How to Make a Team Page on WordPress

The Team Page is one of the most important pages for fostering trust and credibility with your website.

A WordPress team page is one of the most standard pages on websites belonging to different organizations. Some call it Meet the Team while others label it Our Team, but they are all the same thing. Those who land on this page may be curious about who is behind a particular project, institution, or company.

It adds a personable aura to your website and makes your website and organization appear more authentic. A team page contributes to the overall experience that most users will have on your website, and 88% of users won’t return to a website after a negative experience.

The problem most people face is creating the actual page when using WordPress. They may not know where to start because they lack experience with content management systems and coding. However, they’d be surprised to find out that you don’t need any coding skills and you may not even need to spend a single cent sometimes. In this piece, we’ll show you how to add that team page to your site without hiring a coding expert.

Why Do You Need a Team Page on Your Website?

Why Do You Need a Team Page on Your Website

A good team page on your website brings you different benefits. These include:

  1. Making your brand personable: A team page adds a human touch to your brand. Displaying the people you work with makes your business or organization feel more personable and approachable.
  2. Fostering trust and credibility: When you showcase the team, your audience views you and your work as more trustworthy. You are essentially introducing yourselves to the experts and individuals behind your success.
  3. Enhancing transparency: Displaying your team removes any lingering doubts about the openness and honesty in your practices. Your visitors will always appreciate knowing who they are getting into business with and their qualifications.
  4. Boosting team morale: When you display your team proudly, all your members feel appreciated. Working with people who have a sense of belonging will give you better results than if they felt under-appreciated.
  5. Displaying team culture: A team page showcases the personality and ethos of your organization. Everyone can trace the community culture and values of your brand, which will make it easier for them to align with your brand.
  6. Highlighting expertise: Since you hired each team member for a professional reason, your team page presents an opportunity to prove it. You get to showcase the unique skills, experience, and expertise of your professionals.
  7. Attracting talent: Potential employees often go to team pages in an effort to gauge the company culture and qualification levels necessary. A professional and vibrant team page can be a great tool for getting excellent team members.

Two of the Best Meet the Team Page Examples

You may have come across some bland and uninspiring team pages. However, if you are to reap all the benefits that a good team page offers, you have to aim for better. Your team page has to be different. Here are some excellent meet-the-team page examples that can give you some inspiration before you start creating your own:


We will kick off with a simple one – Bolden. This team page is labeled as their About page and presents the team’s bios with mid-sized images that move to the left on a carousel. They aren’t touch-enabled, but hovering on each member’s image prompts the display of a darker photo of them in a darker outfit.

Below the image, you have the name of the team member and their designation. The members have no details or descriptions beyond the image, name, and designation. It is a minimal way of presenting your team beautifully without going over the top.

Digital Marmalade

Digital Marmalade has an incredibly creative and fun approach to the introduction of its team members. Each member has their photograph and a cartoon superhero avatar as their identity. As you scroll down, you encounter a slider with a timeline of the major company developments, including its inception, merger, achievements, and added clients.

However, along with all these highlights, your attention is drawn to the year all team members joined. Rather than have their images, we see their superhero avatars. This is a stroke of genius because their team members are recognized as crucial to the operation, equal to all other crucial highlights.

But Digital Marmalade doesn’t stop there, they then introduce the team with more detail a little lower on the page with an intro of Meet the Marmalade superheroes cooking up a storm. Each team member has a card whose profile image flips between three images: one of them as a child, another of them as they are now, and the last one as their superhero avatar.

Below the image is their name and superpower (designation) along with their years in the industry and years at the company. Below that, you have a listing of their areas of expertise, dubbed their Secret Weapons on which each gets a rating out of 100. The comical touch here is in the last of the areas of expertise Coffee Making.

Digital Marmalade has a team page that works better than most because they manage to make it comical, lighthearted, informative, and personable while making their team members feel special. 

How Do You Create a Team Page in WordPress?

