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Weddings are one of the most timeless and widespread events, and almost all cultures hold weddings to celebrate marriages. If you want to showcase your wedding content elegantly and richly, you should consider getting yourself a classy website. You should celebrate your special day in style by sharing the date and other noteworthy announcements on your site. Make your own website using best wedding website templates.

You don’t need to have web coding skills to create an excellent website for yourself. All you need is one of the best wedding website templates that we’ve analyzed and listed for you. All of them are user-friendly and elegant. All the sections and templates you need on your pages, including the dates, are incorporated into these packages. An RSVP form is also preinstalled in most demos, saving you from sending it separately. If you have upcoming nuptials, make them as special as possible by sharing them with your family and friends on the perfect website.

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Top wedding website templates listed bellow

Templates NamePrice
Glanz – Wedding Template$18
Lovely Wedding – Fully Responsive Template$17
Wedding Bells – Responsive Html Template$17
Aimer – Wedding template for lovers$19
Wedding Event – Wedding Website Templates$15


Loveme is a wedding website template

Loveme is a wedding website template whose versatility and stylish appeal make it a top prospect. It offers 7 home styles, ensuring you can find the perfect look to match your unique wedding theme. With a modern design, Loveme embraces the latest web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, making your site not only beautiful but also technically advanced.

One of the standout features of Loveme is its full responsiveness, ensuring your wedding website will look stunning on any device, from desktop to mobile. It also includes free Google Fonts and flat icons, allowing you to personalize your site with ease. Loveme is WC3 validated, guaranteeing code quality, and it boasts a working Ajax contact form for seamless communication with your guests.

The template features CSS3 animations and parallax backgrounds, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your site’s appearance. Loveme is well-documented, making it accessible for both experienced developers and beginners. The ease of customization is a bonus, and cross-browser support ensures compatibility for all visitors. Built on Bootstrap 5, Loveme offers a robust foundation for your wedding website. With Loveme, your wedding website can reflect your unique style and provide a memorable digital experience for your guests.


LoveLove - Wedding website template

LoveLove is a comprehensive wedding website template designed to cater to a wide range of cultural and personal preferences. With a staggering 9 home styles, it offers a diverse set of options to match any wedding theme. The modern design ensures that your website is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re planning an Asian or Indian wedding announcement, an Indian wedding planner, or a Muslim wedding, LoveLove provides the perfect platform to share your special day with your loved ones.

Under the hood, LoveLove utilizes the power of HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, making it a technically advanced choice. Its full responsiveness guarantees that your website will adapt beautifully to various devices, from desktop to mobile. The template comes with free Google Fonts and flat icons, allowing you to customize your site effortlessly. LoveLove is WC3 validated, ensuring top-notch code quality, and features a working Ajax contact form to streamline communication with your guests.

With CSS3 animations and parallax backgrounds, LoveLove adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your site’s appearance. It’s well-documented for accessibility to developers of all levels, and its easy customization options make personalizing your site a breeze. Cross-browser support ensures compatibility with a wide range of browsers. Built on Bootstrap 5, LoveLove provides a strong foundation for your wedding website, making it the ideal choice for couples with a variety of cultural backgrounds and preferences.

Olivia & Enrico

Olivia & Enrico

Olivia & Enrico is a feature-rich and visually stunning wedding website template. Its clean code structure ensures that your website will perform seamlessly, while its reliance on Bootstrap 5+ provides a solid foundation for your wedding site. A unique vertical sidebar menu adds a touch of elegance and sets it apart from traditional templates, making navigation a breeze for your visitors.

One of Olivia & Enrico’s standout features is the fullscreen video background, creating an immersive and captivating ambiance for your guests. The working contact form simplifies communication with your loved ones, making it easy for them to reach out and share in your joy. Additionally, the template is fully responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring that your wedding website looks fantastic on any device.

Customization is a breeze with Olivia & Enrico, allowing you to tailor the site to your personal preferences. It’s also coded with SEO in mind, improving your site’s visibility on search engines. Olivia & Enrico is Retina-ready and includes Themify Icons, Owl Carousel, Kenburns Slider, Flexslider, and Magnific Popup Gallery, providing you with an array of design elements to make your site pop. Google Fonts, Animate CSS, and well-documented features offer further flexibility and customization options.

