How to Setup & Configure RT Food Menu PRO for Joomla

Please follow step by step instruction how to set up & configure RT Food Menu PRO for Joomla 3.x

Step 1: First Download “” from purchase history menu

Step 2: Install the Component it will install component, module & search plugin

Step 3: Main Settings

3.1) Go to “RT FoodMenu PRO” from component list

3.2) Now click options to set the settings

3.3) Main Settings

3.3.1) Image Path: Set your desire image path

3.3.2) Image Size: Set small, Medium & Large image size.

3.3.3) Currency: Set Currency symbol & currency position.

3.3.4) Layout: Set default layout

3.3.5) Display Settings: Set how many per row will display in Desktop, Tab & Mobile Device (it is Bootstrap Class)

3.3.6) Item to Item Margin: Please set item to item Margin in px ie 15

3.3.7) Short Description Limit: You can set short description Limit

3.3.8) Image Style: Select image style Square or Rounded

3.3.9) Grid Type: Select Grid Type Even or Masonry.

3.3.10) Primary Color: Set Primary color.

3.3.11) Overlay: Set Overlay color, opacity & Overlay item Padding.

3.3.12) Category: Set Category font size, font color and font weight.

3.3.13) Menu Name: Set menu name font size, font color,test align & font weight.

3.3.14) Short Description: Set short description font size, text color and text align.

3.3.15) Price: Set Price background, font size, text color and font weight.

3.3.16) Button: Set button background color, Text color and button hover/ Active color.

3.3.17) Link to Detail Page: Set link to detail page yes or no.

3.3.18) Image Grid: Set detail page image grid width.

3.4) List View Page fields Control:

Please enable or disable detail page fields3.5) Detail Page fields Control:

You can enable/ disable detail page fields

4) Add Category:

Enter Category Name then save

5) Add Ingredient:

Add Ingredient then Click Save

6) Add Unit

Add Unit then click save

Step 7) Add food Item

7.1.1) Menu Name: Enter Menu name

7.1.2) Featured: If you want to show only featured item then set “Yes”

7.1.3) Category: Select the category

7.1.4) Short Description: Enter Short Description.

7.1.5) Description: Enter detail description

7.1.6) Image: Upload food image

7.1.7) Regular Price: Enter price amount just number (ex: 6)

7.1.8) Special Price: If any discount price then enter that amount

7.1.9) Status & Language: Set status & Language

7.1.10) Related Item: Set related Item if you want

7.2) Add Ingredients:

From Ingredient Tab you can set Ingredient, Quantity & Unit

Click + Button to add new ingredient set

7.3) Add Nutritions:

From Nutritions Tab you can set Nutrition, Quantity & Unit

Click + Button to add new nutrition set

Step 8) Create Menu link

You can select property from Menu parameters

By this settings the global main settings will be override.

Fields Control

You can select which fields will display here.

Step 9) How to use module all Component Layout + Slider Layouts

9.1) Module settings

Module settings will override the global settings

9.1.1) Module Pre Text: Enter Text if you want to show under module title.

9.1.2) Category: Select Category to show all or specific or multiple category

9.1.3) Layout: Select Layout.

9.1.4) Total Number: Set a number that you want to display.

9.1.5) Set Menu Item: For link set a menu item.

9.1.6) Display Featured Item: Set Yes if want to show featured item.

9.1.7) Set how many display per row for Desktop, Tablet or Phone.

9.1.8) Item to Item Margin: Set Item to Item Margin by default it is 15

9.1.9) Short Desc Limit: Set how many character want to display.

9.1.10) Image Style: Set Square ot Rounded.

9.1.11) Grid Type: Set Even or Masonry Grid

9.1.12) Primary Color: Set Primary color

9.1.13) Set Overlay Color, Opacity and Padding.

9.1.14) Set category font size, color, text align & font weight.

9.1.15) Set Menu Name font size, color, text align & font weight.

9.1.16) Set Short Desc font size, color & text align.

9.1.17) Set category font size, color, text align & font weight.

9.1.18) Set Button Background Color, Text Color & Over/Active color.

9.2) Setup Slider module

First Select the Slider Layout

Then setup the Carousel Slider property

9.3) Setup Isotope Filter Layout

Select “Isotope” Layout then you set others settings as well