Best Coming Soon WordPress Plugin

Are you looking to work with a coming soon WordPress plugin and need help choosing one? In this piece, we will lay out some plugins for you to compare. We will also give you tips on their use, including enabling and disabling your site’s maintenance mode.

The first issue in creating a coming soon page for your website is the time you have to spend on it. There are shrewd ways of using your coming soon page and a properly constructed one will enhance the user experience. The contrary is true as well. However, you only need to work with the right plugin, and all these problems are solved instantly.

The next issue involves choosing the best maintenance mode WordPress plugin from the hundreds of them out there. You can stumble upon plugins that will bring about compatibility issues with your theme, hence jeopardizing your entire site. What’s more, the plugin you choose should have regular updates for fixing bugs and adding new features.

We’ve created this website for this reason: to narrow down your search to the crème de la crème in the realm of these plugins. The selection we made only consists of free ones, so you won’t spend a dime. Let’s take a look at the best coming soon WordPress plugin for you.

Why Put Your WordPress Website into Maintenance Mode?

Why Put Your WordPress Website into Maintenance Mode

A maintenance mode WordPress plugin (also known as a coming soon WordPress plugin) enables you to create a temporary coming soon page on your entire website or specific pages. It can be a placeholder for your pages or website as you make changes to them or a tease for the release of new features, content, products, or a relaunched website.

You may also want to have a coming soon page on your website for various reasons, including:

  • Building anticipation
  • Professional presentation
  • Lead collection
  • Reduce security risks
  • Avoiding displaying unfinished pages
  • SEO performance
  • Testing and polishing time
  • Branding and professionalism

A coming soon page is a strategic tool for enhancing your site’s performance. Let’s look at how you activate the maintenance mode of your website.

How to Set Up WordPress Maintenance Mode Using LightStart Plugin in 3 Steps

How to Set Up WordPress Maintenance Mode Using LightStart Plugin in 3 Steps

The latest versions of LightStart take advantage of Gutenberg, the default block editor of WordPress. This makes it easy for you to customize your coming soon pages. Here is how to use the plugin to set up your WordPress maintenance mode.

Step 1: Install and Activate the LightStart Plugin

LightStart is a free plugin and as you would for all free plugins, go to your admin dashboard.

  1. Go to Plugins 🡪 Add New. In the search box on the top right corner of your site, type and search for LightStart.
  2. Click on Install Now and then Activate the plugin that reads LightStart and By Themeisle.

You now have the plugin active on your site.

Step 2: Choose a Template

This plugin comes with several premade templates for a maintenance mode page. All you need to do is choose one template and get going. However, if you want to create yours from scratch, you will still have a good experience.

Next is choosing whether you want a Coming Soon, Maintenance Mode, or Landing page. Once you’ve chosen Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode, click on the blue button at the bottom that reads Continue. The next screen will prompt you to register the email you want to use for receiving updates and notifications regarding the page. You can sign up or skip it for the time being.

Step 3: Customization of the Maintenance Mode Page

Customization of the Maintenance Mode Page

By this point, the maintenance mode page is ready and the plugin will tell you that. If you click on the View Page button, you will get to view the appearance of your page while the Go to Settings button shows you the settings. The View Page button will give you an interface on which you can customize the page.

You’ll realize that the plugin is wired perfectly for the Gutenberg block builder. To add the social media icons with links to your socials, all you need to do is click on the icons that you will see on the Maintenance Mode page and paste the URLs to your social pages. If you don’t want the icons, you can remove them.

Keeping the form at the bottom of the page enables your visitors to communicate with you. What’s more, if yours is a WooCommerce shop, you can receive orders using the same form. You can use the blocks available to customize other aspects of your page.

Once you’re done with your edits, click on the Update button on the top right corner of your screen to save your changes. You can now see that your WordPress maintenance mode is on.

How to Disable the Maintenance Mode on Your WordPress Website (In LightStart)

You can disable the maintenance mode of your website by merely logging into your WordPress admin dashboard and finding the ready notification on the top of your screen. If you don’t see the notification, you must deactivate the maintenance mode via the settings. Just go to Settings 🡪 LightStart and click on the General tab. Under the Status, click Deactivate to turn off the maintenance mode.

