WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugins

Let’s take a deep dive into the features and prices of the crème de la crème of WooCommerce pre-order plugins. 

One strategy that has proven to be exceptionally effective in enhancing the performance of WooCommerce stores is the integration of the WooCommerce pre-order function. These ingenious tools are designed to revolutionize the way you sell products, giving you a dynamic edge in the market.

WooCommerce pre-order plugins are digital instruments that can be seamlessly integrated into your WooCommerce-powered online store. They serve a unique purpose – to enable your customers to place orders for products that are yet to be officially released or restocked. This innovative approach to online sales empowers both businesses and consumers in several compelling ways.

Why Use WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugins?

  • Boosting customer engagement and anticipation
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Improved cash flow with upfront payments
  • Enhanced customer loyalty

In this article, we’ll showcase 8 of the best WooCommerce pre-order plugins, each with its unique set of features and advantages. Whether you’re looking to streamline inventory management, boost your cash flow, or engage your customers in exciting ways, these plugins are your gateway to e-commerce excellence.

Best WooCommerce Pre order plugin listed bellow

  1. Pre-Orders for WooCommerce
  2. Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce
  3. YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce
  4. SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders
  5. WordPress WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin
  6. WooCommerce Pre-Order
  7. WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales Bulk Discount and Time Counter
  8. WooCommerce Pre-Sale Time Offers & Expiring System (WCPS)

Pre-Orders for WooCommerce

Pre-Orders for WooCommerce

Pre-Orders for WooCommerce is an exceptional pre-order plugin for WooCommerce with many free and premium features.

Button Customization and Product Marking

With Pre-Orders for WooCommerce, you have the freedom to customize the “Add to Cart” button text. This simple yet effective feature allows you to tailor your pre-order shopping experience to match your brand’s unique tone and messaging. It also simplifies inventory management by automatically making pre-order products available as soon as the pre-order period ends.

Product Pre-Order Status and Release Dates

Whether you’re dealing with simple or variable products, this plugin provides you with the means to establish a “pre-order” status seamlessly. This empowers you to clearly distinguish pre-order items from regularly available products, simplifying the shopping process for your customers. Pre-Orders for WooCommerce also enables you to control the release date of pre-order products by specifying when they will become available.

Pre-Order Management with Notifications (PRO)

The premium version of the plugin offers a dedicated section, “Pre-Orders,” where you can efficiently manage all your pre-order products. This central hub streamlines the process and makes it easier to keep an eye on your pre-order inventory. You can keep both customers and website admins in the loop with email notifications. Users receive alerts when pre-order periods end, and products become fully available, while admins can be notified a specified number of days before the pre-order end date.

Pre-Order Products Price and Status Management (PRO)

Pre-Orders for WooCommerce lets you customize single product prices during the pre-order period using fixed prices, percentages, or markup on the base price. This versatility allows you to adapt your pricing strategy to suit your business needs. You may apply the “pre-order” status to multiple products at once using WordPress bulk actions grouped by category. That way, you simplify large-scale pre-order management, saving you time and effort.

Filters and Shipping Cost Unification (PRO)

With this premium plugin, you can filter all orders that include products ordered during the “pre-order” phase. This function makes it easy to track and manage orders for your pre-order items. What’s more, you have the chance for added transparency and customer satisfaction if you unify shipping costs for pre-orders and regularly available products.

Pricing: Free version and premium version at $99

Feature Highlights:

  • Customizable Add to Cart button
  • Choose a date for the availability of pre-order
  • Prevent mixing of pre-orders with available items in the cart
  • Special pre-order management section (PRO)
  • Filter all orders with products with pre-ordered products (PRO)
  • Change product stock after pre-order expiry (PRO)
  • Fixed payment gateways for pre-orders (PRO)

Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce

Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce

Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce is an exceptional plugin for pre-order management on any WooCommerce website.

Flexible Date and Time Options

Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce offers a feature-rich approach to your pre-order strategy, allowing you to set an optional date and time for your pre-order products. This advanced feature provides you with the precision to unveil product availability, ensuring your customers are well-informed and eagerly anticipating their upcoming purchases.

