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Although cryptocurrencies haven’t been around for long, their significance and value have been on a constant rise for a little over a decade. Just as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are finding their way in almost every conversation, more people get interested in Blockchain technology every day. Some want to mine and trade, while others are interested in investing. The third category is one of the people who want to provide services, such as updates and knowledge, to all interested people. Find the best cryptocurrency website template in this post.

To provide information and other services for people interested in cryptocurrency, you’ll need to have a website. Rather than hire a web coding expert to create one for you, you can turn to one of the best cryptocurrency trading website templates for help. You can then create one yourself with all the features you need it to have. To save you time and money, we’ve assembled the best templates for the ultimate cryptocurrency website. Take a look and choose one.

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Woox Crypto

woox - Cryptocurrency Website Template

Woox Crypto is a fully responsive cryptocurrency trading website template. Its layout is also completely fluid and mobile ready. The template is based on Bootstrap, which is a grid-based framework that’s mobile-first. These qualities are typical of all the 29 unique HTML pages. Woox Crypto has excellent HTML5 and CSS3 coding; furthermore, it is fully validated with W3C standards.

The author’s development of Woox Crypto is outstanding. Its quality is evident in the beautiful animations that add to the elegance of your content and pages. The carefully designed widgets are perfect for completing your website and representing your elements. Woox Crypto offers hundreds of Google Fonts that you can use to write your pages, headers, and footers. Choosing the most readable and elegant ones is crucial for the professional and appealing aspects of your website.

You get Retina ready SVG icons for use with many of your elements. Cryptocurrency is international; therefore, your website needs to accommodate various languages. Woox Crypto is fully translatable and supports RTL languages, such as Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew. This cryptocurrency trading website template comes with a cryptocurrency converter for all the popular cryptocurrencies.

Bit Money

Bit Money - cryptocurrency trading website template

Bit Money is a new template for cryptocurrency mining, exchange, trading, and consulting websites. This template is crafted to suit Bitcoin, but it works fine with any other cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin landing page is excellent, with helpful elements elegantly set. It offers a graph chart that showcases the Bitcoin trends. Bit Money offers a currency calculator, which can be helpful if you want to use the template for trading and exchange services. What’s more, this cryptocurrency trading website template has all the Bitcoin wallet services that you may need.

You can utilize the background parallax section that comes with Bit Money for additional elegance. The layout of this template is immaculate and elegant. Your site will work smoothly since its HTML and CSS coding is clean and validated. The jQuery files in Bit Money are fantastic; they include the responsive slider, pre-loader, and menu. Your site will also be additionally user friendly, active, and hover options for mouse use.

Bit Money grants you access to hundreds of Google Web Fonts. You can make your content readable and elegant with good selections. This template’s files are all well-organized and commented for ease of use. What’s more, it is easy to use and customize.

Cryptoking ICO

Cryptoking - cryptocurrency website template

Cryptoking ICO is a fantastic choice for a cryptocurrency trading website template. It comes with seven landing page varieties from which you can choose your favorite. You can utilize the blog pages that come with the template to build a dominant search engine presence. Cryptoking ICO gets you started with your site branding quickly by offering 8 different predesigned color schemes. It comes with elegant parallax effects that are sure to lighten up any page. Its animations are also pretty awesome!

This website’s creative and contemporary design is evident in all its HTML files, which are fully validated by W3C parameters. The animations with which this cryptocurrency trading website template are stunning. Not only is Cryptoking ICO fully responsive, but it is also Retina ready. The users who have high-resolution displays on their devices will enjoy your visual content immensely. You can showcase banner content elegantly with the particle effects that this template offers.

Cryptoking ICO comes with industry-specific elements and templates. You should take advantage of such features, including the working contact form. It allows you to create unlimited forms and place them all over your site. This template comes with a Bitcoin pie and graph chart. It also has various sections for your partners, roadmap, teams, ICO token, and a contact form.

ICO Kryptova

ICO Kryptova - best cryptocurrency website template

Kryptova is an excellent HTML template with ICO templates and elements. It is based on the Bootstrap framework, which is a mobile-first system. Therefore, your website will be mobile friendly and fully responsive. This template has an ICO landing page that can work for multiple or any one cryptocurrency. ICO Kryptova has sections that contain cryptocurrency data that always remains UpToDate. The data is genuine and is based on user studies and actual market research.