How to Disable the Maintenance Mode

10 Best Free Coming Soon WordPress Plugins

There are hundreds of plugins that you can go with to create Coming Soon pages. However, the best include the following 10, which we’ve picked for your pleasure.



LightStart is a stellar maintenance mode WordPress plugin that works perfectly with any theme. The plugin has Coming Soon and Landing Page templates as well. It is fully customizable with Gutenberg, so you can change the text, colors, and backgrounds using the block builder. The subscription form it comes with is flexible and lets you export emails to .csv files.

One of the most interesting features of LightStart is its countdown timer, which shows the time remaining for the page to give way to the regular pages and website. Its templates come with ready social media icons that let visitors get in touch easily. The GDPR readiness of this plugin keeps you compliant with the necessary data regulations.

Apart from the SEO benefits of having a coming soon page, you have more SEO options to work with from LightStart. Its fully responsive nature ensures that all templates look gorgeous on all device screens. If you’re working with multiple websites, the plugin’s WordPress multisite compatibility will make it easy for you. The icing on the cake is LightStart’s bot functionality for collecting emails in a friendly and efficient way.

Feature Highlights

  • Compatible with all themes
  • Ready-to-use Gutenberg blocks
  • Ready contact form
  • 3 premade templates
  • Countdown timer
  • Fully customizable
  • WordPress multisite
  • Bot email collection
  • GDPR ready
  • Social media icons

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode by WP Hait

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode by WP Hait

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode and Under Construction is an excellent plugin with a responsive design that will adapt to any device screen. All the sections its demos bring are fully editable from its options panel. What’s more, you can turn any section on or off. The plugin comes with over 300 Google fonts and font icons to give you some freedom in branding and beautifying your coming soon page.

The elegance this maintenance mode WordPress plugin boasts shows in the animated coming soon text messages it offers. Additionally, the countdown timer plays the dual roles of drawing attention and encouraging the patience of visitors. You also get a background slider with pattern overlay and opacity along with 16 animations for the slider. The solid color background option is for anyone who doesn’t want the panache of the slider.

With the previews of this plugin, you don’t have to go to another browser or device to see the previews of your coming soon page. You also have an inbuilt subscription form with which you remain active in engaging visitors. This best coming soon WordPress plugin allows you to add MailChimp or any other signup forms to the coming soon page. The translation options you get are excellent for multilingual sites. The plugin also adds a coming soon notification bar to your admin interface.

Feature Highlights

  • Countdown timer
  • 300+ Google fonts
  • Live preview
  • Background slider with overlay, opacity, and 16 animations
  • Inbuilt subscription form
  • Coming soon admin bar notification
  • 10+ premade themes (PRO)
  • Additional background mode (PRO)
  • GDPR checkbox in subscription (PRO)

Landing Page Builder by PluginOps

Landing Page Builder by PluginOps

Landing Page Builder is an outstanding maintenance mode WordPress plugin that enables you to create responsive landing pages and coming soon or under construction pages. It enables you to create elegant pages in a matter of minutes. In its quest to be beginner-friendly, this plugin offers all the content elements you need and is compatible with WordPress’s default block editor, Gutenberg. The premade templates it offers help you start customization in a single click.

The free widgets that come with Landing Page Builder make it easy to create your dream designs. You also receive a free form builder widget that enables you to collect form submissions with contact information. You can save leads using the inbuilt form or whichever form you want to use. Landing Page Builder lets you add your forms using shortcode. Due to its use of very few scripts and a fast template engine, this plugin ensures that your pages are at peak performance.

Landing Page Builder is highly compatible with all well-coded WordPress themes. Its proper utilization of page metadata, thumbnail images, and OG data makes the pages it creates highly SEO-friendly. Since this best coming soon WordPress plugin has an inbuilt analytics tool, you will always be informed on page clicks, views, and conversions. You have the option to create page versions for multiple device variations for maximum page responsiveness.

Feature Highlights

  • User-friendly layout builder
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Optin form
  • Optin popups
  • Live form builder
  • Google fonts
  • Predesigned page templates
  • Excellent SEO
  • Lightweight

Coming Soon Maintenance Mode by A WP Life

Coming Soon Maintenance Mode by A WP Life

Coming Soon Maintenance Mode is one of the best coming soon WordPress plugins with simple features to get you going. Since it has a single-click setup, you don’t have to lift a finger to touch its code. Its lightweight construction makes it fast, while its modern but minimal design communicates precisely what you need. It has a responsive design owing to its Bootstrap 5 foundation.

