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You may be looking for a job board WordPress plugin for your existing or yet-to-be-created website. Either way, you will need to choose an effective one because that could spell doom or success for your goals. Have you seen job boards such as Indeed and thought to replicate such a seamless platform? Or do you believe that you have some unique and revolutionary ideas that you can implement in your own job board?

Whatever your ideas are, there just might be a plugin for you on our catalog. We have tested a few job board plugins and picked the best of them so that you can pick one without worrying about its quality. When you have a job board on your website, you can publish jobs for your own company or even charge other people and companies to list their job opportunities with you. So take a tour of our list and pick whichever plugin you find most appealing.

Best free job board WordPress plugins listed bellow :

  1. WP Job Manager
  2. Simple Job Board
  3. WP Job Openings
  4. Crew HRM
  5. ApplyOnline
  6. EasyJobs

WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager - free job board WordPress plugin

WP Job Manager is one plugin that you can fully trust. Its creator, Automattic, is known for creating some of the best WordPress-associated extensions. The default WordPress user interface allows you to add, categorize, and manage job listings. It boasts the most superb navigation system with fantastic search and filter functions. WP Job Manager is powered by Ajax so that your job listings will be easy to search and filter for all your users. Furthermore, you can add these job listings easily via shortcodes.

WP Job Manager offers excellent frontend forms that both registered users and guests can fill. You can manage and customize these forms extensively. The information submitted on the forms is easy to assimilate for job recruitment purposes. With WP Job Manager, you can allow job listers to see previews of their listings before they go live. These previews are highly accurate in their resemblance to the live job listings.

You can tie each listing to an email or website address if you or the job listers want the job application process to occur off your website. The searches that job applicants will make will display RSS links so that they can be alerted to new jobs that match their searches. WP Job Manager allows logged-in employers to view, delete, edit, or mark job listings as filled. It also supports posting paid listings, which is powered by WooCommerce.

Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board - job board WordPress plugin

Simple Job Board is a superb job board WordPress plugin that is available in up to 15 languages, including RTL languages, such as Arabic and Urdu. It is highly user-friendly, from its coding quality to its elements and features. This free job board WordPress plugin is lightweight so that it doesn’t make your website slow down. Simple Job board is highly extensible and easy to use too. You will find its elements and features easy to use and easy to add new ones with other plugins and extensions.

This plugin enables you to create and manage jobs and job offers from your WordPress website. The user-friendliness and customizability of Simple Job Board is quite extensive. You can add multiple job listings and display them on your pages by simply inserting the job post shortcode. You can also add multiple job display features and a fully customizable application for each job listing. Additionally, with this Elementor job board plugin, you can add notes to a job application right from the dashboard.

Simple Job Board supports the upload of documents via various extensions so that applicants can provide all necessary information. The plugin allows you and other job post owners to view the lists of applicants who applied for a particular job. The global settings that come with the plugin let you set the email notifications as easily as you do the application form, filters, job features, and job listings.

WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings - free job board wordpress plugin

WP Job Openings is one of the simplest plugins for setting up a job board on your WordPress website. It reflects deep research into what makes job listing websites complete. It works well in conjunction with other plugins, extensions, and themes. WP Job Openings offers 2 layouts for showcasing the jobs on your pages – grid and list. They are crafted to adhere to the most contemporary styles and UI principles. Its designs are clean and user-friendly.

This free job board WordPress plugin allows you and your users to include unlimited job specifications. The search option that comes with the job page of WP Job Openings is perfect for bringing all jobs available closer to job seekers. Your visitors will find it easy to view the particular jobs that interest them with the unlimited filtering options of this plugin. All the display and browsing that comes with this plugin is enhanced by its Ajax-powered job filtering and listing.

WP Job Openings offers various options for customizing email notifications for job posters and job seekers. The Elementor job board plugin has ready custom email notification templates for you. You can work the job expiry options so that you don’t keep receiving applications after some point. Are you after a multilingual interface? WP Job Openings has you covered on that aspect with its full translatability and WPML compatibility. It is also developer-friendly, availing lots of hooks.

Crew HRM

Crew HRM - WordPress job board plugin

Crew HRM has one of the most excellent user experiences for a WordPress job board plugin. It does not use the default WordPress user interface. They instead have a closer flavor to the notion. They kept the design black and white, which feels like reducing the cognitive load on the HR Admin and staying focused while creating job posts and reviewing the applications.

One good thing about this plugin is that you can accept custom file types along with the resume and cover letter. You can view the uploaded files in the browser while reviewing the applications. This saves you time from downloading and organizing all the attached files in a place. They even save the uploaded files in an organized way inside the wp-uploads folder.

Their interview scheduling feature with Google Meet and Zoom integration is the most exciting. You can create job interviews while reviewing applicants and use video calling solutions. The system then creates a schedule on the calendar for easy access and displays the link in the dashboard as well. The email communication is feature is very well thought out and includes nine different notifications for the organization admin, HR Admin, hiring team, and the applicants.


JobBoardWP - free job board WordPress plugin

JobBoardWP is a lightweight and easy-to-use free job board WordPress plugin. Once you install this plugin, you get three more pages to your frontend. You can manage them, add, and customize the content on them. The job page of this plugin displays the jobs that are available. The page is complete with keyword and location search so that your users can search for jobs within their locations and interests. JobBoardWP lets the job seekers view remote jobs only or those in a specific category only.

This Elementor job board plugin comes with a page called the post job page. Here, users get to submit jobs using the job submission form. You can allow jobs to appear on the jobs page automatically or do so with admin approval. The job submission form lets users add job, company, and personal details. In addition, they can save a form that they’ve filled as a draft and even preview their jobs before submitting them.

