development of WorkScout involves the use of the WP Job Manager plugin. Its extensibility also allows for compatibility with the Resume Manager, Job Alerts, Bookmarks, and Paid Listings. This job board WordPress theme has an intelligent private messaging system that facilitates communication between job seekers and employers. WorkScout has advanced filters so that your users can search and filter to find relevant jobs. The salary and rate filters are a rarity among most themes.

The resume or CV page displays the education, experience, and personal details of all candidates. An application form will appear as a popup where a candidate can apply for a job via the CV page. WorkScout also offers the option of uploading a CV or resume file in PDF format. You can earn from your website using various strategies, such as showcasing paid listings through WooCommerce.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
purethemes4.83Mobile: 65
Desktop: 68


Nokri - job board WordPress theme

Nokri is another brilliant job board WordPress theme with almost every feature that you may need. It is fully integrated with Zoom Meetings for easy video call communication between users. The theme also comes with WhizzChat, which is a live chat WordPress plugin with many features. Nokri has chat notifications, file and emoji sharing, location sharing, and multi-chat boxes. Its integration with More Jobs means that you get to post jobs from GitHub,, CareerJET, Jooble, and Adzuna.

Its inclusion of Elementor Page Builder which is best page builder for WordPress further enhances the amazing flexibility and customizability of Nokri. This plugin comes with more than 50 custom widgets, besides all the default Elementor widgets. The theme makes it easy for candidates to search for jobs with various search filters and criteria. They can make searches based on candidate profession, salary currency, salary range, and even candidate gender. Nokri allows job seekers to follow companies and employers and even receive alerts for those they follow.

Your website should rank well using WordPress schema plugin, especially with Nokri’s Google job schema. Your jobs can even appear as rich Google snippets on search results. Candidates on your website can apply for jobs quickly with the option to upload a resume from their devices. On the other hand, employers can narrow down eligible candidates by displaying a questionnaire on the job post.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
scriptsbundle4.60Mobile: 74
Desktop: 80


Cariera - job board WordPress theme

Cariera is one of the most professional-looking job board WordPress themes. It needs no additional plugins to get you started. If you want jobs on your website to appear in list layouts, you have 4 exceptional layouts to choose from. You also get 2 grid layouts that also have an attractive display. With Cariera, you can choose whether you want to display your search on top of the listings or on your sidebar. Users can search for jobs, resumes, and companies on these search boxes.

Candidates will find applying to jobs very easy since they can attach their online resumes on the application form. Cariera supports the upload of resumes too. This theme enables employers to manage all applications on the site. They can even add and edit private notes to each. Both candidates and employers can bookmark resumes and jobs by making a single click. They can manage their bookmarks later from the dashboard.

Any of your users can create various alerts based on locations, categories, job types, and keywords. With Cariera, adding a resume or a job is incredibly easy; adding and editing a company is just as easy since they’re all saved as CPT. Your site can showcase all the added resumes, jobs, and companies on Google Maps.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
gnodesign5.00Mobile: 90
Desktop: 93


Baby Love - best job board WordPress theme

Careerfy delivers straightforward solutions for showcasing all sorts of jobs on an elegant website. Its plan has the same feel as Indeed. Since it comes with the Elementor Page Builder, you can choose between this popular plugin and Gutenberg, the default WordPress block editor. Both builders offer excellent drag & drop customization functions. Careerfy is also fully API integrated with Zoom for video meetings. Employers can schedule interviews with candidates using Zoom Meetings or Board Meetings. A quick calendar style and an all-meeting list are also available for a better user experience.

Employers can export candidate resumes in PDF or Microsoft Excel form. If you want to avail various fields for communication between users, you can do it on a clean interface with dropdown menus or checkboxes. The fields available with Careerfy include email, text, upload, range slider URL, and date file. The demos that come with this theme have predefined sections, but you can change them up as you wish. You can import any of the 21+ demos in seconds with the One-Click Demo Importer.

The data all your users share on your website will be protected since Careerfy is protected with UpToDate GDPR. What’s more, they get additional features such as deadline and tracking applications. Job seekers can apply through Facebook and Linkedin while the employers can receive email alerts of activity on their job posts.


