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If you have a WooCommerce store and want it to work beyond your country’s borders, having a currency switcher for WooCommerce is a no-brainer. Since you’re obviously an entrepreneur, I’m sure you know how the online shop gives you an edge over brick-and-mortar stores. Making your products accessible to global shoppers should be your priority.

Once you’ve made your site translatable with a top RTL WordPress theme, the next step is ensuring that the content and currency translate into the different languages of your users. Even with a single-language website, some situations can still demand that your site support multiple currencies.

When you localize the prices on your WooCommerce store, you make it easy for your shoppers to click the purchase button. The default WooCommerce version lacks an inbuilt currency converter, which takes your conversions a notch lower. We introduce you to the magic wand – the best currency switcher for WooCommerce.

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Best WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugin

If you scour the internet, you will come across a few excellent plugins, free and paid, that will give your website the option to switch currencies on your store. The problem is that you will definitely have problems separating the best ones from the second-rate ones. That’s where we come in.

We have analyzed the best currency switcher plugins and their features in this article. All the ones we’ve listed here are exceptional. However, we haven’t listed them in any hierarchical order. By the end of this list, you will find a plugin whose features and cost match your needs and budget. Here we go!



CURCY is one of the most stellar currency switchers for WooCommerce, with a free version that has quite a few features. It allows your users to switch from one currency to another and lets your store take payments in different currencies. With this plugin, you can set the currency exchange rates manually or allow them to update automatically. With CURCY, you can allow your customers to view prices and pay in different currencies.

CURCY can acquire the country code (via IP address) of your customers automatically before displaying the prices in their native currencies. With its Geolocation API function, this WooCommerce multi-currency plugin lets you choose between an external service and WooCommerce. It also enables you to showcase the prices in default currencies as well as the approximate prices in customer native currencies.

This free version lets you add custom currency symbols besides setting fixed prices of products in different currencies, with these prices overwriting those calculated by exchange rates. CURCY lets you hide the currencies you don’t want users on the front end to see.

The CURCY Pro version offers all these features and some more. While the free version only supports the use of 2 currencies, the premium one lets you add as many currencies as you want. You also get to create general rules to adjust final prices to showcase them for each currency, such as rounding off to the nearest cent. Unlike the free version, CURCY Pro enables you to switch currency by JS without having to add the currency tag to your URL.

More CURCY Pro Features

  • Multilingual support
  • Force currency change (with a change in billing or shipping country)
  • Choose the preferred currency exchange rate API
  • Notification emails for updates on exchange rates
  • Bulk fixed price addition with CSV file
  • Choose payment methods available per currency
  • Premium support for 6 to 12 months

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce by WP Wham

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is a straightforward plugin with functions that are pretty easy, to sum up. However, its essential features are quite robust and helpful, starting with its automatic updates for currency exchange rates. It supports the setting of prices based on individual products. Currency Switcher for WooCommerce allows the admin to alter the default currencies through which users make orders.

With Currency Switcher for WooCommerce, your website can detect currencies by country using IP addresses and display different currencies. Similarly, it detects locale and displays currency by language. Your users will also have the option of reverting to the initial currency on the checkout page. Like CURCY, Currency Switcher for WooCommerce enables you to override currencies based on their chosen shipping or billing country.

This best currency switcher for WooCommerce comes with different switcher placement and format options. Another option that this plugin offers is the addition of a currency switcher as a widget or shortcodes. Its support for widgets and shortcodes makes it more user friendly. There are 7+ more shortcodes that the plugin allows you to work with.

Currency Switcher for WooCommerce Feature Highlights

  • Automatic currency exchange rate updates
  • Currency detection by country
  • Currency detection by language
  • Widget ready
  • Shortcode support
  • Prices can depend on individual products



WOOCS is the most popular and possibly the best currency switcher for WooCommerce. The plugin is available on your site as a widget and will work smoothly on any widgetized area. You can also add it as a shortcode. WOOCS has beautiful designs, appearing in any one of three options: dropdown, flags, and side-switchers. As you’d expect, you can allow your customers to pay for products in their preferred currencies.

With WOOCS, you get 7+ currency aggregators for automatic rate adjustments, but you can also set the rates manually. You can set the currency exchange rates to update after a few minutes, hours, daily, weekly, or monthly, among other options. This plugin supports custom money signs and price formats.

More WOOCS Free Features:

  • Price separator hooks for thousand and decimal seps
  • Currency switching statistics
  • Currency visibility settings as private or public
  • Payment gateway display settings on checkout
  • User role based individual prices
  • Display prices in a particular ‘welcome currency’
  • Separate Geo IP rules for different products
  • Display approximate prices and amounts
  • Price info icon
  • Prices without cents
  • Support for two currencies

With WOOCS Pro, you get all these free features and many more, including an unlimited count of currencies. It is extensible and includes WOOF, which enables customers to filter products by different criteria, including tags, categories, and attributes. WOOCS Pro gives you a flexible way of managing and editing WooCommerce products in bulk with the BEAR addon.