Wedding Event

Wedding Event

Wedding Event is an incredibly versatile and feature-packed wedding website template designed to make your special day truly memorable. With 7 index pages and 7 header styles, it offers a diverse array of options to suit any wedding theme or style. The template includes 15 HTML5 pages, each crafted with precision and finesse. It also provides 5 predefined colors, enabling you to customize your site to your preferences effortlessly.

The inclusion of the Revolution Slider adds a dynamic element to your website, making it visually engaging and captivating for your visitors. Wedding Event boasts HTML5 valid pages (CSS3), ensuring top-notch code quality. The dark index page provides an elegant alternative, while the one-page template simplifies navigation for your guests. The simple and circular countdown adds an element of anticipation to your wedding.

Wedding Event features an index with a sidebar menu for easy access to various sections. The RSVP contact form template simplifies guest responses, streamlining communication with your loved ones. The template’s super clear and clean layout is complemented by a Google Material-based design, enhancing its visual appeal. A photo gallery lets you share precious moments, and compatibility with major modern browsers ensures a broad reach.

This template excels in typography elements, offering multiple header types and ensuring a pixel-perfect design. It’s easy to customize, incorporating free Google Web Fonts, Font Awesome icons, and free icon fonts. With high-quality design and extended documentation, Wedding Event is a top-tier choice for your wedding website, and its adaptability makes it suitable for HTML, WordPress, Joomla, or other CMS platforms.


PWE - wedding website template

PWE, a wedding website template, is a powerful choice for couples looking to celebrate their love story online. It features a clean code structure that ensures smooth performance, and it’s built on the robust foundation of Bootstrap 5, making it a technically sound option for your wedding site. A unique vertical sidebar menu sets it apart, providing an elegant and user-friendly navigation experience for your guests.

PWE offers a working contact form, simplifying communication with loved ones and guests. It’s fully responsive and mobile-friendly, guaranteeing your website looks impeccable on any device. Customization is a breeze, allowing you to tailor the site to your personal preferences. It’s also Retina-ready and includes Themify Icons, Flexslider, Kenburns Slider, the latest Owl Carousel, and Magnific Popup Gallery, providing a wealth of design elements to make your site shine.

With Animate CSS, Google Maps, and Google Fonts, you have ample tools to enhance the aesthetics of your website. PWE comes with well-documented features for accessibility, and free updates keep your site current and relevant. Its W3C valid HTML files ensure top-notch quality, and it performs seamlessly across all modern browsers and devices. PWE offers a comprehensive solution for couples seeking an elegant and technically advanced platform to share their love and wedding journey with the world.

Lovely Wedding

Lovely wedding website template

Lovely Wedding is a fantastic wedding planner website template with excellent HTML5 coding. The elements that are crafted into the template are ideal for all wedding purposes and are beautiful, responsive, and contemporary. This is largely due to the incorporation of tools, such as CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, and SASS. The menu on a website is important for easy navigation; Lovely Wedding offers the choice of two magnificent ones – top and after slider.

People love romantic stories, and Lovely Wedding offers a special ‘love story’ page for you to showcase your story or those of different adorable couples. A ‘couple details’ page is also available with Lovely Wedding so you can update your guests all about yourself and your partner. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids have their pages too, where you can write about the dressing code and identities, among other things.

This best wedding website template comes with an RSVP form that you can send to your guests via email. You can choose what you want your website to look like from 14 premade demos, complete with sections and pages. Lovely wedding avails 2 menu styles that are bound to make the navigation of your website incredibly easy. The smooth animations are bound to make your entire site more appealing.


Glanz - best wedding website templates

Glanz is the German word for shining or brilliance, and this meaning is reflected in this wedding planner website template. It has the most helpful features for the sake of all users. It is fully responsive, so it looks great on all devices and its mobile and desktop layouts are fantastic. Since it is Retina ready, your users will enjoy the classiest images, videos, and sliders.

Glanz allows you to use the Child Theme so you can customize your website extensively without the fear of losing your content and plugins. This best wedding website template has amazing CSS3 animations that will make your pages very elegant. Glanz allows you to display unlimited images and slideshows to serve whichever purpose you have in mind. You can use the wedding countdown to create a sense of urgency and excitement.

Wedding Bells

wedding bells

Wedding Bells’ creators aimed at making this the best wedding website template for people who need a website for their wedding. It boasts clean HTML5 and CSS3 coding, which ensures the smooth running of your website. Its layout adapts to all device displays and resolutions – even those with very high resolution. The mobile versions of the layouts that come with Wedding Bells make it the perfect template for you, especially if you know that your users will prefer to use handheld devices.