Jobify - best job board WordPress theme

Jobify is a fantastic job board WordPress theme that comes with everything you need to build a professional platform. You can get up and running in a couple of minutes with any one of the demos that come with this theme. They have many premade page templates that are sure to make for a full-fledged website with little to no work. Jobify is fully extensible so that you can add more plugins to it for additional functionalities. For instance, it comes with the WordPress Job Manager plugin, which enables the smooth management of job listings and other elements.

When a user is looking for specific qualities in candidates and employers, the advanced search features of Jobify will make the process a breeze. It supports location filtering of candidates and jobs. You’ll need to add and remove elements from pages as easily as possible, and this theme provides an easy way to do it. You can customize all your pages using the drag-and-drop interface of the default WordPress editor, Gutenberg.

Jobify is fully optimized for fast-loading pages as well as outstanding SEO performance. With the inclusion of Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Contact Form 7, you’ll engage your users quickly. Since it is integrated with Facebook, you stand a good chance of increasing your traffic fast! What’s more, the theme is integrated with Indeed, so you can backfill job searches with what’s on Indeed.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Astoundify4.22Mobile: 9
Desktop: 49


JobCareer - job board WordPress theme

JobCareer is a theme by Chimp Studio that allows you to create a useful and user-friendly website. It offers a free mobile app too. The theme is fully responsive and works great with mobile devices. With it, you get tons of free and premium add-ons to use with your website. JobCareer comes with 16+ demos with all the pages and elements that you need for your dream website. You can choose the demo you want and apply it to your site via the safe and advanced demo importer.

You can edit the contents and arrangements in the demo layouts using its straightforward page builder. JobCareer lets users showcase job locations using different maps. They can also enjoy a variety of elegant dashboard views. You can enable candidates to subscribe so they can receive notifications about specific jobs. They can apply for jobs with or without logging in to the website.

With JobCareer, users can apply by uploading CVs, using external URLs, and video URLs. If you want to get your site going fast, you can import jobs from Indeed and have your visitors apply for them. This theme comes with a resume builder, which guides your users to create good CVs. The profile-building tool is helpful for all your users as they blend into your platform. Your visitors will be encouraged to sign up with you by the social login function.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Chimpstudio4.72Mobile: 63
Desktop: 66


Workio - best  job board WordPress theme

Workio lets you create a mobile-first and fully responsive job portal. The predefined homepage layouts that come with the theme are ideal for various ideas. You can import each within excellent demos that come with comprehensive pages and sections. Workio is perfectly compatible with Gutenberg, so you can use the refreshing block builder to create your pages. The theme is shortcode-ready and comes with many ready shortcodes that you can use to add elements easily to your pages.

With its frontend submission feature, Workio allows all your users to submit jobs, applications and resumes seamlessly. Users can track their applications to know whether they’re viewed, reviewed, and responded to. They can apply for jobs whether or not they’ve logged in, which makes the user experience as smooth as possible. Since Workio lets employers set application deadlines, jobs will cease to receive applications at the right time. Users can apply for jobs via Facebook.

Workio has a great profile builder that’s perfect for employers and job seekers. If you want to make some money off your website, you can take paid and free listings. This theme comes with a ‘featured jobs’ feature, which you could have your users pay for. The Geo Location search feature is perfect for showing job seekers the jobs that are in locations that are ideal for them.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
ApusWP4.73Mobile: 60
Desktop: 73



The creators of CareerUp take pride in having many features that come at additional prices with other themes and plugins. This job board WordPress theme lets your users apply for jobs with Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Candidates who applied for a job can choose to be notified if something changes regarding their applications. CareerUp is fully integrated with Indeed so that you can make jobs on Indeed available to visitors of your website.

CareerUp comes with many more features, including support for private messaging and contact listing. You can receive payments for paid listings from your users via Skrill, Stripe, and PayPal. The theme also supports the display of free listings. You can display the paid listings on top as featured jobs to make them top priority. Still, CareerUp allows users to submit jobs and applications without charges.

