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The whole point of creating a global website is availing information to the public. Therefore, it would be counterproductive if you spent time and money creating your website and even more resources, making your content but failed to get it to your audience. Your website should have search engine optimization to appeal to web crawlers to generate enough organic traffic. That’s why best free SEO plugin for WordPress are detailed in this post. Search engine optimization – or SEO – is usually a long process that doesn’t stop with your site’s establishment.

Even though your website could have basic SEO implementations, you’ll still need to work more on it as you add more content. One of the best ways of enhancing your website’s SEO status is by using SEO WordPress plugins. Since the WordPress directory has so many of them, we’ve scoured the web and tested them to bring you the best SEO WordPress plugins that you could pick. Please take a look at our catalog and choose one.

SEO and content marketing are inseparable these days. A huge part of building traffic from search engines is publishing unique and engaging content, and if you’re regularly publishing with WordPress, you’ll want to check out Strive.

The new Strive Content Calendar plugin makes it easy to visualize your publishing calendar and schedule your posts. You can add new posts, make quick edits, and reschedule posts with drag-and-drop. You won’t have to worry about missing posts or publishing them on the wrong days once you’ve got Strive installed.

Top SEO WordPress plugins are listed bellow:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Rank Math
  3. All In One SEO
  4. Independent Analytics
  5. Slim SEO
  6. SEO Framework
  7. SEOPress’s
  8. Squirrly SEO
  9. Premium SEO Pack
  10. Platinum
  11. SEO Booster

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin

For more than a decade, Yoast SEO has helped websites rank well in search engine results and beat the competition. It is the most widely used best free and pro SEO plugin for WordPress, which speaks volumes about its dependability. It comes with many features, including automated technical SEO enhancements, such as meta tags and canonical URLs. These are tools that help your posts look good to web crawlers.

Yoast SEO comes with advanced XML sitemaps, making it incredibly easy for Google and other search engines to comprehend your site structure. This WordPress SEO plugin offers templates for your title tags and meta descriptions for improved branding and consistent search results’ snippets. Yoast SEO has an intense integration that increases your chances of receiving rich Google snippets. This plugin will give you complete control over your site’s breadcrumbs, so your users and Google know where they are.

Arguably the best SEO WordPress plugin, Yoast SEO facilitates incredibly fast loading times for your site. With the plugin, you can write better content since it guides you to write better SEO friendly content with the SEO analysis of keyword use. The premium version even automatically suggests posts to which you can link internally. This Yoast SEO version has a content filter that lets you know of posts that lack links.

Rank Math

Rank Math SEO WordPress plugin

Rank Math is a plugin that is bundled with SEO tools that help improve the SEO of a website and attract more traffic therein. This plugin makes your installation job easy by offering a step-by-step wizard for installing and configuring it. The configuration of Google Schema Markup into your site is essential since it enables your posts and pages to appear in search results as rich snippets. Rank Math is integrated with Google Schema Markup to save you the trouble.

Like most of the best free SEO WordPress plugin, Rank Math allows you to optimize your posts for unlimited keywords in each post. You should also integrate your site with Google Search Console for the proper display of your website’s information. Again, this SEO plugin is already integrated with the Google Search Console. It also enables you to track the rankings of your keywords in Google.

Rank Math comes with optimal default settings that instantly apply to any WordPress website upon installation. This plugin comes preinstalled with an LSI keyword tool that supplies you with many variations of your focus keyword, hence a better ranking of your posts. Rank Math can perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your site’s SEO with just a single click.


All in one SEO WordPress Plugin

Old really is gold with AIOSEO. The SEO WordPress plugin is one of the oldest and most trusted plugins, with more than 2 million sites using it. Its setup wizard allows you to complete all configurations within ten minutes. AIOSEO comes with TruSEO Score, an analysis tool that optimizes your pages for better SEO rankings. With the Smart Meta Title and Description, this plugin enables your website to generate dynamic tags.

AIOSEO has an intelligent SEO content analyzer that facilitates the optimization of your pages for unlimited keywords. With the XML sitemap, search engines will understand your site quickly and rank it better. What’s more, this fantastic plugin offers a video SEO sitemap, news SEO sitemap, and an RSS SEO sitemap. The latter improves the SEO crawl frequency on your site.

