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The number of classified sites is growing each year. In the past, online listing websites like Craigslist replaced Traditional newspaper Ads. As a result, people depend more on Directory websites. So there is an immense demand in this business sector. But, first, we need to buy a domain and reliable hosting from a trusted vendor to accomplish this business. So it can be exciting and challenging – after all, your business success is at stake – and you may need help to choose the best hosting for classified and directory listing website.

It would be best to consider your customer’s user experience and performance. If your host provider is slow, your business goes slow. Classified sites need a robust server to tackle massive data from the buyers and sellers. If you purchase any ordinary hosting provider, you will lose all your valuable clients because of security breaches and lack of integrity. Which encounters terrible user experience, leaving your clients without posting ads, and the visitors will go immediately. This article lists 5 of the best hosting for classified ads & directory website. I’ll walk you through features you should look for and show how Classified Site Web Hosting works.

If you want to make business directory to your existing website, Here you will find best WordPress directory plugin

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Lists of the best hosting providers for classified website

1. Kinsta

Kinsta provides world-class hosting cloud services. For clients in need of advanced security features, their hosting is the right choice. Kinsta’s infrastructure is built on Google Cloud’s premium tier network, paired with isolated container technology, which allows for complete isolation of sites’ resources. Speed and security are also backed up by a Cloudflare integration which provides an extra firewall, wildcard SSL, DDoS protection, and a CDN network with 200+ locations. 

If users need instant assistance, their support team of experts is at hand 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Key Features of Kinsta: 

  • One-click installation and one-click staging
  • A custom-built site management dashboard with visitor and resource usage analytics and an in-built Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool to help discover performance bottlenecks
  • 35 worldwide data center locations to choose from, and a global CDN network with 275+ PoPs
  • Free premium migration credits on all plans, plus unlimited basic free migrations
  • Uptime monitoring and 99.9% uptime
  • An expert support team of engineers available 24/7
  • Application Hosting and Database Hosting services


  • Blazing fast speed and highly secure network with 24/7 tech support
  • Cloudflare integration for all users
  • Global network with 30+ data centers
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee

2. SiteGround

Siteground - best hosting for classified website

The leader of hosting eCommerce websites is SiteGround. WordPress is suitable and best for developing online stores. Except for payment options, classified websites are almost identical to them. So all the features SiteGround offers will apply to listing sites as well. In addition, it comes with features like a network of servers across three continents that will increase the speed of your site to visitors, and unmetered data transfer will assure scalability as your site grows. 

Key features of SiteGround :

  1. Regardless of what you choose, all the business essentials are covered, like SSL is enabled automatically for safeguarding sensitive data exchanged, Daily data backups, and strong security. In addition, the email account is there for marketing.
  2. WordPress sites run faster by SiteGround using their tools. The process involves PHP setups, an Nginx web server, heavy caching up to 3 levels and live optimization.Besides constant monitoring, Web-Application firewalls (WAF), and daily backups, security is maintained to uninterrupted your directory site. 
  3. It offers an effortless user interface for quick setups and easy configurations.
  4. The support of SiteGround is incredible. Live chat, phone, and ticketing are all available 24/7 for help. The customer supports are exceptionally fast, responsive, helpful and skilled.
  5. SiteGround performs well in all the standards with no delay in services. A fully built website gets up in 1.1 seconds with 99.99% uptime.
  6. They established data centers worldwide for reliable service. You can choose your closest preferable center easily.  

Pricing for SiteGround Host

The initial plan for a new website cost only $3.99. But there are other options to grow your Classified Ads site to be more attractive.


  1. Loading speed is the fastest
  2. Highly WordPress compatible
  3. Strongest security built
  4. Excellent Support team


  1. A little pricey than an ordinary host
  2. It does not include any domain

3. BlueHost

Bluehost - best hosting for classified ads & directory listing website

One of the most beginner-friendly hosting providers recommended by WordPress. Bluehost is a renowned web hosting service that offers to host websites with classified ads. Serving in this field for around 22 years, facing no difficulty. They offer affordable plans and free setup, making it easy for new businesses to get started on the web.

Bluehost offers a variety of packages and pricing options for customers looking to host their website on the web. They also offer various add-ons to your package.

Key features of BlueHost :

  1. BlueHost comes with seamless WordPress installation with one click.
  2. The dashboard offers a warm interface with various features to kick start your listings journey.
  3. You can manage your emails, domains, security, and performance with the help of a built-in customized Cpanel.
  4. They offer non-stop 24/7 dedicated support with live chat, phone calls, ticketing, and email. 
  5. BlueHost focused mainly on user experience instead of hosting speed. The page loads at 1.8s with 99.98% uptime and an average response time of 361ms.
  6. The company targets mostly US visitors, for which they maintain only US servers for now.  

Pricing for BlueHost

BlueHost plans start at $2.95 monthly. But as a beginner to hosting classified Ads business. The Choice Plus plan is a great option for $4.95 monthly with domain privacy and automatic backups.  


  1. Incredible user interface for WordPress platform.
  2. Uptime is sustainable
  3. Mid-range price
  4. Well dedicated support
  5. The package includes a free domain, SSL, and Email accounts.


  1. Loading speed is not perfect for Classified Business
  2. The data center is only available to the USA 

4. Hostinger

Hostinger - best hosting for directory website

The cheapest one in hosting service since 2004. Hostinger can be suitable to begin your classified business journey. They have the fastest loading time with optimal performance. They offer very simple lineups to ease your hosting journey with WordPress.

