Last update and changes

Classified Listing Pro & Directory Plugin

Added: Ajax filter compatibility
Updated: Firebase Google login API
Updated: Config API for admin note to user’s message
Fixed: Filter number field issue

Fixed: Promotions are not updated when membership is renewed

Fixed: Email template html escaping
Fixed: push notification
Fixed: Rating update issue
Fixed: Apple login issue from mobile app (REST API)

Fixed: Category slider addon sub-category control issue
Updated: APP settings
Added: Rest API manage endpoint

Fixed: Mark as sold change issue
Fixed: Stripe membership expired-renew issue
Fixed: WooCommerce Payment issue
Added: Iyzipay payment compatibility

Fixed: Listable field for from builder
Added: Drag & Drop Listing Form Builder
Fixed: Mark as sold banner issue
Fixed: WooCommerce Payment issue
Fixed: Chat image exchange issue
Fixed: Chat image delete issue
Updated: Listing API
Fixed: Chat image exchange issue
Fixed: Chat image delete issue
Added: User Dashboard backward compatibility
Fixed: Elementor search form label issue
Fixed: Meta query relation issue
Added: New dashboard compatibility
Fixed: Recurring order pricing issue for stripe subscription 
Updated: membership pricing options for subscription

Added: Popular option in Elementor Listing Widget
Fixed: Stripe subscriptions issue
Updated: Form category rest API

Fixed: Custom fields showing issue on listings Gutenberg block
Fixed: GEO location top listings search issue

Added: Added hook
Fixed: i18n Localisation string update

Fixed: Listing slider responsive issue
Fixed: Listing slider and category slider sidebar control style issue

Updated: Translation file
Support: Seller Verification For Elementor widget

Fixed: Online status issue
Added: Mobile optional API
Fixed: Some Deprecation error for PHP 8.2
Added: WPML promotion sync

Added: PHP 8.2 compatibility
Fixed: Promotion level change issue
Added: Login redirect to a single page for seller information

Fixed: Elementor addon pagination issue
Fixed: Listing price issue in chat

Fixed: subscription issue for stripe
Fixed: DataBase insert error
Added: Subscription API for app

Added: Sold out listing search option in the dashboard filter
Added: Disappear mark as sold listing from the search result
Updated: Push notification error log
Fixed: Mark as sold/unsold text change issue
Fixed: Listing review compatibility issue with Review Schema

Updated: API for renewing the listing

Fixed: Badge color change issue

Fixed: Stripe initialized error while API key is empty

Added: Subscription Stripe
Fixed: Zoom image alt and title attribute

Added: Authorization subscriptions
Fixed: user image URL fix for app
Fixed: Category addon count issue

Added: User status online/offline

Fixed: Session error log

Updated: Security & Sanitisation
Updated: Change text naming
Updated: Checkout Rest API

Fixed: Unread message email quote sign issue
Fixed: Elementor addon parent category issue

Fixed: Chat table regeneration issue

Added: App Woo payment support

Fixed: Stripe text translation issue
Fixed: Custom Field select/checkbox filter issue
Updated: Layout style

Updated: Guzzle php client
Fixed: translation issue for stripe payment getaway

Fixed: Elementor listing custom fields ocntrol
Fixed: Pricing issue

Added: Elementor Archive & Single Page Builder Addon compatibility
Added: Per sign control in Pricing Box addon

Fixed: Manual bump up issue

Fixed: Backend widget area console error
Added: Pricing Table Gutenberg block

Added: Gutenberg Blacks (Listings, Listings category, All locations, Singe location,
category slider, listing slider)

Fixed: Compatible with free version 2.1.0
Added: Elementor Widget

Fixed: Push notification translation.
Fixed: Radius search filter widget translation.

Fixed: Stripe IOS payment issue
Added: comment form script
Added: Rating filter

Fixed: Free & Pro version dependency

Fixed: Fix option error.
Fixed: Remove unwanted localization for map.

Added: Re-captcha V 3
Added: OpenStreetMap
Updated: API update for Map

Fixed: Add google social login using google firebase
Fixed: Push notification table column rename issue

Added: Push notifications for app
Fixed: Review template
Added: Stripe 3D SAP secure payment Option
Updated: Coding structure
Added: Orders and orders/xxxxxx rest API

Fixed: conditional field issue for multilingual
Fixed: multilingual custom field delete issue
Updated: payment rtcl-api end point
Updated: Rest api end point

Added: Seller Contact information for register user.
Fixed: Map marker issue
Updated: Rest API

Fixed: Custom fields filtering.
Updated: Rest API
Fixed: Some bug fix.