ICO Kryptova has predetermined content that suits all ICO campaigns. This cryptocurrency trading website template has you covered whether you want a simple one-page website or a more complex multi-page. You will love the features that it has to offer, starting from the actual content-based blocks. ICO Kryptova’s 360 approach refers to its excellent user interface that isn’t affected by pages rich in content.

This template is integrated with a vast collection of Google Fonts. You can select any combinations that you want and use them on any page or section. ICO Kryptova allows you to create brand relatability with your site’s fonts and icons. By utilizing the vast collection of premium font icons in the template, you save $72! The contact forms that come with ICO Kryptova are in perfect working condition. All you need to do before using the forms is change the email address on them.


BuyCoin - cryptocurrency website template

BuyCoin is yet another Bootstrap 4 template for cryptocurrency business websites. Bootstrap is a mobile-first framework, which implies that your site will have incredible mobile versions. It is also fully responsive to all devices, including laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets. All the files included in BuyCoin are validated with W3C standards. What’s more, the author ensures that the template is updated regularly.

Since it is compatible with all the modern browsers, including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Opera, your users will have an easy time accessing it. The SEO optimizations of BuyCoin place you miles ahead of your competition. Your content will appear high in the search engine results. This cryptocurrency trading website template is still compatible with various SEO plugins and extensions, supporting further enhancement of its SEO.

If you want a beautiful landing page, you already have 4 to choose from with BuyCoin. The template’s pages are all very contemporary. The elements of your website will all work seamlessly together since the template is cleanly coded. BuyCoin is Retina ready, so it supports top-quality visuals on high-resolution devices. The template is well documented, which means you will have a hand with all your site operations. You can also utilize the premium support that comes with it.



Cryptorica is a relatively new template for cryptocurrency exchanges, digital currencies, trading, and any other cryptocurrency business. It supports multiple currencies, so you can have as many as you want. You can have Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges right on your website. If you want a website for an ICO agency, the landing page Cryptorica offers is perfect for it.

This cryptocurrency trading website template is fully responsive, which means that the screen sizes of your visitors won’t be a problem. Its layout is also completely fluid, which means that it adapts to different screen orientations, for instance, landscape and portrait. Cryptorica is very easy to customize. It is also highly compatible with various extensions, so you can use page building plugins to increase its customizability.

Cryptorica is compatible with all major browsers. Since it is based on Bootstrap 4, you can also expect it to be great with mobile devices. You can use the Font Awesome icons on various elements of your website with exceptional effects. To match the template’s support for high-resolution displays, these icons are Retina enabled. Cryptorica also supports the use of custom icons so that you can upload more of them.

ICO Crypto

ICO Crypto

ICO Crypto is a time-tested website template with various elements and features for all crypto-related purposes. It comes with a fantastic user dashboard for ICO management with a $12. This feature-rich template offers over 18 landing pages from which you can choose your favorite. It is subjected to regular updates, and the author promises some great additions in the next update. For instance, the next update will have a decentralized marketplace with blockchain infrastructure!

You’ll have an easy time branding your website due to the premade elements. ICO Crypto comes with 6 predetermined color presets to help you start faster. The Ajax contact form that comes with the template is in splendid working condition and ready to use. All you need to do is paste your email on the relevant field, and you’re good to go. ICO Crypto has many extra premade pages, including the registration, login, and Error 404 pages.

This cryptocurrency trading website template offers fully animated and non-animated versions of its landing pages. You and your users should enjoy the scroll animations of ICO Crypto. The template is fully translatable and even has an RTL version, which supports various RTL languages, including Arabic and Hebrew. Whichever language you go with, you can choose elegant font combos from the Google fonts available with ICO Crypto.


Arda - cryptocurrency website template

Arda is a simple template for cryptocurrency websites. Along with 4 different layouts, you get 4 predetermined colors. The template creators perform regular free updates, which never compromise its beauty, functionality, and simplicity. It is mobile-first, a feature that assures you of flawless performance on mobile devices. Arda is easy to customize and use, which is a testament to its robust and reliable code structure.

