NFT marketplace website template

You might be asking yourself, “What is an NFT marketplace website?” The answer isn’t too complicated.

An NFT marketplace is a decentralized website that facilitates the storage and trade of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The users on the platform participate in auctions (the sale and purchase) of digital crypto art, among other non-fungible articles.

NFT marketplace websites offer sturdy ownership rights, immutability and security to asset holders. The first one started as a user requirement by a chain, such as Tron or Ethereum. Now you can create your own NFT marketplace website. Now that’s where this listing comes in.

Some of the NFT WordPress Theme

The Best NFT Website Templates

Creating websites is easy when you have a website template. All you have to do is select a high-quality template within the niche of the website that you want. For instance, an NFT website is easy to create when you have an NFT website template.

Such a template comes with features typical of an NFT website. The pages that come packed in the template are ready for whichever content you feel is necessary for the website. You still remain on the lookout to ensure that the NFT marketplace website template you pick ticks some boxes. These boxes include:

  • Full responsiveness
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Enough page and section variations
  • Adequate support
  • Updates
  • Support for common browsers
  • Ease of editing and customization

Niftric – NFT Marketplace WordPress Theme

Niftric is a superb NFT marketplace WordPress theme

Niftric is a superb NFT marketplace WordPress theme with extensive multi-vendor marketplace functionalities with many vendors selling products and services. These functions are driven by the powerful premium Dokan multivendor plugin. The theme includes a robust WooCommerce plugin that drives the payments, inventory, and order tracking functions. Niftric also offers a beautiful and modern design that’s perfect for NFT websites.

Among the pages you get are 4 refreshing homepage variations to give you a head start. Niftric offers 7 portfolio layouts on which you can showcase all the NFTs you have on sale. You also get to work with 4 header and 3 footer layouts that can do many more variations. The text you write on your pages can remain clearly readable always if you choose your fonts carefully from the hundreds of Google Web Fonts that Niftric offers. You also have over 350+ icons from Font Awesome.

Users prefer the dark mode when browsing for long hours, and this theme offers a robust one. The sticky sidebar that Niftric offers ensures that anyone browsing your pages can access sidebar items like widgets at a moment’s notice. The reading progress bar makes it easy to come pick up where they previously left off. Since it is SEO optimized, whatever you post will rank well on Google. Niftric is fully compatible with all modern browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE 11+.

Niftric is compatible with the Elementor page builder. Alternatively, you can write your pages using the Gutenberg block builder, which also avails a drag & drop customization interface. The theme is easy to customize and its One-Click Demo Import feature enables you to install your preferred full website demo in seconds. Niftric has a custom slider with which you can display elegant visual content with animation effects.

More Niftric NFT WordPress Theme’s Features:

  • Fully WordPress ready
  • Gutenberg ready
  • Dokan Multivendor plugin
  • Custom slider
  • 4 homepage variations
  • SEO ready
  • Dark mode
  • Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons


Nuron - nft website template

Nuron is an HTML NFT website template with excellent features and a core with HTML, CSS, and JS coding. It is ideal for all NFT marketplace activities. Since the template is SEO optimized, you will find it easy ensuring that your website ranks well on all search engines.

Nuron is one of the most user-friendly templates you can find. It is easy to use and customize for you as you create and edit it to suit your vision. You will find its source code to be easy to read and understand. Nuron’s documentation is outstanding too. Its exceptional coding is reflected in the smooth performance of websites based on it.

With Nuron, you get over 9 variations for homepage demos, and the creators promise more to come. More than 20 inner pages are enough to get you a fully functioning website easily. The NFT Marketplace website template has an NFT landing page that you can customize to fit your brand.

Among the more specific features that you get with Nuron are the NFT management features. Item creators will have their own page and you can display the site’s activity on the activity page. The blog pages that these NFT website template offers are perfect for generating traffic on your site.

The display aspects that come with Nuron are exceptional. You can begin by enabling the sticky header, which makes your branding more accentuated. It has a filterable gallery for showcasing any images that your site has. Nuron has a video player that works seamlessly with the popup feature.

More of Nuron’s NFT Website Template Features

  • Animations on scroll
  • Notification bar
  • Over 40 elements’ template
  • Connect wallets page
  • Fast loading speed
  • All modern browser support
  • Robust Mega Menu


Bithu - best NFT website template

Bithu is a responsive HTML5 NFT template compatible with the Bootstrap 5 framework. It offers a modern design for a metaverse launching landing page, which contains 5 different NFT landing pages and 2 different NFT mint pages for the user. It is perfect for creating an NFT portfolio landing page tied to other kinds of pages. You will get sections for Team Members, Roadmap, NFT Collections, and FAQs. Along with the blog page and several internal pages, it also features a Web 3.0 wallet connection popup (Metamask, Formetic, Coinbase, etc.) that may be tailored to match the general feel of your website.

