WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

If you want a WooCommerce inventory management plugin for your online shop, this list has all options and details that you’d need.

Every successful business requires inventory management to succeed. This is one of the ways through which businesses gain strategic value. Inventory management has quite a few benefits, which include employee efficiency, warehouse organization, accurate planning, and the inventory balance.

Inventory management can be a really tedious and error-prone job. This is why you need all the tools that you can get. All of the best WooCommerce stores online boast quite a few extensions that help handle inventory management. The only difficult task becomes picking out the best plugin for the job.

If you’re out looking for the best WooCommerce inventory management plugin, you’re in luck. We’ve tested and assorted the top plugins and listed their features so that it’ll be easier for you to choose ones. Rather than looking for a needle in a haystack, it’ll be selecting one from a display of fewer than ten needles.

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Features of the Top WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Before you choose one plugin, you need to understand what the best one should do for you. You need a WooCommerce inventory management plugin to save time for other vital things. Here is just a little of what such a plugin should do:

  • Bulk editing of stock items
  • Quick calculations
  • Adding many products
  • Export data


ATUM - WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

ATUM is arguably the most robust WooCommerce inventory management plugin. It is available at no cost on the WordPress directory. It offers a fantastic dashboard of statistics or stock central that gives you total control over your shop’s inventory.

The ATUM dashboard connects the plugin’s creators to the users by offering documentation, quick link to support, and business stats. It even has a new widget section that you can personalize extensively.

All products in your shop will be easy to control with a touchpad or mouse wheel. ATUM supports image thumbnails that make it easy to identify your WooCommerce inventory. Products will have overviews with product IDs and SKUs.

Purchase prices will be included with a direct edit from the stock central page. You can filter the product list and supplier’s column by suppliers’ names. You will get to edit the product sale prices while including the date ranges of the sales. However, bulk editing is unavailable.

ATUM avails bulk product actions for activating and deactivating WooCommerce stock management at product levels. You also get bulk actions within stock central for bulk control of your products. ATUM supports purchase orders with the PDF export function.

ATUM Top Features:

  • Product locations let you create several storage locations for each item.
  • Product data edit lest you change SKUs on the fly on a single screen.
  • Advanced search and filters let you list by supplier names.
  • The Bill of Materials lets you set the company’s raw materials and product parts.
  • You can reload your pages without losing your filter settings.
  • Widgets to cover promo sales, order, lost sales, and cover sales.
  • Purchase orders with PDF export support.
  • You can add decimals to your eCommerce store quantities.

Smart Manager

Smart Manager - best WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Smart Manager is yet another robust WooCommerce inventory management plugin that’s a great choice. It offers a single-screen interface for managing your dashboards, products of all types, coupons, blog posts, and orders. With this plugin, you can choose a dashboard and start customizing without ever leaving the spreadsheet.

Smart Manager has records for direct edits from the grid. You can then modify order status, update inventory, post images, change the coupon expiry date, and more. The plugin lets you perform up to 3 inline edits simultaneously without saving the changes.

The live previews that Smart Manager inform you of your changes prior to saving them. This WooCommerce inventory management plugin has infinite scrolling for the smoothest navigation. It lets you add coupons, posts, orders, and new products directly using the spreadsheet.

With Smart Manager, you can have zero editing restrictions on the available post-type fields. You can increase or decrease the product prices, manage categories, tax class, tax status, change product description, SKU, etc.

The plugin allows you to edit product variations for variable products when you click on the button for displaying variations. Smart Manager lets you edit post types using column filters, date, and search filters. You can now delete or move to trash dashboard elements. These include posts, coupons, orders, and products.

Smart Manager Top Features:

  • Advanced search features
  • Coupon and order modification support
  • Personalization of your dashboard for a smoother workflow
  • Single screen interface and infinite scrolling
  • Snappy navigation lets users jump to any specific posts using dropdown menus
  • Advanced features like bulk edit in the premium version
  • Customization live preview
  • Email notifications to customers on order status changes
  • Transactional notes are added to the orders when status changes occur

WooCommerce POS

WooCommerce POS

WooCommerce POS is an exceptional plugin with a straightforward interface for receiving the order at the point of sale using your WooCommerce store. It offers a robust cloud database aspect to give you ready access to your data. You can personalize your store with your actual retail locations along with the automation of various functions. The free version has much fewer features than the premium ones.

This plugin lets you take a physical inventory count for all your products using a QR code scanner and update stock details from the inventory scanner. You get to add unlimited products with unlimited customization. With WooCommerce POS, you can track unlimited services and products with just as many attributes. You get to edit, search, filter, group, export, and import your database.

This WooCommerce inventory management plugin has an inventory transfer feature. It lets you keep track of stock levels in different online stores and maintain them in real-time. Therefore, you can move stock from one store (or your warehouse) to another. In one breath, the plugin makes it easy to unify your inventory lookups across all your sales channels.

WooCommerce POS has a custom barcode designer built-in straight out of the box. This feature enables you to design and print top-quality barcodes that will work seamlessly with major modern barcode systems. You can create, design, and print personalized mailing labels too.

This plugin comes with a feature to enable physical WooCommerce inventory count. You can take image clips of your inventory files for specific locations and use them as references. WooCommerce POS has various types of count, including spot count, selective count, and full count from which you can choose.

