How to Create a Website Like Gumtree

If you’re looking for instructions, resources, and information on how to create a website like Gumtree using WordPress, this piece is what you need.

Gumtree, a renowned online classified advertisement and community website based in Britain, has carved a niche for itself in the e-commerce landscape. It’s a platform where you can buy and sell items, cars, and properties, and find jobs. The classified ads on Gumtree are either free or paid, depending on the product category and the geographical market.

It’s quite popular in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and also has a presence in 76 cities across 11 countries. It’s a versatile platform for finding a wide range of goods and services. Here are some of the key features that contribute to Gumtree’s popularity:

  • Classified Ads: Gumtree enables users to post classified ads, which can be either free or paid depending on the product category and the geographical market.
  • Ad Boosting Features: Gumtree provides five different features to enhance your ad. These include featuring your ad at the top of the listings for the category you posted in, spotlighting your ad on the Gumtree homepage, bumping up your ad as if you’d just posted it, tagging your ad as urgent, and linking from your ad to your own or a third-party website.
  • In-App Messaging: Gumtree offers a secure and straightforward communication channel between buyers and sellers through in-app messaging.
  • Detailed Descriptions with Quality Photos: Gumtree permits users to create detailed descriptions of their products or services, complemented by high-quality photos.

Building a website like Gumtree might seem challenging, but with the right resources and guidance, it’s entirely achievable. We will guide you through the entire process while recommending easily accessible tools that offer the best results.

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Creating a Gumtree-like Website Using WordPress

Create website like Gumtree

The first tool, WordPress, is a flexible and user-friendly platform that offers a wide range of themes and plugins that can assist you in constructing a website akin to Gumtree. If you can leverage most of what it offers you will end up with a dream of a website.

Gumtree is a classified ads website for selling and buying items and property. What’s more, it is also a job board. You may want to create a similar site or one that sticks to job ads or to item and property sales. We are here to equip you with all you need for any of these options. As we lay out our recommended tools for creating a website like Gumtree, you will see what suits different purposes.

The WordPress Tools for Creating a Site Like Gumtree

One of the top reasons for the popularity of WordPress is the website creation tools it offers. WordPress opens up a massive repository of free and premium themes, plugins, and addons without which you would need to code functions and features into your website. After careful research, we’ve prepared an analysis of the top WordPress resources to help you in creating a Gumtree-like website. Here it is:

Classified Listing Plugin

Classified Listing plugin

As you’re about to see, Classified Listing is the most comprehensive classified solution in the history of WordPress.

Customization Features

The Classified Listing plugin offers a high degree of customization, allowing users to create a unique and personalized classified listing website. It is compatible with Elementor, the most popular page builder for WordPress, and WordPress’s native block builder, Gutenberg.

  • Gutenberg compatibility: The plugin comes with 9 Gutenberg blocks, enabling users to easily manage layouts.
  • Elementor compatibility: The plugin is fully compatible with Elementor Page Builder and includes over 10 addons.

Listing Submission and Management

The Classified Listing plugin provides a comprehensive system for listing submission and management. Users can add, edit, and delete their posts at any time from the front end.

  • Guest Submission: An important feature is that guest users can submit ads.
  • User Dashboard: From the front end, users can manage their ads, store, and edit account info, add profile images, chat, and also manage favorite ads.

Monetization Features

The Classified Listing plugin offers multiple monetization features, enabling users to earn revenue through various ad promotion options.

  • Subscription Payment Model: Users can select the promotion option and pay online or offline as per the set payment methods.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: The plugin supports multiple payment gateways.
  • Ad Promotion Options: Users can earn revenue through different promotion options like Top, Featured, and Bump Up.

Interactive Features

The Classified Listing plugin is equipped with several interactive features to enhance user engagement.