You will love the scrolling effects that kick in as your users browse through your content. Arda avails hundreds of Google Web Fonts, which can be great for branding. You can use the colors that the template offers for different branding. The Font Awesome fonts that come with it are Retina ready. Arda supports parallax displays for the most beautiful displays you can hope your pages to have. You can display some of your content using the Owl Carousel plugin.

Not only is Arda’s code well-commented for ease of use, but it is also SEO optimized for good search engine performance. The cryptocurrency trading website template’s HTML5 coding is entirely valid. It comes with Gulp, a toolkit for simplifying and automating arduous tasks, so they take less time and are less of a pain. The coding is all adherent to W3C standards.

Crypto ICO

Crypto Ico

You will need very little in the way of extra extensions when using Crypto Ico. Despite its simplicity, it has adequate features and offers various element variations to get creative with during customization. You get 12 HTML landing pages for ICO, and various other cryptocurrency uses. The gradient colors are a smooth way of adding color, beauty, and depth to a website. Crypto ICO lets you use different shades of the same color and even combine different colors. Branding your site should be easy.

Crypto ICO comes with a user friendly ICO token sale counter. It also comes with various predefined pages that get you closer to achieving a wholesome website. The blog page is ideal for posting news and discussions of the latest on cryptocurrencies. When used correctly, your blogs can be great for your overall site SEO. Crypto ICO has excellent blog listing and detail pages to choose from.

Crypto ICO has content animations that draw people to read more of your content. The 3D illustrations can be great for wowing your visitors as you display various content. The SVG animations are great for the overall allure of your website. You can showcase elegant pages with live background and all the animation options Crypto ICO has to offer. The ripple and particle effects are at your disposal as well.

Crypto Admin

Crypto Admin

Crypto Admin is one of the richest templates in this list and anywhere on Themeforest. It has over 900 UI components to work with. The cryptocurrency trading website template has 4+ homepages and 30+ more HTML pages within the frontend template demo. Crypto Admin has more than 60+ dashboard displays with various differentiating options, including light, dark, and horizontal displays. All these variations are RTL-ready. Therefore, you end up with about 180+ unique dashboard displays.

Crypto Admin comes with 6 predefined color schemes from which you can choose the one you want to represent your brand. The sidebar of this template is user friendly and has light and dark mode options. The font icon packages that come with it are enough for almost every element on your site. Crypto Admin combines Font Awesome icons with Ionicons, Themify, Linea, Glyphicons, Flag, Material, feather SVG, and Flag icons.

Each of the 11 demos of Crypto Admin has over 85 page options, which makes it over 900 within the template. Its social elements connect your website to your social accounts, so you can share content and reach out to more people easily. Your visitors can also share your content easily and boost your site’s traffic and social media presence. Crypto Admin has special blog widgets that you’ll find very helpful. It has exceptional navigation and numerous helpful elements.



Crypto is a template that’s poised to make your job as simple as possible. It gets you started with attractive and stylish demos that have the perfect layouts for cryptocurrency purposes. You will love the light and dark versions of the template. Every Crypto element has been carefully crafted so that it can work smoothly and look beautiful on all devices. This cryptocurrency trading website template has a fully responsive and mobile friendly layout.

Crypto is perfectly poised to handle more than one currency. Its intuitive design is bound to attract your visitors for a closer look at what you have to offer. The actual time tickers that come with the template give urgency to your offers and drive users towards taking action on your site. Crypto has live feeds of technical analysis on various blockchain market aspects. It also offers live market overviews, market data, and stock prices. A forex heat map is also available with this template.

You can depend on the security measures worked into Crypto. The finances and private information handled on your website will be 100% secure. The template supports buying and selling as well as the deposit and withdrawal of currencies without leaving your site. It has an attractive chart that can be used to display various kinds of data. The color and typography options that Crypto has to offer are ideal for a gorgeous but professional website.

Bottom Line

You know better than most that time is money. Wasting any more than you may already have is far from prudent. The features that you’ve seen in these cryptocurrency website templates are perfect for a comprehensive website. What’s more, they’ve all been created to facilitate ease of use for both beginners and experts in coding. Spend your valuable time creating content or doing something else. Take the template that has impressed you and get going.

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