Best WordPress Advertising Plugin

If you’re looking to monetize your website with advertisements, our listing of the best WordPress advertising plugin will offer all you need and more.

Creating and maintaining websites costs money, and it is nice when websites give back some of your investment. However, that isn’t always the case. Without monetizing your site, you will only spend money on it but rarely get anything in return. Relying on the sales of your online store (if you have one) is okay if your sales are always booming, but that’s often not enough.

You might be surprised to learn how much most websites earn from having ads on their pages. Taking advantage of the traffic on your website to make you some extra cash is a no-brainer whether or not you have much traffic. An excellent WordPress advertising management plugin is all you need to put up ads on your website and manage them well.

Such a plugin gives you access to valuable information on the clicks and impressions of ads. It should also offer statistics that show how well your ads perform. You get to control when specific ad banners appear and on which posts and pages they display. A stellar plugin will offer you help so that you can add ads manually with minimum fuss, but services like AdSense do it automatically.

What a WordPress Advertising Plugin Should Offer You?

An excellent plugin should offer you many benefits, including the following:

  • Easy integration
  • Smooth ad configuration and management
  • Ad scheduling
  • Automatic ad disabling
  • Beginner friendliness
  • Statistics and reports
  • Extensibility with ad platforms
  • Ad style variations
  • Full responsiveness

We’ve sorted through the top WordPress advertising plugins and come up with this list that is perfect for creating a sweet marketing strategy. All this might spell the beginning of your website’s stratospheric success. You will learn how to bypass partnerships with 3rd party ad platforms, stop paying and instead earn more than mere cents for clicks.

Some of the best Ads management WordPress plugin listed bellow:

1. Ad Inserter

Ad inserter - best WordPress advertising plugin

Ad Inserter is one of the best free WordPress advertising plugins with an even more outstanding premium version. Its AdSense integration and support for Google Ad Manager should give you a smooth ad display and management experience. Ad Inserter will automatically insert ads on pages and posts on your website. You can use the user-friendly Visual Advert Editor to create your own advertisements from scratch. With widgets, shortcodes, and the PHP function call, manual ad insertion is easy.

You can insert ads before or after:

  • Posts
  • Content
  • Paragraphs
  • Random paragraphs
  • Multiple paragraphs
  • Images
  • Comments
  • Excerpts

You can also insert ads near any element on a page with CSS selectors, above the header after the body tag, in the footer before the body tag, at relative positions in posts, between posts with infeed AdSense, between excerpts on blog pages, between comments, and at custom hook positions.

Ad Inserter is more than just a Google AdSense WordPress plugin. It offers many advanced options, including an AdSense code generator with which you can generate AdSense ads anywhere on your pages or posts. You also get a code generator for creating banners and placeholders. Ad Inserter comes with sticky widgets and sidebars for a better user experience.

Ad Inserter Pro offers extra advanced features, including internal databases for Geolocation. It supports geotargeting at the city, region, state, and country levels. This plugin allows you to blacklist or whitelist different IP addresses, countries, or cities easily. You can view the statistics of ad impressions and clicks while producing reports for clients as public web pages or PDF formats.

This premium version of the WordPress advertising plugin supports sticky ads with an optional close button. It also promotes sticky sidebar ads and floating slide-in banner ads. Its sticky floating ads have animations for fading, sliding, zooming, flipping, and turning. You can present discreet background ads or skin ads on your pages too. So that all these ads don’t slow down your website, Ad Inserter Pro offers the Lazy Loading feature so that scripts only load when a user scrolls on the page.

Pricing of Premium version: The cheapest license for two sites costs $20.

Feature Highlights:

  • 18+ ad insertion locations supported
  • AdSense integration
  • AdSense code generator
  • Visual advert editor
  • Different ad codes on AMP pages
  • Custom ad alignment and styles
  • Geolocation (PRO)
  • Lazy Loading (PRO)
  • PDF statistic reports (PRO)
  • reCAPTCHA to hide ads from invalid traffic (PRO)

2. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads - WordPress advertising plugin

Advanced Ads lays its claim as a top WordPress advertising plugin firmly with its extensive features. Its fantastic compatibility with all ad networks and types makes it quite handy, from Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager to Amazon ads and ads. Advanced Ads works in tandem with a Google AdSense partner to implement all technical modifications on time while complying fully with Google AdSense policies. Few other plugins can boast integration with Ad Health and Google AdSense violation checks.

Advanced Ads enables you to create and showcase unlimited ads. You can schedule ads with start and expiration dates and times. This Google AdSense WordPress plugin gives you a choice between different ad types so that you can enjoy full support for all types of Google AdSense ads. The plugin enables you to showcase image banners and images on your ad slots. You can insert contextual Amazon Native Shopping Ads into relevant posts and pages.

