How to Create a Landscaping Website in WordPress

Creating a website for a contemporary landscaping business is ideal for any business that needs more clients and an aura of legitimacy.

Everyone with a lawn or a backyard knows just how much better they are with proper landscaping, which makes landscaping a very lucrative business. However, the market is just as competitive, which necessitates meticulous planning and strategizing.

How Lucrative is a Landscaping Business Right Now?

Landscaping is all about designing beautiful structures and plants in outdoor areas to replicate natural sceneries. Gardening and landscaping are done to spaces where owners aim for specific themes or individual preferences. Small projects are often for residential spaces, while the larger ones are for governmental, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Data and projections from combining all these pools of clientele show that the 2021 landscaping market in the US alone was worth a whopping $103.6 billion! At the same time, the global 2022 market size in 2023 was $312.55 billion and is projected to reach 484.79 billion by 2030.

These encouraging numbers reflect how much demand you will have for your landscaping business. However, to get ahead of your competition, you need an online presence, starting with a landscaping website.

Why Your Landscaping Business Needs a Website?

Why Your Landscaping Business Needs a Website

If you don’t have a website for your landscaping services website, you should get ready to create one. The best part of it is that you will have a very smooth process of it because we will tell you precisely how to go about it all. Although there are many businesses that don’t market their services, your marketing needs to rely on more than word of mouth.

Consumers in need of landscaping services take to the web first to figure out which company to choose for the job. If your website isn’t on the organic search results, many potential clients will be snatched away by the competition. In fact, about 75% of all potential customers judge businesses based on the appearance of their website. This is why you need a website and a good one at that.

With the right website, your landscaping business will be among the top results when a customer searches relevant queries about landscaping services.

What Should a Good Landscaping Website Include?

What Should a Good Landscaping Website Include

For a website to serve your intended purposes, it has to check some boxes of requirements. Here are some of the must-have elements for a good landscaping website:

  1. Relevant pages

Your website must have a homepage with engaging imagery, a brief introduction to what you do, and clear navigation menus. Your portfolio page should display your projects and their descriptions with vivid before-and-after imagery. The testimonials page should feature reviews and quotes from satisfied clients, highlighting specific positive experiences. What’s more, you must have some essential pages like About Us, Services, Blogs and News, FAQs, and Contact Us.

  1. “Request a quote.”

With a simple online quoting tool, you can allow visitors to ask for a quote for the work they want help with. All they need to do is provide relevant project details.

  1. Social media integration

You should place links to your business social profiles, having connected the website to these social accounts. You can showcase a live social media feed or snippets of your social media content. All these will increase engagement.

  1. Call-to-action buttons

You should place call-to-action buttons strategically to encourage your visitors to take specific actions, such as requesting consultation and subscribing to newsletters.

  1. Terms of service and privacy policy

You should clearly outline the terms of service and your privacy policy to comply with various law requirements and inspire trust in your potential clients.

  1. Seasonal promotions

You stand a better chance of attracting new clients if you display promotions, discounts, and seasonal offers.

  1. Responsive design

The website must be optimized for mobile devices so that users can access and browse your web pages on different devices. It should also be optimized for fast loading speeds to enhance the user experience.

How Do I Market Myself as a Landscaper?

How Do I Market Myself as a Landscaper

You need to market yourself to gain more clients and revenue. Here are techniques that you can incorporate:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Leverage email marketing
  • Leverage social media hashtags
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Create engaging content

What Are the Benefits of a Landscaping Services Website?

What Are the Benefits of a Landscaping Services Website

As you create your landscaping website, you must figure out how that website is supposed to benefit you and your customers. Here are the benefits of having a website for your landscaping services:

  1. Through CTAs, customers will know what action to take

A well-designed website must have calls to action (CTAs). These are typically buttons that tell users what to do now that they have searched for your services and are on your site. Among the actions that you can instruct them to take include:

  • Schedule a consultation
  • Get a free quote
  • Explore our portfolio
  • Sign up to our newsletter
  • Follow us on social media
  • See our testimonials
  • Ask an expert
  1. Your website will explain your range of operations

The moment a new potential client lands on your website, their first instinct will be to confirm whether you truly offer what they need. If your website outlines exactly what it is you do, they will have an easy time comparing their requirements to your information.

