How to Setup & Configure Classified Listing for WordPress

Step by Step Instructors How to use Classified Listing WordPress Plugin.

Some pro features listed as

  • Custom Fields Display in List View
  • Custom Fields in Search Filter
  • Category & Location AJAX Filter
  • AJAX auto complete search
  • Membership & Store facility
  • Embedded Google Map
  • Additional 2 more payment gateway & Stripe
  • Top Listing ads

Step1: Download & Install Pro Version

Step2: Configuration

  1. General Settings
  2. Moderation
  3. Payment
  4. Email
  5. Account & Policy
  6. Style
  7. Misc
  8. Advance

Step 3: Category

Step 4: Locations

Step 5: Custom Fields

Step 6: Payment History

Step 7: Pricing

Step 8: Import/ Export

Step 9) Front End Submission

Step 10: Front end Listings

Step 11: My Account

  1. My listings
  2. Store
  3. Favourites
  4. Payments
  5. Account Details

Step 12: Import  Demo data

Step 13: ShortCodes

Step 1: First download from your purchase email link or login site then go to purchase history


Step 2: Configuration

General Settings

2.1.1) Bootstrap options: Classified Listing use Bootstrap 4 if your theme has Bootstrap 4 included then uncheck this option.

2.1.2) Include Result: If you want search result include child categories & locations then check this option.

2.1.3) Listing Per Page: Set how many you want to display per page.

2.1.4) Related Listing: Set how many related listing you want to display.

2.1.5) Set default listing view List/ Grid , Default order by: Date posting / Title/ .. Sort by:

2.1.6) Category/ Location: Set order by and sort by

2.1.7) Location Settings: We have 3 level of location set the level State, City & Town.

2.1.8) Currency Options: Set your currency and currency symbol etc..

2) Settings => Moderation

2.2.1) Listing Duration: Set Listing duration ex: 30 days after 30 days listing will be unpublished then it will be deleted.

2.2.2) New Listing Threshold: How many days a listing mark as New

2.2.3) New Listings Level: Set New Listing Level

2.2.4) Popular Listing threshold (View count) [Pro]: When listing will be popular based on view count.

2.2.5) Popular Listing Level [Pro]: Set popular listing Label.

2.2.6) Featured Listing Label: Set Featured listing Label.

2.2.7) Top Listing Label [Pro]: Set Top listing Label.

2.2.8) Enable Top Listing top of list [Pro]: Check if you want to enable top listing top of page & set how many want to display.

2.2.9) List view fields control: Check/ Uncheck which fields you want to display or not in list view.

2.2.10)  Detail view fields control: Check/ Uncheck which fields you want to display or not in Detail view.

2.2.11) Report abuse: Check if you want to enable report abuse option.

2.2.12) Add to Favorites: Check to enable add to Favorite option.

2.2.13) Enable Map[Pro] : Check to enable map. For API map need to add API info

2.2.14) Contact Form: Check to enable contact form.

2.2.15) Comment form: Check to enable comment form.

2.2.16) Max image per listing: Set how many image can upload per listing.

2.2.17) Delete expire Listing: Set after expire how many days listing will be deleted.

2.2.18) New Listing status: Set New listing status.

2.2.19) Listing status after Edit: Set listing status after edit.


2.3) Settings => Payment

2.3.1) Enable Payment: If you want to make your customer want to pay you for listing then enable this settings.

2.3.2) Currency option: Please select the currency you want to use.

2.3.3) We have 2 types of payment configure the payment gateway. Offline & Paypal.

[Pro] Authorize & Stripe payment gateway.

2.4) Settings => Email

2.4.1) Set Form name and Form email

2.4.2) Set admin notification email.

2.4.3) Admin notification: Check which action admin get email notification like when submit new listing, edit listing, order & payment receive.

2.4.4) User notification: Check when users get notification email listing submit, listing approve, listing expire ….

2.4.5) Email HTML tags: you can use this tags in the mail

2.4.6) Listing Submit Email (confirmation): You can change the email Subject & body text.

2.4.7) Listing Published/ Approval Email: You can change the email Subject & body text.

2.4.8) Listing Renew Email: You can change the email Subject & body text.

2.4.9) Listing Expire Email: You can change the email Subject & body text.

2.4.10) Listing Re-newal Email: You can change the email Subject & body text.

2.4.11) Order Create Email: You can change the email Subject & body text.

2.4.12) Order Complete Email: You can change the email Subject & body text.

2.5) Settings => Account & Policy

5) Account Policy: Check this option if user can register from front end.