The template’s contemporary design makes it simple to support practically any NFT landing page. First, you will find elegant dark designs and a gorgeous color palette in Bithu. They all have customizable layers and fonts that can attractively display your NFT projects. Next, explore its high-resolution Metaverse theme design with different versions. It won’t bother you with any difficulty, as it comes with good documentation. But even if you still need any more help, you can take help from their support.

Bithu’s core features includes:

  • 5 Different NFT Landing Page
  • 2 Different NFT Mint Page
  • Blog Page
  • NFT Minting Popup
  • Web 3.0 wallet
  • Dark Theme layout
  • Crafted with Metaverse Theme 


Monteno - NFT marketplace website template

Monteno is an outstanding NFT portfolio template for all NFT purposes. It is easy to navigate and has a fully responsive layout, which enables it to fit different screen sizes. Monteno is pixel-perfect, which enables it to adapt and look beautiful on any device. Since it is also Retina ready, it will look absolutely perfect on high-resolution displays.

Its clean and unique design gives your website a fresh look. The NFT marketplace website template is easy to customize, so you’ll have the precise site you’ve visualized in no time. Monteno comes with unlimited color schemes. This allows you to work on your branding extensively.

Your website can display in the boxed or wide layouts with Monteno. With the Ajax Contact Form, this NFT marketplace website template enables you to get more potential users or clients easily. With the parallax effect that Monteno offers, you can expect the most elegant displays wherever you apply the effects.

Additional NFT Website Template Features of Monteno

  • Font Awesome icons
  • Gilroy font icons
  • Owl Carousel (for beautiful carousel sliders)
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Regular updates



Gigaland is one of the most impressive templates for NFT marketplaces you can hope to get. It has a whopping 140 pages for you to work with! You also get 20 homepages to choose from so you can give the best first impression. Unlike most templates, Gigaland is built with the latest Bootstrap version, Bootstrap 5, not 4. This means that your site will be exceedingly responsive.

As you create your website, you may want to make it translatable, and Gigaland facilitates this seamlessly. It even offers an RTL version so your site can showcase content in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and other RTL languages. In a bid to give your users as good an experience as possible, Gigaland allows your site to automatically fit images to displays.

Users may be drawn to different appearance schemes, which is why Gigaland leaves that at your discretion with unlimited colors. Still, it offers a gorgeous 4 in 1 scheme with light, dark, grey, and retro scheme options.

Gigaland lets you beautify your content displays with CSS3 animations. You can work with animated elements that will work upon scrolling for a more memorable user experience. You can work with the particle effects for additional elegance.

Additional Gigaland NFT Website Template Features

  • PHP Contact Form
  • Font Awesome, Elegant Font, and ET-Line Font icons
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Bootstrap components’ compatibility
  • Rankings and wallet pages


best NFT marketplace templates

Raroin is another one of the best NFT marketplace platform templates. It has a creative design that you and your users will like. It has 3 options for a homepage, but they won’t disappoint. Raroin makes up for the few homepages with 6 landing pages. Apart from the many inner pages it gets you, it has marketplace popups that you can customize to suit your site’s overall ambiance.

Like Gigaland, Raroin is based on the Bootstrap 5, the latest version. This will give you a fully responsive website that is also mobile friendly. The template’s modern aesthetic makes it easy for it to accommodate almost every brand that you can conceive. Raroin has elegant styles and a wonderful color palette.

This NFT website template has components that make it easy to conduct file-wide changes. Therefore, you can make global changes to your website easily. Raroin has elegant pages on which you can apply any of the many Google Web Fonts. You also get to use the Remixicon icon sets. The submenu that the template comes with is quite elegant and easy to customize.

Extra NFT Website Template Features in Raroin

  • Component-centric SCSS
  • Ready-to-use multiple headers
  • All modern browser support
  • Outstanding support
  • Lifetime updates
  • Rich documentation

Axies React JS Template

Axies React JS template is an outstanding work of art for NFT marketplace websites. It doesn’t depend on jQuery at all! Since this NFT website template works really smoothly, it won’t present any console errors. This is supported by the fully W3C validated code.

The 7 fantastic homepage versions are beautiful and fully customizable so you can make any of them your own. Axies is a fully responsive template, so whatever you create will look beautiful on all devices. It is pixel perfect, which means that you can expect your site to look amazing with Axies.

