Online Business Directory Niches

Since the inception of online business directories, there have been countless niches that have taken them to heart.

Choosing the right niche for you could be slow and difficult, despite being crucial to the success of your directory. There are directories that fail, while others do well simply because some owners don’t understand the detailed idiosyncrasies of each niche.

Going for a specific niche means that you will only focus on the interests, professions, and industries within it. Your online business directory will offer business information and resources so that consumers can get the services and products they want from the best businesses.

Online directories enable businesses to increase their online visibility and reach. Due to these advantages, competitiveness is also another reason why any business has an additional incentive to sign up for your directory. Your platform will also serve as added proof of credibility to all businesses on it.

How to Choose a Niche for Your Online Business Directory

Here are some tips that can help you settle on one niche:

  • Identify your passion and expertise: Consider if you have any passion or expertise in a particular industry or sector. You can then list the niches you come up with in descending order of interest and authority.
  • Research market demand: Find out the niches that are showing excellent growth projections with untapped marketing potential. Niches with high demand will surely bring businesses and consumers to your site.
  • Consider your competition: Look at the niches that are easiest to climb to the top because more competition and saturation in certain niches make it harder to establish yourself in them.

Other considerations to have when selecting a niche include resource availability and revenue potential. Ensure that you feel comfortable with the one you choose.

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Niche Ideas for Your Online Business Directory

We are about to examine 20 different niches along with reasons for choosing them, how to capitalize on them, a WordPress theme for creating a site, and examples of successful directories in the niche. Here are some ideas that will get you started as you choose a niche:

Niche 1: Restaurant Directories

Restaurant Directories

An online directory dedicated to local restaurants attracts businesses in the culinary world as well as foodies and diners looking for varying dining experiences. To both these parties, they aren’t mere directories; they are a companion who supports their love and interest in proper dining.

Why Choose This Niche

The most obvious reason for choosing this niche is that it will never die. There will always be many restaurants and people that appreciate fine dining. Your directory would suit foodies, restaurants, home chefs, and all people looking for something in the dining world.

How to Get the Best Out of This Niche

To get the best out of a restaurant directory, you need to have a few things on it, including:

  • Dynamic search and filters: Your users should find it easy to search restaurants by price range, location, cuisine, and other factors.
  • Map integration: Interactive maps make it easy for diners to find restaurants in the precise locations that they want.
  • Restaurant profiles: Each listed restaurant should have a profile with high-quality images, menus, operating hours, restaurant descriptions, and contact information.
  • User reviews and ratings: Users will trust what fellow users have to say about restaurants that business advertisements.
  • Reservation integration: Simple reservation processes for restaurants will make your website more popular as a one-stop solution for diners.

Other features and functions that you need to get the best out of your site include mobile responsiveness, social media integration, event listings, analytics and insight, and trending recommendations. 

WordPress Theme for The Niche

You can have all these and many more features and functions if you use CLRestaurant, a WordPress theme crafted for restaurant directory websites. You can add restaurants listing including food menu Here is what it offers:

  • Store and membership facilities
  • Multiple ad promotions
  • Google Maps and OpenStreetMap for mapping
  • Multiple payment gateways (Authorize.Net, Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal, and Offline Payment)
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Yoast SEO compatible
  • Mark ads as sold, quick view, and compare favorites

Successful Examples

With CLRestaurant, you can create a website such as LocalEats. LocalEats is a dining website that is focused on the American market. It is a go-to destination for foodies and anyone looking for a rich culinary adventure. A large part of its user base relies on the robust Android and iOS application that brings LocalEats into the palms of any American with a phone.

This website comes with a custom search with flexible filters that enable you to filter restaurants by the Top 10, Vegetarian Friendly, Hours, Price Range, Neighborhood, Category Winners, Cuisine, and many more. The website has many more features and has over 10,000 restaurant listings.

Niche 2: Lawyer Directories

Lawyer Directories

When you have a lawyer directory, you will draw lawyers and law firms that are looking to attract clients to their practices. Everyone looking to have a lawyer starts their searches online unless they have a referral or know a lawyer they prefer. Your site will be where they come to if you do it right.

