How to add Affiliate Shortcode

  1. From your dashboard sidebar menu click on Review Schema > All Affiliate > New Affiliate
  2. Here are 3 tabs
    1. Affiliate Tab: – You need to fill up your product information here.
    2. Schema Tab: If you want to generate Google Scheme JSON or Structured data, you can generate it from here. Just you need to fill up the necessary information from here.
    3. Style Tab: There are some basic styling settings here. You can change it here by your requirements.
  3. Fill up necessary information depending on the selected tab.
  4. Click Publish button
  5. You will see a shortcode, Paste it where you want to show it.
    1. Here are two types of shortcode, First line shortcode you can use anywhere visually.
    2. The second line, you can use in your theme or plugin by coding. This option is only for developers.

Preview Demo: