Here is the details about Review Tab.

  1. Criteria: You can set a single or multi-criteria rating system from here.
  2. Multi-Criteria: (When you choose multi-criteria this option will show:
    • In which criteria based you want to get the rating, you can set one by one from here.
    • Note: 3 criteria fields are allowed for the free version.
  3. Review Summary Layout: You can change the review summary layout from here.
  4. Review Layout: You can change the review layout from here.
  5. Pagination type: There are four types of pagination here.
    1. Number
    2. Number Ajax [Pro]
    3. Load More [Pro]
    4. Auto Scroll [Pro]

Display stars ratings anywhere:

post_id : Optional Parameter. It will take current post id if post_id is not pass.

hide_for_no_rating: Optional Parameter. Default value ‘show

Stars: [rtrs-average-rating-stars]
Stars: [rtrs-average-rating-stars post_id='1' hide_for_no_rating='show']

Display average ratings count anywhere:

Average Rating Count: [rtrs-average-rating-count]
Average Rating Count: [rtrs-average-rating-count post_id='1' hide_for_no_rating='hide']