This elegant NFT marketplace website template comes with MetaMask. This means that your users can manage and store account keys, broadcast transactions, and do so much more with crypto and tokens on your site.

Axies minds your users’ eyes by including the dark mode, which comes in handy if you know your users will spend a lot of time on your site. This template supports all modern browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and IE9+. Axies is clean and unique so that it gives all your users the best surfing experience.

Axies’ Extra NFT Website Template Features

  • Retina ready
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Free icons included (Font Awesome and Google Fonts)
  • Parallax effects
  • Easy to customize
  • Bootstrap 5

Axies HTML Template

Created by the same author as Axies React JS, Axies HTML only differs by relying n HTML instead of React JS. It is just as responsive, clean, and elegant as its counterpart. Axies comes with MetaMask to facilitate various user crypto and NFT items activities.

It is based on HTML5 and CSS3, which are W3C validated to ensure top quality. Axies HTML comes with a whopping 7 unique homepage styles, which are easy to customize. The Slider Typer text Slider Scroll Text, and Rotate Text are additional features that will enable you to showcase your homepage content even more beautifully.

The internal pages include 2 author pages, wallet connect, and create items. Users can edit profiles on the edit profile page. Axies has login and signup pages for drawing more users to your site. The FAQ page is great for your site’s SEO.

Additional Axies HTML Features

  • Parallax
  • Pixel perfect
  • Retina ready
  • Ajax Contact Form
  • Free Icons
  • Dark mode
  • MetaMask


NFT marketplace website template

Netstorm is a gorgeous NFT marketplace website template that offers great functions so people can conduct NFT activities easily. The template employs React JS and Bootstrap. Its coding is clean and it is fully responsive. Netstorm has HTML5 and CSS3 coding, which is well commented.

A working contact form is included with this NFT marketplace website template. You can draw new users to your site by placing the forms on different pages strategically. Netstorm offers over 1500 Font Awesome icons and over 180 Line icons. You can use them on any of your pages in the place of images for an elegant and lighter website.

Netstorm supports the holding of Live Auctions so that users can trade with NFTs easily. The Explore Filter that comes with this template makes it easy for users to get to the items they’re after even as your site’s content and traffic grows.

The smooth CSS3 animations that come with Netstorm are beautiful and give you more elegant pages than plain ones. You can place them on any of the 17+ inner pages the template has. The header sections Netstorm offers have many variations to work with. The Hero section has different variations to work with too.

You can write your pages with any of the fonts you get from the Google Web Font library. Netstorm has Font Awesome and Flat Icon icons to work with too.

Extra Netstorm Features

  • Swiper Slider
  • Fancybox
  • Bootstrap
  • Retina ready
  • Cross-browser compatible

Some of the NFT & Crypto currency WordPress Theme details bellow:

Netstorm – NFT Marketplace WordPress Theme

Netstorm is an NFT WordPress theme designed specifically for NFT asset stores, crypto art marketplaces, and digital asset bidding websites. Netstorm is an excellent alternative to traditional payment methods in the internet marketplace. Each NFT is one-of-a-kind and only exists in a single copy; it cannot be split, and all information about the creator, buyer, and transactions is securely saved on the blockchain. It’s well-designed, with current features, and coded using cutting-edge technology. 

This theme does not need any coding expertise. Netstorm comes with the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder. Its one-click demo import makes it easy to build a page and deploy your website. Netstorm has a customized contact form, grid-based page layouts, multiple blog layouts, page transitions, and unique typography. It’s also simple to use. Netstorm works on many devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It has dedicated support for any help and gets updated regularly for free.

Netstorm comes with great features:

  • 25+ Elementor Custom Widgets
  • Live Auctions and Explore Filter
  • Child Theme Ready

Crypterium – Cryptocurrency Bitcoin NFT WordPress Theme

Crypterium is a completely responsive NFT WordPress Theme with a quality design, beautiful style, and functionality. As a cryptocurrency wordpress theme, it has entered our life through blockchain technology, so we can take on essential duties to secure our future. You’ll need a visually appealing design and a robust background administration system for your Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ventures. Crypterium is an NFT marketplace WordPress Theme that can handle all of your ICO and Crypto Coin requirements. Thanks to the choices in this theme, you may utilize the pre-made layouts for both your Blog pages and your frontpages. You may generate a limitless number of pages using shortcode, which offers hundreds of click-to-build capabilities.

Every aspect of this theme gets built with WPBakery Page Builder. With WPBAKERY Visual Composer shortcode components, you can easily build limitless and unique pages. One-click Import includes pre-made pages that you may edit quickly. We may change everything from colors to spacing without the requirement for code information or expertise in coding. It is WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to create a store, and it performs well in search engines thanks to its faster loading time.