You can embellish your wedding website by adding photos of you, your groomsmen and bridesmaids, and other images. Wedding Bells has predesigned pages for the bridesmaids and the groomsmen too. The best wedding website templates should have mood and suspense-building techniques; this one has the countdown to the date of the ceremony. You will find a ready RSVP form that you can send to your guests after a few customizations.

Wedding Bells has a working Ajax contact form that urges conversions and collects various types of information from your potential guests. If you want to publicize your progress, you can utilize the live Twitter feed script. The excellent SEO practices that have gone into creating this template will also make you easier to find on Google searches.


Forever is another best wedding website templates

FOREVER is all about elegance and smooth operation. It also has many features that facilitate many wedding-related operations. Its regular updates are also a plus since its developers get to fix bugs and improve the template. As with all of the best wedding website templates, FOREVER is works seamlessly on all devices and has attractive mobile versions. You will find it easy to install and use this template since it is simple and adequately documented.

This wedding planner website template has 3 versions that you can work with – sidebar, top/bottom bar, and one page. You get to work with more than 10 unique page templates for various functions too. FOREVER has a one-page version that has more than 10 exceptional sections that allow you to add content right out of the box. Coloring is one of the most important aspects of branding a website. This best wedding website template has five premade color options.

Even though color attracts users, familiar or thematic sounds can work like a charm if properly used. FOREVER allows you to add background music that will get the users thinking of buying whatever you’re selling them. If the website is for your own wedding, the music is also an excellent way of getting your guests in the mood. Forever offers a carousel that you can use to create the gift registry.


Aimer - best wedding website templates

Aimer is another one of the best wedding website templates whose elegance and uniqueness stand out. It is a match for couple engagement and wedding websites as well as wedding planner sites. Since it is built on the latest Bootstrap framework, it is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. What’s more, it is Retina ready, so your images will look great on devices with high resolution. Aimer is very easy to customize and use, so it won’t matter whether this is the first site you’re creating.

Since this wedding planner website template has a smooth scroll, your users will find it easy to browse your images and other content. The animations that accompany this best wedding website template make it a joy to navigate. Since Aimer has ready-to-use bootstrap blog templates, you can draw the attention of potential clients with interesting content. Additionally, you have hundreds of Google fonts to choose from so you can have the most readable and elegant ones for your content.

You can get creative with the countdown feature. Rather than only use it for wedding date countdowns, you can utilize it for counting down to deadlines of offers. The RSVP form that comes with Aimer is fully functional and has a form validator.

Wedding Love

wedding love

Wedding Love is a package of well-optimized HTML files and carefully crafted elements. If you want a one-page website that presents content simply but elegantly, this best wedding website template could be your lucky charm. You can also go for the multipage option that is better suited to professional websites. It is perfect for wedding couples, bridal shops, wedding planners, ateliers, and any other kind of wedding activity. Wedding Love is based on the impressive NicDark framework, meaning you have lots of freedom for customizing your site.

If you want to have colors representing your brand or wedding theme, you can easily set the custom colors with just one click of your mouse. All your pages, sections, and the content will look great on all devices since Wedding Love is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. What’s more, its icon fonts – Font Awesome and Fontello – are Retina-ready, so they’ll impress your users with high-resolution displays on their devices.

Wedding Love stakes its claim as one of the best wedding website templates by letting you use many images. It has all the best speed optimization practices incorporated in its building so that your images don’t compromise it’s smooth running. However, you should optimize your images and do all you can to clean up your site.

Happy Wedding

Happy wedding

Happy Wedding gives you an incredible head start in building your wedding event website. It has an unbelievable number of premade pages and layouts. You have more than 60 layouts, including multipage and single-site demos. This wedding planner website template also offers boxed, vertical navigation and mobile versions. Apart from the regular LTR version for languages such as English, Happy Wedding also offers an RTL version since it is fully translatable.

Happy Wedding comes with various forms for different purposes. The RSVP form is ready to send out to your guests if you are running a website for your own wedding website. You would find the appointment form helpful if you own a busy event company and need order in taking appointments. If you need to recruit people to join your staff, you can make the job application forms available for all potential applicants. The contact form is perfect for getting your visitors’ contact information and using it to create remarketing lists. When your users have subscribed for your mails, you can manage the lists using MailChimp.

