Best Schema Markup Plugins for WordPress

Best schema plugin for WordPress described in this post. Structured data is coded information that is specifically designed to be deciphered by search engines. In this post you get details information of  best schema markup plugin WordPress. Search engines interpret the code and use it to display your website in search results in a much more effective manner.

Usually, the snippets that appear on the results page of a search display content that is relevant to the search. Upon adding structured data to your webpage, you give search engines a chance to display your related content in rich snippets.

When you use structured data, the details of a user’s search will dictate what the snippet will display from the content of your page. There are several types of structured data specific to various website niches. If yours is a construction site, for example, there is structured data that defines that field. Your rich snippet in the search results will, therefore, have information that links the content of your website to the search instructions.

More straightforwardly, structured data provides a language in which you can instruct search engines to display detailed information from a page on your website. The relevance this creates attracts more visitors to your pages.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup is a structured data format responsible for rich snippets of websites appearing in search results. is a catalog that provides you with all the schema markups that would be relevant to your specific niche. Top search engines came together to construct this catalog, which shows the data markup that they support. On, you find the markup that befits a specific page on your website.

Importance of structured data and Schema markup

Deductively, schema markup (structured data) is essential for SEO as it facilitates better comprehension of the contents of your webpages by search engines. It offers you a chance at having a rich snippet by telling search engines what your pages are about, thus helping raise your rankings.

You may choose to deal with data and use coding knowledge to code your pages, posts, and other elements with schema markups, or use one of the best schema markup WordPress plugins. They help you with providing structured data for your web pages, thus rich snippets. Rich snippets have been proven to increase click-through rates.

Top schema plugin for WordPress are listed below:

Review Schema by RadiusTheme

Review Schema by RadiusTheme

Review Schema is a best schema plugin for WordPress that’s based on JSON-LD that offers a superb solution for all WordPress websites. The schema WordPress plugin will generate auto schema markup for any post, page, custom post type, and as WooCommerce. It also allows you to edit the schema data manually. Review Schema allows you to showcase single or multi-criteria-based reviews and ratings. You can generate new reviews and schema right from your dashboard.

How to use Review Schema by Radiustheme:

When you enable the single criterion, you give your customers quick and easy views of the reviews. On the other hand, the multiple criteria reviews give your customers detailed feedback, making you appear more convincing and transparent. Review Schema allows your customers to upload the actual product’s images along with their reviews. The premium version of this review schema WordPress plugin even allows them to upload videos or embed video links from YouTube and Vimeo. You can choose to have more than rating types, including star and numerical ratings.

This plugin lets you choose the category you want to show on your snippet. You can choose to display either of the following:

  • FAQ
  • About
  • Local Business
  • Blog Posting
  • Article
  • Breadcrumb
  • Audio
  • Service
  • Q & A
  • Contact
  • Person
  • Event
  • News Article
  • Item Lists
  • Video
  • Movie
  • How To

One of the main features of this schema WordPress plugin is its product review shortcode, which allows you to apply it on any page or post. After generating a new review and schema, complete the necessary settings for all the tabs that you need for the process. The tabs include style, schema, settings, and review. Review Schema provides a simple outline of the steps you need to follow that are available on your sidebar menu.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WP SEO Structured Data Schema

WordPress SEO Structured Data Schema is a plugin that simplifies the complex implementation of structured data and schema on websites.

The pro version facilitates use on multiple sites. It also supports other schema types including movies, courses, postings, music, books, TV episode, and recipe. This version also comes with an auto-fill function and supports custom post types other than the default pages and posts.

The developers of this plugin used JSON-LD data format, which they believe to be the future of structured data. From a coding perspective, it is less invasive. What’s more, Google can decipher this kind of data that has been taken directly from JavaScript code and embedded widgets.

This plugin support following Structure Data:

  • blog posts
  • articles
  • organizations
  • restaurants
  • reviews
  • aggregate ratings
  • videos
  • events
  • products
  • local businesses
  • services.

Like other top-quality plugins of its kind, this plugin facilitates extensive manual customization. You can choose to apply schema settings throughout the site from one place, or you can opt to set up schema one page after another. With more than 40,000 active installations, this is a popular plugin.

WP SEO Structured Data Schema Pro version that supports autofill, WooCommerce and others check PRO version features.

Schema – All in One Schema Rich Snippets

All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Do you want to achieve eye-catching results on search engines?

