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Portfolio Pro for WordPress



Last updated:

16 February, 2022


Active Installations:

WordPress Version:

WordPress 5+

Tested up to:

Portfolio plugin for WordPress is fully Responsive & Mobile friendly Portfolio plugin for WordPress. It has 57 default layouts with 20 Grid Layouts, 19 Isotope Grid and 18 Slider Layouts. You can set Even/ Masonry Grid for all layouts. Can Gutter for each item.


  • Full Responsive & Mobile Friendly
  • 57 Layouts (Even Grid, Masonry Grid, Even Isotope, Masonry Isotope & Carousel Slider)
  • Unlimited Layouts Variation
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Unlimited ShortCode Generator
  • Drag & Drop Item Ordering
  • Drag & Drop Taxonomy ie Category Ordering (New)
  • Detail Page Field Control (New)
  • Gallery Image View added (New)
  • Device wise Item View Control (New)
  • Show Item Count on hover of Isotope Button (New)
  • Gutter / Padding Control (New)
  • 4 Types of Pagination Normal number, AJAX number Pagination, AJAX Load More & Auto Load on Scroll (New)
  • Count on Load More Button (New)
  • Dynamic image Re-size & Custom image size (New)
  • Taxonomy Relation (New)
  • Random Order (New)
  • Button Color Control (New)
  • Layout Preview Under ShortCode Generator (New)
  • Set Specific Class form shortcode (New)
  • Isotope Show All Button Disable (New)
  • Search for Isotope Layouts (New)
  • Count for Isotope Button (New)
  • RTL Added for Carousel Slider (New)
  • Detail page with popup next preview button and normal view
  • Visual Composer Compatibility
  • Fully translatable (POT files included (/languages/))
  • External link for title and Image
  • Pagination Control
  • All Fields Control show/hide
  • All text color, Size and Text align control
  • Even & Masonry Grid
  • Grid with Margin & No Margin
  • Display portfolio by Category(s) wise
  • Filter specific portfolio item(s)
  • Related Portfolio
  • Auto update available in 2.8

Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly.

All of 57 layouts and widgets are full responsive for all Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices.

Total 57 different layouts (Grid, Isotope & Carousel Slider)

Grid: 20 Grid Layouts you can set Square or Rounded profile image also with default margin or no margin.

Isotope: 19 Isotope Layouts you can Square or Rounded profile image also with default margin or no margin.

Carousel: 18 Carousel Slider Layout you can set with default margin or no margin.

See all Layouts Demo

Device wise display control

From v 2.0 you can control how many display per row like in Desktop, Tab and mobile device.

All text size, color and text align control

From ShortCode Generator “Styling” Tab you can set all color, all text size and text align control.

If not set then it will get from default that define in css file.

Carousel has different control

You can control the carousel from admin end.

Auto Play = Checked (Yes)
Nav Button = Checked (Yes)
Pagination = Checked (Yes)
Stop Hover = Checked (Yes)
Responsive = Checked (Yes)
Auto Height = Checked (Yes)
Lazy Load = Checked (Yes)

See Front end Demo

Unlimited Colors

From Short Code Generator “Styling” TAB You can set Primary color based on your theme/ logo colors also you can set all fields color.

If not set any color then it will get default color that define in css file.

All text size, color and text align control

From ShortCode Generator “Styling” Tab you can set all color, all text size and text align control.

If not set then it will get from default that define in css file.

All fields control show/hide

From ShortCode Generator “Field Selection” Tab you can control all fields which field want to show just check it and which field don’t want to show just uncheck it.

Unlimited Shortcode Generator

You can generate Unlimited ShortCode from ShortCode Generator.

You can control all colors, text size, text align, fields control in each shortcode.

Drag & Drop ordering

You can order tram member(s) by mouse drag and drop.

Grid with Margin or No Margin

You can set profile to profile margin by default is 30 px as Bootstrap Default margin.

If you don’t want margin then check “No Margin”

4 Types of Pagination

Now version 2.0 has 4 types of pagination normal number pagination, AJAX number Pagination, Load More (Text can change) and Auto load on Scroll.

Even & Masonry Grid Style

You can select which Grid style you want Even height or Masonry Grid style

Dynamic Image Re-size with custom image size

From V 2.0 dynamic image re-size option added with default WordPress image size as dropdown  also you can set custom image size.

Strong Filtering option

You can include or Exclude select specific item by id,  also can select specific category , Tag or Tools and can set relation with them.

Gutter / Padding control

You can control the Gutter or padding of each item.

Isotope Filter with tool-tip count & Search

In Isotope Filter count will show as tool-tip also a search input box.

Layout Preview

You can see the layout preview under Shortcode generator so you can know the the layout will look.

Taxonomy Ordering

You can Drag & Drop Order Category, Tag and Tools from here.

Custom Link for Detail Page (Title & Image)

You can set your own link from portfolio item add form. First need this setting enable from here.

POPUP with next preview button

POPup come with next and preview button it is also keyboard control. The image come with gallery.

You can select Related Project(s)

You can select related project(s) or keep blank it no related project. Related project will display in bottom of detail page and popup.

Portfolio Gallery

You can add additional images for gallery it will show in detail page as a gallery with next and preview button.

Visual Composer Compatibility

TLP Portfolio PRO is fully compatibility with most popular page builder plugin Visual Composer.

From the Text Block Visual Editor click the icon to add ShortCode.