Since Happy Wedding offers more than 50 shortcodes, you can easily add elements to your pages and sections. When you use this best wedding website template, you get to save up to $56 in the way of 5 premium plugins.

Wedding Event

Wedding event is an HTML template for couple events

Wedding Event is an HTML template for couple events, wedding, and engagement celebration websites. It can also be considered a wedding planner website template. It comes with more than 11 index pages – with slider and header style variations – that you can use to make the most organized site. A dark index page is also available among the options. You also get to use more than 20 HTML5 pages for various purposes. Wedding Event has 5 premade color templates that you can work with as you seek to establish an identity and brand.

Wedding Event comes with the Slider Revolution plugin. Therefore, you can create the most elegant sliders with stunning effects as you draw your visitors’ attention—wedding event, like most other best wedding website templates. Your website will have the ability to support RSVP booking and RSVP form sharing. You will have a fantastic menu section that offers an intuitive sidebar menu.

Since this fantastic template is based on the latest 12-column Bootstrap version, you can create pages that adjust to look good on all devices. The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding that is used in Wedding Event has been W#C validated.

Queen Flowers

Queen Flowers

If you want to present a magical day in the most special way possible, you can try creating your site with Queen Flowers. It works seamlessly due to its W3C validated HTML5 and CSS3 coding. The clean and modern design gives your viewers an outstanding experience because it’s easy to navigate. The sticky scroll menu of the template aids in bettering the navigability of your site. This wedding planner website template is fully responsive, mostly due to its Bootstrap 4 framework.

Queen Flowers has a parallax feature that makes entire pages and sections more eye-catching so that the content there can draw more attention. Since this best wedding website template has readymade blog pages, you can write about interesting wedding stories and gain more traffic. The countdown feature is beautiful but fully customizable. Along with the event details, you can include the map feature so you can direct your guests to a particular location.

Queen Flowers comes with a gallery that also supports a slideshow so that you can display various kinds of messages on your images. You can list the activities that will occur in the event, details on where the guests should stay, and the directions.



Marry is another one of the best wedding and photography website templates that you should consider. It works on desktops, mobile devices, and all other devices seamlessly. One of the features you’ll love most in this template is the Couple Story page, which is designated for displaying your love story. The countdown timer will give your site an atmosphere of urgency as you and your users wait for the wedding day.

The best wedding website template has a location page for the event or wedding location, and it comes with Google Map for the directions. The RSVP has a special page so that potential guests can receive and respond to their invitations. Marry’s navigation can be transparent, or you can choose a background color for it. This navigation goes to the top or bottom of your slider. You can align it to the center or align it to the right or left like regular website navigation.

This wedding planner website template allows you to add a logo to your website. Marry also allows you to brand your site further using the 5 color options available. You can add background music from SoundCloud or just embed an HTML audio file to give your site the wedding atmosphere.

Wedding Day

Wedding day

Wedding Day is a simple but unique tool whose features put it up there in the list of the best wedding website templates. It comes with 2 meticulously crafted home pages. You also get 2 blog styles to choose from as you tell catchy stories and emotional ones about love. Blogging is even more crucial when you’re working on a wedding planner website. Colors play a large role in making something beautiful and memorable; you can choose either of the 4 premade color combinations.

Since it is crafted on the latest Bootstrap framework, Wedding Day is super responsive on all devices. The W3C validated HTML5, and CSS3 coding also helps a lot in this function. The coding is also responsible for the smooth functioning of the site. When transitioning from one page onto the next, this wedding planner website template showcases the most outstanding visual effects.

Wedding Day gives you access to hundreds of Google Fonts and many Font Awesome icons. The fonts allow you to choose the most readable combinations, while the icons make for an impressive indication of categories and sections. This fantastic template is optimized to support all modern browsers.

Perfect Couple

Perfect couple

Perfect Couple is one of the best wedding website templates that you can choose for your site. It has a responsive design so that all your visitors can access it using any device they choose. The full-screen slider that comes with it is ideal for showcasing event images and slideshows. You can sense the class in Perfect Couple from the elegant gallery that is built into it. You can showcase photos of you and your partner if the site is only for your event or previous wedding events if the site is for a wedding event planner. You can find best event website templates list in other post.

The map that comes with Perfect Couple supports the display of multiple locations. The template has fun facts sections that keep your visitors engaged with whatever facts you want to feed them. You can use the countdown timer available with the template to inform your visitors that time is running out. Everyone loves a good story; you can tell yours on the love story page so you can share the most important moments of your life as you knew and grew to love each other.