Key features of Hostinger plans:

  1. Comes with a single-click installation to host your suitable CMS platform.
  2. For the first year, the hosting comes with a free domain. 
  3. Hostinger guarantees a better level of security for your listing sites with SSL and weekly backups, along with firewalls and server monitoring. 
  4. To target your nearest audience for ideal performance, they have data centers in the seven best locations, like the US, UK, Netherlands, Lithuania, Indonesia, Brazil, and Singapore.
  5. Live chats are available 24/7, so you can solve all your troubles.
  6. Hostinger performance is flawless, with guaranteed 100% uptime and 1s page loading with an average response time of 511ms, making it suitable for any Classified site’s hosting

Pricing for Hostinger packages:

The hosting package starts at $1.99 monthly, with weekly or daily site backup, SSL certificates, email accounts, and a choice of server location. Their $6.99 monthly business plan is perfect for pacing up your business needs.


  1. Best price for hosting any websites
  2. Intriguing speed with attractive interface
  3. Servers located worldwide in 7 best location to remain guaranteed 100% uptime
  4. Excellent live chat support for their users.


  1. Domain is not free from next year’s plan
  2. The package becomes pricey with all the additional features

5. Hostgator


Hosting provider HostGator has provided quality services since 1996 and strives to provide the best customer experience. They offer to host at affordable prices with high-quality services. Have several options for what will help you build your Classified website and manage it effectively. They provide free domain names, free domain forwarding, free SSL encryption, etc.

Key features to consider HostGator:

  1. Comes with a separate plan for WordPress Hosting 
  2. Hostgator has an unlimited FTP account with every plan.
  3. SiteLock Fix and CodeGuard are unique security features for WordPress plan users. They also offer 24/7 server monitoring with premium SSL and prevent DDOS attacks.  
  4. Hostgator has remarkable, dedicated customer support 24/7 with nonstop live chat, phone calls, and an extensible knowledge base to aid your hosting journey stressless.
  5. The hosting offers a 99.99% uptime with unlimited disk storage and a minimal page loading time.

Pricing for Hostgator plans:

Hosting plans at HostGator comprise shared hosting, WordPress, VPS, dedicated, and cloud services. HostGator hosts over 3 million websites worldwide, including big names like New York Times, Forbes, CBS News, TMZ, etc. They have over 70000 shared IP addresses on their network to protect your website’s traffic and ensure that it remains fast.

The Business WordPress hosting plan ($5.95/month) is ideal for listing your website as it includes an SSL and dedicated IP address.  


  1. Unlimited FTP accounts for better data transfer
  2. Powerful hosting security with SSL and other security features
  3. Wonderful dedicated support to solve customer queries
  4. Dedicated Ip for business plans with unlimited storage


  1. Not focusing on hosting speed
  2. Expensive than other host providers

6. DreamHost

DreamHost is one of the best options for the Classified Ads website because of its features and affordability. With DreamHost hosting, the listing website will have all the tools to grow its business. Since 1996, it has offered customers a variety of features, such as a website builder, email hosting, SSL certificates, and domain name registration.

Key features of DreamHost:

  1. The user interface is very relaxing since you can easily set up the hosting through the built-in website builder and one-click WordPress installation.  
  2. It has pre-configured WooCommerce support for eCommerce users.
  3.  Keep your listing site secure with a secure socket layer, automatic backups, domain hiding, and a firewall for web services.
  4. DreamHost has dedicated live support from 5:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M on chat and phone. Also provides a 24/7 email ticketing service.
  5. The hosting performance is always at a peak level with 99.99% uptime and a loading speed of 1.6s with a 231ms average response time rate.
  6. The data centres are located in the USA only based on US visitors.

Price of DreamHost plans:

The hosting plans are affordable and scalable, so you can easily accommodate your business growth. DreamHost offers unlimited domain hosting in a single account for $2.95 only. But to host Classified listing sites, their $3.95 monthly plan will suit it more.


  1. Excellent user interface with a default website builder
  2. Extremely robust in privacy and protection
  3. Superb performance in hosting uptime and loading


  1. The support is not always available in need.
  2. Servers are only in the USA, so target users are mainly of US origin.

But which hosting provider is best for Classified Websites?

 Hosting providers offer different services and options.That depends on your needs and budget.

The decision between SiteGround, Hostgator, Hostinger, DreamHost, and Bluehost is not simple. These providers have their strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to the user to decide which hosting provider best suits them based on their preference for features like customer support, cost, or reliability.

Hostinger offers unlimited disk space at a low price point, making it a good option for those who want to save money in the long run, while HostGator is more expensive but offers more features like unlimited disk space and CDN services.

The Bluehost platform is user-centric, all-inclusive. They do not focus the company on speed but compensate with generous features and other tools for WordPress sites.  

DreamHost is a beginner-friendly hosting plan with less expensive and better security features but lacks dedicated 24/7 live support and a worldwide server facility.

SiteGround is premium in all segments. Best for Classified site hosting with strong security, dedicated support, optimum performance, and multiple data centers to choose a preferred server easily.

After choosing your hosting, you need to create or develop your Classified listing website. You can build by yourself. Follow the steps below.

How to create a Classified Website with WordPress

You can easily develop the site by choosing the perfect theme and plugin to deploy the site as a professional listing business. The process is effortless and takes less time to build using WordPress CMS. 

When choosing a suitable theme in terms of usability, functionality, and responsiveness, the best choice is undoubtedly the Classima theme. The leading Classified WordPress Theme with lots of customization and design features.

Also, the theme must need a perfect plugin to match its additional features to grab your customer’s attention. Without using a plugin, the Classified ads service won’t work. If you want to use the best plugin for your Classified website, follow the 10+ best WordPress classified plugins.

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