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How to setup & configure The Post Grid Free version for WordPress

Please check step by step instruction how to display your content without any single line of coding by using The Post Grid Plugin.

Please check out Documentation and Video Tutorial also.

Step 1:

First download from

Step 2:

Now go to Left menu see “The Post Grid” and click “Add New” You will get 4 tabs here Post Source, Layout Settings, Field Selection & Style

Post Source:

  1. Post Type: First Select Post type “Post or Page”
  2. Common Filters:
    1. Include Only: You can input specific post/page ID that you want to include.
    2. Exclude: You can input specific post/ page ID that you want to Exclude.
  3. Advance Filter: you can check with way you want to filter your post.
  4. Taxonomy: All Taxonomy will show here.
    Then Terms will appear:
  5. When you will check Tags this box then the Terms will appear  you can select specific Tags which you want to include. Then set Relation Operator.
  6. When you will check the Category then the Category Terms will appear then you can select specific category which you want to include. Then set Relation Operator.
  7. Relation: You can set relation with 1 more terms.
  8. Order Settings: You can set Order by then order.
  9. Author: You can set specific Author or skip this.
  10. Status: You can select which status you want.
  11. Search Keyword: You set special keyword or keep it blank.


Layout Settings:

  1. Layout: Select which layout you want from 4 different layouts.
  2. Column: Select how many column you want to display.
  3. Pagination: Check this if you want to enable pagination.
  4. Display Per Page: For Pagination how many you want to display per page.
  5. Feature Image Size: Select the image size.
  6. Media Source: Select from you get the image.
  7. Excerpt Limit: You can set your own limit or it will come WP default limit.


Field Selection

Select Which fields you want to display with your page/post.  Noted: Isotope Layout don’t support Excerpt.



  1. Primary Color: Set primary color it is the icon color.
  2. Button Color: it work for read more and pagination button color.


3) Settings:

Write Custom CSS here.


4) How to use:


Layout 1:

See how Layout 1 Look


Layout 2:

See how Layout 2 Look


Layout 3:

See how Layout 3 Look

Note For this layout Please select from Layout Selection TAB select image size (Thumbnail 150 x 150 ) otherwise image may look bad.


Layout Isotope:

See Isotope Layout look



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