Why Choose This Niche

Everywhere in the world at any given time, someone is suing another, hence the constant demand for law services. A lawyer directory serves all demographics, which means that you don’t have to worry about what your target audience likes to see. What’s more, convincing lawyers and law firms to sign up is easier than most other niches because they’re already taking advantage of every available marketing channel.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

If you are to take maximum advantage of a lawyer directory, you need to have the following:

  • Authoritative content: You need to write helpful, informative, and interesting content concerning the laws of your target location. This will boost the traffic on your site. 
  • Emphasize credentials: Ensure that the credentials and achievements of your listings are conspicuous enough to boost their credibility and conversions.
  • Secure communication channels: You must have a secure way for lawyers and their clients to communicate confidential information.

You also need to have a responsive website design, user-friendly interface, robust search and filters, comprehensive lawyer profiles, and others which you can find in the right WordPress theme.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

All these features that a lawyer directory website needs and many more are available in CLDirectory, a robust WordPress theme that covers multiple niches. It also allows you to showcase your listings on grid or list views. The cherry on top is the map layout that showcases listings on an interactive map with markers or pins to mark them. It works with multiple mapping sources: OpenStreetMap and Google Maps.

As you make your premium plans appear more appealing, you can work with the robust membership features of CLDirectory. You can also implement different ad promotions for your premium users. The theme supports 6+ payment gateways to help you and the firms you list receive payments seamlessly. The live chat between listing owners and their clients is secure and powerful. Other features it offers include:

  • Multiple search options
  • Store facility
  • Listing gallery with slider
  • Category-based custom fields
  • YouTube and Vimeo support in listings
  • Business hours display
  • Email notifications
  • Social share option on ads
  • Auto-renew option for promoted listings on expiration
  • Ratings and reviews
  • User online or offline status display
  • Guest listing submission

Successful Examples

One of the most successful lawyer directories is FindLaw. It is mainly a directory to help people find lawyers easily; however, it is much more than that. It offers informational articles on a wide array of legal topics. It also advises users on different processes within the niche, including how to go about hiring an attorney.

Niche 3: Fitness Center Directories

Fitness Center Directories

A directory for fitness centers does exactly that; it lists fitness centers. It attracts gyms, fitness instructors, yoga coaches, physiotherapists, and other similar fitness-related service providers.

Why Choose This Niche

Like lawyer directories, fitness center directories will always be in demand. As long as health is a desirable thing, there will always be fitness enthusiasts with gyms, yoga trainers, sports clubs, and potential clients looking for their next training spot or trainer.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

There are some must-haves that every successful fitness center directory boasts. They include:

  • Listing category range: You should have a range of sports and fitness facilities housed in distinct categories.
  • Rich blog content: Having excellent content with fitness advice and tips will draw traffic to your website and get eyes on the listings.
  • User reviews and ratings: As users leave reviews and ratings on listings, others find your site credible and helpful in directing them to the best fitness centers.

WordPress Theme for the Niche

CLDirectory is the perfect theme for fitness center directories since it has all the features that you need to make it a success. It is affordable and powerful enough to support high traffic. Some of the other features that it offers are listed above, while many more are available on the theme page.

Successful Examples

Athletic Business Buyer’s Guide is a successful directory website for sports and fitness businesses. It offers resources for various fitness needs, including equipment and training facilities. 

Niche 4: Tech Startup Directories

Tech Startup Directories

The advent of artificial intelligence is a significant marker of the rapid growth of the tech and innovation world. A directory for tech startups is sure to attract countless businesses and clients.

Why Choose This Niche

Technology has been a powerful tool in social and economic global development. Tech startups will keep increasing to cater to this ever-increasing demand. This is why this niche is sure to attract many consumers who want to evaluate different tech companies and innovators.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Dynamic search and filters: With dynamic search and filter functions, users can find the startups they want based on location and industry among other criteria.
  • Detailed startup profiles: Each startup should include information, such as the company founders, funding history, noteworthy achievements, and tech stack.
  • Reviews and ratings: When your directory has genuine user reviews and ratings, it becomes easier for investors and clients to make informed decisions.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

CLDirectory was created by an innovative team that updates its features and adds the newest trending technologies regularly. The live chat feature is one that will undoubtedly be popular for communication between startups and investors. This theme has many features, some of which are listed under the lawyers’ niche.