How Do You Create a Team Page in WordPress

Creating a team page on your WordPress website is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. You will have a hand from helpers like page builders and shortcodes. However, the greatest help comes in the form of team page plugins. In the tutorial we have for you, we will choose the best WordPress team page plugin, Team by RadiusTheme. It comes with a free version as well as a premium one.

The Plugin for Creating Your Team Page

Apart from its lightweight, fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and developer-friendly nature, it comes with some specific features and elements that make it special. Team enables you to display your team members in different layouts that free you to be creative. Among them are 5 grid and isotope layouts.

This plugin facilitates ordering team showcase using a drag & drop function. Since large images slow down websites, you should use Team’s image size controls to limit the sizes of all images. You can choose the style and colors of your team display. With this plugin, you can also display team members by department or individual, while effecting different filter options per member.

The WordPress Team plugin comes with the capabilities of the Slider and Showcase plugins so that you can customize your displays for unique results. It also offers a shortcode generator and Elementor widget, which make it easy to control your layouts. You can control all fields, including team member names, images, social links, short bios, detailed bios, and positions.

Step by Step Instructions for Creating a Team Page

Step by Step Instructions for Creating a Team Page

Step 1: Install Plugin

  1. On your WordPress admin dashboard, click on Plugins 🡪 Add New.
  2. On the search bar in your top right-hand corner, type in Team by RadiusTheme and search.
  3. On the plugin that reads Team – WordPress Team Members Showcase Plugin, click on Install Now then Activate.

On the admin dashboard panel to the left, you will see it appear as Team with different options below it.

Step 2: Configure Settings

Click on the Settings option below Team on your admin panel.

On the dropdown menu for Conditional Scripts Loading under General Settings, choose the method for loading the team section. You will see three options, which include Load Only Elementor Scripts, Load Only Shortcode Scripts, and Load All Scripts (Both Elementor and Shortcode).

You can look at the detailed documentation to know how to add members and their details. It is very easy and straightforward.

Step 3: Configure Layout

  1. Choose a layout type from the options available. The free version has 6 layout styles, while the premium version has more than 50 more layout styles.
  2. Choose the number of columns to display based on different devices.
  3. If you’re using the premium version, choose the filters you want to have, including sorting order, search filter, and filter.
  4. Switch pagination on or off.
  5. Enable or disable the feature image.
  6. Choose the round or normal style for image display.
  7. Set the exact image size you want.
  8. Set the word limit on the short description.
  9. Toggle the link to the detail page on or off.

Step 4: Filter

  1. To only display some members, choose them in the Include Only section.
  2. To hide some members, select them in the Exclude section.
  3. Choose the departments you want to filter
  4. The PRO plugin version lets you choose the designations you want to filter.
  5. With the PRO plugin, you can choose the Taxonomy Relation option so that you can choose one or more taxonomies like skill, department, and designation.
  6. Choose whether to order by ascending or descending order and if you want to order them by name.

Step 5: Select Fields

Check the fields that you want to display, with options including name, designation, location, social link, mobile, telephone, email, web URL, fax, and short biography.

Step 6: Style the Display

  1. Choose the parent class you want to use to add custom CSS coding.
  2. Choose the primary color for displaying team members.
  3. Choose the colors for the active background, border, hover background, hover text, text, and button background.
  4. Choose the font along with its color, hover color, weight, size, and alignment.
  5. Select the background color of the social icon.
  6. Prompt the shortcode in the page or post you want using the Gutenberg or Elementor addon. Alternatively, you can just copy and paste the shortcode onto the page.

That’s all you need to do and you have a team page that you can then customize as much as you like.


There is your step-by-step guide to creating the most beautiful and captivating team page on WordPress. You are now conversant with how to bring your team to the for with elegance. Remember that this page is meant to build credibility and transparency rather than just showcase your talented team and add a human touch to your site.

Go ahead and implement these simple steps on your site. All the best as you take the next step in furthering your brand in the right direction.

Editorial Staff

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