Funeral WordPress Themes

It is impossible to overstate the importance of funeral WordPress themes in creating a dignified and respectful digital memorial for commemorating lost loved ones.

As we navigate the vast world of WordPress themes, one can’t help but appreciate the sensitivity and poise offered by funeral-oriented options. This is why we are looking into such options, examining how each is crafted to bring solace and grace to the creation of digital tributes.

Obituary WordPress themes stand at the intersection of design and compassion, offering a unique way for individuals to honor and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. These themes, purposefully made for solemn occasions, offer an array of features that go beyond what themes of other niches have. From serene color palettes to customizable elements that evoke a sense of warmth, these themes serve as a touching platform for memorializing cherished memories.

Understanding the Role of Funeral WordPress Themes

Due to their features, funeral WordPress themes emerge as invaluable tools, ensuring that the process of creating digital memorials is seamless and meaningful. These themes serve as virtual frameworks for crafting tributes, allowing users to curate an online space that mirrors the uniqueness of the life being remembered. What’s more, you can create a website for obituaries or a funeral home website with one of these.

With intuitive design elements and user-friendly interfaces, they empower even those with no prior web development experience to create a heartfelt and visually appealing homage. They are all based on beginner-friendly page builder, such as Elementor and WPBakery page builder to aid the process. We will explore a selection of the best of obituary WordPress themes and see what they have separating them from each other and the rest.

The Best Funeral Services WordPress Theme details below


Obitore - Funeral WordPress theme

Obitore is a top funeral WordPress theme, which distinguishes itself through a thoughtful combination of functionality and user-friendly design. This is possibly the most regularly updated and feature-rich theme, but others in this list aren’t far behind.

Framework & Builder Brilliance

Obitore establishes a strong foundation by incorporating Bootstrap 4 and the Elementor Page Builder. This powerful duo ensures a seamless user experience, allowing even those with minimal technical expertise to navigate and customize their digital tributes effortlessly.

Versatile Home Pages & Header Styles

Obitore caters to diverse preferences with not one but two home page options. The flexibility extends to the header styles, offering three distinct options with the capability to create five or more variations. This adaptability ensures that every tribute remains uniquely reflective of the individual being commemorated.

Ads Management Mastery

In the advertising domain, this funeral WordPress theme excels with a grid and list view for ads, presenting a visually engaging and organized display. With four distinct ad view options, users can effortlessly manage and present their content in a way that suits the tone of the memorial.

Blog Layouts for Thoughtful Reflection

Obitore introduces two thoughtfully crafted blog layouts, allowing users to share memories, stories, and reflections seamlessly. This feature adds a layer of personalization, making the digital memorial not just a static page but a dynamic space for cherishing and sharing moments.

Effortless Setup with Demo Importer

Navigating the initial steps of creating a digital memorial is simplified with Obitore’s one-click demo importer. This user-friendly feature expedites the setup process, making it accessible to individuals of all technological proficiencies.

Multilingual Support & RTL Compatibility

Understanding its diverse user base, Obitore is WPML translation ready. The inclusion of a pot file further aids in multilingual customization. Moreover, with RTL support, the theme ensures a seamless experience for languages written from right to left.

Membership & Store Facilities

Obitore doesn’t stop at memorialization; it offers membership and store facilities. The integrated store addon facilitates seamless transactions, turning the digital memorial into a comprehensive platform for memorial-related products or services.

Dynamic Listing Control

The obituary WordPress theme introduces a dynamic listing control mechanism with category and location AJAX filters. Users can effortlessly organize and customize their content, creating a well-structured and easily navigable digital memorial.

Media Integration & Social Sharing

Obitore embraces multimedia elements with support for YouTube and Vimeo videos. The social share option facilitates the broader sharing of memories, ensuring that the digital memorial becomes a collaborative space for collective reflection.

Payment Options & Guarantee

The memorial WordPress theme offers versatile payment options, including offline, PayPal, Authorize, and Stripe. Additionally, users benefit from a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind as they embark on their digital memorialization journey.