  • Live Chat: The plugin facilitates communication between sellers and buyers via live chat.
  • Multiple Mapping Sources: The plugin supports Google Map & location using Google Map API and OpenStreetMap.
  • Multiple Search Features: The plugin offers multiple search features including Radius Search, Ajax Auto Suggestion, Google Location Database, and Location Filter by Custom Fields.

Unlimited Custom Fields

The Classified Listing plugin allows users to create unlimited custom fields and set them category-wise.

  • Category-wise Custom Fields: Users can set custom fields by category and also make custom fields group-wise.
  • Custom Fields Group: Users can create groups and fields under these ready groups.

Many More Features

The Classified Listing plugin also includes many more features that enhance its functionality.

  • Yoast SEO Friendly: The plugin is fully compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Google Re-Captcha: The plugin supports Google Re-Captcha that can protect from Spam.
  • Custom Badges: Admin can enable custom badge feature so that from the front end based on posting the listing will show different badges like new, popular, and featured.

These are just a few of the features and more are added regularly at no additional cost.

Plugins and Addons

Classified Listing addon

Classified Listing doesn’t stop at that; it comes with various plugins and addons that add functionality and elegance to your website.

  • Booking (Reservation & Appointment): The Classified Listing Booking Addon is a great way to add a booking feature to classified ads like hotel rooms and other bookable listings.
  • Claim Listing: This addon for the Classified Listing WordPress plugin allows users to claim listings from your site.
  • PDF Invoices: The Classified Listing PDF Invoices addon allows buyers to generate and download invoices for their purchases.
  • Elementor Builder – Archive & Single Page Builder: This addon allows you to easily customize the listings on your site using Elementor and Gutenberg builders.
  • Multi-Currency Addon: This addon adds a currency swatches option to your classified ads website so that users can select the currency in which they prefer to transact.
  • Seller Verification: The Seller Verification addon enables you to verify the sellers on your website to render authenticity to those who have proven to be reliable and trustworthy.
  • Mobile No Verification: This addon enables mobile number verification on the user registration form to avoid spam registrations and cons.
  • WPML MultiLingual Addon: This is a Classified Listing PRO Plugin addon that requires the WPML Plugin to function. It facilitates the creation of multilingual websites.
  • BuddyPress Integration: This addon combines the functionality of Classified plugins with BuddyPress. BuddyPress brings Facebook-like features to your site to allow users to create and edit profiles, message each other directly, friend and unfriend each other, create and join groups, and much more.
  • BuddyBoss Integration: This addon facilitates the application of BuddyBoss features on your site, which is about creating online communities with various engagement features.
  • Store & Membership Addon: This addon allows you to create your store within the Classified ads website. Users can then sign up to be members and you can choose the privileges they get to enjoy.
  • TranslatePress Multilingual Addon: This addon enables you to functionalize translation for your site. This opens up your website to multiple countries with different languages, just like Gumtree.
  • Real Estate Agent Addon: This addon allows you to add real estate listings, agents, and agencies to your site.
  • Coupon Addon: This addon gives your listing customers incentives to purchase more products with the coupon function.
  • Razorpay Payment Addon: Razorpay is a payment addon that facilitates smooth monetary transactions between users.

Classified Listing offers a wide range of features that make it a powerful tool for creating and managing a classified listing website. These are just a few of the features you get for prices starting as low as $44. You can experience its advantages on readymade WordPress themes.

Classified Listing Themes

To make this premium plugin more accessible, several themes have been based on it to suit different niches and purposes. In fact, one of them is entirely free of charge, enabling cautious users to give Classified Listing a try without any risks. That isn’t still to say that those who purchase the other themes risk anything since all of them have a 100% money-back guarantee.

