This documentation is based on the PRO version so additional features are PRO features.

You can set different settings from here

3.1) Widget/ Shortcode Heading:

  • Tag: You can set the heading tag like H1 – H6
  • Style: We have 3 predefine style like style 1, style 3 and style 3 you can select which style you like.
  • Alignment: Set the alignment like left, center or right
  • Link: You can add link in this title

3.2) Category:

  • Position [Pro]: You can set category position like hover image top/ left/ center or bottom
  • Style [Pro]: We have 3 predefine style like style 1, style 3 and style 3 you can select which style you like.
  • Icon: You can enable category icon or hide for no icon

3.3) Title:

  • Title Position [Pro]: You cna set title position. Note: Some sleected layout suport this feature.
  • Title Tag: you can select title tag from H1 – H2
  • Title Limit: you can set title limit a number like how many words or characters.
  • Title Limit Type: You can set limit type words or characters.

3.4) Meta – You can set meta position, icon and separator

  • Position [Pro]: You can set meta position like above title, above meta or below excerpt.
  • Icon: You can enable icon or no icons
  • Seperator: Set meta seperator

3.5) Image: Different image settings can set from here

  • Hide Featured Image: You can hide featured image.
  • Feature image size: You can select featured image size.
  • Type [Pro]: Normal or Circle.
  • Hover animation: you can set hover animation zoom in or zoom out.
  • Border Radius [Pro]: You can set border radious of an image.
  • Featured image size: Some layouts need additional image size you can set that size from here.

3.6) Excerpt: set limit and type from here.

  • Excerpt Limit: You can set excerpt limit from here
  • Excerpt Type: You can set excrpt type like character/ words or full content.
  • Excerpt more text: You can set excertpt more text like words or (…)

3.7) Real More Button: Set button border radius, alignment and text.

  • Border Radius: Set read more button border radius here
  • Alignment: Set button position left, center or right
  • Text: you can add your own text here