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How to use WooCommerce Variation Images Gallery

How to use WooCommerce Variation images gallery

Step 1) First go to plugins menu then add new then search “WooCommerce Variation Images Gallery” find the plugin then install


Step 2) After Install plugin you need to set the setting as you want. Go to WooCommerce => Settings then see Variation Gallery

Step 2.1) Variation Gallery => General  

1.1) Thumbnails Items Per row : Set how many items you want to show in per row

1.2) Thumbnails Gap: Set Thumbnail items gap in px

1.3) Gallery Width: Set Gallery area width in % for Large Devices then for others devices you can set in px if need to adjust you can increase or decries this width.


1.5 )

Step 2.2) Variation Gallery => Advanced

2.1) Zoom Gallery image: Enable or disable Zoom Gallery option

2.2) Lightbox: Enable Lightbox popup option

2.3) Preload style: Set pre-load style

2.4) Zoom button position: Set zoom button position

Step 2.3) Variation Gallery => Tools

3.1) Enable to delete all data: You can check this if you want to delete all data when delete this plugin.

Step 3: Add additional images in Variation

Go to variation of product then click to open you will find a button “Add Gallery Images” click this button to add addition images for variation.

Step 4) Front end Look of Variation images gallery

Here is the combination of Red & Color

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