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10 Best Real Estate WordPress Plugin [Free & Pro] 2021

Best real estate WordPress plugins
07Oct, 2021

You are now searching for the best Real Estate WordPress Plugin, aren’t you?

Probably you are going to have your own website finally! Or, you’re planning to add property features to your already existing website.

If you answered yes, you are in for a treat here! Forget about starting from scratch.

You have many options to choose from! And, that’s a bit tricky to know about each one’s benefits, uses, and whether it has value for money!

We’ll help you find the best real estate WordPress Plugin by walking you through some of our findings. Because Your win is our win!

First things first. Many real estate websites use WordPress regularly now for presenting their listings and gain new customers.

This article itself has researched-based information. With that, it has listed some of the Best Real Estate WordPress Plugins for you. Now, all you need to do is grow your business with them by making a successful website!

Create your Real Estate Website with WordPress

WordPress- That’s the name of a trendy and flexible website builder in the world. Many top brands are using WordPress today for their website.

As a result, the real estate industry uses it widely. For instance, the real estate companies, property management firms, realtors display their own listings to generate more sales. 

However, two different types of WordPress usually confuse beginners. 

Firstly, there is a hosted solution – WordPress.com. 

Secondly, there is WordPress.org- which is also termed as the self-hosted WordPress.

Check out the second one, which allows you to have all the out-of-the-box features with zero restrictions. 

First time?!

If you are new to the real state website world, you might be a bit confused about how to begin. The process might seem a bit complicated.

However, it isn’t! In addition, we have the outline for you. 

You’ll get to know about everything you need for building the right real estate website with WordPress. It is pretty straightforward. 

Here’s What You Need

  • A name for the domain
  • Hosting for the Website
  • WordPress
  • A theme for WordPress

Domain Name

A domain name signifies the www. name you put into a web browser to visit a website. So, the domain of a business should reflect the company name. 

In other words, it can also add a hint about the type of website. All these go in favor of the business.

Website Hosting

To make your website visible to everyone, you need to host it somewhere, with web access, of course!

In fact, the website hosts are businesses themselves that rent spaces on servers. You have to install your website there to make it available for your clients. 


WordPress is that content management system that is the framework of your website. In other words, it enables building pages, including blog posts, gives property entries, and every other element that a website needs.

Here’s the good news- WordPress is free. This is open source which can be installed automatically into any web hosting.

A WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is, in fact, a graphical skin. It’s something you add and apply over WordPress and make it look innovative, reasonable, and effective. 

WordPress does come with some basic free themes any day. However, your website will shine only if you apply a premium theme. 

You will find hundreds of WordPress themes online. As the first step, you can look into RadiusTheme. You can find a theme for any business, including a template for real estate. 

Best WordPress Plugins for Property Listing

With the rest in place, let’s directly jump at some of the best WordPress real state plugins for your use!

Whether you want a plugin to work with a specific Real Estate WordPress theme or a variety of Property Listing WordPress themes, read on.

These effective plugins allow you to add your real state listings easily to gain more leads. 

1. Estatik

Estatik - real estate WordPress plugins

Estatik is an effective plugin for managing the real estate listing in WordPress. This robust plugin comes with a sound property management system. It helps you to add a listing to your website very quickly.

Not only this. It has a property search widget, photo gallery, built-in social sharing, Google Maps support, and multilingual support. That comes with a customized fields builder, allowing you to easily add the latest fields to your website.

The list also includes a powerful search feature that is ajax powered and auto-complete too. You can, in fact, sort listings by date, price, popularity, etc.

The pro version of the available plugin has some extra features like email notifications, saved search, etc. 

In addition, it works with most of the WordPress themes as well. In short, if you are looking for a well-designed and minimal plugin with various features, this is your thing!

2. Realtyna Organic IDX plugin + WPL Real Estate

Realtyna WPL - property listing WordPress plugins

Realtyna is a powerful and flexible management plugin for WordPress in the real estate field for you. The reason is simple. Add your listings easily with a search feature that is filterable for the front-end.

It includes Google Maps, profiles of real estate agents, various listing views with a vital field feature customized for adding property features.  

A pro version of the plugin can be integrated with IDX/MLS services.

In addition, it runs well with most of the best WordPress themes on the market. 

WPL, or in other words, WordPress Property Listing is nothing less than a fantastic plugin.

Because it has an effectively designed system. As a result, the database management is quite flexible. So, it implies that you can remove, add or even change the fields with no custom changing in the database.

With that, the property search function of WPL is practical too. It allows the system admin to set and control the search parameters from the admin panel.

3. Contempo Real Estate Custom Posts

Contempo Real Estate Custom Posts

Contempo plugin registers and displays some essential things.

Those are brokerages, register listings, and testimonials custom post types. That also includes taxonomies and related custom fields.

All in all, it works as a simple base for the theme authors. For building custom real estate and listings themes. 

In fact, it doesn’t add any template files those need to be created.  This is an open-source software.

4. Real Estate Pro

Real Estate Pro - best real estate WordPress plugins

Real Estate Pro is the name of a versatile real estate WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon.

It functions with a visual composer page builder. It helps create listings, including Ajaz search, ratings and reviews, user submission for subscriptions, and listings. That also includes the payment option.

