WordPress is the most demanding and valuable CMS for building an excellent website. Thanks to its theme to give your site a perfect shape and the plugin to make it more functional. But managing many websites becomes time-consuming to watch and keep track of your other sites. Even this problem also got solved, because of the WordPress management plugins.

The management plugin has always been a trending discussion in the WordPress market. These plugins can assist you in staying on top of updates, backups, and many other daily dashboard activities smoothly. You can also automate repetitive tasks and enable rapid access to other sites with ease.

I’ve put together 5 lists of the best management WordPress tools in this article. Which will help you maintain your site and have a trouble-free working atmosphere. But first, you must understand why choosing a management tool for several websites is a good idea.

Why use plugins to manage multiple websites in WordPress?

WordPress management is typically the preferred option when creating and maintaining many WordPress installations for a single customer or brand. Numerous WP management applications provide extensive features and services to aid workflow automation. You can manage your sites using various administration tools to keep track of them without logging into each one individually. Everyone uses secure and reliable hosting when they join the platform. You are handling everything else here. Any significant size or traffic increase on one website won’t negatively impact the entire network’s performance. Because different platform sites never share other server space.

Some Core features that WP management plugins offer

  • Managing Multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard is too easy.
  • The interface of these plugins is very user-friendly.
  • A great backup and migration service
  • Managing security with ease.
  • Seamless login without credentials
  • You can use the WordPress plugin to update and track the uptime of all your websites quickly.
  • Activating plugins and themes across the same tool will take less time to share files and resources.
  • Control WordPress’s user, comment, and other settings
  • Cloning and establishing new ones is simple for structuring and optimizing web domains.

So without further do, let’s jump into the lists of plugins that can manage multiple websites from a single dashboard.

Main WP


With MainWP, customers can control an unlimited number of WordPress websites from a single admin panel. It is a free WordPress manager plugin that offers additional premium features. For example, you can install as an admin on a different WordPress website. So you can secure and manage several sites flexibly.

You need two free plugins to transform a single WordPress dashboard into a management panel for customers’ websites. Make sure the child plugin must get installed on all websites if you want to control it.

Update management, uptime monitoring, Sucuri’s security scanner, a vulnerability scanner for plugins and themes, user and content management, and more are all accessible with just one click.

You can handle your backups however you want because it includes add-ons for well-known WordPress backup plugins, such as UpdraftPlus. Additionally, extensions are available for access control, client reports, bulk uploading articles, and more.

Core Features of Main WP:

  • An “Update Everything” button streamlines updates.
  • Themes and plugins are both capable of automatic updating. It offers an email notifier for any new updates and can update them by default on an upcoming day.
  • It automatically identifies abandoned plugins and themes that haven’t been updated in a while and notifies you. You may increase the security of your website with this.
  • It costs nothing to utilize the Sucuri security scanning plugin.
  • The extension for Uptime Monitor is free. It will notify you of changes in the coding and let you know if a website goes down.
  • MainWP backup solution is free, but not all of them.
  • It has a premium account to avail extra features like priority aid, add-on updates, and easy access to add-ons.

Infinite WP

Infinite WP

You may manage several sites with the help of InfiniteWP without wasting time, money, or effort. It offers a free subscription that is only good for backups and upgrades and enables you to manage an infinite number of WordPress applications. On the other hand, the free version is restricted to controlling WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates. You can also create backups but store them remotely. Therefore, it would be best if you bought an add-on.

This plugin differs because it necessitates software installation on your server. This effectively means that nobody other has access to your data. Without having to keep track of your admin credentials, you can manage all of your sites from a single straightforward and potent admin interface. The free features (for life, with upgrades!) include backups, restorations, and one-click updates. Additionally, you can write and publish posts directly from InfiniteWP to numerous WordPress websites.

However, you must purchase its premium plan to access all features and unlock the actual power. Besides, their premium plan includes all pro features such as ease of site deployment, staging different websites, malware scanning, monitoring performance, reports, 2-factor authentication, and many more. As a result, InfiniteWP truly unleashes its full potential.

Significant Features of Infinite WP

  • You may upgrade the WordPress core, themes, and plugins with only one click.
  • Additionally, you have the option of manually creating backups and restoring data.
  • Use InfiniteWP to track downtime across all websites.
  • Creating and managing users across all of your WordPress sites is simple.
  • Using a security feature, you can protect your websites from data breaching and stealing.
  • Use InfiniteWP to track downtime across all websites.
  • With a single click, all sites can receive updates.