Feature Highlights:

  • Elementor addons included
  • Gutenberg blocks included
  • Email notifications
  • YouTube and Vimeo embeds supported
  • Social share
  • Easy translation
  • Ratings and reviews support
  • Google ReCAPTCHA
  • Custom badges supported
  • Child Theme included
Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
RadiusTheme5.00Mobile: 51
Desktop: 54



Santi emerges as a versatile and compassionate funeral WordPress theme. Its rich array of features is meticulously crafted to offer solace and functionality in the digital memorialization process.

Comprehensive Service Integration

Santi goes beyond traditional themes by seamlessly integrating crematory and burial services into its framework. This feature not only acknowledges the various aspects of memorialization but also provides users with a holistic platform for commemorating their loved ones.

Elementor Page Builder & Customization Galore

With the inclusion of the Elementor page builder, Santi empowers users to customize their digital memorials effortlessly. Shortcodes and addons specifically designed for Elementor add a layer of versatility, allowing for creative and personalized layouts that cater to individual preferences.

Diverse Demos for Varied Expressions

The memorial WordPress theme offers three distinct demo contents, each presenting a unique aesthetic and layout. This diversity ensures that users can find a starting point that resonates with the tone they wish to set for the digital memorial, whether it be serene, uplifting, or contemplative.

Crafting Personal Narratives with Obituary Pages

The inclusion of obituary pages in Santi allows users to create detailed and heartfelt narratives. This feature serves as a digital canvas for storytelling, enabling the sharing of memories, achievements, and personal anecdotes in a respectful and visually appealing manner.

Streamlined Information with Obituaries Feed & Services List

Santi understands the importance of organized information. The obituaries feed provides a chronological overview, while the services list offers a structured presentation of memorial-related offerings. This ensures that visitors can easily navigate and find the information they seek.

Interactive Features: Send Flowers & Pre-Plan Options

Santi introduces a thoughtful “Send Flowers” button, facilitating a seamless way for friends and family to express their condolences. Additionally, the pre-plan feature empowers individuals to proactively outline their memorial preferences, adding an element of foresight to the memorialization process.

Effortless Setup with One-Click Demo Import & Design Flexibility

Santi prioritizes user convenience with a one-click demo import feature, simplifying the setup process. Dynamic colors, responsive layouts, and SEO readiness ensure that users not only have a user-friendly experience but also a visually appealing and discoverable digital memorial. With fast loading speeds, the obituary WordPress theme ensures that the digital space remains accessible without unnecessary delays.

Pricing: $49

Key Features:

  • Shortcodes and addons for Elementor
  • 3 demo content
  • Send flowers button
  • Services list
  • Pre-plan
  • Obituary pages
  • Obituaries feed
  • Dynamic colors
  • WooCommerce shop
  • Social networks


Anubis is another one of the best memorial WordPress themes that stands out with a blend of sophistication and functionality. Its design offers a seamless and customizable experience for commemorating loved ones.

Versatile Homepage Options

Anubis provides a diverse selection of three premade funeral home and cemetery homepages. This versatility allows users to choose a layout that resonates with the tone they wish to set for the digital memorial, whether it be serene, reflective, or uplifting.

Engaging User Interaction: Newsletter Popup & WooCommerce Store

Anubis integrates an unobtrusive yet effective newsletter popup, facilitating seamless communication with visitors. The inclusion of a WooCommerce store dedicated to funeral items adds a layer of convenience, ensuring that users can easily access and acquire memorial-related products.

Advanced Price Management

With advanced price lists and price tables, Anubis streamlines the presentation of services and associated costs. This feature ensures transparency and allows visitors to make informed decisions during a time that demands both sensitivity and clarity.

Customization at Your Fingertips: Layout Editor & Color Scheme Options

This funeral WordPress theme embraces modernity with an online layout and color scheme editor. This tool empowers users to customize the visual aspects of the digital memorial effortlessly, ensuring that the design aligns perfectly with the unique essence of the individual being commemorated.