With Advanced Ads, you can create ads that only appear based on the content on a page. You can select individual pages, posts, and custom post types for specific ads. The plugin lets you hide ads from bots and web crawlers as you also hide all ads from particular pages, such as Error 404 and feed pages. Your website will detect different visitor conditions and choose whether to display certain ads. These conditions include showing or hiding banners depending on device type and whether a visitor is logged in.

Pricing: The single site license for the premium version of Advanced Ads goes for $89.

Feature Highlights:

  • Ad Health integration
  • Dedicated Google AdSense (for updates and compliance checks)
  • Shortcode ad management
  • Support for all Google AdSense ads
  • Geo-targeting (PRO)
  • Selling ads (PRO)
  • Sticky ads (PRO)
  • Popup and layer ads (PRO)
  • Slider (PRO)

3. AdRotate Banner Manager

WordPress Advertising Management Plugin

AdRotate Banner Manager is a simple and extensive WordPress advertising management plugin that liberates you on the number of ads you need. It works with different ad servers, including affiliate networks, Amazon ads, Google AdSense, DoubleClick, Google Ad Manager, DFP, or ads. AdRotate has an advanced system for checking for errors in the ads you create. With it, you can create ad groups to show multiple ads in a single location; these ad groups are easy to showcase in a grid.

This WordPress advertising plugin offers helpful previews of your ads as you edit them and plan their future appearance schedules. True to its name, AdRotate features automatic ad rotation, with each page load every few seconds. Additionally, you can place ads on your site using blocks, shortcodes, widgets, and PHP snippets. The advert generator enables you to create ads with basic HTML before adding them to posts and pages with no need for coding expertise in a few clicks.

Although the plugin’s premium version offers a lot, AdRotate won’t spam you excessively in bids to get you to upgrade to AdRotate Pro. The paid version lets you create filters so that you can show or hide some ad types depending on the type of device browsing. You can also hide ad banners from users who are logged in. With the Geotargeting feature of AdRotate Pro, your ads will be more sensitive to those who view them.

Pricing: A single-site professional license of AdRotate Pro goes for $39.

Feature Highlights:

  • Ad scheduling
  • HTML ad generator
  • Affiliate banner support
  • Grid display of group ads
  • Ad placement with widgets, blocks, and shortcode
  • Hours for ad appearance setting (PRO)
  • Hide ads from adblockers (PRO)
  • Ticket support (PRO)
  • Continued use of pro plugin after license expiration


google adsense wordpress plugin

WP-INSERT is a powerful but straightforward WordPress ad management plugin. It is optimized for AdSense as well as Google AdSense Auto Ads. With this plugin, your ads will easily bypass ad blocking. Not only do you get to create unlimited ads, but you can also insert ads above, below, on either side or in the middle of a page or post. WP-INSERT has full use of shortcodes in inserting ads into post content.

You will have a GUI guide with you for positioning ads on different posts and pages so that you don’t spam visitors with ill-positioned ads. With WP-INSERT, you can override the automatic positioning of ads per post manually. You can choose whether or not to hide ads for logged-in and mobile device users. WP-INSERT is readily equipped with the full support of the AMP plugin by Automattic.

If you want to track the performance of your ads, this plugin enables you to insert Google Analytics, Facebook tracking pixel, or any tracking code you prefer. WP-INSERT supports adding and using shortcodes from any plugin to encourage the creative use of Ad blocks. Your site can modify or hide ads depending on user devices with its individual targeting options. Its settings and optimizations ensure that your ads don’t slow down your site to any great degree.

WP-INSERT comes with ready legal page templates, including the disclaimer, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and copyright. It has a geotargeting feature for country-specific ad placement. The plugin also offers an A/B testing facility for ads, effectively complying with AdSense policy while simultaneously serving other ad networks. The testing feature allows you to use different ad networks with otherwise conflicting terms so that only ads from a single network appear at a time.

Pricing: Entirely free

Feature Highlights:

  • WooCommerce ready
  • Conditional display support
  • Ad A/B testing facility
  • Gutenberg support
  • AdSense optimized
  • Google AdSense Auto Ads support
  • Manual ad auto-positioning override
  • GUI rules for intelligent ad positioning
  • Country-specific geotargeting

5. Ads Pro

WordPress Advertising Management Plugin

Ads Pro is a premium WordPress ad plugin for showcasing, managing and selling your website’s ad spaces. It is fully responsive, so your ads are 100% flexible and look beautiful on all devices. The inclusion of a robust premium frontend user panel saves you $17 while simultaneously offering easy access for users, boosting sales, and enhancing your ad control. The plugin’s admin backend access panel is ideal for all your needs.

