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You are here to make a final decision regarding the Kinsta platform. We have been using Kinsta for over a year now and decided to write a review.  

However, this Kinsta WordPress hosting review will explain why you should check out this exciting web host. Is it price-worthy? What services will we get?

Moreover, with amazing facts, I am sure that you will fall in love with Kinsta. So, let’s dive in. 

Knowing Kinsta

Kinsta is a fast-rising star in the WordPress hosting space. Its wingspan isn’t limited to only WordPress hosting; it also extends to providing hosting for web applications, databases, and static sites.

In 2013, four friends saw some gaps in the market for these services and decided to create Kinsta. Kinsta was built on a way of thinking that makes WordPress hosting full of features, strong, fast, and safe, and intends to make support exceptional. After planning and building for several months, Kinsta went live in 2014.

Kinsta – from a small block to 200+ employees- fortunately serves over 120K+ clients in 128 countries around the globe through 35+ data centers. This company has been recognized with a number of accolades, including G2’s Best Usability, Users Most Likely to Recommend, and Best Meets Requirements in Spring 2024.

7 Outstanding Features of Kinsta That You Will Love!

Dashing Dashboard

Kinsta’s developers created a fully customized dashboard called MyKinsta. It is very ergonomic regarding site management options such as analytics, billing, activity logs, etc. The dashboard has an activity log that shows the complete list of actions that you or other users have performed. 

I found Kinsta’s dashboard to be much more user-friendly. You can track bandwidth usage, create free SSL certificates, check your statistics, and track important data. The layout is immaculate and easy to understand, so even newbies can find their way around right away.

In addition, the MyKinsta dashboard is available in English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish and Danish.
Technical Support is always available with just one click for troubleshooting assistance. In addition to 24/7/365 English support, multilingual support is available in French, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Spanish in select hours.

For developers, Kinsta provides a powerful tool stack to ease their daily workflows; SSH, Git, and WP-CLI access, redirects, one-click staging, block IP addresses, and an overview of installed plugins and themes are just a few examples of MyKinsta’s toolset.
A built-in Application Performance Monitoring tool allows users to get timestamped information of their sites’ PHP processes, MySQL database queries, and other data to help discover site performance issues.
With the help of Kinsta API, developers can automate tasks (like site creation), create reports, or schedule tasks (like clearing cache). 

Quality of Service 

As an early adopter, Kinsta was among the first companies to use Google Cloud Platform’s Premium Tier network for its WordPress hosting infrastructure. 

However, Google evaluated some case studies on their services and found positive –

  • The cost of hosting went down by 15% to 20%.
  • Revenue increased 600% over three years
  • Kinsta’s customer turnover rate stays below 3%. (significantly lower than industry averages)

Kinsta still invests heavily in quality of service by constantly adding new features—at no additional cost to its users. The latest and most important feature updates include enterprise-level Cloudflare integration, introducing new services such as web application hosting, database hosting, and free static site hosting, rolling out Kinsta API, and becoming a SOC 2 certified host. Kinsta also started rolling out Google Cloud’s latest and fastest C3D virtual machines to help increase site performance even further.

Moreover, Kinsta’s help experts are available 24/7/365. This makes them stand out in the web hosting market and leads to many repeat customers.

Website Caching

You don’t need a caching plugin because Kinsta already has caching at the server level. Its fastest loading time technique buys you more time to work. You can clear your website cache at any time through the Kinsta account dashboard or WordPress dashboard.

Without a hassle, Kinsta implements four types of caching:

Bytecode Cache: Bytecode cache gets rid of the need for PHP scripts to be compiled. It stores the code that has been put together. OPCache handles PHP on Kinsta.

CDN Cache: CSS, JavaScript, and media files can be stored in a CDN cache to speed up a website. The CDN, or content delivery network, is a middleman between the visitor and the server. It keeps the files ready, so they don’t have to come from the server.

Object Cache: Object cache works with databases by saving queries for later use. If the same query is used, it doesn’t have to work with the database every time. It helps to speed up the time for frequent requests.

Page Cache: This cache also offers HTML scripts. So, the pages load faster. This works well for pages that stay mostly the same. Caching helps generate the page only once, so PHP files and queries can be read and processed less often.