CLDirectory WordPress Theme

CLDirectory WordPress Theme

CLDirectory is a premium clean and contemporary WordPress Theme designed for directory and listing websites. It simplifies the creation of business directory websites, even without coding experience. Here are some of its key features:

  • Pre-Built Home Page Layouts: It comes with 2 pre-built home page layouts.
  • Grid, List, and Map Layout: It offers different viewing options like grid view, list view, and map view to enhance their experience.
  • Single Listing Options: The individual page provides comprehensive information about a specific listing, providing a detailed overview of a particular business, service, product, location, or any other featured entity within the directory.
  • Multiple Inner Pages: The theme includes fully customizable multiple inner pages for different functions. 
  • Solid Features with Seamless Control and Superior Usability: It offers solid features with seamless control and superior usability.
  • Multiple Ad Promotions & Membership Features: It supports multiple ad promotions and membership features.
  • Multiple Mapping Source: It supports multiple mapping sources.
  • Many Payment Gateways: It supports multiple payment gateways.
  • Multiple Search Feature: It offers multiple search features.
  • Live Chat between Buyer & Seller: It facilitates live chat between buyers and sellers.
  • Store Facility: It offers a store facility.
  • Based on Drag & Drop Elementor Page Builder: It is based on the drag & drop Elementor Page Builder.

With these and many more features, the pricing of CLDirectory starts from $39 yearly.

CLRestaurant WordPress Theme

CLRestaurant WordPress Theme

CLRestaurant is another WordPress theme based on Classified Listing PRO that supports the creation of top-tier restaurant directories and listing websites.

  •  Home Page Layouts: CLRestaurant comes with 2 pre-built home page layouts, offering a variety of design options right out of the box.
  • Restaurant Grid and List: The theme offers both grid and list views for the menu, catering to different user preferences. The grid view presents the restaurant in a visually appealing grid or tile format, while the list view offers a more in-depth presentation of the restaurant.
  • Restaurant Listings Single: The restaurant’s single page provides comprehensive information, including a detailed description, an image gallery, location with an interactive map, contact details, live chat support, and email communication. It also features the restaurant’s menu items, presented in a user-friendly list view format.
  • Unlimited Custom Fields: Sellers can create unlimited custom fields and set them category-wise or create a group and fields under the group. It supports 8 types of fields: Text Box, Text Area, URL, Number, Select, Radio, and Checkbox.
  • Multiple Ad Promotions: Sellers can promote ads in multiple ways like Featured, Top, and Bump Up ads. The site owner can also allow the membership option to earn money.
  • Store and Membership: The theme offers a store facility and supports membership options.
  • Additional Features: CLRestaurant is based on Bootstrap 4 & Elementor Page Builder. It includes 2 Home Pages (Multi Pages), 3 inner Header Styles that can do 5+ header variations, 4 Ads view Grid & List Views, 2 Blog Layouts, and the One-Click Demo Importer. It is also WPML Translation Ready and RTL Supported.

Just like CLDirectory, CLRestaurant offers many more features, many of which come from the premium Classified Listing plugin.

CLClassified WordPress Theme (FREE)

CLClassified WordPress Theme

The CLClassified is a free WordPress Theme designed for classified ads websites. It offers an incredible opportunity to try out Classified Listing Pro at no cost. Here are some of its features:

  • Home Page Layouts: CLClassified comes with 2 pre-built home page layouts, offering a variety of design options right out of the box.
  • Ads View: The theme offers 4 Ads View Grid & List View, providing users with different viewing options.
  • Blog Layouts: It includes 2 Blog Layouts, allowing you to share news and updates with your users.
  • One Click Demo Importer: The One Click Demo Importer feature allows you to set up your website quickly and easily.
  • Child Theme Included: A child theme is included, which allows you to make changes to your site without affecting the original theme’s code, making it easier to update and manage.
  • WPML Translation Ready: The theme is WPML Translation Ready, making it easy to translate your website into multiple languages.
  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly: The theme is responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring that it looks great and functions perfectly on all devices and screen sizes.
  • SEO Friendly: The theme is SEO friendly, helping to improve your website’s visibility in search engine results.
  • Unlimited Color Combinations: With unlimited color combinations, you can customize the look and feel of your website to match your brand.
  • Customizer Included: The theme includes a customizer, allowing you to change the theme options in real-time.

