How to setup & configure TLP Team Free version for WordPress

Please follow the step by step to setup and configuration for Free version

Please update version 2.5.0 or +

This documentation is form Version 2.5.0 with new shortcode generator and Preview.

You can install three ways

1) Search and Install go to Plugins=> Add New then search “TLP Team” and install


Team Plugin by RadiusTheme

ii) Install from local pc select the plugin then upload the plugin and install

Installing Team Plugin

iii) Download from then unzip and upload in to plugin folder then active the plugin

After Active the plugin you will see left menu bar TLP Team appear.

Team Plugin Installed

2) Settings

2.1) Primary Color: We move this option in Shortcode from Version 2.5.0 so user will get more control and set different color for different shortcode.

2.2) Image Size: Now first click settings set image size width and height set your desire size (We move this option in Shortcode from Version 2.5.0)

2.3) Slug: You can change team page slug. Make sure after change slug you re-set permalink.

2.3) Detail link: You can enable or disable detail link. (We move this option in Shortcode from Version 2.5.0)

3) Add New Member

3.1) First Enter Member Name.

3.2) Detail bio of the member it will show on detail page.

3.3) Enter Short Description of the member it will show in list view page.

3.4) Enter the Designation of the member.

3.5) Enter E-mail, Personal Web, Phone no and Location you can keep blank if no date then that field will not show in front end.

3.6) Enter Social Profile urls you can keep blank if no data then that field don’t show in front end.

3.7) Ordering you can set custom order number it.

3.8) Set Profile image.


Admin view of members


Shortcode Generator (New)

All shortcodes list

1) Shortcode Generator => Layout Settings

1.1) Layout: Select Layout we have multiple layouts.

1.2) Column: Set column for Desktop, Tab & Mobile.

1.3) Pagination: Enable or disable pagination

1.4) Display Per Page: Set how many want to display per page.

1.5) Featured Image: check if you want to disable featured image.

1.6) Image Size: Select Pre-define image size or set custom image size.

1.7) Shortcode Limit: set shortcode limit characters.

1.8) Disable Detail Link: check if you want to disable detail link.

1.9) Layout Preview: See how the Layout will look.

2) Shortcode Generator => Filter

2.1) Include only: Enter the member ID by comma which members want to exclude.

2.2) Exclude: Enter the member ID by comma which member want to Exclude.

2.3) Limit: Set how many members want to display.

2.4) Order by: Set order by

2.5) Order: Set Ascending or Descending order

3) Shortcode Generator => Styling

3.1) Parent Class: You can enter a specific parent class for the shortcode.

3.2) Primary color: Set primary color

3.3) Button color: Set button background, text, hover background, hover text color, active background & border color

3.4) Name: Set Color, hover color, font size, weight & alignment.

3.5) Desingation: Set Color, hover color, font size, weight & alignment.

3.6) Short biography: Set Color, hover color, font size, weight & alignment.

5) Team – Layout 1

team layout 1

6) Team – Layout 2

team layout 2

7) Team – Layout 3

team layout 3

8) Team – Layout 4

team layout 4

9) Team – Isotope Layout

10) Team – Carousel Slider Layout

Carousel Settings:

team slider setting


Carousel Layout view

team carousel slider layout

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