Another crucial page is the jobs dashboard page, where users can manage their submitted jobs. The page has a shortcode that displays a list of all the jobs that a user has submitted. They can view the job statuses, their expiration dates and manage them. With JobBoardWP, the admin can manage the job board from the default WordPress admin dashboard. You can also generate new jobs directly from the WordPress admin panel.

Job Board Manager

Job Board Manager

Job Board Manager is yet another plugin that goes for simplicity and effectiveness. It lets you set up your job board in the shortest time possible. This Elementor job board plugin is highly customizable and offers shortcodes to make that even more so. These shortcodes come in handy in job submissions, displaying job archives, logged-in user lists, accounts, and more. Additionally, Job Board Manager has excellent SEO optimization with adherence to Schema markup stipulations. Therefore, the jobs posted on your job board will rank well on search engines and elevate the overall site’s SEO.

Job Board Manager lets you display your job listings by filtering query arguments via filter hooks. This way, you can create external search forms for applying data forms to filter jobs with. You can even remove existing job list elements and add your own using action hooks. The account dashboard that comes with this free job board WordPress plugin is based on tabs and content. Users can submit jobs using the job submission form and later edit any of their job submissions.

Job Board Manager has a custom registration form, whose input fields you can customize, validate data, and save under user meta fields. You and other job posters can showcase multiple job application methods for each job. The plugin even allows you to add custom application methods using filter and action hooks. Job Board Manager lets you work with 11 complete notification email templates.

Job Manager & Career

Job Manager & Career

The features of Job Manager & Career make it quite an enticing option, starting from its job posting and management to its upload and compatibility options. The plugin offers enough space to add and edit the details of a job, including its title, description, and expiry date. It lets you allocate the types, categories, and locations of the jobs you post. This makes the listings easy to search, find, and sort. Job Manager & Career lets you accept job applications via different methods.

This free job board WordPress plugin supports the addition of special badges for urgent jobs. Your users can upload their resumes in different formats, including .doc, Docx, and pdf. The admin can choose to keep displaying or hide expired or filled jobs. Job Manager & Career offers an enticing ‘reset-to-default’ button that lets you undo all changes on a listing to their original appearance. This Elementor job board plugin lets you include other details to jobs, including job experience requirements and salary offered.

Job Manager & Career has a premium version, which provides some additional features. With this version, you can customize the job page with an Accordion layout instead of the regular list of the free version. You can add custom fields to the application form with 7 different field types available for new fields. Job Manager & Career has reCAPTCHA validation for the job application forms. The plugin lets you override the theme style, text color, background color, button color, and more.


ApplyOnline - free job board wordpress plugin

Based on its features and the proclamations of its creators, ApplyOnline is most basically focused on providing the most user-friendly experience. It lets you create elegant application forms in a drag & drop interface! This form builder also comes in handy in managing hiring and registration. ApplyOnline supports the posting of ‘looking for job’ ads. All you need to post a different job type is to copy its particular shortcode and paste it onto the job post page. You can create other ad types, such as admissions, career, classes, and registrations.

ApplyOnline lets you post jobs that have titles, thumbnail images, summaries, taxonomies, and ‘Apply Now’ buttons. The job filtering option appears above the job list and makes it easy to find the precise jobs one is looking for. Job detail pages will have different features, including descriptions and an application form. In addition, ApplyOnline has multiple file attachment fields and allows your users to upload different file formats.

This free job board WordPress plugin has various addons, including a captcha security challenge at the bottom of application forms. ApplyOnline comes with the Applications Exporter, which enables users to export individual applications as PDFs. With this plugin, owners of job listings can receive full job applications with attachments in their emails, courtesy of the Application Emailer addon. You can save each application form received in your Dropbox account with the Application Dropbox addon. ApplyOnline has the Application Tracker so that all application steps are tracked, saved, and retrievable.


EasyJobs - free job board WordPress plugins

EasyJobs is a SAAS plugin that is fully operable from the WordPress dashboard. It is an Elementor job board plugin, so you can manage the entire job posting and hiring process without touching a single line of code. With this plugin, you can provide personalized hiring team access for a more seamless hiring process. EasyJobs provides advanced, automated, and insightful reports from its inbuilt analytics. You can use them to monitor your hiring team to enhance workflow. Your entire team should find the visual pipeline for candidate screening very user-friendly.

You and other job posters will receive instant notifications for all activities on your job board. EasyJobs will also enable notifications for your job applicants for anything that concerns them. With its AI system, this plugin allows for fast sorting, filtering, and screening candidates. This plugin lets you set up remote hiring quickly, so you can get the top talent. EasyJobs enables you to analyze and filter applicants easily so you can get the best one faster.

The interactive interview process that this plugin facilitates increases your brand value ensures that you get reliable candidate feedback. EasyJobs lets you filter applicants thoroughly by creating custom fields for skills and more. The plugin also comes with its own inbuilt messaging service through which you can select and contact candidates. EasyJobs also facilitates the creation of a beautiful company page to attract top talent. You can customize application forms to include specific questionnaires or have general questions. You can then filter candidates based on their responses.

Winding Up

We hope you saw something that made you think, “Yeah, this is exactly it.” This list of the best job board WordPress plugins is quite comprehensive and basically marks all you would need to choose the best plugin. You may also want to take a look at our listing of the best job board WordPress themes. Your work becomes easier when you start with a theme since you have most of the features that a plugin would offer you. However, if you already have a website and like its layout, you can just go with the plugin of your choice and still get great results. Good luck as you go on and create a world-beater of a job board!

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