Customized Pricing for Pre-Orders

One of the standout features of this plugin is the ability to customize pre-order prices for your products. You can set specific prices for these items, adjust prices by a fixed amount, or apply percentage-based changes. This level of flexibility accommodates various pricing strategies, giving you the freedom to align your offerings with your business goals.

Tailored Shopping Experience with Button Customization

Effective e-commerce involves customization, and Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce delivers just that. It enables you to personalize the text displayed on the “Add to Cart” button, empowering you to craft a branded and engaging environment that resonates with your customers.

Effective Communication and Visibility

This plugin takes clarity and communication seriously. You have the ability to customize the text displayed when pre-order products lack an availability date and time, as well as tailor messages for products that do have availability details. This ensures that your customers remain consistently well-informed about the status of their desired items, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Design Versatility for Pre-Order Buttons

Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce goes the extra mile by offering design options for pre-order buttons on the single product page, shop page, and cart page. This design freedom allows you to make your pre-order buttons visually appealing and strategically positioned, further enhancing the customer journey on your online store.

Efficient Product and Order Management

The utility of Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce extends beyond the customer-facing features. It simplifies the management of pre-order products by allowing you to filter products with the pre-order status on the WooCommerce Product Admin Page. Moreover, it introduces a Pre-order date column, offering a quick reference point for efficient product management.

The plugin also enhances order management by adding a Pre-order product column to the WooCommerce Order Admin Page, further streamlining your operational efficiency. With these extensive features, Product Pre-Orders for WooCommerce elevates your e-commerce experience, offering a wealth of customization options and improved visibility for your pre-order products.

Pricing: 100% free

Feature Highlights:

  • Optional date and time setting for pre-order products
  • Customizable Add to Cart button text
  • Custom pre-order product prices
  • Various pre-order buttons per page
  • Variable and simple product support
  • Easy filtering of pre-order products
  • Show pre-order products in emails

YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce

YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce

Coming from a reputable plugin and theme creator, YITH is a very impressive example of one of the best WooCommerce pre-order plugins.

Enabling and Disabling Pre-Order Mode

YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce presents a range of options for turning the pre-order mode on and off, giving you maximum control. You can manually activate the pre-order mode for specific products, allowing you to curate your pre-order offerings. Moreover, you have the option to end the pre-order mode without setting a specific availability or release date.

With YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce, you can schedule an availability date and time by selecting a date from the calendar, ensuring that your customers know precisely when to expect their pre-ordered items. The plugin streamlines the process by automatically removing the pre-order mode when the set availability or release date is reached, making management a breeze.

Versatile Pre-Order Pricing

The plugin offers a variety of pre-order pricing options to align with your business strategy. You can choose to use the default product price for pre-orders, keeping it simple and straightforward. Alternatively, you have the freedom to set a different fixed price for products in pre-order mode, accommodating product-specific pricing strategies. Additionally, you can opt to set discounts or price increases during the pre-order period, allowing you to experiment with different pricing models and strategies for maximum leverage.

Efficient Pre-Order Payments

YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce streamlines the payment process for pre-orders, giving you multiple payment options. You can charge customers upfront when they pre-order a product, ensuring that you receive revenue immediately. This feature aligns with various business models and financial strategies, offering versatility for your pre-order sales.

Effective Email Notifications

The plugin ensures that communication remains smooth and efficient for both customers and administrators. When a user purchases a pre-order product, the admin receives an email notification, keeping you informed of every pre-order transaction. Simultaneously, customers receive confirmation emails, assuring them that their pre-order has been successfully placed, reinforcing trust and satisfaction.

Tailored Customization

YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce allows you to tailor the pre-order experience for your customers. You can display custom messages on products in pre-order mode, offering additional information or incentives. The autonomy extends to the pre-order button label, which you can customize to match your brand’s voice and style. Moreover, you can customize the price style to enhance the visual appeal of your pre-order offerings.

Premium Version Enhancements

In the premium version, YITH Pre-Order for WooCommerce takes your pre-order management to the next level. It allows you to schedule the pre-order mode for specific products, providing you with even more control and precision. You can set a specific interval for the product to become available after the user pre-orders it, ensuring a smooth and coordinated release process.

What’s more, the premium version offers global and product-specific fee options, allowing you to tailor fees to your specific product offerings. If your business model requires it, you can also automatically charge pre-orders upon release, provided you have a supported payment gateway, further enhancing your financial management and revenue stream.