2.6) Settings => Style

2.6.1) Set Primary color link color, link hover color, button color, button hover color etc…

2.6.2) Set Top Label background color, text color, Feature text color, background color.

[Pro] Some Label are for Pro features

2.2.7) Settings => Misc

2.7.1) Image Sizes: Set gallery image size, thumb image size, store banner & store logo.

2.7.2) Allow Image Type: Set allow image size PNG/ JPG/ JPEG

2.7.3) Allow Image size: set max image size.

2.7.4) Check user can edit image.

2.7.5) Social Share: Check the social share  & which page show the share buttons.

2.7.6) Set Google Map Api key to show map.

2.7.7) Set ReCaptcha Settings like site key & Secrete key.

2.2.8) Settings => Advanced

2.8.1) Listing & Store Page slug= Set the listing detail page and store page slug. After change this settings you need to reset permalink. Store is [Pro] feature

2.8.2) Set Listing Page, Listing form page, my account and Checkout Page.

2.8.3) Set others page endpoint url slug.

2.8.4) Checkout Page Endpoint: Set checkout pages endpoint slugs

Step 3) Category

  1. Category name => Add category name
  2. Select Parent category if any.
  3. Add category description.
  4. Order => You can manually set category order.
  5. Type => Set category type like Sell , Buy, Exchange & Job
  6. Image => Set Category image.
  7. Icon => Set Category Icon.

Step 4: Locations

You can add max 3 level locations and from admin end you can control the level name. like State (Parent) => City (First Child) => Town (Child of City)

Or can use only one location no child

Step 5) Custom Fields

You can create unlimited custom Fields

We have 7 Types of custom fields

  1. Text Box
  2. Text Area
  3. URL
  4. Number
  5. Select
  6. Radio
  7. Checkbox

You can create custom field as group then set it for category wise or specific category.

Custom fields you can set for listing view also for left size filtering.


Step 6 ) Payment History

After payment done you can see the list from here.

Step 7 ) Pricing

We have two types of pricing option

  1. Regular price
  2. Membership payment [Pro].

Regular: Regular price for individual item payment like for top ads or featured ads you can set price and how many days ad will active.

Top Ad Pro feature show top of listing page [Pro]


Step 8) Import / Export :

You can import Location with JSON format we have example data in sample file. Download the file format from Github

Step 9: Front end Submission

First you need to login / register then go to submit listing

  1. Select Ad Type
  2. Select Category & Sub-Category
  3. Add Title
  4. Price Type
  5. Enter price
  6. Custom fields will display here.
  7. Enter ads description
  8. Upload images you can change how many image you allow and image max size.
  9. Contact Detail: from account settings you can set your location and hone no then no need to enter again.

Step 10: Front end Listing

Top ads is [Pro] feature


Step 12: My account

12.1) My listing => You can see all of yours ads here can promote/ Edit / Delete also.

11.2) Store is [Pro] feature

11.3) Favourites => User can see there favourites ads from here can delete also.

11.4) Payment => User can see his payment history from here.

11.5) Account detail => User can edit there account info from here. Can set location, phone no & address info so it auto fill in the listing submission form

Step 12: Import demo data

First go to Tools => Import (Install WordPress Installer Plugin)

Download the same data from here then unzip Click to Download

Now select file classified-listing.xml then click Import it will take some time to import all demo data with categories, custom fields, Location and some demo posts.


==>For my account Page use:


==>For Checkout Page use:


=> Listing Submit Page


==>For Category wise display use different parameters you can use as you need:

[rtcl_listings category=’1,3,4′ location=’2,3,4′ orderby=”wp_query wordpress supported” order=’ASC/DES’ listings_per_page=20 listing_top_per_page=4]

==>For Listing display use this shortcode different parameters use as your need:

[rtcl_categories view=’list’ orderby=’id/count/name/slug/term_group/custom’ order=’ASC/DES’ columns=’4′ description=0/1, show_count=0/1, icon=0/1, image=0/1, hide_empty=0/1, pad_counts=0/1, equal_height=0/1]

==>For Filter listing use this shortcode different parameters use as your need:

[rtcl_filter_listings location=’2,3,4′, category=’3,5,6′, related_listings=0, type=’all’, limit=8, orderby=’wp_query wordpress supported’ order=’ASC/DES’, view=’grid/list’, columns=4, show_image=0/1, image_position=’top’, show_category=0/1, show_location=0/1, show_labels=0/1, show_price=0/1, show_date=0/1, show_user=0/1 show_views=1/0, pagination=0]