The variety of free and responsive coming soon page templates that this maintenance mode WordPress plugin offers matches different styles and brands. Its high customizability makes Coming Soon Maintenance Mode a handy tool for branding purposes. It offers many color, text, and background customization options and settings.

However, most of its good stuff is stuck in its premium version, including its 10 premade templates. What’s more, it has a reliable countdown timer for teasing coming pages. Enabling its automatic website launching reduces your necessary tasks, while its social media profiling keeps your website active, even during its maintenance mode.

Feature Highlights

  • One-click setup
  • Minimalist design
  • Automatic website launch
  • SEO friendly
  • Free coming soon page templates
  • 10 premium templates (PRO)
  • Advanced plugin settings (PRO)
  • Countdown timer (PRO)
  • Vide support (PRO)
  • Social media profiling (PRO)

Maintenance Mode by Helderk

Coming Soon Maintenance Mode by A WP Life

Maintenance Mode is a superb plugin with years of improvements and excellent features to boot. It lets you craft your preferred message or HTML page for your site. What’s more, you can configure various settings, including giving permissions for particular users to access your web pages past the maintenance mode page. This is a great way of getting feedback on your site prior to officially launching it. Allowing a list of IP addresses can be helpful when letting an entire office access the site while in maintenance.

Another function that Maintenance Mode comes with is excluding specific pages from the maintenance mode so that they’re still visible. The 2 header types for redirects are 200 OK for sites under development and 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable for a website that is offline for minor amendments. Having the 503 page for too long damages your SEO rankings.

You can notify users when your site is under maintenance work by presenting them with a message in the style of the chosen template, with a custom HTML page, or by redirecting them to a static page or external URL.

Feature Highlights

  • Multiple redirect settings
  • User permissions to bypass maintenance mode
  • 200 and 503 notification options
  • Different under-maintenance notification messages
  • Regular updates
  • Fully responsive

Slim Maintenance Mode

Slim Maintenance Mode

True to its name, Slim Maintenance Mode is a lightweight plugin that keeps your site functioning fast. To facilitate this speed, this maintenance mode WordPress plugin works seamlessly with various cache plugins, including W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket, Super Cache, Cachify, and LiteSpeed Cache. To enjoy the features for restricting access to your website to admins, you only need to activate it and deactivate it when you’re done. On your admin panel, you will receive an alert message the moment this plugin becomes active.

The superb compatibility features of Slim Maintenance Mode make it work with all properly coded themes. The plugin will send the 503 Service Unavailable as a response to your users; this feature is crucial for search engines. The multilingual nature of this plugin makes it quite popular among multilingual websites. You get 13 ready translations.

Feature Highlights

  • Lightweight
  • Compatible with cache plugins
  • Easy to activate, use, and deactivate
  • Backend alert message
  • Superb compatibility
  • 503 response for SEO
  • Multilingual ready

Site Offline Or Coming Soon Or Maintenance Mode by Chandra Shekhar Sahu

Site Offline Or Coming Soon Or Maintenance Mode by Chandra Shekhar Sahu

Site Offline is an incredibly simple maintenance mode WordPress plugin with an excellent free version and a top-tier premium one. Its responsive, clean, and Retina ready design makes the pages you use it to create stand out. You can work with the countdown timer that Site Offline offers to build up excitement as you prepare to release your pages or products.

The ready logo customization feature gives you the freedom to incorporate whichever logos you want on the maintenance or coming soon pages. The plugin fully supports background images, so you can take your page branding to the next level. As you enhance the elegance of your pages, you can work with the CSS3 animations that Site Offline offers. The branding of your page is up to you since you have an unlimited range of colors with which to work.

The flexible and user-friendly setup of Site Offline makes it an excellent tool for beginners and experts. Its live preview option exempts you from having to load your site on a different browser or device. Right off the bat, you have 4 social profiles integrated that you can showcase on your page. This best coming soon WordPress plugin gives you the option of displaying your contact information on the page you showcase.