Edge-cache:  Enabling the edge-caching feature, sites’ pages can be delivered faster to visitors with data being sent from a data center or CDN closest to the visitors’ location. With this infrastructure it serves images, fonts, and files containing CSS and JavaScript — in 260+ locations on Cloudflare’s network around the world.

Free SSL Certification

SSL Certification – one significant feature among many others. Its primary function is to keep users’ information safe and strengthen security, but we all know that the advantages of HTTPS go way beyond security. Along with security, HTTPS is now one of the most important things for better traffic. 

SSL certification affects the site’s SEO rank. Kinsta lets you enable SSL encryption on your site. Through their Cloudflare integration, free SSL certificates are automatically created once the user added their domain. The free SSL they offer also works with “wildcard” domains, which allows users to secure their sites’ root domains and individual subdomains. 

Automatic Daily Backups

Fortunately, Kinsta offers free daily automatic backups by default. The restoration process is also very simple. If you lose your data, you can restore it with a single click. The backup retention is at least 14 days and increases on higher-tier hosting plans up to 30 days.

If there is data, there is always an option to lose it, too. So, please don’t just use Google Drive for auto-backups. Instead, try other paid services like VaultPress, COMODO Backup, Backup Maker, CodeGuard, etc. Various WordPress plugins are also available, but configuring them takes more work. It takes a lot of time to set up, maintain FTP access, make database connections, etc. In short, there isn’t a better free option than Kinsta.

Unlimited Free Migrations

Kinsta offers free premium migrations credits on each WordPress hosting plan. Premium migrations are suitable for sites with dynamic elements, such as WooCommerce or membership sites, or sites with a more complex setup, like multisite networks or reverse proxy.

In addition to premium migrations, Kinsta offers unlimited basic free migrations that are suitable for standard WP installations. 

So, If you’re using another hosting platform and want a transition, you are just one click away from hosting your project on Kinsta. Simply kick back and let the developers do all the heavy lifting for you. 

Powerful Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

If you’ve ever searched for website hosting online, there is no better option than Kinsta. As a top-tier hosting provider, Kinsta goes above and beyond with its standard security features, whether you’re a small business or an enterprise. 

Kinsta’s platform is built on Google Cloud’s Premium Tier network and utilizes GCP’s fastest and latest C2 and C3D virtual machines for a performance-optimized hosting environment. On top of the GCP infrastructure, the platform is secured by an enterprise-level Cloudflare integration with HTTP/3 support, free wildcard SSL, DDoS protection, and an extensive CDN network, among other perks.

Through the isolated container technology at Kinsta, each site is hosted in its own container with a generous amount of CPU and RAM resources allocated individually. Unlike shared hosting environments, the resources are private and not shared with any other site on the platform. 

Here’s an outline of the security features you will get:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Encrypted SFTP and SSH connections
  • DDoS  Protection
  • Malware Security Pledge
  • Wildcard SSL certificates
  • Developer-friendly platform
  • Hardware firewalls
  • GCP and Cloudflare firewalls
  • GeoIP blocking 
  • SOC 2 Compliant hosting

The Good and Bad

Let’s look at the good and bad of Kinsta hosting to help you out:

The Goodies

Master of WordPress: Many hosting companies offer a wide range of services. Kinsta specializes in WordPress hosting, Application Hosting, Database Hosting, and Static Site Hosting, making it a specialist in this subset of hosting.

Unrivalled Performance: After testing many hosting providers, we know what it takes to deliver quality hosting, and Kinsta performs better than expected.

Better Team Management: Kinsta lets you set clear roles and permissions for your team and gives you tools for collaboration. This can help get things done faster, even though there would be little to do to start.

Staging Environments: Make updates and changes to your website on a separate clone of your site so you don’t disrupt your live site. You can make changes, try them out, and fix bugs on staging sites before they go live. Kinsta offers a Premium Staging add-on that lets users create up to five additional staging environments.

Multi-User Permissions: You can invite unlimited users and give them access to your WordPress sites. You can also choose the level of access to the site by providing Company Admin, Company Developer, Billing, Site Admin, or Site Developer roles. 

