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All seasoned food bloggers know the benefits of having a top-quality recipe plugin on their websites. When settling on a recipe plugin, you need to be pragmatic and ensure that the one you pick has all the functions you need to be added to your site. You should ask yourself questions, such as, ‘What’s the best recipes WordPress plugin?’ and ‘Will it convert the recipes I have and the ones I’ll create?’

A recipe plugin should be able to assemble your recipe’s ingredients and directions and format them into a recipe card. The card should be user and SEO friendly. A good recipe plugin adds features to your recipes, such as a print button and recipe widgets. It also affects the markup of our recipes and makes for rich Pinterest pins. We have assembled the best plugins from which you can choose one that won’t fail you. Take a look at them and choose the one whose features please you best. If you want to make eye-caching food recipes blog, Here’s the list of best recipe WordPress theme.

The 6 Best WordPress Plugin for Recipes listed bellow:

  1. WP Recipe Maker
  2. Recipe Card Blocks
  3. Cooked
  4. Zip Recipes
  5. Delicious Recipes
  6. Blossom Recipe Maker

1. WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker - best WordPress recipe plugin

WP Recipe Maker is a user-friendly plugin that promises to improve your blogs and recipes’ aesthetic appearance and boost your SEO performance and site traffic. It makes your recipes highly customizable since it is fully compatible with the Classic Editor and the Gutenberg editor. What’s more, it has an Elementor block (for those who prefer using the Elementor Page Builder) and shortcodes.

The JSON-LD metadata that WP Recipe Maker employs is well-optimized for Google Recipe search and non-food recipes and instructions. This plugin is Google AMP compatible so that your mobile device users have the best experience on your site. If you want, you can use video recipes or add photos or videos to any recipe step. WP Recipe Maker has shortcodes for printing recipes and jumping to recipes.

If you need more functionality than the free version provides, you can rely on its premium version for that. It allows you to use ingredient links for linking to other recipes or products. WP Recipe Maker Pro has adjustable servings that will make it easy for your visitors to estimate the quantities of ingredients. You can enable your users to rate the recipes on your site without letting them comment. A mobile-friendly kitchen timer is also available to add to your recipes.

2. Recipe Card Blocks

Recipe Card Blocks - recipes WordPress plugin

This fantastic plugin adds elegant blocks for editing your recipes with Gutenberg, the refreshing WordPress block editor. They make it easy to create recipe cards easily and place them in your posts. The blocks that come with Recipe Card Blocks include the Recipe Card, which has markup; recipe details; ingredients; directions; and nutrition facts. The nutrition facts will engage and inform your users as the other blocks go into the main recipe parts.

If you need your recipes to be easily accessible by mobile device users, you’ll love that Recipe Card Blocks support AMP. All the blocks that come with this plugin have multiple designs from which you can choose before customizing them. The plugin is highly compatible with other extensions and themes. It works seamlessly with video integrations. Since it is GDPR compliant, you can keep all your users’ information private.

Recipe Card Blocks has a premium version that supports the rating of recipes with a star-based system and comments. You can also add a gallery in the directions for more engaging instructions. Your users can adjust the servings to readjust the quantities of the ingredients. You can create custom Pinterest image descriptions for your pins. The social calls-to-action for Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram give your site a larger audience and improve traffic.

3. Cooked

Cooked - one of the best recipe WordPress plugins

Cooked is, hands down, one of the best WordPress plugins for recipes. You can use it to create and showcase elegant recipes on your site. If you want rich snippets for your recipes in Google search results, you can rely on this plugin’s SEO optimization. Cooked automatically adds Schema microdata and semantic structure into every inch of the recipes you create. You can create recipes quickly and easily using the drag & drop recipe builder that comes with the plugin.

You can list your recipes on a beautiful grid-based page with Cooked. Among the elements that you can add to your recipe are the preparation and cooking times, ingredients, directions, gallery, and nutrition facts. To make it easy for different users, you can add difficulty-level designations with each recipe. The powerful recipe search engine comes with options for text search, sorting, and category options.

