how to make restaurant website in WordPress

The question of how to create a restaurant website with WordPress is not a complicated one to answer, but it will take some pondering. Almost everyone with a website is looking to get an edge over their competition. This is not only true but much more magnified with a restaurant website.

Your website will only provide this if it has some crucial elements and features. So, what features must a restaurant website have?

  • Fast loading speeds
  • HTML menus
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Location
  • Excellent mobile design

When managing a restaurant business, you need to think about many elements at once. You must maintain UpToDate menus and any other dynamic restaurant information. You also have to worry about the proper marketing of your business. Hopefully, you have a manager to help you run things in the actual location – if you don’t, you really do need a website.

WordPress is the perfect solution if you want to have the easiest experience creating a website with massive flexibility. It gives you a lot of tools for creating a website without necessarily having coding experience. More tools are available to make your site as user-friendly as possible.

With these tools, you will have your website up and running in no time at all. We have created this incredible guide on how to make a restaurant website with WordPress to help you get started and finish creating your website as smoothly as possible. Let’s dive in.

Follow the steps bellow to create restaurants website in WordPress:

Step 1: Choose Your Domain Name

godaddy domain search

The first step in creating a good restaurant website is selecting the perfect domain name. A domain name should describe your brand well while remaining memorable. If your business is Pablo’s Pastries, your domain name can be pablopastries or pablospastries.

The next part of creating your domain name is choosing an extension and registering it. You can go with domain registrars like Domain, Namecheap, or GoDaddy. You can also choose to register your domain name with your hosting provider. If you prefer to do it this way, Step 2 will show you how to handle hosts.

Step 2: Choose Your Web Host and Hosting Plan

hosting for restaurants website

Be careful when going for a host because the wrong choice could mean eventual losses for you. It would help if you considered the host that offers the most hosting plan options, exceptional uptime, and around-the-clock support.

The best and most popular hosts include HostGator, Bluehost, and Hostinger. Make sure that you figure out what your host offers that others don’t offer so that you’ll make an informed choice.

When choosing your preferred plan, choosing one already optimised for WordPress saves you a lot. You can still choose a plan that helps you register your domain name.

If you do that, you will receive a preinstalled WordPress account optimized for exceptional security and performance. Such a plan will typically have automatic backup services. If anything happens to your site and you lose data, you will restore it quickly.

Step 3: Choose WordPress as Your CMS

If you didn’t go with a hosting plan that offers a preinstalled WordPress version, you would need to take this step to choose WordPress as your content management system. There are a few reasons why WordPress is your best option.

WordPress is behind a third of all websites on the globe. The reason it is so popular ranges from its ease of use to the freedom of customization it affords you. With the tools it has to offer, you can have a website up and running in minutes. The best part is that you don’t need coding expertise when using WordPress.

Step 4: Choose a Restaurant WordPress Theme

You get ready elements, pages, and sections with demo variations when you purchase a theme. Since you want a restaurant theme, you will choose a theme that offers the necessary features and functions within that niche. You get that much closer to getting the best website possible when you choose the right.

We recommend going with the Panpie restaurant WordPress theme by RadiusTheme. We’ll use this theme in this piece for examples and screenshots. Here are some of the features that make this theme the best choice you can make.

Panpie - Restaurants WordPress theme

Panpie Feature Overview

When you’ve purchased a premium theme like Panpie, you will have to upload its files before activating the theme. You can do it using the theme uploader, as we’ve illustrated in our demo here.

Panpie is user-friendly because it’s based on the robust Underscores framework. It is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Its compatibility with all modern browsers and clean coding ensures that your website is easily accessible and works smoothly. Panpie has a powerful admin panel for centering your operations in one place. Since it has superb demos that are virtually complete sites and the One-Click Demo Importer, you will convert a demo into your site in seconds. You can make beautiful Restaurants food menu easily as Food Menu Pro bundle with Panpie, It is one of the best restaurant menu WordPress plugin.

Restaurants food menu

Panpie comes with many prepackaged plugins that you will have to install and activate. The plugins include the WPML translation plugin, Slider Revolution, Elementor Page Builder, Yoast SEO, etc.

However, this theme comes with some unique premium plugins at no additional cost. The Variation Swatches for WooCommerce Pro gives you more options for customizing your swatches for showcasing product swatches. The additional variation images gallery for woocommerce also adds to the value that Panpie offers.

Step 5: Demo Import and Customization of the Theme (Panpie)

You can choose to go either of two ways when it comes to importing demo content. These ways are automatic and alternative.

  1. Automatic (Recommended) is a method of importing demo content that removes all data present on your website. For this reason, it should be used only on fresh websites. It is perfect for those who want sites that are exact clones of the demo they choose in Panpie. You won’t even have to do any manual configuration after importing data. Here’s how you go about this method:
  1. Make sure that Panpie is activated on your website. If it’s not, start by activating it.
  2. Through the administrator’s menu, go to Tools 🡪 Demo Content Install. Another way to do it is going to Plugins 🡪 RT Demo Importer 🡪 Install Demo Contents.
  1. Just click on the Install button to install the demo on your current page.

The demo import process will take a while. When it’s complete, update your Permalink. You do this by navigating to Settings 🡪 Permalink and then clicking on the Save Settings button.

If you experience an issue in the demo installation process, just check out the Panpie theme demo installation video.

Step 6: Properties Setup

Some features are only specific to particular niches; however, some will be common in almost all of them. Panpie helps you manage all of them on your site. You can very straightforwardly customize the site title, favicon, global colors, site logo, typography, home and blog pages, menu, and theme options.

Panpie will let you customize many other features of your site easily. All you have to do is check out how to configure everything on the demo page. It offers step-by-step explanations and illustrations on how to handle your entire site.

Step 7: Add Images and Services and Monetize Your Site

You can then add your menus and everything that you want your site to be centered around. Panpie makes it easy to add images and text content. There are ready pages for everything, and you can insert prices and CTA buttons.

Apart from the food or beverages you’re selling; you may need to earn more from your site. Panpie allows you to add banner ads in predesigned locations so you can earn from the traffic your site gets. Still, be warned: too many ads make your site less user-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Following these steps has given you a perfect site for propelling you toward your goals. We’ve made sure that we help you save money by avoiding hiring costly coding experts and buying premium plugins that are included with Panpie. We hope you feel confident in your abilities to make use of the theme to create a perfect site. Feel free to experiment with your website customizations, see what works for you, and conquer the restaurant space.

Editorial Staff

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