Feature Highlights

  • 4 integrated social profiles
  • Background image support
  • CSS3 animations ready
  • Custom logo support
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • 7+ newsletter options (PRO)
  • 4+ additional pages (PRO)
  • Google Maps integrated (PRO)
  • YouTube video background (PRO)
  • 10 background slideshow (PRO)

Under Construction, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by WPBrigade

Under Construction, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by WPBrigade

Under Construction, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is another best coming soon WordPress plugin built for simplicity and top functionality. Like Site Offline, this plugin supports background images. You can change and upload background images very easily. This maintenance mode WordPress plugin also lets you add social media icons and their social links to your landing page straightforwardly.

This plugin lets you disable the coming soon mode for specific user roles, such as subscriber, customer, admin, editor, author, and shop manager. All the page elements are fully customizable, including the main header and subheading text, their fonts, and colors. If you want to go the extra mile in customizing the design of your landing page, you can add custom CSS to the plugin.

Under Construction, Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode lets you add Google Analytics tracking code to your page so that you can track the user interaction statistics. You can also apply various SEO measures to the page to enhance your site’s performance. With this plugin, it is easy to set up the start and end date of the maintenance mode. Its pages are fully responsive and mobile-friendly. 

Feature Highlights

  • Background image support
  • Mode disabling for specific user roles
  • Custom CSS support
  • Social media icons and links
  • Start and end date for maintenance mode
  • Easy logo upload and size settings
  • Fully editable page elements
  • Easy page preview
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly
  • Google Analytics tracking code embedding

Coming Soon, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode by Dazzler

Coming Soon, Under Construction & Maintenance Mode by Dazzler

Coming Soon is a plugin that promises elegant, minimal, and customizable coming soon, under construction, and maintenance mode pages. All you need to activate the plugin is the click of a button. Since it is built with Bootstrap, this plugin has a fully responsive design so that your page looks great on all devices. It also supports all modern browsers.

You can integrate your social profiles and display your contact information on your maintenance mode page. Coming Soon supports background images and an unlimited color scheme so that you can beautify and brand your page. Like Site Offline, this plugin offers CSS3 animations for more captivating visuals.

The customization settings of this maintenance mode WordPress plugin are quite extensive, starting with the coming soon page title, page description, SEO title, and SEO description. You can also customize the social profiles, which include Facebook, X, Google+, and LinkedIn. You can also customize the Google Analytics script so that you can receive only the analytics that you’re interested in seeing.

Feature Highlights

  • Compatible with any WordPress theme
  • HTML5 support
  • Retina ready
  • Live preview option
  • 4 social profiles supported
  • Translation ready
  • Contact information display
  • Extensive custom settings
  • 8 template designs (PRO)
  • 4+ additional pages (PRO)
  • Contact form integrated (PRO)
  • 16+ social profiles (PRO)
  • Social profiles drag & drop management (PRO)

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by Colorlib

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode by Colorlib

Colorlib Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a top-notch free maintenance mode WordPress plugin with a plethora of excellent features. One of its most exceptional features is its MailChimp integration, which facilitates better lead management. A subscription form is also available for accepting more subscriptions and new leads. You can enable and disable this form at will.

The social media icons that this plugin offers are Facebook, X, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. If you want to add the countdown timer, this best coming soon WordPress plugin avails the option. All you need to set is the opening date, which you can also display. For better aesthetics, you can add logos and background images to your page. You can also take advantage of the predetermined custom CSS area. 

You can customize and add anything to the header and footer text of your pages. The 15 gorgeous responsive templates that come with this plugin surpass any other free plugin, even on this list. They are fully customizable and you can change anything you want on them.

Feature Highlights:

  • 15 premade templates
  • MailChimp integration
  • Custom logo support
  • Background images support
  • Opening date setting
  • Timer countdown option
  • Special custom CSS area
  • 6 social media buttons
  • Customizable header and footer text
  • Full Live Customizer support

Final Thoughts: Creating the Best Coming Soon Pages with the Best WordPress Plugins

Using a coming soon WordPress plugin is an effective way of closing the curtains so you can work on your website in private as you build anticipation for its launch. The plugins we’ve discussed here offer excellent features, including customizable templates, countdown timers, lead generation forms, and many more features to enhance the standards of your page. All you have to do is choose the one you like most.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned coder, the tutorials we’ve included are simple enough to give you a smooth experience activating and deactivating your website’s maintenance mode. Always consider your coming soon page as a valuable branding and lead collection tool. We know this piece is enough to help you start building excitement around your upcoming website. All the best!

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