Crypterium unique features are

  • Automatic CryptoCurrency Price Convertors – Calculator
  • Timeline – ICO History
  • Visual Composer – Easy to use Page Builder
  • Revolution Slider
  • Woocommerce ready
  • WPML supported
  • One-click demo data installer and XML

Toka – NFT & Crypto WordPress Theme

If you are looking for an elegant NFT wordpress theme, Toka will be your perfect match. It is not only an NFT marketplace WordPress theme but also a great theme for ICO, cryptocurrency, Web3, DApp, token, crypto trading, blockchain area, and financial technology website. The theme is blended with outstanding design and can be easily customized without worrying about any coding. It has built-in fascinating homepages and flexible layouts that you don’t need to use Elementor pro page builder initially. 

Toka is completely responsive and device friendly with SEO optimized that you import the demos with one click and start your crypto website at ease. The theme has bundled with Elementor visual builder, WooCommerce, and translation plugins like WPML and TranslatePress to work seamlessly with crypto users. For any further queries, just knock on their help desk, and you are right to go with the theme.

Toka key features

  • Theme customizer (Front-end theme options)
  • Fully customizable content layouts
  • Gorgeous scroll animations
  • Easy color customization
  • SEO optimized

Hoverex – NFT & ICO WordPress Theme


Hoverex is a smooth, sturdy NFT wordpress theme, specially made for financial blogs and cryptocurrency websites. The theme includes crypto-specific plugins for ICOs and business bureaus. It’s a suitable NFT marketplace wordpress theme with a built-in modern design and a powerful framework.

You may raise money for your cryptocurrency or advertise your corporate crypto organization. Selling your currency or accepting donations and payments in real money or cryptocurrencies like NFT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. It is ready to build your web page using LearnPress, WPBakery, and Elementor to create custom layouts quickly in a simple drag and drop method. But suppose you don’t want to build pages on your own. In that case, you can use the list of several unique pre-built customizable layouts on your specific page, which provides a unique, vibrant design with two premade locales: EN & ES, Advanced Crypto charts, tables & diagrams, Donation & Token Sale, and Premade roadmaps & white papers. All you need is to import a demo with one click, and you are ready to buzz in the crypto sector.

Hoverex is 100% responsive with mobile-friendly sliders and scroll bar and built for retina display. To manage all the customs posts types, API keys, and social profiles, it uses an addon called ThemeREX. Using ThemeREX, you can even customize the header and footer instantly. No need to worry about search engines, the theme is completely SEO optimized to compromise your web content smoothly. The best part of using Hoverex is you never have to face any problems, as the support of Hoverex is pretty fast.

Hoverex best features include:

  • Professional design
  • Modern, Flexible, Customizable
  • Slider Revolution & Swiper Slider included
  • WP Bakery Page Builder support – modify any page content easily
  • Customize Header and Footer Layouts in WP Bakery Page Builder


Quirky - NFT WordPress theme

Quirky is a cool NFT WordPress theme for creating NFT, cryptocurrency, and Initial Coin offering websites. The theme includes an Elegro Crypto Payment integration, which is a cryptocurrency plugin for receiving NFT payments. In this theme, you will get a suitable NFT marketplace layout with WCFM Marketplace and WooCommerce support. As a result, you can create conversion-focused websites without any extra expenses. 

Build your web pages using the WCFM front-end manager and Elementor to create bespoke layouts using an easy drag-and-drop technique. But what if you don’t want to create pages yourself? If so, you can use from the list of 5 distinctive, ready-made demo layouts on your particular page, which offer a unique, lively style. Then you can import the demo which takes a single click to get going in the NFT niches.

Get enticed by its dynamic revolution, swiper slider, and retina display resolution. Quirky is 100% responsive and supports any device smoothly. This theme offers many useful plugins, such as Mail Chimp and social media connections, to improve its functionality. It uses a plugin called ThemeREX to manage all the many custom post types, with more than 750+ customizer options. Using ThemeREX, you can easily customize the header and footer. Besides, the theme is SEO-optimized to erode your website’s content. The most admirable aspect of using Quirky is that you never have to deal with any issues because this theme has a quick support. 

Quirky best features include:

  • Market place support with WooCommerce
  • 750+ Modern, Flexible, Customizable options
  • Slider Revolution & Swiper Slider included
  • WCFM front-end manager to create any page content easily
  • Customize Header and Footer Layouts in ThemeREX


NFTLY - NFT marketplace WordPress theme

NFTLY is a fully responsive NFT WordPress Theme with a quality design, dynamic style, and functionality. As an NFT marketplace WordPress theme, display an unlimited number of collections & NFT. So you can sell your own or other NFT for your NFT projects, and you’ll receive an eye-catching design and a dark background to showcase them vividly. 

