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Being a better writer or content creator is not so easy. It takes a lot of work, time, and skill, but would you take it if someone offered you a quick way to make your content work right away? This is exactly what a table of contents plugin can do.

Even though it might take some time to get better at writing content, you can improve it immediately by making it easier to understand and more available to your readers. A table of contents (TOC) is a great way to do this. 

Actually, Table of Contents is a process that allows you to create an index or table of contents on long-form pages and posts. It can help consumers have an improved experience on your site, resulting in an increase in dwell time and an SEO boost. 

In this article, we will show you our handpicked list of the best WordPress table of contents plugins on the market. And the good news: most are free!

Table of Contents:

Why Do You Need a Table of Content Plugin in WordPress?

Adding a table of contents (ToC) to your WordPress website is a great way to help visitors navigate longer blog posts and pages. You can easily organize and structure your content so that it’s easier for people to scan the piece and jump to any part they’re interested in.

So before we get into the topic, let’s look at the main reasons why WordPress table of topics plugins are important.

Easy Navigation 

A table of contents helps the reader move quickly from one subject to another. Also, your content remain neat and clean. In the end, your readers will be able to find the information they need more quickly and easily.

Improves SEO Ranking

An article with the proper structure and number of subheadings has the best chance of ranking. Also, blogs or posts with a good table of contents are more likely to be spotted by web crawlers and appear in search 

Makes reading more interactive 

The best way to get people interested is to get them interact. The table of topics makes it easy for people to read your post without getting bored. Also, interesting things make people stay on your site longer and more likely to buy something.

Glimpse of the Content

The table of contents tells the reader what’s inside with just a quick look. Also, it can help people decide whether or not to spend time on the blog. Using a table of topics plugin on your WordPress site helps bring in visitors who are interested in the same things.

So, let’s get right to it and take a look at the best table of topics plugins for WordPress.

The 5 Best Table of Contents WordPress Plugin

1. Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents- this tool can automatically make a table of contents for your blog posts or pages based on the headings you use in your content. Also, it’s made to make it easier for people to move around in your content and find what they’re looking for.

The table of contents is made on the fly and appears at the top of your post or page, making it easy for readers to jump to different parts of your content. The plugin lets you choose which topics to include in the table of contents and which ones to leave out. You can also choose where the table of contents goes on your page.

Overall, Easy Table of Contents is a simple and effective way to improve your website’s user experience by giving your material a straightforward and easy-to-use way to navigate.

Key Features:

  • Toggle option to on or off the ToC in any post
  • supports SEO plugins like Rank Math to make your table of contents more SEO-friendly.
  • Gutenberg, Divi, Elementor and more page builders are supported
  • Many different counter bullet forms, such as decimal, roman, and more.
  • Configurable highlight color of the sections
  • This block is compatible with both the Gutenberg editor and the classic editor.


Price start from $49

2. Joli Table Of Contents

Joli Table Of Contents

Joli Table of Contents is another awesome table of contents WordPress plugin. With Joli, it’s easy to set up tables of contents that will be added automatically to every post or page. Or, you can use a script to add a table of contents by hand.

It comes with many customization options as well. For example, you can modify the title of your table of contents, create custom CSS icons for the expand/collapse controls, select a hierarchical or flat view, and more.

The table’s width, text size, shadow, and more can be customized, and a numerical prefix can be chosen.

Key Features

  • Fully responsive plugin that is compatible with all display resolutions
  • Additional Themes are available
  • You may choose a flat view or a hierarchical one.
  • Ability to override theme color with custom styling
  • Disable headings per text/class is available
  • Insert the ToC in the different pre-selected locations of posts
  • Customizable CSS icons for expanding/collapsing buttons


Free. Paid plans start at $29.99

3. Table of Contents Plus

Table of Contents Plus

Table of Contents Plus is one of the most popular and powerful WordPress ToC plugins. Once installed and activated, it can automatically generate a table of contents based on the headings in the article or page. This makes it easy for people to go straight to the part they want to read.

One of the best things about Table Of Content Plus is that it can make site maps listing all your site’s pages and groups. Furthermore, it is ideal for content-heavy websites and bloggers who publish numerous lengthy posts.

In addition, if your blog is multilingual, this plugin can handle more than one language. Also, the plugin lets you use shortcodes, which saves you from having to do complicated coding.

Key Features

  • Customize the number of headings to show, where to display the table, and more.
  • Enables the inclusion of a CSS file but disables its output.
  • Sidebar support of table of contents
  • Index all published posts on your site by alphabetical order or the publication date.
  • Administration options panel enables you to modify settings such as the position of the display.


ToC Plus comes with completely free.

4. SimpleTOC


The simple table of contents tool for WordPress is called Simple ToC. It’s easy for beginners to use and has standard functions. This plugin has a stack of links that lead to headings within paragraphs. To install, add a block and type ‘Simple ToC’ or ‘ToC’ into the search bar.

This app is great for beginners because you don’t need to know how to code to use it. Users can make as many tables of topics as they want. To modify the design of the table of contents, you’ll need to utilize the native style tools available in the WordPress theme customizer or in the full site editor.

Key Features

  • Customizable table of contents heading
  • The design is optimized for Gutenberg
  • Column block layout support is provided
  • Built-in support for blocks
  • No JavaScript or CSS was added
  • Plugins for GeneratePress, Rank Math, and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) work well with each other.


SimpleToC is completely free.

5. Rich Table of Content

Rich Table of Content

Rich Table of Contents (RToC) is another great table of contents plugn that you should keep an eye on. One reason is that it is easy to understand. It was made for people who don’t know much about computers, and you can make a beautiful table of contents with just one click.

Once you’ve made your ToC, it’s easy to change it. For example, you can move the text to the left or the middle. You can also choose different styles for the H2 and H3 titles. In your ToC, you can also set the frame, the motion, and the smooth scroll. 

Key Features

  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Animated table of contents
  • Set the colors of the title, border, text, background of buttons, and more.
  • Shortcode to palace your table of contents anywhere on the article
  • Having the option not load CSS in the post
  • Enter the page ID to hide the table of contents on the pages you want.
  • Return to table of contents button (only for smartphones)


RichToC is completely free.

Wrap Up

Adding a table of contents to your posts and pages is a great way to make it easier for your readers to find and understand information while also improving your SEO score. 

We hope that this post helped you find the best Table of Contents plugin for WordPress. If you’ve made your choice, please take a few minutes to read our blog post “Best Free SEO Plugin 2023” to see which SEO plugins our experts think are the best.

Leave a comment and tell us which Table of Contents app you decide to use. Ask us anything about this topic, and we’ll we’ll gladly answer.

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