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How to Setup WP Logo Showcase FREE Version for WordPress

Please check step by step instruction how to setup wp logo showcase.

Step 1: First Download the zip file then go Plugins=>Add New then select the zip file and upload.

or unzip the file and upload the folder in the plugin folder dir

then Active the plugin

Step 2: After Active the plugin go to left menu and see “Logo Showcase” First go to settings

1st Tab: Set the your own image size which size you want to re-size the logo.

2nd Tab: for custom css editor you can write own custom css here.

Step 3: Add Category: Add the category name then from bottom click add new category.


Step 4: Add New Logo

4.1) Title: Add Logo Name

4.2) Logo Image: Add Logo Image

4.3) Logo Description: Add Logo description


Step 5: Shortcode Generator

5.1) Layout Settings:

5.1.1) Layout: First Select the Layout.

5.1.2) Column: Select how many column you wan to show.


5.2) Logo Filtering: 


5.2.1) Limit: You can set limit how many want to display.

5.2.2) Categories: You can select which category(s) you want to display.

5.2.3) Order By: You can select order by option name, title, data ..

5.2.4) Order: Set Order

5.3) Fields Selection:

You can select which fields you want to display.

5.4) Styling:

5.4.1) You can set Primary color work for Button Color.

11) How to add Grid Layout?

Go to Shortcode Generator => Layout Settings Tab => Then select “Grid Layout” then select others rated fields.

11) How to add Slider Layout?

From Shortcode Generator => Layout Settings => Layout (Select Carousel Layout) then see below the Carousel property available check the property that you want to use.

 12) How to use

From the Editor Logo icon click then a popup will show then select the Shortcode

Please Take a Look of PRO version features