To help you rank better, AIOSEO is equipped with an image SEO module that boosts your rankings fast. If your site enables you to run a local business, the local business SEO module will help your local SEO presence. Website owners and internet users love rich snippets. They generate much better click-through rates and boost websites’ ranking; AIOSEO is optimized to grant your site rich Google snippets.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks extends the functionalities of the WordPress Block Editor by adding custom blocks. It has 20+ custom Gutenberg blocks. While it’s not a dedicated SEO plugin, it has useful SEO blocks like Table of Contents, Review, FAQ-Schema enabled ‘Content Toggle’, and HowTo. 

The Table of Contents block lets you add a table of content to your WordPress posts and pages. It helps you to show jump links in the Google SERPs. The Review block lets you add beautiful review boxes to show star ratings in the SERPs. The ‘Content Toggle’ block allows you to add FAQ-Schema enabled FAQs section. The HowTo block helps you to make your tutorial posts stand out in the SERPs. 

The best thing about the Ultimate Blocks plugin is that it makes your content beautiful and engaging, which is very essential to rank your posts on Google. So if you’re in the content creation game, Ultimate Blocks is an excellent choice. 

Independent Analytics

Independent Analytics

If you want to improve your site’s search rankings, you need to know how much traffic you’re getting first. That’s where the Independent Analytics plugin comes in.

This WordPress analytics plugin will track your site’s views and where your visitors are coming from. Inside the Referrers dashboard, you can see all of your site’s traffic grouped by the source. Then you can see how much your traffic from Google has grown and even compare it to other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo.

Another useful feature of this plugin is that you can filter and sort your data. You can create your own reports this way to see how much traffic you’re getting from social media sites or other news and blog websites. In addition, the plugin is extremely fast, so it won’t slow you down or impact your rankings. And, it’s fully GDPR compatible, so you won’t’ need to use a cookie popup to track your site’s visitors with it.

Slim SEO

best SEO WordPress plugins

Many SEO plugins ignore the most fundamental aspects that make the best SEO WordPress plugins, such as user-friendliness. Slim SEO gets the right boxes, starting with the user-friendly configuration settings, facilitated by an easy installation wizard. This SEO WordPress plugin takes automatic meta tag generation to an entirely new level. It generates five types of fully optimized tags, including meta title tags, meta description tags, meta robots tags, Facebook Open Graph Tags, and Twitter Card tags.

Slim SEO is equipped to generate and submit XML sitemaps to search engines so that your website is indexed quickly and comprehensively. With this WordPress SEO plugin, you can easily create a breadcrumb trail that ferries information from one post and lays out a hierarchy for your site’s pages. A schema describes well-structured data for search engines to display; Slim SEO adds some of this data to your website via JSON-LD to make your site more SEO friendly.

For a site to serve its visitors well, you need automatic redirection capabilities on your site. This SEO WordPress plugin adds an auto-redirect attachment page to the URL of the attachment file. It also redirects the author page to the homepage, particularly if the site has one other only or if the author has no posts.

The SEO Framework

SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is one of the few solutions that can automatically generate vital SEO meta tags in any language after considering your WordPress environment. This plugin comes with the full configuration of settings; when you install it into your site with the straightforward setup wizard, you need to do little or no more. The SEO Framework helps you optimize your metadata easily since it adheres to Google’s webmaster guidelines strictly to eliminate the chances of errors in page optimization.

One of the reasons that this plugin is one of the best SEO WordPress plugins is its ability to make functional yet beautiful pages. The SEO Framework adds color-coded guidelines that only need you to hover over them with your mouse for them to suggest how you could improve your pages. The color schemes that come with this plugin considers and accommodates people with color-vision deficiency.

The main reason why The SEO Framework isn’t riddled with hundreds of features is simple – quality over quantity. Everything you need for your SEO operations is within the plugin, but its lightweight nature makes it work faster and doesn’t compromise your site’s speed. Apart from enabling Google breadcrumbs on your site, this SEO WordPress plugin automatically notifies search engines of any changes in your site using its inbuilt sitemap.



