Step by step how to setup and configuration TLP Team PRO for WordPress.

Step 1: First download the TLP Team Pro from you purchase email download link or login from top menu then go to purchase history.

Install the plugin


After Active the TLP Team PRO you will see like this


Step 2: Now go to settings and set the image size and link type.


3) Settings

3.1) Set image size in demo we set 400 x 400 and actual image was 750 x 750 to make same size image better before upload make all same size.

3.2) Add Your own slug

3.3) Set Link to detail page if no then (3) will not work.

3.4) Set Link type normal link or popup with next preview or single item (next & preview control <>)

3.5) Popup type: Single item popup or all item popup with next preview button


Detail Page Field Control

You can control all fields of detail page which will display or not.


Custom CSS

Write your own custom css here


4) Add Designation:

From Left Menu you can also add from Add Member form.


5) Add Skills


6) Add Member:

form here skills come from Left side skills menu so if you need skill add it first

6.1) First field is member name.

6.2) Add Detail profile it show in detail page or popup,

6.3) Short Bio: This field will show in list view and some layout hover but you can control it show/hide.

6.4) Experience, Email, Personal web url, Telephone, Mobile and Location are optional field if you input then it will show also you can control it from short code generator show/hide.

6.5) Member Skill: Add Different skill here.

6.6) Member Social Link: Add member social link here.

6.7) Department: You can add from here or Select which department ie category.

6.8) Designation: You can add from here or select designation (multiple designation allow).

6.9) You can set ordering from here.

6.10) Set Featured image it will be profile image.

6.11) Image Gallery: You can add additional image for gallery.

6.12) Author: You can assign member as a author. In detail page author post will show.


7) ShortCode Generator:

Give a title of the shortcode then see three tabs here General Settings, Field Selection then Styling

General Settings:

7.1) Layout: We have total 26 different layout Grid View, Table View, Isotope & Carousel so select which one you want.

7.2) Column: You can select how many columns toy want per row.

7.3) Order By: Select the Order by Menu Order, name or date. Menu order you can set by drag and drop.

7.4) Order: Select Ascending or Descending

7.6) Display Per Page: You can set how many display per page as default it is 12.

7.7) Department: If you want to select specific department then select otherwise it will get all members.

7.8) Character Limit: Set Short Description Character Limit.

7.9) Margin: Set Margin default is 30 px and No Margin is 0 px.

7.10) Image Style: You can image style Square or Rounded noted: all layout not supported rounded.


8) Field Selection:

You can select the fields which you want to display in list view page.


9) Styling:

All style Primary color, text size, text color and alignment you can set from here.

9.1) Primary Color: You can set Primary color as your theme color.

9.2) Name, Designation, Short biography, Email, Web Url,Telephone, Mobile, Location, Skill, Social Link, : You can set Name Text color, Font Size and Text align from here.

9.3) Social Icon Bg Color: You can set social icon background color.

9.3) Overlay Bg & Opacity: You can set overlay background color and opacity.

9.4) Overlay Item Padding: Set Overlay Item Padding to fit your layout.

9.5) Button Color: You can set Isotope button color color here.


10) Add into Page/ Post:

From Visual Editor see TLP Team icon click on this icon then a popup open with the shortcode you generated in (9) seelct the shortcode then click ok this will insert a shortcode into your page/post.

Then save the page/post and go to front end you will get the team member.


popup for select shortcode.


11) How to add into Visual Composer:

From the Visual Composer Element Select TLP Team PRO then you will get short code Selection option see next screenshot.


Select Short code


12) How to select specific Member or Members

First check box the specific member then in right a selection option will come from here you can select one or more member just select member name


13) Add Carousel Slider:

From shortcode generator first select the carousel layout then see bottom the carousel settings will come check which options you want.


Q: How to update TLP Team WordPress V1.0 to V1.1

 Ans: It is easy as usual how WordPress plugin update you do do by two different ways

  1. First De-active TLP Team Pro from admin end the delete it (Noted: No data will lost).
  2. By FTP you can delete the wp-content/plugin/tlp-team-pro folder then re-upload the new version after that please De-active and Active the plugin.

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