CareerUp allows your users to create CVs and cover letters that are available for instant reuse and download. The resume manager allows them to come back and edit the details on their CVs. This theme is fully SEO optimized. Its code is optimized for good rankings on Google and other search engines. What’s more, it is fully compatible with Yoast and other SEO plugins. CareerUp is highly customizable and has unlimited color schemes for branding and aesthetic purposes.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
ApusTheme4.47Mobile: 2
Desktop: 40


Jobseek - best job board WordPress theme

Jobseek is built and developed as a multi-niche job board WordPress theme. You can set your job posts in list formats using a simple shortcode that comes with the theme. It is preceded by a searching and filtering form for the ultimate candidate experience. Searches will show your users RSS links that allow them to subscribe to feeds containing any new jobs that match their search criteria.

Jobseek allows employers to put up jobs on your site from the frontend with all necessary details. They can preview their job listings before submitting them for approval and posting. The users can allocate email or web addresses to each of their listings to which job seekers can send their applications. Jobseek supports single job listings that have a job description, company information, and meta data. Each listing will have a CTA button that reveals the application email or web address.

Employers can view and manage the applications they receive on their clean and elegant dashboards. They can tag jobs with required skills, technology, interest, and education. On the other hand, Jobseek allows candidates to apply for jobs using a user-friendly form. The admin user interface – which resembles the WordPress one – showcases all listings in an orderly fashion. All the vital information on the job and company is also easily accessible.

Page speed test results:

Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
Coffeecream4.50Mobile: 53
Desktop: 55

Civi – Job Board WordPress Theme

Civi - Job Board WordPress Theme

Civi – Job Board WordPress theme is the perfect choice for individuals or businesses seeking to establish a polished and intuitive job listing website on the WordPress platform.

With over 12 pre-defined homepage layouts included in the demo content, users have a variety of options to choose from. It facilitates direct communication between employers and candidates through private messaging.

Advanced search options and robust filters allow candidates to easily narrow down job listings based on criteria such as location, job type, experience, and salary range. Candidates can choose from multiple application options. Employers can take advantage of flexible subscription plans, allowing them to post a specific number of job listings and featured jobs for a fixed fee. 

It offers a featured job listing option, enabling employers to boost the visibility of their job posts. Application deadlines for each job listing can be set to ensure candidates know the submission timeline. Employers can create video job descriptions to vividly showcase their company culture, workplace environment, and job requirements.  

Advanced reporting and analytics features provide insights into job listing performance, user behavior, and other metrics through intuitive dashboards, charts, and graphs. It offers customizable email templates and notifications for candidates and employers, including job alerts, application confirmations, and interview invitations. 

One-click installation and demo content enable quick and hassle-free setup of a pre-designed job board layout. It is equipped with the Elementor Visualize Drop & Drag Page Builder, making customization fast and easy. It is child-theme ready, allowing for safe updates, and compatible with popular translation plugins like Polylang for easy translation to any language. 

GDPR-compliant cookie notices inform users about the use of cookies and provide options for acceptance or rejection. Customers receive free lifetime updates and support from the theme’s dedicated team, and detailed online documentation is available to guide users through the setup and customization process. 

Jobster – Smart Job Board WordPress Theme

Jobster - Smart Job Board WordPress Theme

Jobster is a highly flexible and customizable WordPress theme that offers a range of features designed to help you create a modern and professional job portal website. With Jobster, you can easily build a job board that serves various industries and job types, from freelance gigs to full-time employment opportunities.

It comes with 12+ pre-made multi-home pages to grab your visitors seamlessly. It also includes – a find the page, company page, candidate page, blog page, and 4-page layouts to decorate your job website.

Jobster is also fully responsive, meaning your job board will look great and function seamlessly on any device, from desktops to smartphones. The theme is also highly customizable, with various color schemes, fonts, and layouts. It allows you to create a job board that is truly unique and reflects your brand and business identity.

One of the standout features of Jobstar is its smart search functionality, which allows job seekers to quickly and easily find the most relevant positions. It offers a range of search filters that can be customized to suit your needs, including location, job type, salary range, and more. Jobstar makes it easy for users to find the jobs they are interested in and reflects your brand and business identity. 

In addition, Jobster offers a range of monetization options, allowing you to earn revenue from your job board. You can charge employers for job listings, offer premium placement options, and even sell access to your job board’s database of resumes.