Image, audio, and video are all supported by NFTLY without any issues. Build your website with 4 distinctive demo layouts for the marketplace, collection, creator, and multi-vendor. The theme includes all of the design assets. You can quickly import with only one click. Apply shortcodes, which offer unlimited click-to-build capabilities to craft custom pages.

The NFTLY WordPress theme is gorgeous because it is user friendly and compatible with all platforms, browsers, and devices. It is also retina ready. No coding knowledge is needed to add the content. Because all modification options are available in the frontend editor, it comes with a child theme for advanced users to customize later.

Because this theme is WooCommerce compatible, you can build an online store. Create an NFT store and invite customers to buy, sell, and trade. It is integrated with the WCFM multi-vendor system to allow users to register and sell their own NFTs on your website. Your users can even log in through Metamask. Beyond that, it supports multi-lingual translation with the help of a plugin to enable easy translation for its user. All in all, it’s a feature-rich theme with performance enhancements for fast, reliable, quality websites.

NFTLY powerful features are:

  • 4 demo layouts
  • One click demo import
  • 100% responsive theme with retina ready
  • Choose between light or dark skin.
  • Contains a basic child theme.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Compatible with WCFM Multi-Vendor plugin
  • Your users can login through MetaMask


Neoh - best NFT WordPress theme

If you are looking for an alluring NFT wordpress theme, Neoh will be your perfect match. It is used to build your own NFT Portfolio and landing page. However, it has many other uses, including NFT blockchain, crypto, crypto art, and digital products. The theme’s primary function is the interaction with your products on the Collection page. On this page, which has numerous categories, you can display all of your NFT products. 

A proper and effective presentation is essential to market NFT products and increase sales. This theme has a modal box interacting with customers to display NFT items. It offers a modernized pop-up design that can be used for any project and is completed in the best possible taste. Your customers will be fascinated by its stunning appearance and how simple it is to achieve.

The theme combines excellent design and allows for simple customization without coding. It comes with four fascinatingly different homepages that are all imprinted with adjustable roadmaps. It enables your NFT users to understand how to navigate using their NFT. Additionally, it supports contact form 7 for various users and visitors and has many other important inner pages.

Neoh is responsive, device-friendly, and SEO-optimized, allowing you to quickly launch your NFT website by simply importing the demo layouts. Neoh supports feature rich plugins to maximize its functionality. The theme support WooCommerce, Elementor visual builder, and multilingual translation plugin. Besides, if you knock on their support desk with additional questions, you are correct in sticking with the theme.

Neoh key features

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder (Elementor)
  • Custom Widget Areas
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • Contact Form 7 Plugin Support
  • SEO optimized
  • Translation Ready
  • One click demo importer

Some of the FAQ about NFT Website Templates

What are NFT website templates?

They are pre-designed website templates specifically created for selling and showcasing non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Where can I find NFT website templates?

You can find them on various template marketplaces such as ThemeForest, TemplateMonster, and Squarespace.

Are these templates customizable?

Yes, most templates can be customized to fit your specific needs and branding.

Are these templates compatible with different NFT marketplaces?

It depends on the template you choose, but many NFT website templates are designed to be compatible with popular NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare.

Are these templates secure for NFT transactions?

The security of NFT transactions depends on the platform and tools you use, but many NFT website templates have built-in security features to help protect your NFTs.

Bottom Line

By now, your question has transitioned from “what is an NFT marketplace website?” to “how do I get the best template to create my website with?”

We have more than 5 templates here for you. Their details tell you all you need to know; they’re the best. So, how do you choose the one that is best for your purposes?

Even though some of the features of these templates are similar, there are a few differences that you can pick out. That’s precisely where we help you make your choice.

For instance, if you want a HTML template, you will steer clear of the Axies React JS template and maybe go for its counterpart, Axies HTML template. You may want many options in terms of a homepage, in which case you may prefer Gigaland. It also features many inner pages.

If you are focused on having the most outstanding visuals, you should steer clear of the templates that don’t feature a Retina layout. You can also go for templates that offer slider plugins, thus ways for creating sliders and carousel sliders on your website like Monteno and Netstorm.

The bottom line is for you to figure out what you hold as most important in a website. You can then decide which template is best for you by looking at the one that offers the particular qualities. Hopefully, this catalog has been of immense help. All the best as you create your fantastic NFT marketplace website.

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