Pricing: Free version and premium version at $136.51

Feature Highlights:

  • Availability date settings from the calendar
  • Application of default product price for pre-orders
  • Product price discounts and increase in the pre-order period
  • Upfront pre-order charging
  • Customization of price styles and pre-order button label
  • Pre-order confirmation email to the customer
  • Schedule pre-order mode in particular products (PRO)
  • Automatic charging of pre-orders on release (PRO)

SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders

SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders

SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders is a top-notch WooCommerce pre-order plugin that enables your website to avail products to users for prior ordering before they’re actually available.

Enabling and Configuring Pre-Orders

SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders is a versatile tool that allows you to enable the pre-order mode for specific products manually, offering complete control over your pre-order strategy. It lets you configure the product release date and time, ensuring your customers know when to expect their pre-ordered items.

Various Pricing Options

The plugin offers diverse pricing options for pre-order products. You can set a different fixed price, apply discounts, or increase the product price during the pre-order period. It even allows you to strike out the regular price and display the pre-order price, enhancing transparency.

Payment Flexibility

SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders caters to varying payment preferences. Customers can choose to pay upfront when placing a pre-order or opt for payment upon product release. The plugin also sends payment invoice reminders to users who select the “Pay on Release” option, ensuring smooth transactions.

Effective Communication and Customer Control

Enhance communication with customers through a countdown timer that displays the product release date for pre-order items. The plugin provides email notifications to both site administrators and customers, covering product releases, invoice completion, pre-order cancellations, and more. It also offers the possibility to set maximum order quantities for pre-order products and allows customers to cancel their pre-orders as needed.

Versatile Product Compatibility

SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders seamlessly integrates with both simple and variable products, accommodating a wide range of e-commerce scenarios. It also provides a master log to record pre-order transactions, offering a comprehensive view of pre-order activity for efficient management.

Enhanced User Experience and Compatibility

Customers can easily access and manage their pre-orders through their user accounts, ensuring they have a convenient and updated view of their pre-order status. The plugin is highly customizable, making it adaptable to your specific business needs. It is also compatible with SUMO Payment Plans and SUMO Memberships, extending its capabilities to accommodate subscription and membership-based pre-order strategies.

Pricing: $39

Feature Highlights:

  • Countdown timer for release date
  • Set maximum quantity option
  • Master log for all pre-order transactions
  • Email notifications
  • Users can cancel an order anytime before the release date
  • Send invoice for payment option
  • Show pre-order price and strike regular price
  • Translation-ready and WPML compatible

WordPress WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Pre-Order is a comprehensive pre-order plugin with many exciting features for online shops.

Compatibility with All Product Types

One of the standout features of WordPress WooCommerce Pre-Order is its ability to seamlessly integrate with all product types, making it a versatile addition to your e-commerce toolkit. Whether you’re dealing with Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Grouped, or Variable products, this module ensures a consistent and adaptable pre-order strategy.

Empowering Customers to Order Out-of-Stock Products

With this plugin, customers gain the power to place orders for products that are currently out of stock. This caters to their needs and preferences, enhancing the shopping experience and encouraging early commitment.

Admin Control Over Pre-Order Status and Availability Date

The admin holds the reins in setting the pre-order status and availability date for products. This feature ensures precise product release planning, aligning with your business goals and customer expectations.

Flexible Payment and Email Options

WordPress WooCommerce Pre-Order offers comprehensive options in payment and email management. The admin can set a custom amount to be paid for pre-ordered products, aligning with different pricing models. The choice of payment methods is in the admin’s hands, with options to set the add pre-order product permission as automatic, manual, or both.

Email notifications can be configured as well. The admin can choose to set them as automatic, manual, or both, enhancing communication with customers. Additionally, dynamic text can be added to the pre-order button and custom messages to the pre-order product page, allowing for tailored and informative customer interactions.

Admin Control Over Email Reminders

The admin has the choice to turn pre-order reminder emails on or off to all customers, ensuring that the email communication strategy aligns with your business objectives. This control extends to pre-order In-Stock reminder emails, offering comprehensive control over customer notifications.

WordPress WooCommerce Pre-Order empowers both customers and administrators with a wide range of features to enhance the pre-order experience. It offers compatibility with all product types, different payment options, and advanced email communication, making it a comprehensive addition to your WooCommerce-powered online store.

