Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce

Join me in exploring the best live sales notification for WooCommerce that will surely elevate your WooCommerce experience.

In the ever-changing world of eCommerce, one thing has always held true: every click and conversion matter. This is why staying connected with your audience is paramount. One ingenious tool that has proven to be a game-changer for online store owners is the live sales notification.

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular content management system, and WooCommerce, which operates within WordPress, is by association and right the most popular eCommerce platform. Like WordPress, WooCommerce offers many features, addons, and plugins that facilitate and enhance its use. As you would expect, there are live sales notification plugins for WooCommerce.

But what exactly are these plugins, and why are they becoming indispensable for WooCommerce users?

Understanding Live Sales Notification WordPress Plugins

Live sales notification WordPress plugins, at their core, are dynamic tools designed to provide real-time updates to your WooCommerce store visitors. Imagine this: a subtle popup appears on your website, notifying potential customers about recent purchases made by others. It’s the digital equivalent of a bustling store environment, where the buzz of activity creates a sense of urgency and trust.

Building Trust and Urgency

These plugins leverage the psychological concept of social proof, showcasing the live activity on your site and building trust among visitors. When customers witness others actively making purchases, it creates a sense of credibility and urgency. After all, seeing that someone else has just bought a product can be a powerful motivator for a potential buyer to follow suit.

Crafting a Unique Shopping Experience

Live Sales Notification plugins aren’t just about displaying recent transactions. They also contribute to crafting a unique and engaging shopping experience. The dynamic popups can be customized to match your brand’s aesthetics, ensuring a seamless integration into your website’s design. This not only adds a touch of professionalism but also ensures that the notifications feel like a natural part of the user experience.

In this article, we will explore some of the best Live Sales Notification plugins for WooCommerce, delving into their features and functionalities. These plugins have proven to be instrumental in enhancing user engagement, boosting sales, and creating a vibrant online shopping environment. Let’s see what the best of them have to offer.

The Best Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce Plugins



ShopBuilder is an excellent and lightweight plugin with a multitude of WooCommerce features and modules. One of its most outstanding premium modules is the sales notification, which will enable your site to showcase real-time notifications of the most recent sales.

Notifications and Notification Details

This live sales notification WordPress plugin will present on-page or popup notifications in real-time so that your users will see the purchases occurring. Within these notifications, you can have details, such as buyer name, buyer location, buyer image, and product name. Having such detailed notifications encourages new purchases and boosts conversion rates.

Compatibility and Notification Versatility

To support its robust functionality, ShopBuilder is built to support all popular WordPress themes. On the other hand, its multilanguage support enables you to work with a website that has any language. Since you can present your notifications on a page rather than a popup, this live sales notification for the WooCommerce plugin has excellent WooCommerce page templates. It also facilitates the creation of new pages, so you can craft one for your notifications.

Customization and Widgets

ShopBuilder is built for use with the Elementor page builder, which makes it easy for you to customize the look of your notifications with a drag-and-drop interface. The plugin gives you access to a wealth of widgets (84+) that you can use to spruce up your notification page.

Pricing: Free version and premium for $35

Key Features:

  • On-page and popup notification options
  • Custom notification details
  • Buyer name
  • Buyer location
  • Image and product name
  • Multilingual support
  • 84+ widgets

Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce

Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce

Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce is one of the most exceptional genuine and fake sales notification WordPress plugins. It comes with comprehensive features in both its free and premium versions, which enable you to effortlessly integrate without the need for external platforms. This tool ensures a smooth setup, letting you focus on growing your business instead of dealing with unnecessary complexities.

Dynamic Sales Feed and Virtual Order Flexibility

Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce allows you to showcase real-time original orders, providing an unrestricted view, unlike some other plugins with limitations in their free versions. It’s a great way to enrich the visitor experience and boost engagement with your products.

Even if your order volume isn’t extensive, Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce empowers you to make an impact. Generate virtual orders tailored to display recently viewed products, adding a personalized touch that encourages visitors to convert into satisfied customers.

Craft Engaging Messages for a Personal Touch

Customization is key. With Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce, you can craft personalized messages for notifications using intuitive shortcodes. Whether orders are genuine or virtual, take advantage of the customization options to ensure your sales notifications resonate on a personal level.

