Query Build

This documentation is based on the PRO version so additional features are PRO features.

1.1) Post Type: First Select Post type “Post or Page”

Common Filters:

1.2) Include Only: You can input specific post/page ID that you want to include.

1.3) Exclude: You can input a specific post/ page ID that you want to exclude.

1.4) Limit: Set how many items you want to display.

1.5) Offset: Based on your query it will exclude the no of items

Advance Filter: you can check with way you want to filter your post.

1.6) Taxonomy: All Taxonomy will show here.

1.7) Category: Depends on your selection you can select the terms like check category then you can select specific categories or categories Same for other terms like tags

1.8) Operation: You can set a relation with the terms.

1.9.) Order Settings: You can set order by title, create date, modified data etc..

1.10) Order: You can set Ascending or Descending order

1.11) Author: You can set a specific Author or skip this.

1.12) Status: You can select which status you want.

1.13) Search Keyword: You set a special keyword or keep it blank.

1.14) Date Range [Pro]: You can set two specific date start and end dates to filter data.

1.15) Show Sticky Post at Top [Pro]: You can enable this setting to show sticky posts at top of the list.