Successful Examples is a directory for tech startups covering Argentina, Estonia, Germany, and the USA. It lists some of the best startups with ratings, descriptions, profiles, and prices. 

Niche 5: Pet Services Directories

Pet Services Directories

Everyone loves pets and there are more homes with pets in countries like the US than those without. Such data tells you that a pet listing directory could turn out to be very lucrative.

Why Choose This Niche

Pet owners are always looking for the best ways to keep their pets happy and healthy. There will always be pet-friendly restaurants, pet grooming, pet sitting, pet toy shops, and other similar businesses within the niche. The clientele is never going to run out either because the pet ownership statistics show a steady rise rather than a decline.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Enough categories: The world of pet services is vast and you need to have categories like pet emergency services, pet-friendly dining, veterinary services, pet grooming, pet supply shops, and other similar ones.
  • Map services: Your site must have maps to direct your users to the businesses listed to make their exploration of new spots easier.
  • Social media sharing: You should create social media accounts that display heartwarming and interesting pet content that connects to your website to boost your traffic.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

With the social media integration and integrated user chat of CLDirectory, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better theme for your pet services directory. It has inbuilt review and rating capabilities, many premade page and category features, and high customizability to enable you to create the best possible website.

Successful Examples

PuppySpot is a renowned directory for the sale of puppies across the US. The website features positive user reviews prominently along with the locations it ships to, its delivery of unique selling points, and some of its best-selling puppies.

Niche 6: Gig Workers Directories

Gig Workers Directories

Today, unlike two decades ago, people and companies are leaning towards using websites to get new hires and jobs. Gone are the days of physically dropping resumés in tens of offices in hopes that you’ll get a couple to call you in for interviews. Freelancer and gig worker directory websites play the intermediary, eliminating all of the legwork.

Why Choose This Niche

Everyone wants to hire the best possible person or company for every job and getting as many qualified applicants to choose from is the dream. On the other hand, job seekers need individuals and companies offering gigs that suit their qualifications. These two descriptions speak for hundreds of thousands of cases each day, which means no shortage of the need for a directory that unites job freelancers to their next gigs.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Live chat: A live chat feature is essential in this directory website because companies can discuss matters like salaries and working conditions with potential hires before proceeding to email communication with the best fit.
  • Robust search and filter features: As freelancers look for their next job, they should find it easy to filter out the job descriptions that don’t suit them with various criteria like location, salary expectations, education level, experience level, and others like these.
  • Maps: Having a theme with robust map functions enables freelancers to find jobs in the locations they want and know their precise locations.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

Apart from offering multiple mapping sources, flexible search and filter functions, and a robust live chat, CLDirectory has so much more that you can take advantage of. You will find it easy to create a site with its high customizability and extensive online features and function documentation.

Successful Examples

TaskRabbit is a superb website for posting and finding all kinds of gigs. It embraces simplicity in its layout with many offerings right on its homepage. It lists its forums and gigs on a page from which you can find jobs for comedians, musicians, bands, photographers, and many more. Although you must have an account to access most of its pages, it is completely free.

Niche 7: Coworking Spaces Directories

Coworking Spaces Directories

With the rise in costs of professional office working spaces, there is an increased demand for affordable spaces. Coworking spaces directories connect owners of such spaces with people looking for different specifications like high-speed internet, high-end printers, and coffee.

Why Choose This Niche

People are always looking for convenient albeit temporary meeting rooms, coworking spaces, and bookable private offices. There will always be people looking for such spaces and others willing to rent them out. There is little work needed on your part once your listings get going especially if your site supports chats between users.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Map listing view: You will need to provide the option for your users to view the office space listings on maps to know their proximity.
  • Payment gateways: You can allow for transactions to take place over your website, either because you’re getting paid, or users purchasing spaces right off your website.
  • Gallery listings: You should showcase galleries of images, videos, and sliders that display the spaces users will be paying for.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

You need a WordPress theme that showcases images and videos of the coworking spaces as well as supporting the interaction of users with the listings. CLDirectory covers multiple niches, including this one. It also provides support for Google Maps and OpenStreetMap on your website as well as multiple payment gateways. The theme’s page presents so much more that you gain from CLDirectory, including membership facilities.