With Ads Pro, you get to work with over 20 predefined ways of displaying your advertising. It provides you with an Order Form, which boosts click-throughs and conversions. The WordPress advertising plugin presents a statistics page for which all ad slot buyers will receive a URL so they can examine what they’re buying. Ads Pro is equipped with WooCommerce integration so that you can utilize all WooCommerce payment gateways (paid and free).

Since it is also a Google AdSense WordPress plugin, you get to make money through Google AdSense. You can manage the plugin on one admin panel for multiple websites since it supports WordPress multisite. You get to customize your ads with the WPBakery page builder’s drag & drop interface. Ads Pro has full integration with BuddyPress Stream and BBPress Forum, so you can mingle your ads with activities, topics, and replies.

The capping option that this WordPress advertising plugin offers means that you can choose to show an ad X number of times per user per session. With Ads Pro, you can choose whether you want to accept ad sales manually or automatically. If you want, the plugin will have you receive email notifications upon reception of payments. You can compare two ads quickly with the A/B test module so that you can only retain the best ads on your site.

Pricing: $57

Feature Highlights:

  • 25+ premade ad templates
  • Geotargeting on 3+ levels
  • Massive backend ad manager
  • Hooks for ad-content integration
  • Device-conditional ad display
  • Ad scheduling and delay control
  • 100% responsive
  • Category and tag filters
  • Background corner peel
  • Ad number cap option for each user’s session

6. Adning

ads management plugin

Adning is an excellent WordPress advertising management plugin whose focus is mainly on easy banner ad management for WordPress websites. It has multiple options for adding and creating banners, including links from external banners and uploading from computers. The other options include pasting HTML codes, uploading comprehensive HTML5 banner packages, and inbuilt Google AdSense banner functions.

With Adning, you get to manage adzones, which are how you can group banners and display them as slideshows. You can manage entire adzone or banner groups with the campaign management feature. The plugin allows you to set up campaigns for particular countries only. Adning lets you insert banners anywhere you want on your site. You can insert them with shortcodes, widgets, template tags, embedding code, or automatically.

Adning makes the management of banner ads for different custom post types really easy. With its straightforward tracking statistics, this plugin enables you to keep clean and reliable records of the clicks and impressions ads get. You can make money by selling ad spots, conducting transactions with Adning’s default checkout system, or relying on the WooCommerce payment system. You will easily showcase relevant banners depending on user devices and location.

This WordPress advertising plugin guides you through creating triggers for banners so that they appear at the right time and place. Adning supports pre-post ads that appear before a user can view the actual post content. You get to create non-intrusive parallax scrolling banner ads that ensure that your site’s user-friendliness remains exceptional. Popup and fly-in ads are ideal for tracking the users’ attention.

Pricing: $26 only

Feature Highlights:

  • Google Analytics integrated
  • AMP support
  • Ad rotation with transition effects
  • Targeted advertising
  • Floating content and popups
  • Google AdSense support
  • Device-specific ad display
  • Ad auto-positioning
  • HTML banner support
  • Support for all popular page builders
  • WooCommerce payment gateways support

7. Ad Overlay Anything

Ad Overlay Anything

Simple and premium would be an excellent way to sum up, Ad Overlay Anything, but it would be an injustice if we didn’t analyze its capabilities. As its middle name suggests, this plugin enables you to showcase your ads over anything, including embedded images, videos, and text blocks. Placing a relevant ad on top of your best content could be an excellent way of boosting exposure and site revenue.

Ad Overlay Anything is based on the fact that ads are beneficial only when they are visible to visitors. It lets you personalize your ads, so they’re tethered to specific content pieces. For instance, if users are reading pieces about certain items on sale, it would be wise to place ads over that content that encourage purchasing the same items.

Since Ad Overlay supports shortcodes, you can use them for specific ad placements. However, this option is only advisable if you don’t want to take the option of automatically having your ads work on all videos. 

Pricing: A mere $19

Feature Highlights:

  • Best overlay features
  • Supports overlay of all content embeds
  • Shortcode ready
  • No Gutenberg support

Bottom Line

After our extensive reviews, we can assure you that the plugins outlined in this list are the best for advertising purposes on WordPress websites. Whether you have a big or a small business, these plugins will ideally suit your needs.

With the help of any of these plugins, you will create a website that earns you enough money to expand your business or start that pending project. It would be best if you concentrated on offering top-quality content to succeed with your advertisement venture. In one breath, don’t concentrate on the ads at the peril of your content. All the best in your venture!

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