Fixed: REST API issue fixed
Fixed: Classified listing free version dependency Update
Fixed: Map control.
Fixed: Password Reset link.
Updated: Update code to work on free version. Now need to install free version first.

Fixed: Membership issue
Fixed: Ordering issue
Fixed: Compare issue
Fixed: Pending post expired text issue
Fixed: Apply filter button hide issue
Fixed: Listing image resize error issue

Fixed: App data connect issue

Fixed: Membership issue
Fixed: Unregistered user posting ad issue
Added: Pricing range and disable feature

Fixed: Forgot password issue
Fixed: Listing post edit alert issue
Fixed: Compare responsive issue

Added: Mark as Sold
Added: Google Location
Added: Radius Search
Added: Conditional Fields
Added: Business Hours (Directory)
Added: Social Profiles (Directory)
Added: Quick View
Added: Compare ads
Added: Youtube & Vimeo Video
Added: Add new grid & list layout

Version 1.5.72 (Nov 28, 2020)
Added: Youtube. Vimeo video in listing
Fixed: Login data security
Fixed: Image Sorting
Added: Conditional custom fields

Version 1.5.70 (Oct 02, 2020)
Fixed: Backend Bump up issue
Fixed: Front end Embedded Video
Fixed: Custom number field

Version 1.5.69 (Sep 17, 2020)
Fixed: Paypal Payment Issue

Version 1.5.65 (Aug 11, 2020)
Added: Promotion package included within the membership package (Store addon)
Fixed: Fix some bug

Version 1.5.62 (June 12, 2020)
Fixed: Sub-category selection issue for membership
Fixed: Bump up Daily
Fixed: Some email issue
Updated: Some template hook

Version 1.5.57 (April 30, 2020)
Added: First name, Last name & mobile no in the registration form
Fixed: Top & Featured ads expire time
Fixed: Left widget filtering option
Fixed: Free & membership ad counting
Improved: Location & category data loading issue

Version 1.5.3 (Mar 12, 2020)
Added: Yoast SEO compatibility

Version 1.5.2 ( Feb 18,  2020)
Fixed: Some bug fixing
Added: Live Chat (Buyer & Seller)
Fixed: Some Responsive Issue

Version 1.4.13 (Jan 14,  2020)
Added: WooCommerce Payment Gateway

Version 1.4.10 (Dec 11,  2019)
Added: WhatsApp no
Added: Store Rating
Added: Unlimited category
Added: Top search widget different style (auto search, dependency selection, standard)
Added: Settings for email ad own contact form 7
Added: Date Field with range

Version 1.3.0 (Oct 09,  2019)
Added: New email system with template.
Added: Price unit per category.
Added: Privacy policy and Term and condition settings
Updated: Update some hook and coding style
Updated: Update some UX

Version 1.2.24 (Aug 06,  2019)
Fixed: Fixed some bug
Added: Added control for image zoom & popup.

Version 1.2.23 (July 31,  2019)
Fixed: some bug
Added: Search by types
Added: Category listing by types [Shortcode]
Added: Email notification for email edit or modification.
Fixed: Source map issue.
Added: Redirect option after Edit and posed new listing
Added: New Price type added (Price on call)
Added: Category import
Added: Social Login (we support any third-party plugin)
Fixed: Membership user can post at a free category, Have the option to turn off or on
Fixed: Membership new order and confirm mail notification
Fixed: Membership expired days NaN issue is fixed at Safari browser
Added: Send notification to admin, when user edit store information
Added: Title and short description limit

Version 1.2.21
Fixed: WooCommerce conflict

Version 1.2.20
Added: admin email notification for new user registration.
Added: Dynamic Add type
Added: Settings for store only for members
Fixed: Listing page as home page issue fixed.

Version 1.2.17
Fixed: Payment History
Added: WhatsApp share

Version 1.2
Fixed: Email Verification
More control

Version 1.1.3 (Nov 22, 2018)
Added: Added Option for non-login user post ads
Fixed: Fixed some bug

Version 1.1.0 (Oct 09, 2018)
Added: Map View
Fixed: Some Related bug

Version 1.1.0 (Oct 09, 2018)
Added: Review & Rating option
Added: Bump up add option
Added: Pricing tab