Tailor Displays with Smart Order Selection

With this live sales notification for WooCommerce plugin, you can create a dynamic feed effortlessly by setting the timeframe for displaying orders in notifications. You can tailor the experience further by selecting specific products or categories to generate virtual orders, ensuring your live sales notifications are always relevant and impactful.

Optimize Performance with Speed and Efficiency

Looking for a performance-driven solution? Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce seamlessly integrates into your store, providing a fast and lightweight tool that not only boosts sales but enhances conversion rates. It allows you to prioritize optimal performance for your business.

Premium Enhancements for a Superior Experience

Consider unlocking advanced features with the premium version of Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce. You can benefit from privacy protection, translation options, and the ability to exclude out-of-stock products. Enjoy customizable animations, varied date/time formats, and responsive support, giving you control over your store’s display and enhancing user interaction.

In addition, you get to take advantage of features like configuring old order displays, setting background images, and providing users the option to dismiss notifications. This premium fake sales notification WordPress plugin lets you enhance urgency with stock left notifications and set fake stock amounts, tailoring the shopping experience to your preferences.

Fake Sales Notification for WordPress

Finally, you can utilize the visitor’s actual country in fake sales popups, establishing familiarity and trust to increase the likelihood of successful purchases. Live Sales Notification for WooCommerce’s premium features offers a comprehensive solution, ensuring your store stands out and delivers an optimized shopping experience.

Pricing: Free version and premium for $19

Key Features:

  • Order placed as live sales feed
  • No limit on product number
  • Virtual or fake orders support
  • Fake order creation from selected products
  • Select categories for virtual orders
  • Message customization via shortcode
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Notification message
  • Text message translation (PRO)
  • Privacy protection (PRO)
  • Popup background image (PRO)

Notification for WooCommerce

Notification for WooCommerce

Notification for WooCommerce is a valuable tool, seamlessly integrating into your store to enhance customer interaction and drive sales.

Real Order Display Options

Notification for WooCommerce offers a unique feature – the ability to display recent WooCommerce orders, known as the “real order” option. You can tailor this to your preferences by selecting a specific time frame, such as the last 30 days. This provides an authentic representation of your store’s activity, fostering trust and encouraging potential customers.

Boost Sales with Virtual Orders

If you’re looking to increase sales for specific products or introduce new items, this fake sales notification WordPress plugin offers a fake orders feature to cover you. Display virtual orders strategically to create a sense of demand and urgency, effectively driving conversions and capturing your customers’ attention.

Responsive Popups for Desktop and Mobile

Notification for WooCommerce ensures that order notification popups are not limited to desktop users only. It extends the feature to mobile, delivering a seamless experience across devices and maximizing the reach of your sales notifications.

Customizable Messages with Shortcodes

Notification for WooCommerce lets you create compelling messages using shortcodes that extract information from your orders or generate it automatically. This flexibility allows you to tailor your notifications, providing relevant and engaging content to your audience.

Visual Customization Options

Take control of the appearance of your popups with a range of visual customization features. From background color and templates to popup position and border radius, Notification for WooCommerce offers 22 built-in templates and various settings to align with your website design seamlessly.

Advanced Effects and AJAX Loading

The plugin goes beyond aesthetics, offering advanced features like the ability to choose the appear/disappear effect of the sale notification popup. With AJAX loading, the popups load after your site has finished loading, ensuring a smooth user experience without affecting site loading speed.

Pro Version Enhancements

You can unlock additional capabilities with the Pro version, which includes all the features from the free version along with premium support for 6 months. Enjoy an increase in the product limit from 2 to unlimited, providing greater flexibility for your store.

Take advantage of time settings, loop display options, and the ability to assign pages for popup visibility. The Pro version of this live sales notification WordPress plugin also introduces a reporting system, allowing administrators to track and analyze user interactions, clicks, and fluctuations in sales. With auto-update functionality using Envato purchase codes, you can ensure your plugin stays up-to-date effortlessly.

Pricing: Free version and premium for $15

Key Features:

  • 22 inbuilt templates
  • Virtual orders support
  • Popup background color
  • AJAX loading for popup
  • Multiple WooCommerce notification messages
  • Shortcodes support
  • Popup image positioning
  • Loop by session (PRO)
  • Initial delay for popup appearance (PRO)
  • Popup time settings (PRO)



NotificationX lays its claim with a suite of features designed to elevate your WooCommerce store. Here are the many features that make this live sales notification WordPress plugin stand out among the best live sales notification plugins.