With SEOPress’s content analysis feature, you will receive unlimited keywords that enable you to optimize your content for search engines. This SEO WordPress plugin has an excellent mobile and desktop Google preview that allows you to see how your posts will look like in Google search results. What’s more, SEOPress has social previews, too, so you can see how your posts will look on Facebook and Twitter as you increase your conversions.

This best SEO WordPress plugin generates titles with dynamic variables, including terminology taxonomies, custom fields, and many more features. The metadata that SEOPress generates also comes with dynamic variables. This WordPress SEO plugin makes social sharing on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and WhatsApp very easy since it has Open Paragraph and other social cards.

The SEOPress premium version allows you to import and export metadata to and from CSV files. This version also offers the Video XML Sitemap module that improves your rankings in video search results. As the plugin conducts content analysis on your website, it prompts the top 10 Google suggestions instantly. This SEO WordPress plugin comes with 14 structured data types. You also get automatic schemas that have advanced conditions, including post types and taxonomies. SEOPress comes with a Google Analytics Statistic dashboard that displays your site’s metrics without having you leave your site.

Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO

Unlike the best SEO WordPress plugins, Squirrly SEO takes almost all the installation work off your hands with its ZERO-Clicks installation. All you need to do is connect to Squirrly Cloud, and the automation feature starts configuring everything to your site. This WordPress SEO plugin comes with up to 13 types of implementations at your disposal. With the creator tool that comes with Squirrly SEO, you can customize any JSON-LD Schema implementations on your site.

This SEO WordPress plugin takes automation to the next level – it automates countless functions, including semantic definitions, custom post types, WordPress SEO, and social media definitions. Squirrly comes with Facebook Pixel for advanced eCommerce options as well as tracking with custom rules for custom pages. The Google analytics of this plugin allows tracking with custom rules for custom pages. Furthermore, they facilitate full integration for accurate traffic data for the SEO audit that enables you to get accurate Google search engine readings.

Squirrly SEO – one of the best SEO WordPress plugins – provides one of the most advanced sitemap XML, including up to six modules. These are sitemap XML for videos, frequency settings, Google News, organized sub-sitemaps, page-level customization options, and inclusions/exclusions to rules based on custom post-types & automation features.

Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack is a WordPress SEO plugin that boosts your SEO presence without a fuss. You get to decide how you want your posts to look on search engine results and decide to take what the plugin gives you or customize it. This SEO WordPress plugin makes your posts easily sharable and high ranking on social media networks.

Premium SEO Pack equips you with SEO patterns for each post type and custom post type you have on your site. This plugin equips your website with suggestions for keywords focusing on the top ones on search engines. You also get canonical metadata for your title and description – this gives you a better chance at having rich Google snippets. The Twitter card that facilitates your site’s easy ranking on the social network comes with an image, title, description, and type. Premium SEO Pack also has an Open Graph card.

Each post type on your website will have Nofollow and Noindex options with this simple SEO WordPress plugin. It allows you to customize every page from the admin top bar or the post preview top bar. Premium SEO Pack works seamlessly with WooCommerce, or whichever eCommerce plugin you prefer. It also works well with multisite.


Platinum SEO pack

As the name suggests, Platinum is quite an explosive SEO WordPress plugin. It allows you to create and set whichever kind of JSON-LD schema markup that you want on any page, post, or taxonomy. With Platinum, canonical URLs will be set automatically. The plugin allows users to override default canonical URLs by setting it in the MetaBox that comes with the plugin. Platinum is optimized to deliver meta tags for all popular social networks, including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, for better results.

All your pages and post titles will be automatically optimized for search engines when you use this SEO WordPress plugin. It also generates relevant meta tags automatically. Platinum offers the option to specify keywords, meta tags, and meta descriptions for tag pages and categories. You get the chance to turn off the formats and rewrites of page and post titles for any page or post you want.

Platinum is the only tool you need if you want to avoid having duplicate content on your website. The WordPress SEO plugin allows you to override any title and set keywords and metadata for all pages and posts. It supports custom post types and custom taxonomies.