  1. Your website can answer questions before your users ask them

A good website will have an FAQ page that presents the things that are most commonly asked about your services. You should fill that page with about 20 or so of these questions and include detailed answers that get your potential clients closer to purchasing your landscaping services.

  1. Your website makes you appear more credible

When you display your credentials, testimonials, team, and other business information, you become more trustable. Your potential clients will be inviting you to their offices and homes, so they need to feel your professionalism and trustworthiness before they do. You can also inform them of the protections of which your customers are insured as you work in case of any unforeseen accidental property damage and such.

  1. Your website displays your rates

When potential clients hop onto your website and see your rates displayed upfront, they get to judge whether your services are for them or not. What’s more, you appear more transparent and professional. The users who contact you will know the valuation of your services and won’t be shocked when you state quotes and estimates for the work they need to be done.

How Do I Create a Landscaping Business Website from Scratch?

How Do I Create a Landscaping Business Website from Scratch

In this instructive piece, we will help you create a landscaping business from scratch without demanding that you know anything about site creation. You need a few things before you truly start creating your website. However, since creating the actual website can take mere minutes, albeit with perpetual finetuning, you can think of assembling these things as part of the process. Here is the entire process, including the assembly of what you need:

  1. Choose a Domain Name

Your domain name is basically your website’s web address. Choosing a domain name requires that you have a business name and use it so your users can make the connection. You can combine it with some relevant words if possible. At the end of your chosen name, you need to select an extension, such as .com or .org, and we recommend the former.

Additionally, your domain name should be memorable and brief so that users can search it on the web from memory. It should also be simple to avoid misspellings during searching. Having taken all that advice, if your business name is something like Green Edge, your domain name could be 

Once you choose a domain name, ensure that it is available for purchase on Google Domain.

  1. Choose a Hosting Provider

A host is the storage for your site’s files. Hosting providers like HostGator and BlueHost also provide domain registration services, so you will save a trip with them. You should also consider the hosting plans that each provider offers. They should have plans that fit within your budget but also ones that offer excellent bandwidth and have top-notch customer support. You should choose a plan with good backup options so that you will never run the risk of losing your website to a crash.

  1. Choose WordPress and Greenova Landscaping WordPress Theme

Having a hosting provider like HostGator means that you have WordPress-optimized options. WordPress has many advantages, including offering top-shelf niche-centric themes like Greenova.

Why Greenova Landscaping WordPress theme?

Greenova Landscaping WordPress theme

There are many themes that you can go with, but in Greenova, you have an exceptional option for various reasons. This theme provides incredible value for money. Despite costing only $39, it comes with different addons and plugins, such as the $45 WPBakery Page Builder and $26 Layer Slider 6.

The two plugins also enhance your customization experience. You also get to work with a Greenova Child Theme, which means that you can save customized versions of Greenova. You can work with the precise colors of your brand with the theme’s unlimited color combinations too. The powerful admin panel by Redux gives you incredible customization freedom too.

With Greenova, you don’t have to create a single page or element layout from scratch. You can get started with any of the 14 homepages it offers with one and multipage versions. The theme avails many About, Portfolio, Service, Case Studies, Testimonials, and Post Slider layouts. You can also choose between grid, slider, isotope, and carousel slider layout options for most of these layouts.

Greenova offers so much more, so you can create a gorgeous website with all the relevant features.

Install Greenova

To have a Greenova website, all you need to do is upload the theme files and activate the theme itself. Here are the two possible upload methods:

  1. FTP: With your FTP client, upload the unzipped theme folder into the /wp-content/themes/ folder on your server.
  2. WordPress: Go to Appearance 🡪 Themes 🡪 Add New 🡪 Upload. Click on Browse and choose the zipped theme folder. Click on Install Now to upload and install.

To install your preferred site demo and perform other operations with Greenova, just confirm the procedure on the theme’s detailed online documentation.

  1. Edit Pages and Add Images and Content

The next step is choosing your preferred page variations from Greenova’s options. The theme has many relevant and high-quality images; however, you can add some of your own as you add content to your pages.


It is that easy! Following these instructions to the letter will get you a better website than you could have ever dreamed of. We wish you all the best as you take your landscaping business to the next level. 

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