How to Create Free Lawyer Directory Website with Classified Listing

Creating a lawyer directory website is an excellent starting point for a very lucrative venture. You will also have little to do once listings start going up on it since statistics attribute 69% of all digital traffic to Local search and organic traffic. There’ll always be new and old lawyers and law firms who need a website that puts their names out to the public. Likewise, there’s never a shortage of people looking for lawyers and your site is where they’ll find them.

Of course, creating a website doesn’t sound very simple, especially if you’ve never created one before. However, what we have in store for you alleviates every worry that you could ever have. Not only are we about to lay out everything you need to create your own website without having to hire web coders, but we will also give a tutorial of free resources only. We will guide you toward creating your free lawyer directory website quickly and without spending a dime.

We’ve analyzed all that you need to create your dream website and use it in this tutorial. Take a close look at all that you need to do to get yourself a lawyer directory website for free.

Creating a Free Lawyer Directory Website

Choose the Best CMS Platform

Content management systems are the basis for all websites. Your options include WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla, and Squarespace. Our advice is that you go with WordPress, and here are our reasons:

  • Since we aim to avoid all costs, WordPress is our perfect choice, since it is open-source and free. It is quite appealing because it offers excellent plugins and themes for creating your website. We set aside Drupal due to its high-cost margins and Joomla because it demands too much maintenance and updates.
  • We want to accommodate novice users and WordPress is outstandingly user and beginner-friendly. Some hosting services offer preinstalled WordPress versions and installing it yourself is quite easy too. Its admin dashboard, native block builder, and Live Customizer make it easy to customize and manage your site with a drag & drop interface. Drupal isn’t as beginner-friendly, while Squarespace is very rigid in terms of customizing its design and functionality.
  • The extensive collection of plugins and themes sets WordPress apart. You get many top-tier free and premium extensions, plugins, and themes for enhancing the appearance and functionality of your site. You won’t have to touch a line of code to work with them. Although Wix, Squarespace, and Drupal have themes and modules too, they can’t compare to the wealth of WordPress’s repository. Joomla sometimes has compatibility issues as users interact with their templates and extensions.
  • Due to the vast website share that WordPress boasts, it’s no surprise that it also has a massive active support community flooded with developers and users. The tutorials, support, and resources that you get from this community are significantly above all other CMS support networks. What’s more, WordPress has an easy route for you to contribute to the community and development of plugins and themes.

These are the reasons why we prefer WordPress. One of the best plugins for creating directory websites called Classified Listing is available on WordPress. However, since it is a premium one, we will work with a free theme based on this plugin to customize your website’s design. This theme is called CLClassified.

The CLClassified Theme

CLClassified Theme

CLClassified allows us to use the premium and exemplary Classified Listing plugin at no cost. It gives us access to different features, including buyer-seller live chats. It also gives us access to the most excellent form builder for creating custom listing fields. You can create as many fields as you want with field types including Checkbox, Text Box, Text Area, Select, Radio, Number, and URL.

As you seek to monetize your site, you will appreciate the flexible ad promotions, which include Bump Up Ads, Top Ads, and Featured Ads. The Store and Membership addon, which the theme is compatible with will help you access numerous membership features. You can transact easily with various payment gateways, which include Stripe, PayPal, Offline, Razorpay, and

CLClassified allows your users to submit listings on the frontend and manage their account info. They can also add, edit, and delete their listings. Among the search capabilities that visitors can enjoy are Radius Search, AJAX Auto Suggestion, Database Location, Google Location, and Filter by Custom Fields. Other features that you get include the following:

  • Image number control per listing
  • Auto and manual listing approval
  • Currency control
  • Report listings as abuse
  • Add listing to favorite
  • Threshold for ‘new listing’ designation
  • Listing duration setting by days
  • Contact form on listing detail page
  • Settings for unregistered users to add listing (automatic account creation)

Installing CLClassified

Since we recommend a free theme in CLClassified, all you have to do is go here and download it easily.

Once you’ve downloaded it onto your computer, go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on Themes 🡪 Add New 🡪 Upload Theme 🡪 Choose File. Browse among the files on your computer and choose the zip file you downloaded containing CLClassified.

Upload it then click on Install Now 🡪 Activate.

Add Lawyer Type, Category, and Location

It is very easy to go about this process using the user-friendly interface of this theme.

  1. Start by adding listing types by going to Classified Listing 🡪 Listing Types and add the listing type as View Details. Save it and delete other default listing types.
  2. To create a property category, go to Classified Listing 🡪 Categories and create the category, such as Immigration Lawyers, Business Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Government Lawyers, and Criminal Lawyers. Select your custom type and your preferred icon.
  3. Add a new location by going to Classified Listing 🡪 Locations. On the box labeled Name, fill in the name of your location and click on the blue Add New Location button to save it.