Multilingual Compatibility with WPML

NotificationX ensures inclusivity with full compatibility with WPML, allowing your notifications to cater to a global audience seamlessly. This feature enhances your store’s accessibility, making it easier to connect with customers worldwide.

Intuitive Interface and Quick Setup

With a super simple interface, ready themes, and advanced design options, NotificationX takes the complexity out of setting up notifications. The Quick Builder Setup enhances user experience, streamlining the process for users, whether they are new to the platform or seasoned veterans.

Customization Across Your Site

Tailor your notification display with customization options. Whether you want notifications on specific posts, pages, or prefer to exclude them from certain locations, NotificationX provides the flexibility to align notifications with your site’s unique requirements.

Robust Integrations for Social Proof Marketing

This live sales notification for WooCommerce plugin boasts advanced integrations, numbering over 19, to power up your social proof marketing strategies. These integrations amplify the impact of your notifications, creating a compelling narrative that boosts credibility and engagement.

Engaging Review Popups

Enhance customer engagement and credibility with the Review Popup feature. NotificationX enables you to showcase reviews dynamically, providing real-time feedback to potential customers, fostering trust, and driving conversions.

Lightweight Management with Deactivation Option

You can maintain a lightweight site by deactivating unnecessary integrations. NotificationX empowers you to streamline your site’s performance, ensuring that your live sales notifications enhance user experience without compromising site speed.

Premium Enhancements

Extensive E-commerce and Integration Support

Enjoy WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Freemius, and Envato support, expanding your compatibility with various e-commerce platforms. Connect NotificationX with Zapier to build versatile workflows and showcase live notifications across WordPress or non-WordPress websites using Cross Domain Notice.

Comprehensive Queue Management and Role Control

You get to exercise full control over popup notifications with Global Queue Management. Advanced Role Management allows you to decide who can create or edit notifications, ensuring a secure and organized workflow. The premium version of this fake sales notification WordPress plugin helps you analyze the results through the analytics tool, providing insights into views, clicks, and click-through rates for each notification.

Evergreen Time and Custom Order Settings

Keep your Notification Bar status fresh with the exclusive evergreen time feature. Set custom random orders for notifications, adding a dynamic element to your site and maintaining a visually stimulating experience for visitors.

Pricing: Free version and premium for $34

Key Features:

  • Full WPML compatibility
  • 19+ integration
  • Deactivation of unnecessary integration
  • Review popup
  • Easy Digital Download support
  • Analytics reporting support (PRO)
  • Custom or random ordering of notifications (PRO)
  • Global Queue Management (PRO)
  • Cross Domain Notice support (PRO)


SALERT - live sales notification for woocommerce

SALERT emerges as a noteworthy live sales notification for WooCommerce plugin, offering a suite of features designed to elevate the live sales notification experience for WooCommerce users.

Dynamic Sales Engagement

SALERT revolutionizes customer interaction by allowing you to create compelling fake sales notifications for your visitors. This feature adds a layer of dynamism to your WooCommerce store, fostering a sense of urgency and encouraging potential customers to explore your products further.

Tailored Visual Aesthetics

Customization takes center stage with SALERT, offering a plethora of options to customize the notification box. From color and size to font color and size, the plugin allows you to align the appearance of your notifications with your brand identity seamlessly. This flexibility ensures a visually cohesive and appealing user experience.

Precision in Display

Take control of where your notifications appear on the screen by defining their position. Whether you prefer top, bottom, left, or right placements, SALERT provides precision in positioning, ensuring that your notifications are strategically located for maximum impact.

Real-Time Preview and Background Options

This live sales notification WordPress plugin simplifies the customization process with a live preview feature, enabling you to see changes in real-time. Background options further enhance visual appeal, allowing you to create a captivating environment that aligns with your store’s aesthetics and engages your audience effectively.

Seamless Functionalities and Support

SALERT not only focuses on visuals but also ensures smooth operation with typography options, animation choices, and translation readiness. This versatility empowers you to cater to a diverse audience while maintaining a seamless user experience. Moreover, this fake sales notification WordPress plugin comes with the assurance of lifetime free support and constant updates, providing a reliable and evolving solution for your WooCommerce store.