Successful Examples

WeWork is an excellent example of a successful coworking spaces directory. It boasts over 700 locations all over the world. It works based on monthly memberships, which individuals and businesses take so they can list their spaces. WeWork unites the people who need spaces and their owners from all over the world.

Niche 8: Eco-friendly Businesses Directories

Eco-friendly Businesses Directories

Today, the emphasis on eco-friendly living and business practices has increased along with the awareness of climate change and the need to mitigate it. Sustainability practices have gained traction in almost every industry imaginable. Green and eco-friendly business directories bring together eco-friendly adherent businesses with interested customers and clients.

Why Choose This Niche

The demand for environmentally sustainable businesses means a heightened need for eco-friendly business directories. Your directory would attract a multitude of users who seek to work with businesses that have the environment in mind. Equally, you will have many green businesses seeking people who appreciate their positive efforts towards a better environment.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Emphasize green practices: As you list businesses, ensure that their green efforts are highlighted conspicuously with infographics and other similar elements.
  • Informative blogging: People who are concerned with the environment would appreciate a website that brings much information on eco-friendliness to the fore.
  • Certification badges: You may need to showcase eco-friendly badges and certifications on business profiles along with brief descriptions of what each implies.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

Working with CLDirectory for your eco-friendly business directory is one of the best decisions you can make. Its flexibility enables you to work with logos and badges for each business. Its blog pages are flexible enough to accommodate the ecofriendly atmosphere you are aiming for.

Successful Examples

One of the best examples is Green Pages, a rich website that lists all countries, brands, and products that adhere to eco-friendly practices. It has a simple layout with a listing of all countries with the number of businesses listed along each. Here is where the lovers of the environment meet and do business.

Niche 9: Event Venues Directories

Event Venues Directories

There are many events at any given moment and any place and venue owners need a way to come together with event organizers. This is where event venue directories come in.

Why Choose This Niche

Event venue owners are in quite the lucrative business since there will never be a shortage of weddings, family gatherings, and other celebratory events. Your website would be the perfect place to bring together event planners and those running different venues. You can also have a category for caterers and other associated services.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Interactive maps: A website that lists event venues should have interactive maps that showcase where the venues are located to assist the clients in booking them.
  • Adequate categories: You need to work with multiple categories, such as venues, catering services, photographers, and other related services for the best results.
  • Venue gallery: You should consider showcasing images and videos of the event venues to attract bookings and make it easier for users to choose the ones that suit them best.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

CLDirectory comes with a listing gallery that allows you to add any number of images on each listing that will appear as a slider on the detail page. It is incredibly easy to use this theme to create new pages and categories. You can take advantage of the membership option to make some money from signups.

The theme’s booking facility enables users to book venues right on the directory. CLDirectory boasts many more features that make your experience and that of your users incredibly smooth.

Successful Examples

Zola is a magnificent website that provides resources for event planning, and catering for parties, weddings, and meetings. It facilitates venue searches based on location, which makes it easy to find the available venues in the places where users want them. It also facilitates the creation of a favorites list and making bookings.

Niche 10: Local Artisans and Craftspeople Directories

Local Artisans and Craftspeople Directories

With time, handmade products have grown more treasured and expensive than factory mass-produced ones. There has also been increased appreciation for the best craftspeople and artisans. Local artisans and craftspeople directories bring service seekers and the artisans and craftspeople together.

Why Choose This Niche

Choosing this niche lets you take advantage of the growing demand and supply of products and services of artisans and craftspeople. These men and women can reach a wider audience and sell their original goods. With a visual website, you will inspire the yearning for the fine products that your listings present.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Store facility: Your website should ideally have a shop facility that presents products ready for purchase, payment options, an easy checkout process, product pages, and other shop features.
  • In-depth artisan profiles: You need to showcase properly fleshed-out profiles of the craftsmen and artisans with contacts, product images, and descriptions. 
  • Video and images: With videos and images that display the artisanal products that everyone is raving about, the directory will perform significantly better.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

A directory for artisans and craftspeople is an excellent idea and is embodied perfectly by CLDirectory. This theme offers everything you need, from galleries and pages to WooCommerce shop and membership facilities.

Successful Examples

World Artisans Directory is one of the best examples of a directory for artisans and craftspeople. This example covers the entire world, with an array of stories from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It has straightforward registration and listing addition processes.