Pricing: $39

Feature Highlights:

  • Pre-order availability date and status settings
  • Support for all product types
  • Manual and automatic email notification options
  • Custom text on pre-order button
  • Custom message on pre-order product page
  • Ordering out of stock products
  • Custom price for pre-ordered products
  • Restrict any payment gateways for pre-ordering

WooCommerce Pre-Order

WooCommerce Pre-Order

WooCommerce Pre-Orders places the reins firmly in the hands of administrators. They have the capability to enable or disable the module functionality, offering complete control over the pre-order system’s operation. Administrators can also fine-tune the payment process by restricting specific payment gateways for purchasing pre-orders, tailoring the shopping experience to their exact requirements. Additionally, the ability to turn shipping for pre-orders on or off ensures a seamless order fulfillment process.

Tailored Front-End Experience

The plugin extends customization to the front end, with administrators being able to enter dynamic text for the ‘PreOrder’ button, allowing for branded and engaging customer interactions. This personal touch enhances the overall shopping experience, making it more inviting and informative.

Countdown Customization

The plugin goes a step further by enabling administrators to enable or disable the countdown for any pre-order product. Moreover, administrators can select different countdown styles for different pre-order products, allowing for diverse visual representations that match your brand and product offerings.

Detailed Customer Experience

Customers gain a comprehensive insight into pre-order products right from the store. They can view the pre-order price, stock availability, availability date, and countdown for each pre-order item. The plugin ensures that stocks are reserved for customers who have pre-ordered products, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

User-Friendly Account Management

Customers can easily manage their pre-orders through their My Account page. They can access information about their pre-order products and view the remaining payment needed. This user-friendly approach ensures that customers have a clear overview of their pre-order status and payments.

Guest User Support

The plugin extends its functionality to guest users, allowing them to access essential details about pre-order products, such as price, stock availability, availability date, and countdown. This inclusivity ensures a seamless shopping experience for all users, whether registered or not.

Multilingual Support and WooCommerce Email Templates

WooCommerce Pre-Orders embraces a multilingual approach, offering support through the provided .pot file in the plugin. This feature ensures that your pre-order system can cater to a global audience with diverse language preferences. The plugin also supports WooCommerce Email Templates, enhancing the consistency and professionalism of email notifications.

Pricing: $45

Feature Highlights:

  • My Account page display of pre-orders
  • Preservation of stocks for pre-ordered customers
  • Enable and disable the pre-order module
  • Payment gateway restriction
  • Dynamic text on the pre-order button
  • Partial and full payment of pre-orders
  • Automatic emails when the product is available
  • Premade WooCommerce email templates

WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales Bulk Discount and Time Counter

WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales Bulk Discount and Time Counter

WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales, Bulk Discount & Time Counter boasts an excellent feature list as long as its name.

Administrative Control and Customization

Administrators have complete control over the Pre-Order product option, including enabling or disabling it and customizing Pre-Order prices for products. This flexibility ensures that your pre-order offerings align with your business strategy and cater to customer preferences. You can also define discounts for Pre-Order products, offering both Fixed and Percentage discount options, providing added value to your customers, and encouraging early commitments.

Product Versatility and Availability Planning

The plugin is versatile, accommodating both Simple and Variable products. It allows administrators to set optional dates and times for when pre-order products become available. This precision ensures customers are well-informed about the availability of their pre-ordered items, enhancing the shopping experience.

Customer Transparency and Control

Customers gain access to a list of all Pre-Order products, ensuring transparency and choice. Administrators can set minimum and maximum quantity limits for Pre-Order products, facilitating efficient inventory management and catering to customer demand.

Effortless Pre-Order Status Management

The plugin simplifies the management of Pre-Order status for administrators. You can easily remove the Pre-Order status from all products in your shop with a simple setting, streamlining the transition between pre-order and regular product availability. It also offers automation, automatically removing Pre-Order status when the specified date has passed and adding it when a product is out of stock, ensuring customers are well-informed about product availability.

Informative Labeling and Customization

Customers can readily access information about the availability date of Pre-Order products. The plugin ensures a clear and informative shopping experience, enhancing customer satisfaction. It also offers labeling for products when a time counter is not set for Pre-Order items and full customization options for buttons on both shop and single product pages, ensuring consistency and clarity in the user interface.