Manage WP

Manage WP

You can manage all of your WordPress websites from a single dashboard with ManageWP. It is a renowned and free WordPress website management tool. Once installed and turned on, it will consolidate all data into a single hub for simple, seamless access. By installing the Worker plugin on every website, you can connect them all to the ManageWP dashboard. This plugin serves as a link between the ManageWP dashboard and your website.

The primary ManageWP features are unrestrictedly free. The plugin’s features include cloud-based backups, safe updates for all your themes and plugins, performance and security checks, full report generating, Google analytics connection, and many more. And suppose you feel that this is a bit restrictive. In that case, you can install add-ons to increase its feature set and add more powerful and sophisticated features.

“We use the ManageWP plugin and service extensively in our web agency. It is a powerful platform with many great features for website management with a pay-for-what-you-need pricing model that’s highly affordable,” says Donald Chan, founder of Singapore-based web design agency IMPACT

ManageWP provides top-notch customer service. It is always available, knowledgeable, and ready to assist you with any problems. Create a ManageWP account with your email and add your website to start using their service.

Manage WP key features are:

  • Unlimited websites can be managed from a dedicated center.
  • You can easily update your WordPress blogs, run security checks, remove spam, and much more with just one click.
  • Availability of automatic hourly, daily, and weekly backups on the cloud.
  • Real-time cloning, migration, and backups
  • All your websites can be updated safely, and automatic rollbacks are available if something goes wrong.
  • allows interaction with Google Analytics
  • Other premium add-ons are available, including white-label, enhanced client reporting, SEO ranking, and others.

WP Remote

WP Remote

Consider WP Remote your solution if you are tight on a budget but want to manage multiple WordPress sites. It has a basic UI with delicate features that enable you to update the core, plugins, and theme for free. Also, you can manage and add the team to your dashboard using the API. You don’t need the credentials; it is secure to log in without them. Besides, you can monitor performance and maintain site health seamlessly. 

WP Remote can backup your site manually and automatically with a simple click. That you can download and store in AWS, SFTP, and FTP. Unless you are unhappy with the primary feature, you can unlock its premium plan to make it more robust. It has three separate premium subscriptions for agencies. The basic program starts at $29 monthly.

WP Remote’s Key Features include:

  • Easy UI for its user.
  • Manage unlimited sites from a single dashboard.
  • You can update core, themes, and plugins with a click.
  • Check performance, analytics, and health
  • If programmers want to include this management panel in another workflow, WP Remote offers a RESTful API.
  • It has client management features, such as domain management, website deployment, and client billing for all maintenance tasks.
  • Your clients won’t ever need to know who is in charge of your maintenance platform because everything is white labeled.
  • All of your sites have backups available in the premium plan.
  • Numerous security features, including malware scanning, login protection, robust firewalls, and one-click malware removal, are available with the WP Remote Pro plan.
  • Avail customer service in the pro subscription by mail and chat.

CMS Commander

CMS Commander

Last but not least, this WordPress management plugin is a premium plugin. But you can take the premium feel for 14 days without giving your payment information. It is CMS Commander, an efficient tool with a simple dashboard like the WordPress default one. All you need is to install a client plugin on your multiple sites, and you are ready to manage them from your dashboard.

One cool feature of CMS Commander is its additional blog and marketing features which allow content optimization and monetization. You can contribute content using third-party sites like YouTube, Flickr, and Yelp. It also links with article spinning services to rewrite material and post it to your numerous websites. In addition, it offers integrations with well-known affiliate networks for affiliate marketers. 

Other than that, its usual features like one-click updates, backup management, 2-factor authentication, a basic malware scanner, and much more are available to manage sites.

CMS Commander Core Features Include:

  • Easy interface to manage multiple websites from a dashboard
  • A tremendous backup feature to protect data and store in Google Drive, Amazon S3, or dropbox.
  • Clone your entire site with a click
  • Secure all your communication with SSL.
  • Comes with 2FA security.
  • Malware scan.
  • Google Analytics Integration.
  • Monitors and tracks site health and performance.
  • Great marketing features for managing Ads and Affiliate marketing.
  • Powerful blog management with many SEO checking tools and monetization features.

Wrapping up

All these WordPress management plugins are free to use, and one has a trial for 14 days. But I have picked the best tools to manage your multiple sites from a single dashboard. These plugins will help you save valuable time and also help to grow your sites. The objective is to increase your output, consistency, and reliability while continuing to offer clients affordable and worthwhile services. So choose the suitable one that qualifies all the features you need in the WordPress site manager. 

Editorial Staff

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