Please check step by step instruction how to setup wp logo Slider Pro.

Step 1: First Download the zip file then go Plugins=>Add New then select the zip file and upload.

or unzip the file and upload the folder in the plugin folder dir

then Active the plugin

Step 2: After Active the plugin go to left menu and see “Logo Slider PRO” First go to settings

For custom css editor you can write own custom css here.

Step 3: Add Category: Add the category name then from bottom click add new category.


Step 4: Add New Logo

4.1) Title: Add Logo Name

4.2) Logo Image: Add Logo Image

4.3) Client Web Site URL: Add your target url where it go.

4.4) Logo Description: Add Logo description

4.5) Custom Image URL: You can add image path

4.6) Alternative Text: You can add logo alt tag



Step 5: Shortcode Generator

5.2) Layout Settings:

5.1.1) Layout: First Select the Layout.

5.1.2) Column: Select how many column you wan to show.

5.1.3) Image Resize: Check to enable and set your own size.

5.1.4) ToolTip: Check to enable tooltip option.

5.1.5) Box Highlight: Check to Enable Box Highlight.

5.1.6) Grayscale: Check to enable gray Scale image

5.1.7) Link Type: Select Link type or no link.

5.2) Logo Filtering: 

5.2.1) Include Only: You can input specific logo id which one specially you want to include.

5.2.2) Exclude: You can input specific logo id which one specially you want to exclude.

5.2.3) Limit: You can set limit how many want to display.

5.2.4) Categories: You can select which category(s) you want to display.

5.2.5) Order By: You can select order by option name, title, data ..

5.2.6) Order: Set Order


5.3) Fields Slection:

You can check which fields you want to show or hide.

5.4) Styling:

5.4.1) You can set Primary color & Button Color.

Then Title color, size and alignment.

Description color, size and alignment.


11) How to add Grid Layout?

Go to Shortcode Generator => Layout Settings Tab => Then select “Grid Layout 1 – Grid Layout 7” then select others rated fields.

See the Preview at bottom

11) How to add Slider Layout?

From Shortcode Generator => Layout Settings => Layout (Select Carousel Layout 1 – Carousel Layout 7) then see below the Carousel property available check the property that you want to use.

See the preview at bottom.

12) How to setup Isotope Layout?

From Shortcode Generator => Layout Settings= > Layout (Isotope Layout 1 – Isotope Layout 7) then select others related fields

13) How to enable Center mode?

First Select the Carousel Layout then in property set Center Mode

14) How to enable RTL mode

First Select Carousel Slider Layout then from property select RTL

Add in to Visual Composer


Please Take a Look of PRO version features

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