Complete Customization

WooCommerce Pre-Order Sales Bulk Discount & Time Counter takes customization to the next level. Administrators have full control over inquiry forms, custom logo uploads, text, colors, and more. This comprehensive customization ensures that the pre-order system aligns with your brand’s identity and customer expectations. This streamlined structure provides a clear and concise overview of the key features offered by the plugin, making it easier for your readers to grasp the capabilities of this comprehensive WooCommerce pre-order solution.

Pricing: $29

Feature Highlights:

  • Simple and variable product support
  • Easily turn the pre-order option on and off
  • Schedule timer for pre-order production
  • Percentage and fixed discount options
  • Automatically add pre-orders to out-of-stock products
  • Set minimum and maximum number of pre-order products
  • Set possible available dates for products
  • Custom colors, text, and logo upload

WooCommerce Pre-Sale Time Offers & Expiring System (WCPS)

WCPS is a top-tier WooCommerce pre-order plugin with an unbelievable combination of low pricing and a wealth of features.

Effortless Pre-Sale Assignment

WCPS streamlines the process of assigning pre-sale status to products or categories, providing administrators with a hassle-free way to create anticipation and buzz around their offerings. This feature empowers your e-commerce strategy by allowing you to strategically select which products or categories will benefit from a pre-sale period.

Strategic Time-Limited Offers

The plugin offers a time-limited offer period to products or categories, a powerful tool for creating urgency and driving sales. Administrators can set custom prices during these time periods, strategically modifying product costs to entice customers. Moreover, the option to set role restrictions ensures that you can tailor your offers to different customer segments, maximizing their appeal.

Seamless Post-Checkout Experience

WCPS goes a step further by allowing administrators to assign a special order status after checkout. This feature ensures that customers receive the appropriate confirmation and updates regarding their pre-sale purchases, enhancing post-checkout communication.

Dynamic End Period Strategies

The plugin offers dynamic end-period strategies, allowing administrators to determine when the pre-sale period ends. Whether it’s based on a total sales threshold, a specific date, or other criteria, this feature ensures flexibility and precision in product availability planning.

Engaging Countdown Timers and Purchase Limits

Countdown timers add to the excitement by displaying the time remaining until the start and expiry of a pre-sale period. Customers can easily track the availability of their desired products. Additionally, administrators can set maximum purchase limits per order and per customer, ensuring fair access and efficient inventory management.

Streamlined Administrative Tools

The plugin provides a bulk periods editor, simplifying the management of pre-sale periods for administrators. This tool allows for efficient adjustments and updates to your pre-sale strategy, ensuring a streamlined approach to pre-sale management.

Customized Messages and Visual Enhancements

WCPS offers complete customization with options for custom messages, custom “Add to Cart” labels, and countdown timers. These visual enhancements ensure that your pre-sale products are presented in a way that aligns with your brand identity and captures customer attention. Additionally, the current sales progress bar provides customers with a clear view of the product’s popularity and availability.

Pricing: $18

Feature Highlights:

  • Versatile end-of-period strategy
  • Robust deposit system
  • Bulk periods editor
  • Countdown timers
  • Flexible expiring date and strategies
  • Custom price assignment and role restrictions
  • Limit maximum pre-order products per order or per customer

Conclusion: Choosing a WooCommerce Pre-Order Plugin

Summarily, WooCommerce pre-order plugins offer a versatile and strategic approach to boost your e-commerce business. They empower administrators with dynamic features for product management, pricing, and customer engagement. Whether it’s creating anticipation for new products or harnessing the power of time-limited offers, these tools provide the flexibility to tailor your pre-sale strategy to your unique business goals.

These plugins offer clear communication with countdown timers, custom messages, and labeling, ensuring customers are well-informed and enticed to make purchases. They also enhance post-checkout experiences by providing special order statuses for efficient and transparent customer communication.

Pre-sale strategies have become a vital part of modern e-commerce, and these plugins are a crucial addition to any online store. They enable you to create urgency, increase sales, and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers. With their robust features and user-friendly interfaces, WooCommerce pre-order plugins are invaluable tools for staying ahead in the competitive world of online retail.

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