Pricing: Free

Key Features:

  • Background custom options
  • Custom typography
  • Animation options
  • Fake sale notifications support
  • Live preview in editing
  • Custom notification display position
  • Notification box custom color and font
  • Translation ready

WPC Smart Notifications for WooCommerce

WPC Smart Notifications for WooCommerce

WPC Smart Notifications is a dynamic tool designed to enhance user engagement and drive conversions. This live sales notification for WooCommerce plugin has a few free features and an extensively built premium version.

Diverse Data Sources for Dynamic Notifications

WPC Smart Notifications offers a multitude of data sources to generate notifications, including Manual, Text Editor, New Orders, Virtual Orders, On Sale Products, Low Stock Products, and Related Products. This diversity allows for the creation of engaging notifications tailored to various aspects of your store’s activities.

Customizable Manual Orders and Text Editor

This fake sales notification WordPress theme supports the creation of notifications with precision using Manual Orders, where you can set up thumbnails, titles, product URLs, and descriptions manually. The Text Editor feature supports HTML text, providing flexibility and customization options, including the use of shortcodes.

Real-Time Sales Statistics and Virtual Orders

You can display recent sale statistics with New Orders, pulling data from your store within a chosen time duration. This plugin enables you to generate Virtual Orders to simulate busy shopping activities, creating a dynamic environment that encourages visitor engagement.

Targeted Notifications for Product Awareness

This fake sales notification WordPress plugin lets you utilize specialized sources like On Sale Products, Low Stock Products, and Related Products to prompt visitors with targeted information. This includes reminders of ongoing sales, creating a sense of scarcity for low-stock items, and suggesting related products based on visitor interests.

Seamless Integration with WPC Features

WPC Smart Notifications seamlessly integrates with other WPC plugins, enhancing the overall user experience. This includes the ability to open the Fly Cart popup when clicking on the cart reminder by installing WPC Fly Cart. Additionally, WPC Smart Quick View can be integrated to allow quick previews of products.

Advanced Customization and User Experience Control

Enjoy control over the order arrangement, maximum items displayed, and duration time for each source. You can select from various show/hide effects for notification popups, set autoplay time for frequency control, and position feed conveniently on your site. You also get to enhance the user experience by selectively disabling Smart Notifications on Cart, Checkout pages, and the Mobile version.

Great Benefits for Enhanced Performance

WPC Smart Notifications brings forth significant benefits, creating a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) atmosphere, instilling urgency, and providing real-time notifications for improved social proof and credibility. Experience enhanced conversion rates, reduced bounce rates, increased site engagement, authenticity, and traffic.

Pricing: Free version and premium for $29

Key Features:

  • Set up orders manually
  • Powerful text editor with shortcode
  • Low stock product notification
  • WPC Fly Cart for higher conversions
  • WPC Smart Quick View for easy product viewing
  • Maximum item number setting
  • Show and hide popup effects
  • Autoplay time setting

WooCommerce Notification

WooCommerce Notification

WooCommerce Notification is a top solution for live sales notifications for WooCommerce that empowers you to create a highly engaging and personalized shopping environment.

Selective and Time-Specific Order Display

This plugin allows you to curate your notifications by selectively choosing the order statuses you want to display. Whether it’s Complete, Processing, On hold, Canceled, Refunded, Pending payment, or Failed orders, you have the flexibility to showcase the information that aligns with your current store dynamics.

Tailor your notifications based on specific timeframes. This feature enables you to display orders from a chosen time until the present, ensuring that the information presented is timely, relevant, and reflective of your store’s recent activity.

Category-Specific Notifications and Product Visibility Controls

For a more personalized touch, you can configure notifications to be category-specific. When displayed on a category page, notifications will exclusively showcase products from that category, providing visitors with targeted information that aligns with their interests.

Refine the visibility of products in your notifications. This plugin enables you to choose whether to showcase or exclude out-of-stock products, giving you precise control over the products featured in your live sales notifications.

Dynamic Fake Orders Display

Creating a sense of activity and interest is made easy with the display of fake orders. This plugin allows you to generate fake orders selectively for chosen products, categories, or the latest additions, adding a dynamic element to your store and encouraging visitor engagement.