The PROTAS and TABLEON addons enable you to showcase shop products and custom post types in table formats. The switching and real-time rate conversion of currencies are enabled by the WPCS plugin. The included POT file and support for the WPML, Loco Translate, and Poedit plugins enable you to translate the plugin as you wish. WOOCS Pro supports shortcode use and offers a shortcode for adding switchable product prices into shop promotion articles.

The premium version of WOOCS enables you to dictate fixed amounts for coupons and shipping, as well as price rules for individual products. You can have your checkout page hide or show the payment systems available for the current currency. This plugin will even collect statistics for the customer’s currency preferences.

WBW Currency Switcher for WooCommerce by Woobewoo

WBW - Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

WBW is a plugin that allows you to display product prices in multiple currencies. You also get to accommodate an unlimited number of currencies and set the exchange rates manually or automatically. The WBW Pro version supports automatic exchange rate updates with your own duration interval setting. Your users can change the currency they want to view and pay in their chosen currency.

With WBW, you can customize the base currency, cents, symbol, position, title, name, and rate. You can make a currency switcher with a beautiful design. You can make it simple, floating, or rotating. Giving your users the most user friendly way of viewing preferred currencies boosts your conversion rates by up to 30%. You and your users will also appreciate the conversion rates of given currencies that help avoid the conversion fees that PayPal would charge.

The WBW Pro version enables you to create custom currency flags or icons. You also get to work with three different extra modes. With a tooltip, currency converter, and currency rates, you can display rates, convert them currencies, and view the tooltip with a product price comparison in different currencies. You can customize their displays so that they match the design of your entire store, custom post types, categories, and categories.

With the premium version of the plugin, you get to work with the Geo IP rules feature. This is how your site recognizes the countries of your customers via their IP addresses before displaying their corresponding currencies. It is comforting to know that the WBW Currency Switcher for WooCommerce is highly compatible with all WordPress themes. It was tested on 4+ testing servers before it was released.

WBW Feature Highlights:

  • Unlimited currencies
  • Excellent currency switcher design
  • Custom currency flags and icons
  • Currency rates, converter, and tooltip
  • Better conversion rates
  • Geo IP rules
  • Mobile friendly
  • Highly compatible with other themes
  • Automatic and manual changes in currency exchange rates


YayCurrency - currency switcher for WooCommerce

YayCurrency is a robust currency switcher for WooCommerce, whose user interface and feature packaging are quite exceptional. It is incredibly easy to set up and use with the most UpToDate prices and exchange rates. With YayCurrency, your site receives multi-currency analytics to enable you to view your store performance based on your currency. You can filter the reports to view each currency’s sales, orders, leaderboards, and popular products. The plugin accommodates customization of currency display.

With YayCurrency, you can round up the price endings to your desired thresholds. You get to showcase the currency switcher widget at the optimal point of your store to boost conversions. You can also allow your customers to switch currencies as they check out for the sake of their locally supported payment methods. YayCurrency lets you showcase the currency switcher as a dropdown next to your add-to-cart button.

The premium version of YayCurrency supports unlimited currency units, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The same version enables your site to showcase product prices in customers’ local currencies by detecting their IP addresses. The Geo IP services that you need for this function are inbuilt with the plugin. YayCurrency enables you to accept payment in different currencies. You can update exchange rates manually or set automatic updates on customized regular intervals.

YayCurrency Features and Compatibilities:

  • Currency switcher for checkout
  • Custom price ending
  • Custom currency symbols and units
  • Unlimited currency support (Pro)
  • Country-based price displays (Pro)
  • Stripe compatible
  • Table rate shipping compatible
  • CartFlows compatible
  • WPML compatible
  • Polylang

Bottom Line: Which is the Best WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugin?

As we said earlier, the currency switcher for the WooCommerce plugins we’ve listed has no superiority hierarchy. The best plugin will differ from one person to the next because of their needs and budgets. To get ‘your’ best WooCommerce, you have to answer the following questions:

  • How many currencies do you want your site to support?
  • Does each currency need its own payment gateway?
  • Do you want to use the currency switcher just for displays, or do you want users to complete their purchases in their preferred currencies?
  • Do you want automatic updates of currency exchange rates, or do you want to input them manually?

You need to consider your budget too. If your financial constraints are too tight, you can go with the free options, which will only let you add one new currency. These are the ones we’ve listed for you. Choose the one whose features you fancy most.

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