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TLP Team Pro for Joomla

TLP Team PRO is a fully Responsive Joomla 3.x.x extensions that display your team members. It is full configurable from admin end. I has module included with carousel features and different settings control you can show it any position. It has the following fields name, position, image, short bios and detail bios, location, web, email, phone, social links and Skills.

Component Features

  • Full Responsive and Mobile Friendly.
  • Core MultiLanguage support.
  •  35 Layouts (Grid, Table, Isotope & Carousel).
  •  Unlimited Layout variation.
  • Unlimited colors.
  • List page and detail page fields control.
  • Display Single or Multiple Category Member
  • Add Mobile No Field
  • Added 5 more social icons fields
  • Added New 4 Grid , 4 Isotope and 11 Slider Layouts in V 1.1.
  • All text size, text color and text align control.
  • Square / Rounded Image Style.
  • Grid with Margin or No Margin.
  • Social icon text color, text- size and background color control.
  • Detail page with Popup and Next Preview button.
  • Skill fields with progress bar.
  • W3 validated HTML & CSS
  • Add button color control.
  • Add gray scale option. (New V 2.0)
  • Add Gutter Control. (New V 2.0)
  • Dekstop, Tab, Mobile view control. (New V 2.0)
  • Remove Show All button for isotope and assign a default category. (New V 2.0)
  • Update Carousel Slider Script. (New V 2.0)
  • Grid Layout 1 add as Isotope 9. (New V 2.0)
  • Detail Page Link control added in each menu/ module. (New V 2.0)
  • Specific Member(s) option added in menu / module. (New V 2.3)
  • Ordering added in each menu/ module. (New V 2.3)
  • Pre Text added in each menu. (New V 2.3)

Module Features

  • All Component Layout features
  • Additional Carousel Layout
  • Carousel Layout settings

Plugin Features

Content Plugin:

  • Show a specific Member profile or more profile using the syntax
  • {tlpteam id=1} or {tlpteam id=1,2,3}

Search Plugin:
If you enable this plugin then your team members will show in Joomla default search result.

Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly.

All of 34 layouts and widgets are full responsive for all Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices.

Total 34 different layouts (Grid, Table, Isotope & Carousel)

Grid: 14 Grid Layouts you can set Square or Rounded profile image also with default margin or no margin.

Table: 1 Table layout you can set Square or Rounded Profile image.

Isotope: 8 Isotope Layouts you can Square or Rounded profile image also with default margin or no margin.

Carousel: 11 Carousel Layout you can set with default margin or no margin.

See all Layouts Demo

Unlimited Color with all Text size and Text align control.

You can control all colors, text size and text this are from main options settings or from menu paramaters.

List View Page Field Control

You can control all field in list view page. This settings main options and also in menu paramaters.

Detail Page Field Control

You can control the detail page fields from the main options settings.

Set image style Rounded or Square

You can set image style Rounded or Square please check the demo first.

Grid with Margin or No Margin

You can set profile to profile margin by default is 30 px as Bootstrap Default margin.

If you don’t want margin then check “No Margin”

Skill Fields with Progress Bar

You can set each member different skills with Percentage it will show as progress bar with tool tip number.

Detail page in Popup with Next Preview button

You can set detail page type from main settings menu show detail page as a popup with next preview button control it is also keyboard control next(=>), previous (<=) and close (esc) button.

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Change Log

Version 2.4 (Nov 13, 2017)
1) Bug Fix: Detail page fields control.
2) Improve: Image upload and name option.

Version 2.3 (Oct 20, 2017)
1) Add Specific Members option in menu / module
2) Add Ordering option in menu/ module
3) Add pre text in menu.

Version 2.2 (Aug 19, 2017)
1) In Module 1 Special Layout added.
2) Module Gutter bug fix.
3) Pagination dropdown hide.

Version 2.1 Released: 03 May, 2017
1) Joomla 3.7 Comparability
2) PHP 7 Comparability
3) w3c validation fixed

Version 2.0 Released: 30 April, 2017
1) Device wise Grid Control
2) Gutter/ Padding Control
3) Gray Scale option added
4) Remove Show All button for isotope and assign a default category.
5) Update Carousel Slider Script.
6) Grid Layout 1 add as Isotope 9.
7) Detail Page Link control added in each menu/ module.
8) Improve Coding & Fixed some bug.

Version 1.2 Released: 03 March, 2017
Version 1.1 Released: 20 July, 2016

Pro Version Released: 01 Jan, 2016

Free Version Released: Jan 3, 2015