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How to Setup & Configure RT Price Table Free version for Joomla

Step by Step Documentation how to setup and configure RT Price Table Component, Module and plugins for Joomla 3.7.x

Step 1: First download the RT Price Table from .

1) Installation

2) Setup & Configuration

2.1) First go to Components menu -> RT Price Table

2.2) Now First from top right click options to configure.

2.3) General Settings

Enter Currency Symbol, Currency Position & Link Type.




3) Add Category:


Enter the category name


4) Add Plan

Click add new button to add new plan item

Add the fields value then save


4.1) Category: Select Category.

4.2) Plan Title: Add plan title, background color and title color.

4.3) Price: Enter plan price, price background, price color & price duration.

4.4) Price Duration: Enter Duration

4.5) Features: add plan features Add (+) button to add new row and ( – ) to remove the row

4.6) Button: Enter button Text, URL, Color and background

4.7) Language: Select Language

4.2.9) Project Image: Add social url keep empty if no social icon.

4.2.10) Completed Date: Set completed date.

4.2.11) Language: Select Language.


5) Make Menu link

5.1) Now go to Menus=> then select your menu item => Add new


5.2) From the popup select TLP Portfolio => Portfolios

5.3) Now set the menu parameters
5.3.1) Layout: Select which layout you want from 3 layouts
5.3.2) Display Per Row: Select how many want to display per row



5.3) Now front end Look will like this Layout 1 Grid View



6) Module Settings

First Enable a Module then do this step

1) Select Category: Select category.

2) Layout: Select layout.

3) Total member to Display: Set how many members you want to display.

4)  Display Per Row: Set how many members will be display per row.