You can have a section of the most important people on which you can add brief descriptions of your parents and bridesmaid and best man. Each person’s details will be linked to individual profile pages.


Liac - wedding website templates

Lilac is a beautiful template whose one-page approach makes it perfect for anyone looking to own a simple website. If you need a creative way of inviting people to your wedding and give them unlimited details concerning the wedding, a website built with this template is an excellent choice. The event timeline is one of the most impressive features of Lilac. You can use it to give updates and the progress of the activities leading up to the wedding.

Lilac has cross-browser compatibility, which means that your website will be accessible from all modern browsers. Apart from being fully responsive, this wedding planner website template is Retina ready; they can view the images you showcase on the most high-resolution displays. If you’d like to utilize Hero backgrounds, you have a choice between image, video, and image grid (ceremony countdown) background.

The invitation section is perfect for showing your guests who is – and who is not – on the invite-list. If you’re running a website that needs more publicity, you can utilize the image and Twitter gallery as well as the Instagram feed. A wedding gift section is available with Lilac so your guests can start giving you gifts early.


Are you a wedding venue manager, a wedding planner, or a couple about a wedding? Realwed is based on Bootstrap and will work seamlessly with anything from Bootstrap 4 to later versions. The HTML5 and CSS3 coding of this template is W3C validated, so your site will work smoothly. Since it is SEO optimized, Realwed is perfect for anyone in the wedding business and wants it to grow more popular among buyers.

The vendor dashboard that you get with this wedding planner website template is sleek and easy to use. Vendors can manage their listings, service reviews, and request quotes. More importantly, Realwed offers a stylish couple dashboard. It helps manage wedding to-dos, guest lists, budget planning, and seating arrangements. Every element that comes with this template is easy to customize, so it fits your needs. You can display your listings using the grid, list, or map layouts.

You have 5 homepages from which you can choose which one you want to represent your identity before personalizing it. Realwed supports a single-page website so that those who need simple but modern websites are satisfied. If you need users to register on your site, you’ll find the registration page helpful.


Liebe is a fantastic single-page HTML template for all wedding-related websites. It has a delicate design, handy features, and stunning effects. Although it comes with 3 readymade color schemes, you can create your own if the ones provided don’t match your idea. The Bootstrap framework ensures that it has powerful options and is completely customizable. Liebe has fully validated HTML5 and CSS3 coding.

Liebe allows you to showcase your header with either a slideshow or a picture wall. That way, you will have elegant pages and a multipurpose header. The CSS animations that come with this best wedding website template are perfect for beautifying your site. The RSVP form that comes with Liebe has a validation function so that you can prevent spam.

This wedding planner website template allows you to direct your guests to the event location using OpenStreetMap. You can even choose your own custom marker. The gallery on which Liebe allows you to showcase your images is isotope filterable for easier navigation. The template allows you 6 months of reliable support as well as a lifetime of free updates.

Wedding by VeroThemes

Wedding is one of the most magnificent templates that you could pick for your site. It has a flat design, which is preferred by most site owners who need a simple site with easily navigable content. It is multipage that facilitates a modern, but the professional-looking site makes Wedding a perfect tool for professional wedding planners. Since it is created with clean HTML coding, your site will operate smoothly.

This wedding planner website template has animations that you can mix around so that your visual content is at its most appealing. If you want to showcase images and text content on the most attractive of pages, you can start off with the parallax effects that are ready to use. Wedding comes with 8 unique homepage variations that accommodate various wedding-related purposes. It is based on the latest version of Bootstrap, which makes for the most mobile friendly websites.

If you haven’t created a website before, you shouldn’t worry because Wedding comes with video tutorials on its installation and use. If you want to sell anything from your site, you can get started by installing various eCommerce plugins. Wedding is highly extensible because of its compatibility with plugins and addons.

Final Thoughts

Weddings are all about elegance, love, and celebration. If you want clients who need wedding services or want to manage your wedding from your own website, creating a website is a no-brainer. With this list of the best wedding website templates, we’ve taken most of the work out of your hands and handed you a final list of the most reliable templates. You can conduct additional research on the one you like and choose, but none will disappoint you.

Showcase weddings on incredible websites using any of the templates that we’ve listed, and be sure to create the right atmosphere and response. You’ll need little to no luck once you get going with your favorite.

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