Address Detection and Random Purchase Time

Enhance the authenticity of your fake orders by auto-detecting customer addresses via IP, including city and country. The addition of random purchase times adds variability, making the generated orders appear more realistic and dynamic.

Product Detail Customization

Refine the display of product details with nuanced controls. You can configure notifications to run for single products, show variations instead of variable products, and control which products are featured on a product detail page. This level of customization ensures a tailored and focused user experience.

Auto Change Virtual Time and Image Size Flexibility

The plugin goes further by offering an auto-change virtual time, ensuring that the virtual time matches your site’s time zone instead of real-time. Additionally, enjoy the flexibility to change the image size on popup notifications, allowing you to customize the visual presentation according to your preferences.

Pricing: $15

Key Features

  • Select orders to show
  • Exclude specific products
  • Show or hide out-of-stock products
  • Extensive fake order settings
  • Fake customer image, name, and address
  • External link
  • Product image size
  • Display specific variation (not product)
  • Display notification in multiple languages

WooCommerce Recent Sales Notification

WooCommerce Recent Sales Notification

WooCommerce Recent Sales Notification is a superb live sales notification WordPress plugin offering an immersive toolkit to invigorate your online store’s engagement. It equips you with a plethora of features designed to amplify user interaction.

Diverse Design Options and User-Friendly Interface

With 13 unique designs, this plugin enables you to tailor the visual appeal of your sales notifications. From highlighting colors to background choices, you have the creative freedom to design a popup that resonates with your brand aesthetics.

Navigating the setup process is a breeze with WooCommerce Recent Sales Notification. Its hassle-free and friendly user interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to configure optimal default settings within minutes.

Display Fake and Recent Orders

For newer stores with limited data, WooCommerce Recent Sales Notification allows you to create fake orders. Generate fictitious sales from a list of customer names, addresses, and selected items, creating a vibrant and dynamic storefront.

The core functionality of this plugin revolves around showcasing recent orders. Easily select the orders you want to display, choosing from options like Complete, Processing, On hold, and others, providing real-time information to your visitors.

Customization Controls and Options

You can tailor your notifications further by controlling the display of out-of-stock products and excluding specific items. This feature empowers you to refine the information presented to your customers, ensuring relevance and engagement.

This live sales notification for WooCommerce plugin goes beyond functionality, providing extensive design customization options. From selecting highlighter colors to setting image padding and choosing notification positions, you have granular control over the visual elements of your sales notifications.

Advanced Product Detail Controls

You can refine the display of product details with features like running a single product notification, controlling which products appear on a product single page, and assigning plugin functionality to specific pages. This level of control ensures a tailored and focused user experience.

Timing and Loop Configuration

This plugin lets you fine-tune the timing of your notifications with the ability to set display times, delay times, and loop times. This feature adds precision to the appearance and frequency of your sales notifications, optimizing user engagement.

Multiple Popup Messages

This fake sales notification WordPress plugin gives you versatility by adding multiple messages to your popups. With eight shortcodes at your disposal, you can display a variety of information, fostering a dynamic and informative shopping experience for your customers.

Pricing: $19

Key Features:

  • 13 designs
  • Showcase recent orders
  • Product to exclude
  • Order status and time display
  • Fake order display
  • Geo detection of customer for fake display
  • Multiple design options
  • 8 shortcode for popup information

Conclusion: Your Choice for Live Sales Notifications for WooCommerce

In the dynamic landscape of WooCommerce plugins, each contender brings a unique flavor to the table. As we conclude our exploration, it’s evident that these live sales notification plugins serve as catalysts for customer engagement, transforming online shopping into a lively and interactive journey.

Choosing the right live sales notification plugin is akin to crafting a bespoke shopping experience. Your choice depends on the nuances of your brand and the experience you wish to deliver. The recent sales journey isn’t just about transactions; it’s about crafting a narrative that captivates, and these plugins empower you to script that story with finesse.

In this competitive digital era, live sales notifications are more than alerts—they are touchpoints for customer connection. As you delve into the realm of WooCommerce plugins, consider not just the features but the narrative they help you weave. Your choice today shapes the future of your customer interactions, creating a vibrant, responsive, and unforgettable online store experience.

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