The addon is well designed. Not only that, it comes with ease of use. It installs ready to go, almost. The starting customization can be minimal here to begin listing properties. However, if you want, the customization can be limitless.

It works with other WordPress plugins too. It’s designed specifically for the task. In addition, it can also import the properties with CSV spreadsheet data. 

However, you might need the maximum size for file upload for using this.

On the brighter side, your website visitors get to bid for the properties or even leave a message for the listing owner. They can even contact property owners. The plugin supports WPML and third-party services like PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp, etc.

5. Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate

Essential Real Estate is a featured-packed real estate WordPress plugin. It has everything an agent needs to configure, build and manage a complete website with property listing.

This plugin comes with well-designed property pages, default listings, agent profiles, and other effective content. It has front and back-end customizers, data fields for listing features, many listing types, and some value-added features. 

It supports Google Maps and directions. Offers multiple layouts.

All in all, it has everything that you need and can expect for a real estate website. It is compatible with visual composer and WPML (translation plugin).

On the other hand, you need to learn a lot to handle it. That might be a drawback in this case. In addition, the documentation is English translated. Sometimes, that’s a bit difficult to understand. 

On the good part, it supports all types of global payment methods. So, you can easily create a real estate market online.

6. Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listing is one more highly customizable and powerful WordPress real estate plugin. It permits you to build a real estate website quickly. And that too, without touching any code and changing no WordPress themes.

It makes your property management super easier. Moreover, the interface is beginner-friendly. And that also has some mobile-friendly listing templates. That helps to display the properties in a grid layout. Or even a single listing page. 

The advanced features here include the supports of JUPIX, REAXML, worldwide MLS systems, multilingual support/translations, maps, etc.

The extensions and add-ons, which are paid, provide you multiple features. With a real estate agent directory, a management system, agent ratings, etc. 

The plugin justifies its name. The addons might be a bit expensive, but, The 100+ templates can justify any brand. That also has a very clean ‘Theme Compatibility Mode’ for minimizing errors while integrating into a presently installed WordPress theme.

7. Real Estate Right Now

Real estate plugins

WordPress Real Estate Right Now plugin has multiple options for every field type. That gives you many possibilities to search, manage and filter the custom fields for any agency.

Moreover, you don’t need any other plugin, extension, or coding to complete the entire job. 

Have the privilege of adding your own customized fields (unlimited) and search bar. The whole plugin has been built for real estate and not for some classified websites.

It also supports multiple languages along with Google Maps.

It has 3 widgets and 3 templates with an easy installation.

8. Classified Listing

Classified Listing is the best WordPress plugin for classified Listing and business directories to create classified websites, local business directories, job board, and service directories.

It is fully responsive. You can create a classified listing website through this very quickly. 

It has all the necessary features to back its name. That includes practical backend admin settings along with a tremendous frontend posting management system. 

It allows you to create multiple ad listing categories. Thus, every ad listing page is as clean as possible. 

Business directory creation is super easy for this. Unlimited custom fields are the cherry on the cake. Through this plugin, you have complete control over the total output and view. With classified listing pro, you can easily have the custom field list view.

Not just that. It is user-friendly too. Your users will enjoy a smooth ride. 

The search and filter, frontend user dashboard, and admin ad control options work like wonders. The notification options are equally effective as well.

9. Real Estate Manager Pro

Real Estate Manager Pro

Real Estate Manager is the name of a property listing WordPress plugin that is responsive by all means. It targets a full-feature real estate website and portal at the same time.

The property templates are clean and friendly. With that, it adds some special integration features. Those are Property Video, Property Types, Gallery Slider, Google Maps plus property location markers, Advanced AJAX Search.

The list goes on. With Grid Listing, Properties Carousel, Search Widget, Front End Property Submission, Front end profile editing, Mortgage Calculator, simple settings that are super easy to use, and much more. 

This WordPress-based Property Management System gives you a chance to maintain and own a real estate marketplace. Accept property submissions, approve registered agents, paid ads, agent profile management, etc. 

The 7+ listing styles it has include grid and list views. You can even choose the map type from four classes. Earth, Road Map, Terrain, or Hybrid.

10. WP-Property – WordPress Powered Real Estate and Property Management

WP-Property is nothing less than an all-rounder WordPress plugin for the management of real estate. It has everything starting from a simple user interface for adding and managing all your listings.

You can simply add detailed information with various fields to add location, rooms, bathrooms, features, etc.

The listings get a beautiful display on your website. With that, also come some free themes and addons which help you to customize the design.

WP-Property has a vital search feature with filters, google maps support, SEO-friendly URLs, featured listings, etc.

If you want, you can include a neighborhood walk score into your listings, along with downloadable PDFs. It supports multiple languages and also can be translated into some other language easily. 

Not only that. It comes with some sidebar widgets plus shortcodes. Those allow you present listings on your website. 

All in all, it is actually one of the most famous WordPress real estate plugins you will see. It is flexible to handle all products.

Final Word

WordPress plugins for property listings come at every size, shape, capability, and price. 

The aim of putting this list together for you was to present the selling points and highlight the main plugins’ features. To help you make an excellent final decision.

For the best WordPress real estate plugin, you are always welcome to Radius Theme where experts have already done everything for you.

Whatever your choice is, if it’s from this list, you can rely on it!

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