Top Feature Highlights of POS:

  • Stock management
  • Frontend manager
  • Management of purchase orders
  • Management of loyalty points

Stock Manager for WooCommerce

Stock Manager for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Stock Manager is a free plugin created by StoreApps to give you a single screen for managing all your product stock and product variables. The creator is a top developer of WooCommerce extensions. It has a premium version with more advanced features too.

The plugin offers ease of handling your entire store’s inventory with the familiar speed and interface of Excel. WooCommerce Stock Manager centralizes the management of products and variable product stock.

You can view your entire product catalog in a single go and set different parameters for all products and their individual variations. These variations include price, stock, and weight. You can also display products that are out of stockin stock, and on backorder.

With WooCommerce Stock Manager, you can filter products by various criteria, such as stock status, stock management, category, and type. You can also sort your products by SKU and name. The plugin enables you to import and export all data of your shop’s stock and even edit the CSV files.

Top Features of WooCommerce Stock Manager:

  • Facilitation of product and order management
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick and easy retail POS
  • Filtering of products by product name, default sorting, and ID
  • Support for exporting of stock data into CSV files
  • Setting of number of products to display per page
  • Viewing product stock history
  • Import and export store data

WP Inventory Manager

WP Inventory Manager

WP Inventory Manager is a superb plugin with which you can manage your site’s product inventory seamlessly. It has free and paid versions, which offer an expansive array of inventory management features.

The premium version comes with a few advanced features and premium addons. They include a ledger, reserve cart, import and export, advanced inventory manager, advanced search, advanced user control, bulk item manager, and per item low quantity notifications. In fact, the principal advantage of the premium license is these addons.

The advanced search you get with the WP Inventory Manager is perfect for easy navigation. The plugin enables you to create a search filter so your users can select the attributes in which they’re interested. You also get a location manager feature so you can manage the inventory of your warehouse and shop. WP Inventory Manager lets you prioritize the location from which your inventory is reserved and set different product quantities for multiple locations.

WP Inventory Manager lets you set up different inventory types. It allows you to define attributes for particular product types. You can even customize the options of each product type, such as the display settings.

WP Inventory has a bulk inventory update feature that enables you to update multiple inventory items at a time. Your users can then search for inventory based on any field and change the fields you want for each item easily. You can also import and export inventory using external CSV files into manageable spreadsheets.

WP Inventory Manager Top Features:

  • Advanced user control
  • Advanced search features
  • Bulk item update
  • Reserve cart
  • Support for multiple categories
  • Fully customizable labels
  • Templating system for easier customization
  • Use separate database tables for easier database access
  • Developer friendly with utility functions, filters, and hooks
  • Choose the fields you’re planning on using and label them appropriately

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce

Stock Synchronization is a simple but effective WooCommerce inventory management plugin. It enables you to synchronize your inventory using external CSV inventory files. You can also synchronize and update inventory levels and product prices easily.

You can import product stock information and product prices or even alter the prices. Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce has multivendor support. Therefore, you can work with Dokan and other multivendor plugins.

This plugin supports data updates on an hourly, daily, and twice-a-day bases. It has FTP and Dropbox support making backing up data is much more seamless. You also get to work with Google Drive and Google Spreadsheets. If you’re planning on using the WPML plugin on your website, you can still use this plugin because it is compatible with WPML.

It is compatible with many product variations. You can choose the delimiter you want, with options including tab, bar, semi-colon, and comma. Stock Synchronization for WooCommerce supports even large CSV files. External file handling makes the speed optimization of your site easier.

Stock Synchronization Top Features:

  • Adding up 2 to 5 quantity fields
  • Syncing stock quantity changes in real-time
  • Support for unlimited products
  • Report page to showcase products that are being synced
  • Edit the stock quantities right off the report page
  • Smart Logging
  • Background processing
  • Email notifications

WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager

WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager (WCOSM) is a robust and versatile tool with which you can assign custom low stock values to category and product sets. The plugin also gives you email notifications that keep your inventory details in sync. It enables your site to handle multiple email notification recipients.

You can use the custom value configurator to carry out a number of functions. You can create ‘threshold’ rules with which to assign custom warning low values for your categories, products, and their variations. You can also configure a default warning value for products that don’t match the custom value rules.

WCOSM will help you speed up your product editing and monitoring processes. You can manage all products under custom low levels this way by adding relevant widgets directly from your WordPress dashboard. This vest WooCommerce inventory management plugin has custom product page texts that you can customize using the text menu. You can work on the Out of Stock, In Stock, Under Custom Stock Level texts, and Above Custom Stock Level.

The email notification system of the WCOSM plugin gives you email warnings for different configured settings. For instance, you can configure your site so that you’re notified when product stock reaches a certain point of depletion. The default setting is to send these email notifications to the admin, but you can allow for multiple recipients easily.

For WPML users, WCOSM can be translated by merely switching the language within the language selector of the WPML plugin. The next step is entering the translations for each text.

Top Features of WooCommerce Out of Stock! Manager:

  • WPML compatible
  • Email notifications for low stock levels
  • Customized page texts for stock information
  • Dashboard widgets

Final Thoughts

That’s it – those are the best WooCommerce inventory management plugins for your online store. Even though you have to work hard on your eCommerce store, you still have to work smart. You can remain focused on vital things like boosting your revenue.

These plugins are perfect for all that you need to do with managing your shop’s inventory. All you need to do is choose the plugin with the features you need. If you’re looking for recommendations, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. All the best.

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