How to Add Google Reviews to a WordPress Website

If you want to display Google reviews on your WordPress website, you have come to the right place.

Showcasing customer reviews is one of the most effective and reliable methods of enhancing the conversions of your website. Google reviews can be your ticket to improving the reputation of your brand and business. One research reported that 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations and 92% ensure that they read at least one review before buying anything.

The only problem for most website owners is the method for embedding the Google reviews onto their website. Copying and pasting the reviews makes the reviews look fake and can reduce the site’s authenticity. However, the process for embedding Google reviews on a WordPress website is incredibly easy.

With the right review plugin, your website will display updates automatically, while updating them as they come in. In this piece, we will analyze the process of showcasing your Google reviews in the best way possible. Here is how you go about it:

Why Should You Display Google Reviews?

Why Should You Display Google Reviews

When looking to work on your online presence, SEO, and brand awareness. Here are the benefits of showcasing Google reviews on your website:

Building Trust and Credibility

In the contemporary world, consumers don’t take the word of businesses at face value; rather, they use Google reviews to gauge brand quality and reliability. As customers leave Google reviews for your business, they give you instruments for the improvement of your brand’s atmosphere of transparency and authenticity.

Having genuine customer reviews on your website makes it easy for potential customers to gain real insight into your business, products, and services from real customers. Google reviews enable your visitors to build reasonably accurate expectations of your offerings.

Improving SEO and Online Visibility

SEO is crucial to the success of any website that values its online facet. Displaying Google reviews is one of the surest ways of achieving better search engine rankings. People use Google all the time to get answers to all kinds of things; concurrently, Google values user-generated content. When you display Google reviews, your pages become more informative and rank better.

Visitors often spend more time on the pages that display Google reviews, thereby improving the rankings based on the average session length per page. Google takes this as a signal that your content is helpful to people and shows it to more people. The result is improved SEO and online visibility.

Boosting Conversion Rates

Positive Google reviews are essentially a celebration of your successful business and a confirmation of your positive impact on customers. Potential customers will value this feedback and be more likely to purchase whatever has already benefitted the others. In this case, Google reviews act as a powerful marketing tool that pushes your visitors closer to conversions.

There are many more benefits to displaying Google reviews on your WordPress website, including increasing brand awareness, increasing click-through rates, and displaying customer satisfaction. Next is to consider where to best place the Google reviews for maximum effect.

Where Should You Display Google Reviews?

Google reviews are an excellent optimization method for your website and knowing where to place them is crucial to taking full advantage of them. Here is our detailed examination of the best spots for displaying your reviews for the most impact.

Spot 1: Homepage Hero Section

The homepage hero section is what most people see when they first land on your website. It is the area right under your logo and menu. This is a prime spot that will capture the attention of your visitors and create a positive perspective of your brand early on in their journey through your site.

Spot 2: Product and Service Pages

The pages that display your products or services are where visitors who want to gauge the quality of your offerings come. When you showcase your Google reviews here, you reinforce the value and satisfaction they stand to gain with you when they make a purchase.

Spot 3: Dedicated Testimonial Pages

If you can create a dedicated page for reviews and testimonials, this is an excellent spot for placing your Google reviews. With such a page, your visitors can view a massive collection of positive feedback supporting your brand’s credibility and customer satisfaction.

Spot 4: Contact Us Page

The Contact Us and About Us pages are excellent spots, which draw visitors who want to contact you or learn more about your business. When you place reviews here, you get visitors at their most impressionable. As they look to find out new information about your site and brand, you give them a nudge in a positive direction.

Spot 5: Sidebars and Footers

The footer and sidebar of your site can display Google reviews minimally and effectively. The best about these two is that they will work on all pages of your website and they won’t ‘scream’ in the face of your visitors. Access to your Google reviews also becomes simplified.

Spot 6: Thank You and Confirmation Pages

When users are done purchasing something on your pages, you can reaffirm their decision to shop with you using a well-placed Google review. If you have a Thank You or Purchase Confirmation page, this is the place to insert your Google reviews.

