How to Setup & Configure WooCommerce Product Variation Swatches

Step 1: First Download and Install the plugin


Step 2: Configure Attributes

Go to WooCommerce Products => Attributes then add your own attributes

Add New/ Edit attribute

=> Make sure select proper Type Color, Button or image


Step 3: Add/ Edit Attributes Terms

  1. First Click Configure Terms then add or edit new terms

3.1) Now Add / Edit the Attributes Terms

3.2) Terms Type Color:

This is how to add attributes terms color

3.3) Terms Type Button:

This is how attributes terms Button

3.4) Terms Type Image:

This is how set attributes terms image


Step 4: Set Product Attributes

Now go to product add/ edit mode then select Product date => Variable Product

Now add Custom Product attributes then click same

Step 5: Set Product Variation

Now set Product variation make sure each variation set price otherwise it will not display in front end.

Step 6: Front end View

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