Take a look at schema by Brainstorm Force – an excellent schema markup plugin for

  • articles
  • recipes
  • events
  • reviews
  • people
  • video
  • software applications.

The developers intend to include breadcrumbs, local business, and books in future releases.

This plugin gives you incredibly rich snippets, which in turn provide search engines only the relevant information to display with incredible precision. When users share your content through social media, the proper information will also be displayed.

This plugin boasts over 100,000 active installations, as a testament to its popularity. It supports Chinese and American English too.

Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured Data

With excellent reviews to back its claim, Schema App Structured Data is one of the best Schema Plugin for WordPress. It supports articles, blog posting, profile page, collection page (tag and category), breadcrumb, and other types of markups.

Once you activate this plugin, it automatically generates schema markups for all your pages, author, posts, and category content for the content already on your site. All you need to do is add your name, logo, and you can enjoy rich snippets and all that comes with them. With this plugin, you get breadcrumbs; site links search box and your site name in the results.

You can set the post schema markup via default settings and apply for all posts or pages. However, you can also customize each page individually by editing the JSON-LD, which the plugin generates.

Schema App Tools enable you to customize the schema markups for various niches, including

  • local business
  • reviews
  • organization
  • services
  • many more.

With no coding required, you can carry out schema markup maintenance seamlessly, in case Google introduces new recommendations.

This plugin enables you to manage schema markup across multiple sites comfortably regardless of the amount of data on them. Schema App also comes with a WooCommerce plugin that facilitates the generation of product rich snippets. With regular updates and great support for schema markup and access to the advanced plugin, this is one plugin you’re sure won’t disappoint you.

WordPress SEO Plugin by Rank Math


Rank Math eliminates the necessity for time-consuming coding processes with its many intelligent features that give your site immense SEO capabilities. These features make for comfortable handling of the plugin, and its functions from the word go.

The plugin configures itself as it provides a setup wizard that is straightforward to follow as it sets up SEO for your WordPress site splendidly. Rank Math supports 14 types of rich snippets, which you can optimize quickly. This plugin allows you to tune 5 keywords per post and track the rankings of your keywords on Google. With Google Search Console integration, Rank Math shows your website’s vital information within WordPress.

It supports the following Structure Data Schema:

  • Article Rich Snippet
  • Review Rich Snippet
  • Book Rich Snippet
  • Course Rich Snippet
  • Event Rich Snippet
  • Job Posting Rich Snippet
  • Local Business Rich Snippet
  • 193 Local Business Types
  • Music Rich Snippet
  • Person Rich Snippet
  • Product Rich Snippet
  • Recipe Rich Snippet
  • Restaurant Rich Snippet
  • Service Rich Snippet
  • Software Application Rich Snippet
  • Video Rich Snippet

LSI keyword tool is an integrated feature that generates variations of your focus keywords to capture higher traffic for your posts. This plugin’s default settings are compatible with most websites and can be applied easily. You can overlay GIF or video icons on social thumbnails to attract higher click-through rates. Unlike other plugins that have 50,000 lines of code, Rank Math only has 30,000.

You can rest assured of Rank Math’s effectiveness with its 40 detailed SEO tests. Its module-based system adds to the speed and control of the plugin. Whether your free or premium theme supports it or not, this plugin will show SEO optimized breadcrumbs on all websites if you allow it. With an inbuilt 404 error monitor, you can detect, find, and resolve these errors and give your users the ultimate experience. With a Role Manager feature, you can control what those who have access to the management of your website can do.

Schema by Hesham


Schema is one of the best Schema Plugin for WordPress, with a minimal (lightweight) makeup, high speed, and more than 70,000 active installations. It supports several schema markups, including logos, contact numbers, social profile links, and knowledge graph. The plugin also supports many types including blog pages and posts; reports; scholarly, news, and tech articles; WordPress webpage headers and footers; breadcrumbs; collection pages for tag and category archives; video object; and a few more.

From one location in the settings, you can allocate schema types to specific types or categories of posts. This plugin produces structured data in JSON-LD format, which is the format that Google recommends most. You can extend the functionality of this plugin through the functions of your theme or other plugins. Schema by Hesham is compatible with many plugins, including Yoast SEO, Automatic Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin, WPRichSnippets, The SEO Framework, WPBakery Page Builder, and ThirstyAffiliates. The premium version supports Schema for WooCommerce extension.