Technologically Robust Foundation

Built with HTML5 and CSS3 code, Anubis guarantees a solid technological foundation. It has undergone rigorous testing on WordPress 4.0+, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance across various browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Visual Appeal & Responsive Design

Anubis places a premium on visual appeal with the inclusion of Slider Revolution and Swiper Slider, supporting retina images for enhanced visual clarity. The obituary WordPress theme is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly, offering flexibility with both boxed and full-width page layouts.

Elementor Page Builder & Extensive Customization Options

Anubis integrates seamlessly with the Elementor Page Builder, allowing users to modify page content effortlessly. Whether customizing header and footer layouts or adjusting blog settings, Anubis offers a myriad of customization options through its powerful theme framework.

Key Features:

  • 3 ready homepages
  • Newsletter popup
  • Funeral items WooCommerce shop
  • Advanced price tables
  • Advanced price lists
  • Retina ready
  • Interactive Ajax search
  • Main menu and user menu
  • Color scheme and online layout editor
Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
axiomthemes5.00Mobile: 26
Desktop: 61


Blessing - funeral WordPress themes

Blessing is among the top obituary WordPress themes, offering a versatile and modern solution.

Modern Multi-Purpose Design

Blessing prides itself on a modern and flexible design, offering a multi-purpose approach. Tested and approved for WordPress 4.0+, this theme ensures compatibility with the latest technological standards, guaranteeing a seamless experience for users.

Cross-Browser Compatibility & Seamless Installation

Built with HTML5 and CSS3, Blessing boasts cross-browser compatibility, supporting Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE11+. The theme further simplifies the setup process with a convenient one-click demo install, allowing users to replicate the demo content effortlessly.

Versatile Layout Options & WPBakery Page Builder Support

Blessing provides both boxed and wide page layouts, catering to diverse visual preferences. With WPBakery Page Builder support, users can create unlimited variants of homepage layouts, empowering them to customize their digital memorials with ease.

Dynamic Slider Options & Navigation Enhancements

This funeral WordPress theme includes both Swiper Slider for posts and galleries and Revolution Slider as a home slider. Navigation options extend to the user and main menu support, offering an engaging main menu slider and captivating entrance effects for submenus, enhancing the overall user experience.

Rich Plugin Compatibility & Custom Widgets

Blessing ensures compatibility with essential plugins like Swiper Slider, Revolution Slider, WPBakery Page Builder, WooCommerce, and bbPress. The inclusion of custom widgets, from Flickr and Twitter to Recent Posts and Social Icons, adds a layer of functionality and personalization to the digital memorial.

Shortcodes Galore for Easy Customization

Blessing comes equipped with a variety of shortcodes, from Blogger and Content Slider to Google Map and Tabs. These shortcodes, both from ThemeRex and custom ones, offer users the flexibility to customize and enrich their content without delving into complex coding.

SEO Ready & Cost-Efficient Package

Blessing ensures SEO readiness with integrated HTML code and compatibility with popular SEO plugins. Moreover, the funeral WordPress theme includes essential plugins like Revolution Slider and WPBakery Page Builder, saving users $49 in plugin costs.

Key Features:

  • 2 funeral home and cemetery demos
  • Child Theme included
  • Parallax and video background
  • Swiper Slider (galleries and posts)
  • Revolution Slider (home slider)
  • User and main menus
  • Extensive custom widgets’ set
  • Custom shortcodes
  • SEO ready
Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
AncoraThemes4.61Mobile: 39 
Desktop: 74


Among the best funeral WordPress themes, Beacon’s professional design and feature-rich framework really stand out. Its customizability and versatility make it an excellent choice for creating poignant digital memorials.

Professional Design & One-Click Convenience

Beacon introduces a professional design aesthetic, ensuring that digital memorials exude both elegance and sensitivity. The memorial WordPress theme further streamlines the setup process with a convenient one-click demo installation, allowing users to replicate the demo content effortlessly.