Niche 11: Travel Agency Directories

Travel Agency Directories

A travel agency directory is a platform that brings users and travel agencies together so that users can find, compare, and choose the travel services they need. Users come here to find assistance with planning trips and evaluate travel options at their disposal.

Why Choose This Niche

Bar anomalies like the recent coronavirus pandemic, travel agencies almost always see booming business. Travel agencies go to great lengths to offer excellent services, which makes it interesting for potential clients as they compare different agencies on your site. You will never run out of traffic, especially during the holiday season.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Excellent navigation: Users should find it easy to search for travel agencies based on different criteria, browse, compare, and choose a favorite.
  • Rich agency profiles: When users are browsing between travel agencies, they need to see information, such as contact information, services offered, locations accommodated, and customer testimonials to aid their decision.
  • Extensive filters: Your website should allow users to filter travel agencies by budget, locations, and other specifications, such as pet accommodations.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

Yet again, CLDirectory is your perfect partner in creating the perfect travel agency website. It offers a user-friendly interface to aid navigation and browsing. It allows you to accommodate guest submissions so that you don’t restrict non-registered users. CLDirectory has some in-detail features, like allowing users to save agencies to favorites and the option to hide contact information from guest users.

Successful Examples

GetYourGuide is a superb travel agency directory that showcases the offerings of different agencies with categories including sports, food, nature, and culture. Its beauty and imagery are remarkable and its listings have conspicuous tour durations, prices, ratings, reviews, and descriptions. 

Niche 12: Real Estate Agents Directories

Real Estate Agents Directories

Real estate is one of the most dynamic markets and this makes directories that list agents that adapt to the times indispensable. Real estate agent directories are an excellent resource for renters, real estate agents, and potential property buyers for the listing of professionals and property.

Why Choose This Niche

When people think of appreciating assets, real estate pops into mind. Everyone wants to own property, which makes the real estate niche an ever-thriving one. Due to the high number of players in the real estate niche, real estate agent directories are bound to be every-busy.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Blogs with market trends: You should craft up-to-date blogs with the latest market trends and valuable information to gain traffic.
  • Agent and agency facilities: Your website should have agency and agency detail pages and should allow for agencies to manage their profile, adding and removing agents from their profiles.
  • Live chat: The users and agents on your website should have a smooth channel of communication on your website to improve user-friendliness and conversion rates.
  • Relevant categories: Adding categories, such as property listings along with agent and agency listings makes your site more dynamic and helpful in the space.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

CLProperty is a real estate and real estate agent WordPress theme with a plethora of features fit for a world-class website. Apart from its feature-rich single property pages and robust agency and agent facilities, this theme has many features to flesh out your site. It boasts many ad promotions and extensive membership features.

What’s more, CLProperty has a live chat feature for agents, potential buyers, and renters to interact. It supports multiple payment gateways and its WooCommerce store facility is ready for use. Since the theme supports video embedding from YouTube and Vimeo, agents can use videos on their listings without slowing down the website.

More features that CLProperty has to offer include:

  • Auto or manual listing approval
  • Category-wise custom fields
  • Custom fields in search and filter
  • Listing gallery with slider
  • Multiple mapping sources
  • Category and location AJAX filters
  • AJAX autocomplete search
  • Online and offline user status
  • Mark properties as sold
  • Quick view for agent and property listings
  • Compare and mark listings as favorite options

Successful Examples

Zillow is one of the most successful real estate directories. It goes the extra mile with its categories by offering menu options like Buy, Sell, Rent, Home Loans, and Agent Finder. It is a popular destination for real estate agents and people looking to rent or own homes. Its interface is simple and straightforward with a prominent search box on the homepage to help users find what they want quickly.

Niche 13: Senior Care Services Directories

Senior Care Services Directories

A senior care services directory website is a platform that offers information concerning different services that cater to the elderly. It features profiles of home care agencies, care providers, assisted living facilities, and senior healthcare professionals.

