14 Joomla Essential admin Tips & Tricks that we need to know

01Jan, 2017

#1) Easy to Re-Install Joomla:

We can easily re-install Joomla just take a “Installation” folder from save version of Joomla and remove “configuration.php” file from existing installation. Then you will get Joomla installation screen and steps.

#2) Save System Information:

We can easily Save System Information, PHP Settings, Configuration file, Folder Permission and PHP Information as Text or JSON

From top Menu Bar => System => System Information

#3) Reset admin password:

If forget admin password then in front end behind the url type “ index.php?option=com_users&view=reset” then enter email address and you will receive password change link

Another way from Database go to #__users table then select which user password you want to change then enter the new pass and from left select md5 then save

#4) Create Category on the Fly:

Go to add an Article then from right click category dropdown type here new category name then press “Enter” then new category will be created now make sure you select the New category

#5) Assign Module from Menu:

From Top Menu bar = > Go to Menu => Single Menu item => Module Assign Tab

#6) Show all menu items in a single menu:

From Top Menu Bar => Menus => All Menus

#7) Article Images: Intro and Full image:

Go to Article Add New or Edit = > Images & Links tab

Here you can add two image one for intro and another for detail page also can set image float position like Left or right

7.1) Front End Look of Intro Image

7.2) Front end Look of Full image

#8) Article Info: Positioning (above bottom) and split:

Article info ie Written By: user name, Category, published Date, Hit count

We can change it position like where is display Above Article or Bottom of article

We can also Split it then in Above Show Written By: user name, Category, published Date

Below show Hit count

From Two place we can do this but better do from Menu go to Options => Position of Article Info

8.1) Set Article info Position from Menu Parameters

8.2) Front end Look of Article Info position:

#9) Article link into Article content just one click:

From Editor Button top right see “+Article” button click here a popup box will come with all article list now select the article which one you want to insert this article will add with it’s menu item id.

9.1) After Click the “+Article” Button a popup window will come with all article list then select the article which one you want to insert

#10) Version Note:

Can check when changes and the purpose note for that see top icon

10.1) See the Note below after click the “Versions” button on top bar

#11) Module Suffix for Load module into article:

When we load a module into article if it has a module suffix that use in others position also then normally we don’t get the style specific by module suffix.
We can apply same suffix easily just adding a <space> before that suffix cause into article this suffix don’t get any space like “moduletableptags” so after add space it get like this “moduletable ptags

#12) Smart Search:

„What is Smart Search? When we search google or others search engine start typing our search work it gives as some related search keyword suggestion it is called Smart Search.

„In Joomla we have have a component, module and a Smart Search Content plugin to do that.

„First From Top Menu bar Components = > Smart Search

12.1) After Index how it look

12.2) Enable Smart Search Module:

No we need to enable the “Smart search” module go Module Manager and enable it in your desire position

#13) Mass Mail to Users:

From top menu bar = > Users = > Mass Mail Users

13.1) Now we will get a mail form and right site user group and others Write Subject and message body then select user group then send

#14) Template Position:

We need to know module position so easily by enter ?tp=1

we can do that From Menu Bar go to => Templates = > Options

14.1) Enable Position Preview

14.2 ) See in template front end