The premium support package includes one-on-one email correspondence support. Schema premium includes several additional features over the free one, including setting content location target for markups, and the ability to activate more types.

Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg block plugin that facilitates the creation of rich snippets with WordPress. It is equipped with countless tools that make it incredibly easy to create a top-quality website with the best schema rich snippets. The content filter that comes with the plugin allows your users to go through your content with incredible ease. The review block will enable you to add a block with your product’s name, features, summary or description, button, and star rating. All these features are schema enabled.

You also get a HowTo Schema block, which allows you to add a block that offers a description with steps, sections, and valid schema data. Ultimate Blocks also comes with a block for a table of contents. You can generate the table from your headings quickly. The tabbed content block allows you to add content in tabs to your posts and pages. You can sort the features with a drag & drop interface.

With Ultimate Blocks, you can easily add a call to action box to encourage users to make conversions. You can add content in accordions as you let your visitors expand them and display the content. It is incredibly easy to add a star rating blocks to your pages and posts with your own custom color, size, and stars.

WPSSO Core by JS Morisset

WPSSO Core – The Complete Meta Tag and Schema Markup Solution

WPSSO Core is one of the best free schema markup plugin for WordPress that offers more than most of its competition with incredible features enhanced even more by many optional add-ons.

Some of the features and options include checks for the image ratios and their minimum and maximum dimensions. This plugin will show you notifications of missing images and those required in specific places. It carries out verifications for duplicate meta tags on your webpages as well as validation of your theme header templates to ensure the use of proper HTML markups. Apart from checking the settings of third party plugins for possible conflicts, WPSSO Core also checks for missing PHP modules and sends warning notifications.

With the free version, you get meta tags for search engines, social sites, browser extensions, and messaging apps. The plugin provides markups (and meta tags) for posts, custom post types, pages, tags, categories, custom terms, search pages, user profile pages, and attachment pages. This version also supports AMP for WordPress, Better AMP, and AMP. For ease of use, you also get help for every plugin option in context.

The premium version offers some extra customization options for pages, posts, custom post types, terms, and user profiles. You can customize priority media, text in all descriptions on pages and posts, product information, etc. The options would take all day to mention, even without explaining. This plugin is one of the highest performing and most customizable of its kind.

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

best schema plugin for wordpress

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP is an AMP-compatible plugin that adds rich snippets with incredible ease. It supports up to 33 schema types.

You may choose to display or exclude fields such as pages, posts, post types, taxonomies, etc. With the data type options, this theme detects the content via the person or organization. This plugin also has extra options for output of schema markup such as Pretty Print, Defragment, among others. IF you have other schema plugins such as Schema Plugin and SEO Pressor, you can import data from them. This plugin has schema support for other plugins including bbPress and kk Star Ratings. You can also display the Google reviews for your business and its schema markup on your site.

With an excellent review module, you can create a custom rating box with pros and cons with their schema markup. With Gutenberg, you can create your content using blocks (the type of schema), upon which JSON schema markup will be added to your content automatically.

A setup wizard and minimal settings make installation and use smooth. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP also supports breadcrumbs and post comments. The premium plugin fetches reviews from more than 75 platforms. Despite having many queries a day, the premium support gets you around the queue quickly.

WPSSO Strip Schema Microdata

Maybe you’re running a new site and want to have Schema rich snippets. Or do you have an old site collecting incorrect schema from the template of your theme? Maybe you have old schema microdata that you need gone from your theme template or want to remove duplicate SEO meta tags from your webpage head section. Whichever one your problem is, WPSSO Strip Schema Microdata is so robust that it eradicates all old schema microdata and RDFa markup from the page of the site. The settings page also allows the removal of redundant SEO meta tags.

The filters of this Schema plugin for the WordPress website dynamically so that you can easily activate or deactivate it. Only then can you enable and disable the removal of old schema midata. This plugin has an average rating of over 4.8 stars and many great reviews by pleased users.

Bottom Line

To edge out the competition in your specific field, you need to rank highly and attract web users to click on your posts and pages from search results. There is no better way to do this than with structured data for most of the content on your site. As we have explained, you can browse and select the structured data ideal for each of your posts, pages, etc. But you don’t have that much time on your hands.

To save you the time, we have prepared a list of the best schema markup plugins for WordPress. Any of these plugins will save you time and the headache of dealing with too much code. They feature ease of installation of use with incredible results. Choose your favorite and prepare to experience the highest quality of rich snippets.

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