Why Choose This Niche

This niche takes care of caregivers and families looking for a simple way to navigate the world of elderly care. Choosing to create a senior care services directory enables you to meet a crucial societal need while creating a community that assists those in need of elderly care. Apart from its potential profitability, it is a more rewarding and fulfilling venture than most others.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • User-friendly interface: Having a user-friendly interface is crucial for easy navigation by seniors and their caregivers.
  • Comprehensive caregiver profiles: Your listed caregivers and facilities should have full-fledged profiles with services offered, user reviews, pricing, and other similar information.
  • Guides and articles: Writing blogs for your website that provide helpful information to aid a seamless experience for all users will get your website loyal users.
  • Community forum: If you can, you should create community forums on which users can help each other with information, tips, and experiences.

WordPress Theme for This Niche

The multipurpose directory theme, CLDirectory is the obvious choice for anyone looking to create a top-quality senior care services directory website. Its membership option enables you to earn some revenue from your site while the multiple payment options make such payments smooth. With the guest submission feature of the theme, your site won’t force your users to sign up to submit listings.

CLDirectory offers much more for the creation of the best website in this niche.

Successful Examples

Senior Care Directory is a popular website for senior care services listings. One of its most unmistakable features is its large fonts and simple interface to make its navigation easy, even for seniors. It has more than 50,000 senior care providers offering many comprehensive services for the elderly.

Niche 14: Digital Marketing Agencies Directories

Digital Marketing Agencies Directories

Anyone looking for digital marketing services would expect a digital marketing agency directory to have comprehensive information on such services. Therefore, your website would ideally have marketing agency profiles, services offered, client reviews and ratings, and other information that helps them reach a decision.

Why Choose This Niche

This niche is particularly attractive because digital marketing businesses already understand the importance of having a strong online presence. What’s more, it is a niche that has vast monetization opportunities through advertising, sponsored content, and featured listings. The ever-expanding nature of the digital marketing industry is another appealing aspect of the niche.

How to Get the Best out of The Niche

  • User reviews and ratings: When your website has a reliable review and rating system, clients can share experiences in genuine feedback, which boosts your website’s credibility.
  • Monetization features: Having options like sponsored content and targeted advertising will give agencies that can pay for it added visibility while adding to your revenue.
  • Responsive design: When your website is accessible from all devices and shows a fluid layout that adapts to different device orientations, you give your users the ideal experience.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

CLDirectory offers a lot for websites in the digital marketing agencies directory space. With its business hours feature, users will know when to contact different digital marketing agencies. Agencies and users will get email notifications for profile activities and communication activities.

If a digital marketing agency takes an ad promotion out for their listing, you can set it to renew automatically. CLDirectory allows automatic renewal of memberships using Stripe and payment gateways.

Successful Examples

Clutch is one of the best-marketed digital marketing agencies and it adopts a simple approach. Right from the homepage, you find an Agency Name search along with Service, Location, and Budget-based searches. It lists agencies from over 130 countries and enables you to create a sharable shortlist to help you vet the available agencies.

Niche 15: Educational Services Directories

Educational Services Directories

We live in a time when learning is a never-ending venture and people of all demographics are constantly seeking educational and learning resources. Educational services directories avail courses, schools, tutors, workshops, and other educational resources for these seekers of knowledge.

Why Choose This Niche

As online learning keeps accelerating, directories that bring together learners and learning service providers keep gaining popularity. You can easily create a platform that encourages people with experience in particular fields to share their knowledge for pay on your directory. Students, knowledge seekers, and professionals should find your site immensely helpful.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Custom search and filter functions: On a website that has many learning options, it is necessary to offer an easy way for users to find exactly the field, course, or tutor they’re looking for.
  • Extensive educational options: Your users should find workshops, private tutors, courses, and other learning resources.
  • User reviews and ratings: You should feature reviews and ratings that users leave for tutors and courses you’ve listed as prominently as possible.
  • Discussion forums: You can go the extra mile and create pages on which users can interact with each other as they discuss issues concerning the various resources.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

The flexibility of CLDirectory allows its use in this niche. It accommodates all users with easy creation of pages and posts. The robust search feature, live chat, listing gallery, and many other features are perfect for educational services directories. Since it supports video embedding from YouTube and Vimeo, tutors can add links to video courses on their profiles. The WooCommerce store facility that CLDirectory offers can be an excellent platform for selling books and other study materials.

Successful Examples

The GT Scholars Program is an excellent educational services directory with more than 250 free online learning resources. It has course listings with subject descriptions, age groups, site addresses, course descriptions, and countries. Its search and filters are prominently positioned on the homepage to enable easy access to tutors and courses.

