Faq’s EvenTalk – Event Conference WordPress Theme for Event and Conference

Common question’s & answers

1) How to change count down color?

.countdown-layout2 .countdown-section:nth-child(1n) h2 {
color: #fad03b;
.countdown-layout2 .countdown-section:nth-child(2n) h2 {
color: #00b0ff;
.countdown-layout2 .countdown-section:nth-child(3n) h2 {
color: #f50057;
.countdown-layout2 .countdown-section:nth-child(4n) h2 {
color: #fad03b;

2) How to reduce inner page banner top bottom spacing?

Write a custom CSS in Appearance => Customize => Additional CSS

Reduce this padding as your need

.trheader .entry-banner .inner-page-banner {
padding: 13rem 0 20rem;

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