JobZilla – Job Board WordPress Theme

JobZilla - Job Board WordPress Theme

JobZilla is an exceptional Job Board WordPress theme that crafts comprehensive features to create a professional and user-friendly job listing website. 

Its integration with the popular Elementor page builder makes designing your site effortless. It provides one-click installation and demo content, allowing you to set up your website quickly. JobZilla is fully responsive and retina-ready, ensuring a seamless device experience. The powerful framework and detailed documentation make customization easy and fast. 

JobZilla offers 14 elegant multi-home pages, including two styles of job detail pages with over 65 amazing inner page layouts. Its Pixel Perfect Design and Quick & Easy Installation help you build a scratchless job website.

With its clean code and SEO- ready structure, JobZilla ensures your website ranks well in search engines with 600+ Google fonts. It is compatible with major browsers and includes custom widgets, customizable contact forms, and a fullscreen background slider. It also supports WPML for multilingual layouts and offers advanced typography options for customization.

Whether you’re an employer or a candidate, JobZilla is the perfect solution for creating a professional and feature-rich job abroad website.

Freeio – Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme

Freeio - Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme

Freeio offers a hassle-free setup process, allowing you to get your freelance marketplace up and running quickly. It is fully customizable, enabling you to make your platform look and match your branding and vision. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a WordPress novice, Freeio’s intuitive interface ensures a smooth experience.

Freeoi has 10+ homepage layouts, including 3 browse jobs pages, 3 user pages, 4 blog pages, and 9-page layouts. Together, these make your job website more creative and attractive to your visitors. 

Freeio understands the importance of efficient search functionality in a freelance marketplace. With its advanced search and filtering options, clients can easily find the perfect freelancers for their projects. On the other hand, freelancers can filter job listings to discover opportunities that match their skills and interests. This seamless matching process enhances user experience and boosts productivity.

Freeio integrates secure payment gateways, providing a safe and reliable platform for transacting clients and freelancers. With built-in payment options and escrow systems, Freeio ensures that both parties are protected throughout the payment process, instilling confidence and fostering long-term relationships.

Freeio Job Board WordPress theme incorporates a robust rating and review system that allows clients to provide feedback on freelancers’ work. Positive reviews and ratings help freelancers establish credibility, attract more clients, and secure future projects. 

By streamlining communication, Freeio enhances productivity and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings.

InJob – Multi features for recruitment WordPress Theme

InJob - Multi features for recruitment WordPress Theme

InJob is a beautiful job board WordPress theme that offers a comprehensive job management system. It simplifies the process of posting, editing, and managing job listings. With intuitive controls and an easy-to-use interface, you can effortlessly add new job listings, categorize them, and highlight key details to capture the attention of job seekers.

InJob has eight outstanding homepage layouts, as you get attracted to it. Also, It includes five job pages (job listing, detail, jobs with map, job categories & indeed jobs), two candidates pages, two employers pages, 6-page layouts, and one contact page. Furthermore, you can find two usernames with two passwords on its landing page for a demo user account for candidates & employers. 

You can quickly import demo data with just one click, making it easy to set up your website. Additionally, there are 20+ ready-to-use add-ons available, adding functionality and versatility to your job website. 

InJob incorporates advanced search and filtering options, allowing employers and recruiters to narrow their search based on specific criteria such as skills, experience, location, etc. It saves time and ensures you can find the perfect fit for your clients’ needs. It enables candidates to create detailed profiles and upload resumes, providing employers and recruiters with valuable insights into their qualifications and experience. With its customizable application forms, you can tailor the questions to collect specific data essential for your recruitment process. This flexibility ensures you can obtain the necessary details to make informed decisions.

InJob is WPML compatible and RTL supported and is fully translated into seven languages such as Vietnamese, German, French, Turkish, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese. It Offers both boxed and wide layout options. Its elegant design is optimized for user experience, and you can choose from unlimited color skins to suit your branding.

Bottom Line

These premium themes share some standard functions, which is expected. However, there are a few subtle differences that may affect your choice. Whether you’re running a recruitment agency, a directory, or any other related business, this list has something for you. Hopefully, we helped you make an informed decision with the best job board WordPress theme for you. All the best in your venture!

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