Other spots may include blog posts and FAQ pages where users most likely didn’t come to purchase anything. They provide the chance to convert curious visitors into buyers.

What Do You Need to Add Google Reviews to a WordPress Website?

The best part about this section is that we don’t have a long list for you; all you need are a Google Business Profile page and the Widget for Google Reviews plugin

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile – formerly known as Google My Business – is a platform that allows businesses to connect with their customers using Google Maps and Google Search. It adds to your visibility on the Google search engine and it is free to create and manage a profile on it. 

To create a Google Business Profile account, go to Google Maps and click on the hamburger menu to the left of the search box. Find and select the Add Your Business menu item. If you don’t have a business account, follow the steps to create one from the Create account 🡪 To manage my business. The other steps are pretty straightforward.

Fill out your business name and category in the next step before adding a location, if you have a physical one. You can then choose your service area, key in your contact information, and verify your business listing. The next step is to flesh out your profile with the services you offer, operating hours, and business description.

Business Reviews Plugin

Business Reviews is a free plugin that showcases your Yelp, Facebook, and Google Business reviews on your website seamlessly. It helps you out by saving your Google reviews in the WordPress database, which saves you from depending on third-party services to display the reviews. This also means that you won’t have slower-loading pages at all. You can generate unlimited shortcodes on any page, post, or widget.

This plugin displays your Google Business reviews and ratings on your site in grid or list formats. It also accommodates automatic refreshing of reviews for updating new reviews with various settings. You can show or hide specific fields in the display of the reviews. Business Reviews allows you to reduce the length of reviews with a “read more” link.

With the plugin, you can expect zero load time on your Google reviews regardless of your website’s speed. Business Reviews supports template override so that you can create the template you want from your theme. It supports customization with any page builder. The premium version has the following additional features:

  • Review sorting
  • Minimum rating filter
  • Word filter
  • Advanced settings
  • Advanced layout styling
  • Additional layout
  • Google rich snippet

How to Embed Google Reviews on Your WordPress Website

How to Embed Google Reviews on Your WordPress Website

With the Business Reviews plugin, you will have the shortest route to getting your Google reviews onto your pages.

Plugin Requirements

To use it, you need to have the following:

  1. 7.4 PHP, which is according to the WordPress recommendation.
  2. MySQL 5.6 Database or a more recent one.
  3. WordPress 5.0 and above or more recent.
  4. WooCommerce 4.5 and above
  5. Safari (recommended), Chrome, Firefox, or IE 12+
  6. – mod_rewrite, GD & Imagick Server Modules

If your website meets all these requirements, you will have a very simple installation process for the plugin. 

Plugin Installation

Here is the installation procedure for the Business Reviews plugin:

  1. Go to your WordPress website dashboard
  2. Click on Plugins 🡪 Add New.
  3. On the top right corner, type in the search box the name of the plugin, Business Reviews by RadiusTheme. The first result should be the right one.
  4. Click on Install then Activate.

As for the premium version, download it, and after you’ve confirmed its location on your computer;

  1. Go to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Click on Plugins 🡪 Add New 🡪 Upload Plugins.
  3. You can then click on Choose File to find and Upload the plugin on your computer within its zip folder.
  4. Click on Install Now and then Activate.

Using the Plugin to Add Google Reviews

Since upon installation, the plugin is on your admin menu, just follow the following simple steps to use it:

  1. Click on Business Reviews 🡪 Settings and set the necessary API key.
  2. Go to Business Reviews 🡪 New Shortcode and create a new shortcode according to your preferences.
  3. Go to the page, post, or section of your website where you want to place reviews and insert the shortcode or widget.

If you want to work on the various settings for displaying your Google reviews, simply go to the plugin’s detailed documentation and find the simple instructions.


The importance of Google reviews in the success of a website can’t be overstated. Since we’ve dealt with the procedural issue of placing them there, you can now concentrate on more engaging aspects of your business. You’ll have a very easy journey in embedding Google reviews on your website in the modern age due to the availability of plugins like Business Reviews. All the best as you go an extra step in getting more out of your website for your business.

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