SEO Booster

SEO Booster

If you want to boost your SEO through various SEO practices quickly, SEO Booster is one way to do it. This SEO WordPress plugin retrieves popular keywords from all the top search engines to help you write SEO friendly content. SEO Booster automatically makes keywords in your text link to the right pages on your site. Although Google no longer sends you keyword information, they are still the most prominent source of traffic. Still, this plugin receives information from other search engines to give you better insight.

SEO Booster provides an easy way of tracking your backlinks so you can easily find out everyone who’s linking to you. The premium version of SEO Booster checks all backlinks regularly and verifies them while also giving you additional information about the links themselves. With this plugin, you can keep an eye on 404 Errors – pages on your website that don’t exist.

This best SEO WordPress plugin is compatible with multisite use (you can tweak the plugin settings separately for each site). Another optional feature that comes with SEO Booster is the dynamic tagging of your posts and pages with tags derived from keywords before linking the posts and pages with each other.



If you’re searching for the best SEO WordPress plugins out there, it would be smart to try out SmartCrawl. This plugin comes with a one-click setup wizard that takes all the hard work off your hands. It offers regular SEO checkups and reports but allows you to trigger the checks when you want for recommendations on improving your SEO. SmartCrawl automatically customizes how your meta titles and meta descriptions appear on your search pages.

With this SEO WordPress plugin, you get the Open Graph, Pinterest verification, and Twitter Card. You will be automatically credited each time someone shares your posts. SmartCrawl comes with a sitemap generator that allows you to choose the post types, taxonomies, and archives that you want to include, add, or exclude from the XML sitemap. The plugin comes with an SEO page analyzer that scans pages and posts for keyword density and readability before offering content optimization suggestions.

SmartCrawl updates search engines whenever you edit your content so that they can crawl your site again. If you want to have URLs that redirect traffic to each other, this WordPress SEO plugin has you covered. Redirects are vital for content protection and adding the traffic of highly productive links.

SEO Simple Pack

SEO Simple Pack

SEO Simple Pack is arguably the simplest of the best SEO WordPress plugins. It delivers the basic meta tags that are vital for SEO measures on your website. It works seamlessly with all types of pages and posts. With SEO Simple Pack, you can receive the OGP information needed for social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, you can figure out what you need to do for a better SEO presence on the networks.

This SEO WordPress plugin allows you to customize the meta tag information individually for each term, post, and page on your website. The items that support individual settings include title, meta description, meta image, and meta robots tags. SEO Simple Pack allows you to rewrite the output content of each meta tag with a hook. It also allows you to configure the measurement code of Google Analytics as well as the Webmaster Tools verification code.


Praison SEO WordPress plugin

Praison is a beginner-friendly tool for creating SEO friendly websites. This SEO WordPress plugin facilitates meta description and title tag optimization for better results. Google Analytics integration allows you to receive reports on your website’s SEO performance so that you can improve it. Praison is also integrated with Google Authorship to link your content with Google+ to verify its ownership.

With the XML sitemap modules, all your content post types will rank well on Google. This SEO WordPress plugin will automatically leave breadcrumb trails from one post to another without having you raise a finger. Praison is equipped with Google Webmaster Verification Tools to verify the ability of Google to access the content on your website. It also makes it possible for you to submit new posts and pages for Google to crawl and enables you to deliver content with a better visual experience.

Praison is developer-friendly so that pros can tweak it to suit their needs. This plugin is exceedingly easy to implement on any website since it has straightforward installation and use processes. The SEO WordPress plugin comes with a simple shortcode that makes it incredibly easy to add some aspects to your site.

Bottom Line

Having a site that ranks well is every business owner’s dream. Website owners work day and night to achieve top SEO efficiency and high rankings on relevant search results. However, with one of the best SEO WordPress plugins that we’ve outlined for you, everything will be much easier. Each plugin has a distinctive element from the other that could influence your choice. Selecting best SEO website template is also play vital role in the SEO. Whichever one you go for, you won’t be disappointed, since this list is composed of the crème de la crème.

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