The cooking times you get with Cooked have clickable and interactive timers. Its user-friendly make is also ideal for developers since it has many hooks and filters. Your users can change the number of people being served so that the ingredient amounts can be more accurate for them.

4. Zip Recipes

Zip recipes - recipe WordPress plugin

Zip Recipes is an exceptional plugin that presents unlimited possibilities with its template editor and many settings. The WYSIWYG Editors make it incredibly easy to create recipe templates. If you like, you can copy and paste recipes you already have to programs, such as Microsoft Word. Zip Recipes comes with a flexible editor that works seamlessly to enable you to create recipes and place them on pages, posts, and custom post types.

If you prefer to use featured images, you only need to set one image for your page or post. If you don’t allocate an image to your recipe, Zip Recipes will add the featured image to your Google results for rich snippets’ displays. Your recipes will be fully responsive and mobile-friendly so that they look good on any device. This recipe plugin is compatible with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, so your recipes will load incredibly fast on search engine results.

With the premium version of Zip Recipes, you can have an automatic generation of nutrition facts. Your users can adjust the servings for better ingredient instructions. The reviews and ratings that come with it are integrated with to contribute to the display of Google rich snippets. With this paid version, your users can search for recipes using different criteria or view the recipe index and gallery.

5. Delicious Recipes

Delicious Recipes - best WordPress plugin for recipes

Delicious Recipes is a robust but flexible plugin for creating and displaying recipes from your WordPress dashboard. It comes with 6 highly customizable recipe widgets that are also easy to use. They include recipe tags, featured recipes, recipe categories, recent recipes, popular recipes, and recipe keys. Your readers can rate the recipes they view and share their feedback. Delicious Recipes has a recipe archive page that can be displayed in the list or grid layouts.

This recipe plugin allows you to create unlimited recipes to satisfy the needs of your site and users. Delicious Recipes supports and Google Structured Data so that your recipes rank better on search engines. As you create your recipes, you can use the 9 premade Gutenberg blocks for creating and adding recipe cards using the Gutenberg editor. Your recipes’ advanced search option allows your users to filter and find the recipes they want easily.

As you edit the layout appearance, Delicious Recipes also allows you to manage the color of your recipes. If you want, you can showcase video recipes and make your content more interactive and interesting. You can add author profiles, which adds to the interaction with users, who will undoubtedly develop favorite authors in no time.

6. Blossom Recipe Maker

Blossom Recipe Maker

Blossom Recipe Maker capitalizes on simplicity. You can create a recipe in less than five minutes and share it on your website. What’s more, you can add food recipes to any of your pages or posts quickly using shortcodes. The intuitive plugin lets your visitors interact with your recipes extensively. They can change the servings, mark ingredients, and highlight instructions as they go through a recipe.

You can add and sort the instructions and ingredients you have on your recipe cards easily. On the heading sections, you’ll find settings for grouping instructions and ingredients. If you want to engage your readers more, you can exercise the option of adding images for each step on the recipe. Blossom Recipe Maker allows you to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video onto your recipe post.

One of the pages that you get with this plugin is the author template on which you can add all the recipes by the same author. You can have all the taxonomy terms accompanied by an image. Blossom Recipe Maker allows you to list recipes by cuisine, category, and cooking method. Users can search recipes by the same specifications. It takes just one click to print versions of the recipes without images.

Bottom Line

Cooking good food takes a particular kind of passion; therefore, you’ll have readers if you have great recipes. A food blogging website is incomplete without some recipes. You can choose from this list of the best recipes WordPress plugin and have yourself the easiest way of creating recipes. Although many recipe plugins are out there, many of them are substandard, while others are so bad they could crash or slow your website down.

Just trust our testing methods and choose the one whose features tickle your fancy. All the best!

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