Near-Immediate Response Time:  Kinsta will be the first responder if a website goes down. They check the website’s uptime every three minutes, so they know immediately if something is wrong. Furthermore, Kinsta’s Technical Support Team’s average response time is below one minute.

Smart Security: Kinsta goes above and beyond regarding security, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your site safe. Kinsta has everything you need.

Server Locations: The servers are spread out worldwide since they use GCP. While the server response time may differ, at least you’ll have a network of servers worldwide to support your website.

Integrated CDN Network: Kinsta has a Cloudflare CDN network with 260+ PoPs worldwide to give you a free and built-in content delivery network. You can use your own CDN network or a third-party CDN like KeyCDN, Sucuri, StackPath (Previously MaxCDN), Amazon CloudFront, and more.

Free local WordPress development tool: Kinsta rolled out a free tool that makes local WordPress site creation and development easy. DevKinsta is powered by Docker and offers a local environment for developing sites, themes, plugins, and more.

Areas to Improve

No Email or Domain Hosting: You’ll have to host your email accounts and domain somewhere else because Kinsta doesn’t offer this, which might be irritating to some. But actually, it’s highly recommended to keep your email and hosting separate, so this is not a disadvantage at all.

No Phone Support: Many businesses would rather talk to a person than fill out a form or send a message. Customers like these will notice the lack of phone support very much.

Not Compatible With All Plugins: Some security plugins don’t work with Kinsta because they conflict with the security measures that are already in place.

Steep Price Plans: Many small or new businesses may not be able to afford Kinsta for their high prices. 

Pricing and Plans

One of Kinsta’s biggest drawbacks is its high price. However, people are using it for the best service. Since Kinsta is seemingly popular among all types of businesses, they have a large customer base, too.

But Kinsta doesn’t ignore the rest of the market, which is good. It comes in 10 different plan tiers for businesses of all sizes, from small to large. It also offers single-site plans for single WP installations with increased resource needs. The Agency plans are for intermediate business developers or freelancers, and they accommodate 20+ client sites on Kinsta’s platform.

Kinsta’s pricing plans are as follows:

Starter $35/month10 GB disk spaceFree CDN25,000 visits24/7/365 support1 WordPress installs14-day backup retention
Pro$70/month20 GB disk spaceFree CDN50,000 visits24/7/365 supportMultisite supportSite Cloning14-day backup retention
Business 1$115/month30 GB disk spaceFree CDN100,000 visits24/7/365 supportMultisite supportSite Cloning14-day backup retention
Business 2$225/month40 GB disk spaceFree CDN100,000 visits24/7/365 supportMultisite supportSite Cloning14-day backup retention
Business 3$340/month50 GB disk spaceFree CDN100,000 visits24/7/365 supportMultisite supportSite Cloning20-day backup retention
Business 4$450/month60 GB disk spaceFree CDN100,000 visits24/7/365 supportMultisite supportSite Cloning20-day backup retention
Enterprise 1 $675/month100 GB disk spaceFree CDN100,000 visits24/7/365 supportMultisite supportSite Cloning30-day backup retention
Enterprise 2$1000/month150 GB disk spaceFree CDN100,000 visits24/7/365 supportMultisite supportSite Cloning30-day backup retention
Enterprise 3 $1350/month200 GB disk spaceFree CDN100,000 visits24/7/365 supportMultisite supportSite Cloning30-day backup retention
Enterprise 4 $1650/month250 GB disk spaceFree CDN100,000 visits24/7/365 supportMultisite supportSite Cloning30-day backup retention
Kinsta Pricing plan

Review Conclusion: Should You Choose It?

Out of the hosting market, finding the best managed WordPress host with good performance and robust security measures is a challenging task. But among them, Kinsta stands out and serves us like honey.

With wrapping their best features- Kinsta is very fast, works with third-party CDNs, has daily automatic backups, a staging area that you can access with one click, an in-house caching plugin, expert support available 24/7/365, full-time security, and 99.9% SLA-backed uptime guarantee.

Kinsta is a fantastic choice with its consistent services. Though it is expensive, its top-notch security and infrastructure will make it feel price-worthy. This price is nothing. We are sure that you will find it an amazing web host, too.

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