Modern Flexibility & WordPress Compatibility

With a modern and flexible design, Beacon adapts seamlessly to various memorialization needs. Tested and approved for WordPress 4.5+, it ensures compatibility with the latest WordPress versions, providing users with a secure and up-to-date platform.

Technological Foundation & Cross-Browser Compatibility

Built with HTML5 and CSS3 code, Beacon establishes a robust technological foundation. It ensures cross-browser compatibility, supporting Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, guaranteeing a consistent and accessible experience across different browsers.

Slider Integration & Retina Image Support

Beacon enhances visual appeal with Slider Revolution and Swiper Slider included. The theme supports retina images, ensuring crisp and clear visuals that resonate with the profound nature of memorialization.

User-Friendly Interface & Elementor Support

Beacon prioritizes user-friendliness with a user menu and main menu support, creating an intuitive interface. Elementor support allows users to modify any page content easily, offering a dynamic and customizable approach to building digital memorials.

Dynamic Blog Settings & Theme Framework

Beacon empowers users with advanced blog settings featuring multiple styles, flexible layouts, and customizable blog feeds. The theme is built on a powerful framework with a setting inheritance system, offering over 750 customizer options, custom post types, widgets, shortcodes, and a theme options panel for unparalleled flexibility.

Plugin Compatibility & Performance Optimization

Beacon ensures seamless integration with essential plugins like Elementor, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, and more. Since it is optimized for best performance, the obituary WordPress theme prioritizes speed and efficiency, providing visitors with a smooth and responsive experience.

Key Features:

  • Obituaries module
  • Premade funeral services page
  • Pricing tables
  • Contact Form 7
  • GDPR compliant
  • WooCommerce Wishlist
  • Custom shortcodes
  • Custom widget sets
  • 20+ post animations
Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
ThemeREX4.62Mobile: 26
Desktop: 69   



Obsequy is yet another funeral WordPress theme that presents a powerful and versatile choice, boasting a myriad of features meticulously crafted for creating dignified digital memorials.

Twitter Bootstrap & WP Bakery Page Builder

Obsequy’s foundation is fortified with Twitter Bootstrap, ensuring a responsive and consistent user experience across various devices. With the inclusion of WP Bakery Page Builder, users are empowered to customize their digital memorials effortlessly, regardless of their technical proficiency.

Revolution Slider & Retina Ready Display

Obsequy elevates visual storytelling with the inclusion of Revolution Slider, adding a layer of dynamism to digital memorials. The obituary WordPress theme is not only retina-ready but fully responsive, guaranteeing clarity and visual appeal, even on high-resolution screens.

Grid/List Views & Isotope Galleries

Obsequy offers a range of display options with grid and list views, providing users with the flexibility to curate content based on the tone of the memorial. Isotope Galleries, a valuable addition with a $25 value, enrich the visual experience, showcasing images in an organized and visually pleasing manner.

Font Awesome & Line Icons Support

The theme incorporates iconic elements with Font Awesome web font icons and includes a set of 150-line icons. This diverse iconography enhances the visual language of the digital memorial, offering a wide range of expressive elements for users to incorporate.

Dynamic Sliders & Google Fonts Support

Obsequy introduces multiple sliders, allowing users to choose the most fitting presentation for their memorial content. Google Fonts support adds another layer of customization, ensuring that the typography aligns seamlessly with the tone and sentiment of the digital memorial.

SEO & Browser Compatibility

Obsequy prioritizes accessibility with SEO optimization, ensuring that digital memorials are discoverable by search engines. The theme’s compatibility with all the latest browsers further guarantees a consistent and accessible experience for visitors.

Contact Form 7 & Well-Detailed Documentation

Facilitating seamless communication, Obsequy integrates Contact Form 7 compatibility. Moreover, the memorial WordPress theme is WPML plugin-compatible, enabling users to create multilingual memorials. The well-documented nature of Obsequy ensures that users can navigate and edit the theme with ease, making the memorialization process straightforward.