These and many more features come at no cost with this theme.

More Classified WordPress Themes

There are other WordPress themes that are based on Classified Listing PRO and have a lot to offer in different niches. Here they are:


CL hotel

This theme is a comprehensive solution for building a Hotel Directory Website. It is based on Bootstrap 4 & Elementor Page Builder, offering 2 Home Pages in multi-page formats, 3 inner header styles with more than 5 variations, and 4 Ads view Grid & List Views.

It also includes 2 Blog Layouts and a One Click Demo Importer. The theme supports unlimited custom fields with 8 types of fields, multiple ad promotions, and a membership option. It also features a store facility, AJAX auto-complete search, and compatibility with multiple payment gateways.

Pricing: $39


CLDoctor theme

CLDoctor is designed for creating Doctor directory websites. It offers 4 multipage homepages and 3 inner header styles with over 5 variations. Its Child Theme feature enables you to go wild with the customizations.

The Category and Location AJAX filters and AJAX autocomplete search functions give your users a smooth experience navigating your website. As for your ad options, you can work with top, bump-up, and featured ads. Your website can automatically approve submitted listings, but a manual approval option exists if you want to get more hands-on.

Pricing: $39


CLcar theme

CLCar is a car classified listing website theme with all the features to help you showcase the best car listings. Its single listing detail pages accommodate typical car details, including mileage, price, year of manufacture, vehicle make and model, body type, transmission type, engine specifications, and features and options.

This theme offers a listing gallery with a slider for car showcases. You can set the upper limit of the number of images that each ad can have in their detail pages. CLCar allows users to embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in their ads. They can add the listings they like to lists of their favorites.

Pricing: $39



CLProperty is a top-shelf property listing WordPress theme with an elegant and clean layout. It has 2 homepage designs and accommodates extensive customization with the Elementor Page Builder. You can showcase your properties in grid, list, or map grid & list views. Every single property will have a page on which you can display its details, from property description and location and contact information to floor plans and customer reviews and ratings.

CLProperty has agency and agent features to accommodate them as they showcase their services, expertise, and properties. You can create unlimited custom fields with 7 types available to choose from.

Pricing: $39

Our Cost-Effective Recommendation


Having covered all these themes, plugins, and addons, we have a recommendation for your purchase. Since the Classified Listing alone doesn’t automatically get you any theme and leaves out some premium addons, there is only one way to go:

The Classified Listing Plugins and Themes Bundle 

This mind-blowing bundle has the Classified Listing Pro plugin, all the other plugins and addons, and 9 premium classified WordPress themes. By itself, each plugin and theme is worth at least $39. However, this bundle offers all of it from prices as low as $149 annually!

The bundle has an added advantage: the promise of unlimited access to all future addons and themes. You will also get the added bonus of the premium Review & Schema plugin at no additional cost. When renewing after the year is lapsed, you will get a 20% discount. On the first purchase, you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Classima – The Ultimate Classified Ads Mobile App

This is a mobile app that you get for an ads listing platform. You can work with the Android & iOS app in tandem with your Classified Listing website.

Bottom Line: How to Create a Website Like Gumtree

If you already have a website, you will only need to install the Classified Listing Pro plugin and take advantage of its features by following the directions in its documentation. However, if you want to create a site from scratch, you can select the theme you want from the ones we’ve laid out in this piece.

The niche-centric themes like CLRestaurant, CLHotel, CLCar, CLDoctor, and CLProperty are excellent for those within their respective fields. However, the more general ones like CLDirectory, Radius Directory, and CLClassified are outfitted to suit your needs, whatever they are.

Once you purchase the bundle or the individual theme, you receive all the documentation files for the themes you get. These are more than enough to guide you in installing them and taking advantage of all their features. At RadiusTheme, we offer the friendliest customer support, so feel free to reach out. Happy creating!

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