Niche 16: Home Improvement Contactors Directories

Home Improvement Contactors Directories

Everyone has different ideas for their dream home and would give up a lot to realize the dream. As homeowners seek renovations and improvements to their homes, home improvement contractor directories bring them to many professionals who can give them the desired results.

Why Choose This Niche

Landscaping professionals, plumbers, interior designers, and insulation contractors work in very profitable and fulfilling fields. However, they need help making their services more visible to potential clients, which is where directory websites come in. On the other hand, getting the best person or company for the job isn’t always straightforward and homeowners need a website like yours to get the best hands-on deck.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Detailed listings and profiles: You should display all the important details concerning each company and contractor on your listings, including their contact details, services offered, experience, and work images.
  • Image and slider galleries: Showcasing their work with before and after sliders is one of the best ways for contractors to market their businesses.
  • Client testimonials: You should showcase the reviews and ratings that customers have left for each contractor’s listing to improve their conversions.
  • Blogs with DIY ideas: If you write blogs with home improvement ideas that homeowners can do themselves, you will attract more traffic and customers for your listings.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

CLDirectory offers a plethora of features for this niche, including flexible blogging elements. It lets your users leave ratings with your criterion of choice. The listing gallery with sliders that you get with CLDirectory enables all your contractors to showcase the work they’re most proud of on their profiles. The theme offers so much more, including premade listing pages.

Successful Examples

One of the best examples of home improvement contractor directories is Hipages, a popular website that is renowned for its before and after galleries. It has a prominent call-to-action button for customers who want quotes for tasks and search boxes for trades and specific businesses. Users get multiple quotes from different professionals before comparing them and choosing the best one.

Niche 17: Beauty Salons and Spas Directories

Beauty Salons and Spas Directories

Beauty salons and spa directories are websites that showcase different beauty and wellness establishments. Customers can then come and compare them based on their preferences, pricing, specialties, and services offered. These directories provide information such as location, operating hours, and contact information.

Why Choose This Niche

The beauty industry is thousands of years old and isn’t dying anytime soon. It has owed its resilience to the innate yearning for beauty and health in everyone. There are many beauty and wellness centers and service providers but even more clientele, which is the perfect recipe for the success of a directory targeting this niche.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Gorgeous visuals: A dull website won’t cut it in this niche. Ensure that you have beautiful pages with attractive imagery relevant to beauty and spa centers.
  • Image and video galleries: Ensure that you accommodate videos and images that show what different beauty salons and spas have to offer.
  • Ratings and reviews: Users will prefer to go to a spa or salon that has positive reviews, so you should feature ratings and reviews prominently.
  • Detailed profiles: The profiles of the listed beauty salons and spas should be detailed with the services they offer, their rates, contact information, and operating hours.

WordPress Theme for The Niche

The flexibility in customization that CLDirectory makes it the ideal candidate for beauty salons and spa directories. You can use the unlimited color schemes to make your site attractive, while the image galleries with sliders display before and after imagery. The theme offers much more to aid the creation of the perfect directory for this niche.

Successful Examples

Kleinburg is a top beauty salon and spa directory website with excellent ideas that you can borrow. It uses a simple list layout to showcase different spas and salons with one image, address, and IP address. Along with these details, you have a link to the listing detail page. It isn’t the flashiest website but it is quite effective.

Niche 18: Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors

A financial advisors directory is an online platform where financial advisors come together with those seeking financial guidance and services. It typically features practical details like office location, contact information, services offered, fee structures, and links to professional profiles.

Why Choose This Niche

Qualified and trustworthy financial advisors are always in high demand because financial services are crucial to the success of individuals and businesses. Having a directory in this niche helps people looking to navigate their financial journeys. What’s more, this niche has many specialties like tax consultation, retirement planning, and investment advising, which means reaching a wide and diverse audience.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Educational resources: Having a section for guides, articles, and tools that aid financial planning makes your site a valuable resource for virtually everyone.
  • Site security: Complying with industry-standard security measures gives your users peace of mind as they handle sensitive financial information.
  • Monetization opportunities: You should take advantage of monetization opportunities like sponsored listings, premium listings, and memberships. These measures give listings additional visibility and give you revenue.