Key Features:

  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Revolution Slider
  • Isotope galleries
  • 10 premade color schemes
  • SEO optimized
  • Sliders with touch and swipe sensitivity
  • Google Maps
  • Font Awesome and Line Icons included
  • WPML ready
Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
imithemes5.00Mobile: 27
Desktop: 49 


Funero is yet another memorial WordPress theme whose elegance, simplicity, and mild sophistication make it perfect for creating dignified digital memorials.

One-Click Demo Import & No Coding Required

Funero prioritizes user convenience with a simple one-click import of demo content. With no coding knowledge required, users can seamlessly set up their digital memorials, ensuring accessibility for individuals of all technical proficiencies.

Responsive, Retina Ready & Multiple Homepages

This funeral WordPress theme embraces visual finesse with responsiveness and retina-ready display, ensuring a visually stunning experience across various devices. Offering three distinct homepages, Funero caters to diverse tastes, allowing users to choose a layout that resonates with the tone they wish to set for the digital memorial.

Mega Menu & Customizable Google Maps

Funero goes beyond the surface, providing 27 inner pages, each crafted for specific memorialization needs. The inclusion of a mega menu enhances navigation, while customizable Google Maps ensure that the digital memorial is not just a visual tribute but a functional and informative space.

Various Types, Behaviors, and Widget Areas

Funero introduces versatility in headers, offering different types and behaviors. Users can opt for separate logos for regular, sticky, and mobile headers, as well as distinct logo variants for dark and light header skins. Multiple header widget areas and mobile header styling options add an extra layer of customization.

Side Areas, Title Area, and Anchor Links

The obituary WordPress theme incorporates innovative design elements with three side area types, a highly customizable title area, and anchor link functionality for one-page sites. These features contribute to the overall aesthetics and navigational fluidity, creating a cohesive and engaging experience.

Social Share, Integrated Search & Customizable Footer

Funero encourages interactivity with social share functionality, integrated search, and a customizable footer layout with up to four columns. These features not only facilitate ease of use but also foster a sense of community engagement, allowing visitors to share memories and navigate the digital space seamlessly.

WPML Support & Child Theme Ready

Ensuring global accessibility, Funero integrates seamlessly with the WPML plugin for multilingual support. Additionally, being Child Theme ready, the funeral WordPress theme ensures that users can make future modifications without compromising the integrity of their digital memorials.

Key Features:

  • Elementor and Gutenberg are compatible
  • 3 homepages
  • 27 inner pages
  • Mega Menu
  • Smooth page transitions
  • Integrated search function
  • Social Share
  • Mobile header styling
  • Various header widget areas
  • Regular, sticky, and mobile headers
Author Rating Avg. Demo Speed ScorePrice
TrueThemes4.67Mobile: 31
Desktop: 45

Final Thoughts: Top Funeral WordPress Themes

In conclusion, the realm of WordPress websites and themes is evolving with compassion and technological finesse, offering a diverse array of options to create dignified digital memorials. Each funeral WordPress themes we’ve presented brings a unique blend of features catering to various preferences. They range from elegant designs and responsive layouts to innovative navigation elements and interactive functionalities.

As we navigate through these memorial WordPress themes, it’s clear that the emphasis is not solely on aesthetics but on providing a platform that resonates with the delicate nature of memorialization. The seamless integration of features like one-click demo imports, customizable headers, and extensive inner pages ensures that users, regardless of their technical expertise, can craft heartfelt and personalized tributes.

In crafting the best digital memorials, these obituary WordPress themes don’t just serve as canvases; they stand as empathetic tools, allowing individuals to honor their loved ones with grace. Whether it’s the simplicity of setup, visual finesse, or interactive elements, these themes embody a thoughtful approach to the delicate intersection of technology and remembrance. Each funeral WordPress theme empowers users to commemorate lives in a way that is not just technologically efficient but emotionally resonant.

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