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Many individuals and companies are switching their approaches to writing web content and using an AI assistant like GetGenie. You don’t have to write all your content using your keyboard. AI writing assistants enable you to write excellent content easily and quickly while saving money.

As AI writing assistants grow more popular daily, users learn to differentiate between the best and substandard ones. Some have extensive content production features, while others can only provide write-ups.

One of the best AI content writing assistants has only come to the scene recently. This software, GetGenie has many features for content creation and SEO. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress, giving your website the best SEO-focused content.

Note: GetGenie doesn’t make content writers and marketers unnecessary; it only improves the quality of their content and the production speed. Using it to generate your content gives you elaborate research and excellent SEO optimization. You generate content fast and gain high traffic with engaging content.

Why You Should Have An AI-Powered Content Assistant

The content creation process – from developing blog ideas and writing video scripts to generating documentation and creating marketing pitches – demands that you work hard. We have to utilize our creativity and generate engaging content for our audience. If you get one step wrong, your entire process will be in jeopardy. This is where artificial intelligence content comes in and helps you in different ways:

Save Time: Reduces the time you invest in the entire content creation process.

Access Dependable Resources: AI uses data from many sources to give you top-quality content that would otherwise call for intensive study and research.

Avoid Writer’s Block: AI offers multiple tools for unlimited inspiration so that copywriters and other writers can start instantly without stagnating for lack of direction.

Increase leads and boost conversions: AI delivers many more resources to give you ideas and a plan for content creation to double the results your content marketing would bring.

Create a compact content strategy: A comprehensive AI assistant saves you the headaches of making your content better for SEO, maximizes efficiency, and increases your overall ROI.

Why GetGenie is the Perfect AI-Powered Content & SEO Assistant

If you have a WordPress website, you can expect GetGenie to integrate seamlessly with it. It is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) and can perform all actions you would expect from any content assistant plugin. XpeedStudio is the team responsible for creating GetGenie, which has gained unprecedented success in content creation.

We hope that the introduction of this plugin makes it easy for you to utilize different content marketing strategies in content production. In fact, it is the first ever AI writing assistant that’s a WordPress plugin. Apart from its efficiency, it gives forth SEO friendly content. Here are its features:

GetGenie SEO Assistant

If you’re creating your blog with GetGenie, you’ll get a blog wizard whose first step is keyword research. You then get to give context to the keywords you choose in the given sections and analyze them.

GetGenie has an SEO Mode toggle that lets you choose the regions for optimization based on the results that search results will yield. Your title will effectively be SEO-optimized. The plugin enables you to select the level of creativity that you want.

GetGenie avails a keyword report with the Analyze Keyword option. This month-wise report gives you information, including cost per click, competitor analysis, and search volumes. From this report, you will also receive suggestions for related keywords and FAQs.

You can generate excellent blog introductions from the same place. GetGenie then guides you through creating blog outlines as you wish so you can launch your blogs faster. This plugin gives you an in-depth SEO score on its Content Score, so you will know where improvements are relevant. You also get relevant keywords here.

30+ GetGenie Content Templates

GetGenie comes with over 30+ premade criteria-based templates for all types of content. We can take a look at the templates in depth.

Listicle Ideas

Coming up with creative and original ideas for your content is often a difficult process. GetGenie helps you come up with multiple ideas based on whichever topic you provide it with easily.

Title Ideas

Copywriters and content writers often find the generation of SEO-optimized titles taxing. However, GetGenie helps you out with the most outstanding Title Ideas.

Brief Definition Template

When creating content, you don’t need to go in search of definitions elsewhere. On the GetGenie dashboard, lest you find explanations and abbreviations of words by simply typing them in.

Sentence and Paragraph Rewrites

GetGenie enables you to rewrite or rephrase any paragraph or sentence in mere seconds. The different versions of the results will depend on the input you provide.

Paragraph Compression

Paragraph Compression is another excellent feature that helps you summarize whatever you write in a paragraph. This feature ensures that the context and tone are not altered.

Next Paragraph

When creating your content, you might hit a snag, which is where the Next Paragraph feature comes in. It generates your next paragraph; you can edit it or go with it entirely. When you select the previous paragraph, you will receive a paragraph suggestion corresponding to the previous one. This way, you will know the points you can cover next.

Paragraph for Heading

Your article headings will need to be as engaging as the content, if not more. Creating suitable content for headings is very often not straightforward. However, the Paragraph for Heading feature offers you multiple heading ideas in relation to the relevant paragraph.

Additional Content Marketing Features

GetGenie covers almost every need you may have in content marketing and has the necessary features in the same place. This includes taglines, descriptions, titles, social media, FAQs, etc.

Advanced WooCommerce Product Features

GetGenie is one of the best choices you can make when working on selling eCommerce products. If you have many products that demand exclusive descriptions, the AI assistant has your back. All you need to do is choose the targeted keyword and product name.

Product Ad Copy

When you’re done with the best product keywords, titles, and descriptions, you can get started on creating your ad copy. Product Ad Copy is a feature that helps you create the perfect framework for your ads.

WooCommerce Product Long Description

You can create the best long descriptions for your WooCommerce products with the WooCommerce Production Long Description feature. You only need to add the product name and keyword you’re targeting, and the AI assistant will give you SEO-ready long descriptions for your products. This will reflect in the excellent ranking of your products on search engines.

Anyone who has a WooCommerce store needs to add meta descriptions to their store products. Search engines use meta descriptions to make sense of the content you present. With GetGenie, you can create the meta descriptions in a single click.

GetGenie also enables you to write down feature benefits. Moreover, you can also write questions for your FAQ sections and produce short answers with your assistant.

You may want captivating social media copy for your business for different purposes. GetGenie helps you generate social media posts for your products, services, or blogs. You can always depend on the AI writing assistant for the most engaging media copy and even taglines for brands.

Pros & Cons

Let’s take a deep dive into the benefits and downsides of using GetGenie AI content writing assistant.


  • Saves time significantly
  • High quality content with in-depth info
  • Sources data from Google for SEO and content analysis
  • Many SEO options for content
  • Excellent keyword research tool with CPC, difficulty, global search volume, and search trends
  • Multiple templates for different types of long form content
  • A list of relevant questions that people ask on Reddit, Quora, Google, and other platforms
  • Impactful copywriting capabilities
  • Competitor analysis with detail on images, number of headings, word count, and rank.


Content marketers should expect improvements in a more sophisticated paragraph rewriter feature. Users have noted that the feature is too similar to the sentence rewriter, making it redundant.

The paragraph compressor is one of the best features of GetGenie. However, the plugin lacks a sentence compressor, which can be quite helpful. Still, the lack of it isn’t much of an inconvenience.

The XpeedStudio team that created the plugin is dedicated and diligent, so you can expect the improvements soonest possible.

Bottom Line:

GetGenie is an excellent plugin created for WordPress users with content creation and content marketing needs. It has a huge wealth of features. Any professional will find it a helpful tool for writing content and copywriting. GetGenie is created for speed and functionality.

Its test results are impressive and its interface is user friendly. The content it produces is of high quality and reliable in all topics and niches. GetGenie is, hands down, the best AI writing assistant out there, and its use with WordPress makes it even more so.

Editorial Staff

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