WordPress Theme for This Niche

Our go-to WordPress theme in this niche is CLDirectory. You can take advantage of all its wonderful features, from the multiple payment gateways to its live chat feature. With this theme, financial advisors can add their social profile URLs to their listed profiles. The frontend user dashboard enables financial advisors to manage their listings extensively.

Successful Examples

PlannerSearch is an exceptional website that showcases financial service professionals, including financial planners. It is focused in the US and allows users to find financial advisors by city, state, and name. The website lists these professionals very simply with a small photo, their name, specialty, and location. Other details are in the listing detail pages.

Niche 19: Outdoor Adventure Services Directories

Outdoor Adventure Services Directories

The world of outdoor adventure services is a burgeoning one, with different businesses catering to them. An outdoor adventure service directory targets service providers like hiking guides, skydiving instructors, zip-lining companies, camping equipment rentals, and team-building facilitators.

Why Choose This Niche 

The market for outdoor recreational activities is indescribably vast as people seek to let off steam and bond with friends, acquaintances, and family. Even as more companies in this space crop up, so does the diversity in the niche expand, therefore giving you a wider audience. What’s more, passionate enthusiasts in the niche are willing to pay for sponsored content and featured listings, therefore giving you excellent monetization opportunities.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • Interactive maps: Interactive maps display the locations of service providers and the areas in which activities are held.
  • High-quality imagery: You should facilitate the addition of high-quality images that showcase the recreational activities of each listing. This is the way to inspire excitement in outdoor adventures.
  • Booking and reservation system: Integrating a booking and reservation system allows users to book sessions easily with the service that they like best.

WordPress Theme for This Niche

CLDirectory is a superb theme that offers various features and elements for various purposes. You can provide educational content using the blogging facilities of this theme. The theme facilitates various monetization opportunities, including membership, featured listings, and sponsored listings. CLDirectory comes with the Lazy Loading feature that lets users add images without slowing down the website.

Successful Example

Outdoor Activity Directory is a green-themed website that lists outdoor activities, freelancer instructors, and activity providers. The website makes it really interesting with activities that people wouldn’t otherwise think of. The reviews are also quite prominent on the site’s homepage.

Niche 20: Photographers Directories

Photographers Directories

Everyone has a photograph that would evoke very strong emotions in them, hence the global appreciation of photography. A photographer directory lists photographers from different niches so that users can purchase images and their services. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Why Choose This Niche

A photographer’s directory lets you tap into a wide range of clients due to the love people have for photography. The demand for beautiful, high-quality photography and reliable services is really high and isn’t going to slow down. What’s more, there are many specialties, including fashion, commercial, wedding, landscape, and portrait. This niche is fulfilling and lucrative.

How to Get the Best out of This Niche

  • High-quality image galleries: This is the niche that just can’t do without high-quality image galleries that showcase what the photographers listed have to offer.
  • Detailed photographer profiles: You should have a detailed profile for each photographer listed on your website with a portfolio, specialization, pricing, client testimonials, and contact information.
  • Responsive design: You should have a fluid layout and responsive design for your site so that users can view the listings from any device and orientation.
  • User reviews and ratings: A review and rating system enables you to foster trust and credibility for your site. It also allows your users to evaluate and make the decision on which photographer to go with.

WordPress Theme for This Niche

CLDirectory is your best choice for a WordPress theme in the photographer directory space. It supports a listing gallery with a slider so that each listing can showcase a slider of images in the detail page.  Since this theme allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, your listed photographers can showcase videos without affecting the speed performance of the website.

Successful Examples

PhotoShelter is a top directory for photographers, offering a platform for photographers to sell their photos and services and one for people to buy them. It features over 80,000 photographers whom it gathers from 180 countries. It allows users to search for photographers based on 45+ categories.


A common tip for success with a directory website is prominence, which you can achieve by using the best WordPress themes for SEO and having a unique selling point. You can find your unique sales proposition through the membership packages you offer, simplicity, affordability, a creative feature you have in mind, and anything else like that.

Some tips we’ve listed will reappear from one niche to the next, but you should also consider borrowing others into the niche you end up choosing. Some of the leaves you can borrow from this piece include maximizing the user experience. Consider the features that serve your target audience best.

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