Creating Lawyer Listing Forms Using the Classified Listing Drag & Drop Form Builder

form builder

The form we’re using to create the forms is one of the most unique aspects of this theme and plugin. However, it is still easy to use. Here is how you use it:

  1. On your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Classified Listing 🡪 Form Builder before clicking the blue Add New Form button in the top right corner.
  2. Click on New Blank Form to see the user-friendly interface of the drag & drop form builder. Copy the form and drag it down.
  3. Rename the Section Title of the first section as Lawyer Category.
  4. To your right, you will have many listed Preset Fields. From this list, drag and drop Category onto the first section and rename the Section Title as Lawyer Name. Rename the second Title section as Lawyer Details and add a Tag field from the preset fields.
  5. Rename the next section title as Lawyer Info before dragging the preset field labeled Checkbox and rename it Area of Expertise. You can add Options, such as Criminal Law, Divorce Law, Injury Law, Real Estate Law, and Immigration Law. On this very section, add the Text preset field and rename it Hourly Rate. Also drag and drop the Description preset field below the hourly rate field and rename it Free Consultation. Add options in time duration, such as 20 Minute and 30 Minute consultations.
  6. Add another section, rename it Business Hours, and drag and drop the Business Hours preset field.
  7. Add another section, drag and drop the Social Profiles preset field, and change its title to Social Profiles.
  8. Add another section and rename it Contact Info before adding preset fields such as Phone, Website, Address, Map, Email, and others.
  9. Click on your top left on where it reads Blank Form and rename your form as something like Lawyer and click on the blue button on the top right corner that reads Save Form.
  10. Click on the Form List item at the top of your page and make this form the default by toggling the Default option button. Delete other forms if you don’t need them.
  11. Go to the settings menu item on your top left and toggle the button beside Active Form Builder before clicking on the blue Update Options button.

How to Add Lawyer Info in the Directory

  1. On the top right corner of the website, click on the red Add Listing button. Look over the form carefully.
  2. Fill out the form appropriately with the Lawyer’s Name and Description (such as education, awards, and recognitions). Add a few Tags, Areas of Expertise, Hourly Rates, and free consultancy time. Add the image of your choice, Business Hours, Social Profiles, and Contact Information.
  3. Click on the Submit button at the bottom end of the form.
  4. The submission will appear among the listings on the All Ads page, which is accessible from the top menu of your website. Clicking on any lawyer listing ad will give you access to their Listing Details page.

Just repeat this process to create more lawyer listings on your site.

Optimize for SEO and User-Experience

You can work on the user experience easily using the features that CLClassified offers. You can work with all the search and filter options so that visitors will find the listings that suit their needs easily. You can enable users to search for law firms and lawyers based on location, practice specialties, and keywords. The filters you can implement to help improve search results can have criteria like ratings, availability, and expertise.

Working on SEO isn’t a difficult task with WordPress and CLClassified since both are optimized for excellent performance with web crawlers. However, there is still work to be done and here is how you go about it:

  1. Keyword research and integration: Research the most relevant terms and phrases that users commonly use when searching for legal services. Ensure that they appear naturally in your category descriptions, lawyer listings, blogs, and other site content. Avoid keyword stuffing, which is overdoing the integration, thereby compromising content readability and relevance.
  2. Meta tag optimization: Optimize the meta descriptions and titles on each law firm’s directory page and profile. Meta tags should describe the content accurately for the best results.
  3. High-quality content: Feed your site with regular informative and readable content. Write blog posts, well-researched FAQs, and legal guides to attract organic traffic. 
  4. Local SEO optimization: If you’re targeting certain geographical areas, optimize your site and content for local SEO. Ensure that your content has well-placed location-based keywords. Register your site with local directories and Google My Business to improve local SEO.
  5. Internal linking: Work internal and external links in your content. Link lawyer profiles to relevant blog posts and practice areas. This will help web crawlers understand your site structure more easily and rank you well for user-friendliness.

Promote Site and Monitor Performance.

If you promote your website to the right audience, you will draw traffic and increase conversions for law firms on your site. Here are a few of the strategies that you should start with:

  1. Content marketing: Write creative, informative, interesting, and helpful blog posts, legal guides, and case studies within the lawyer niche.
  2. Social media marketing: Share articles, testimonials, and listings on social media platforms. Remain active there and respond to interactions.
  3. Email campaigns: Gather an email list and send newsletters with interesting or helpful information, such as how to improve their conversions.

As your site grows, you have to keep evaluating the performance of your lawyer directory and gathering user feedback. This will help you improve old and new user satisfaction.

  1. Analytic tools: There are free analytic tools that can help you track site traffic, conversions, and user behavior. You can leverage Google Analytics, with which WordPress works smoothly.
  2. User surveys: Gather user feedback so that you can improve and optimize functionality according to user preferences.


Creating a lawyer directory website that performs well without spending a dime is possible, albeit with careful planning. If you use the right tools and put in the necessary effort, you will get there. The tutorial we’ve laid out for you is enough to get you there and the resources we’ve recommended are perfect for the job. All the best as you work to make your lawyer directory a trusted platform for bringing lawyers and clients together.

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